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I secretly hate my mum for ruining my life

Posted by mary at June 6, 2011
Tags: Family  2011 June

My dad killed himself because of my mum. He was bipolar and was misunderstood by his family and my mum. Only I knew what he was going through, eventhough I was only ten. Twenty years later and after many beatings from my mum, I was diagnosed with bipolar too. I attempted suicide in the worst form ever but survived. Why? I moved back with my mum, because I lost my job due to my illness. Her life is so perfect. She is 62, working, has great health and goes on dates. I cry almost every night because living with her makes me relive those hurtful memories. She treated me like dirt as a child, maybe because I was the image of my dad. She has always told me how sorry she feels for me. I wonder if she knows how vivid those memories of having my clothes ripped from little body overwhelms me at night or replaying how my dad ended his life. I wish he was alive because life without him sucks.


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New Comment

By Thomas Olsen at 03,Jul,11 12:00

If your story is accurate, then I have the greatest of compassion for you, but self-pity isn't going to get you anywhere. If it would, I would recommend more of it. Maybe up to this moment, someone else made your bed for you, but from this moment on, you are making your own bed.

By anonymous at 04,Jul,11 14:08

Say mum again and see what happens.

By anonymous at 07,Jul,11 15:26

are you gay

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