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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    Tired of Trying

    Posted by Nemo at March 29, 2012
    Tags: 2012 March   Society

    Howdy folks, nice site here .

    Ok, to alot of folks, I have it easy.. I dont work, gave it up a few years ago and hit the road, Lived in a truck and spent my time out in the backwoods and desert just doing what I chose to do on a daily basis.

    after an insurance issue on the truck, decided to pick up some cheap land at an auction to give myself a place to park till I figured out what comes next..been here a couple years now.

    problem is.. I suffer from anxiety issues, and dealing with the stresses that everyone else pretty much takes in stride, throws me for a loop.. whats come up more and more in mind is why do I bother to keep putting up with it?

    Ok, hitting the road sounded good.. but in todays political climate, you cant have a drivers license unless they have a documented residential address where they can find you if they take it in thier heads.. so you have a choice of asking someone you know to allow you to use theirs, or driving illegally.. same for vehicle registration and insurance.. if you dont have any of those things, you are asking for a load of additional bs to be loaded on top of you..

    Property.. you cant own property in this country for the most part.. you will always have taxes (with a few exceptions) and again, it gives the government a place to track you down.. and if your trying to live as a non conformist and live your own life, it's very likely you will be dealing with issues of compliance.. heck, cant eve...

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    My misreable life

    Posted by johnny at March 27, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   Loneliness   2012 March   Society   Unemployment

    I have had a hard life and am still miserable and donít know what to do besides cry. I know men are not supposed to cry but I feel so empty inside. I feel so betrayed by others. I was in the military and wished I had stayed in but now Iím too old to go back in. I have had many jobs but could never keep them long enough. I either got laid off or let go. I am so embarrassed. I went to school and got an education and have a degree but itís useless. Iíve applied for hundreds and hundreds of jobs. Iím either overqualified or donít have any experience or am too old. I have been betrayed over and over again and I am still so naïve that I tend to trust everyone. Itís a bad trait I have from my mother who is so honest and trustworthy that she trusts everyone. I had a good job with great money but my boss was racist and I had to put up with it. Even some of my coworkers were racist. One day when I had enough I spoke up and tried to stand up for myself after I was belittled and humiliated and cussed out in front of my coworkers. Human resources heard about it but they did nothing about it. The racism and bullying continued and I put up with it because I needed my job. After I spoke up things were not the same and I was looked at and called the rat for speaking up. I also found out that the boss and this other employee who I truly though was my friend were in together racking up overtime and splitting it. It was hard to prove but he was the only one who was authorized to do overt...

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    Street Life

    Posted by anonymous at March 25, 2012
    Tags: 2012 March   Society

    I'll start with a question: have any of you seen the streets i mean REALLY seen them? The filthy, evil highways of shit you sometimes have to walk on?

    Maybe you should try spending days seeing what goes on. Im a busker and i play sax on a street corner. Obviously i don't get much money for doing this but its the only thing i've got. Now what i want to say is the amount of shit that passes on these streets i've seen it all. I've been beaten, robbed abused in so many ways even shot once in the leg. I once had to actually carry a girl who'd been run down on the road to the surgery closeby because nobody cared enough to call help. Kids turning to crime because they have no families. Armed gangs are around more than police who don't give a shit anyway. Just the low humanity i've seen here on the streets has made me lost all faith in this place but sax is the only thing i've got and just hoping that nothing bad will happen even though it always does.

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    I m a slut

    Posted by robin at March 21, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 March   Society

    i m called ugly and bullied in entire town ,,i was going around with a rich guy he has fucked my repution and everything..i made wrong friends and ended up in helll,people know every single thing about me,they know abt my addictions,intersts everything,also i m called a psycho bitch...i m bullied in class and on streets by strangers...i feel fucked..rumours have spread like a wild fire..hard for me to deal with bastards in school everyday..i feel terrible abt what i did..i believe i was suffering mentally..i m slut a ugly one..i cant forgive myself..wonder where was my head..i m loser i hate myself!!

    Comments: 20   Votes:


    No job, no girl, no life, no hope...

    Posted by anonymous at March 17, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 March   Meaninglessness   Society

    I guess in some ways I don't have it so bad... Never been fondled by a strange uncle, no life-altering accidents that have rendered me hideous (although I'm no trip to Hollywood to begin with) and parents that accept and love me (even though in the last year I've really began to avoid them as much as I can). I guess my main problem is that I've never done anything with my life that I'm proud of, I can't remember the last time I felt genuinely "happy", I've struggled with depression for as long as I can remember. I'm 19 and I've never had a job, I'm socially awkward and even though I can type sorta impressively (I guess) I can't speak for shit, I've noticed it getting worse in the last couple years, I always stutter or trip over my words in conversation... I probably hate this more than anything else about me. I'm sure everyone around me thinks I'm some kinda freak who has some serious mental health issues... Maybe i do. Waking up is the worst part of every day for me, having to deal with the reality of living such a mediocre, worthless existence is almost shameful now. I am ashamed of who I am. I hate who I am. I have ZERO confidence and absolutely no self esteem, and always feel uncomfortable around other people, i just don't like people in general, if i woke up tomorrow and found out that all of my friends had died over night, i honestly don't think I'd care that much. People just don't matter to me and despite this, I don't really consider myself a "bad" guy. Nor do I...

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    Trapped in a cage

    Posted by anonymous at March 15, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 March   Society

    I'm sick of the routine of assholes getting what they want by being bigger assholes and ignoring all of the common sense laws that hold a society together. The world doesn't revolve around stupid small minded people, so why do they seem to have everything and the kind generous people get stuck with shit? It seems to me like women are attracted to these monolithic douchebags, and I'm certainly not going to get anywhere with a woman that's attracted to douches, because I'm not one. I've made money working but it can't buy anything that will make me happy. I feel like its just going to keep getting worse until we've bred the intelligence and promise right out of our humanity.

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Patron Saint of Mediocrities

    Posted by Ben Shinobi at March 8, 2012
    Tags: 2012 March   Philosophical   Society

    All my life, I crossed T's and dotted my I's. I avoided drugs and debauchery. In my 6 and a half years of college, I only ever skipped a class once. I have two degrees, with cum laude and magna cum laude. Yet, here I am... at thirty-three... with a house I cannot afford, no money, nothing in the bank, a son who (despite being over three years-old) cannot speak properly on account of some genetic abnormality passed through his mother's side. I have become an alcoholic, mostly because I see the people in my town (who do not have jobs, education, or motivation) receive money through welfare and what-have-you whilst I work and plunge into the very depths of stress and hopelessness. Why, I ask myself, do I strive and struggle to achieve what the people around me receive for free, without any effort? I realize now (perhaps too late) that if I had been a consummate fuck-up like my peers, I (ironically) would be in a much better state. All my life, I obeyed the rules and walked the line, and yet I exist (day to day) in a world that celebrates and egregiously awards the people who slept and partied and slacked and (in many cases) committed the crimes. My main interests in life are Beethoven, Shakespeare, nature & survivalism, art, literature, and philosophy. I see so much potential within the human race for accomplishment and saintliness. And yet, all I hear around me is the dreadful groan of profanity coupled with the endless glorification of idiocy, ignorance, and mediocrity. On the other hand, perhaps I should just man-up... but then, do what?

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    Life is broken

    Posted by Police Officers at March 8, 2012
    Tags: Job   2012 March   Society

    I'm a police officer for a city in the Mid-West. I sometimes pray that I get shot to death on the job so it looks more noble then taking my own life. Life isn't fair, Only the douche bags and the rich wealthy silver spooners make it in life. It's rare that someone can pull themselves from nothing and become something. I deal with everyone shit on a daily basis, apparently I'm not a human being capable of emotions, apparently I don't have a family, Apparently I don't know what its like when it comes to personal issues, I guess I'm just a robot that serves only one function and that's to arrest and beat people. I'm grateful if I get a smile from someone, it really means a lot. No I don't get a special glee out of arresting you, I'd rather let you go, no I don't like writing you tickets, no I don't like having to hurt you, but you put me in those positions. Don't yell at me, I don't have control over your actions, and no it's not my fault. I see so much pain and poverty everyday that it makes me think everyday life is not worth living. Yeah so, at least you get to go home after every day. Home? What home? My house hasn't been a "home" in over 10 years. My wife is gone, my kids too. MY parents are dead and my best friends as well. I can't remember the last time I've been "home"

    Hear my plee. If I'm being an ass, I might just be one, but most of the time it's because I just fished a girls body out of a river, or I just dealt with a nasty situation. Please give me the benefit of the doubt. Please, just respect me and I'll respect you.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    A Jedi who lost faith

    Posted by skywalk at March 7, 2012
    Tags: 2012 March   Philosophical   Society

    im 30, live in canada, college graduate, i work for not much money every two weeks. life suck because all government are corrupted to the core. our country wages wars on other foreign country for Oil, money, ressources or just plain lies. every part of humanity is corrupted, copyrights, laws, everything, even when we go vote it has no meaning at all since the laws arent approved by us but by corrupted democracy. we are no longer in democracy or a republic but in a corpocratie. whoever has the most money control the world. this isnt the dream our forfathers hope we had. yet when we rebel we are tagged as terrorist to the system and we end up in jail. yet all we did was express ourselve. all the mainstream media are controlled by the same people who control everything and we cant even speak on MSM, sorry we have technical difficulties, yeah right, my ass you mean sorry we have pulled the plug on us so we dont tell the real truth. huge price inflation is happening all around the world this is a hidden tax nobody is aware of. the elite bankers are controlling our world and there's nothing we can do because they control our government and the gov control the military and police. earth is doomed and i hope 2012 earth reset itself and only leave the none-corrupted people alive. Or i hope that 2012 ancient alien visitors, the real father of earth come back and remove whoever is in power. elite bankers who control corporations are poisoning us with food, vaccine, drugs. they want us to be like silent mindless sheeps who pay the fees we are presented without question. they use our money and loan it back to us and we pay interest on this, what kind of bullshit is that, they earn money from money they dont own but more importantly money that are our property. how sick is that

    when did humanity lost its mind?

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    whats up with this world.

    Posted by js at March 6, 2012
    Tags: 2012 March   Philosophical   Society

    I do not understand this world. I work as a home health aid, I take care of people when they need it the most. I do this job because I love it, but it is real hard to make it when the pay is shit. How is it that you can make more money throwing trash in the back of a truck than you can takeing care of peoples loved ones. This is truly a fucked up world.Also when you do this kind of work companys hire you as in tax terms 1099, which means the company does not have to pay you over time or health insurance or vacation pay, no 410k. They want you to give all your heart and pay you shit with none of the basic benefits. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS FUCKED NUP WORLD.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    World is full of bad people

    Posted by anonymous at March 1, 2012
    Tags: 2012 March   Philosophical   Society

    I think the world is full of bad people. All successful people are like that , they have got where they are by doing bad things , walking over innocents, today there is no meaning for the words truth, justice, and love. Everything is a profit and loss statement. I really hope that the world ends by 2012 because we have had it. Humanity has sunk to the lowest levels possible and 2012 can be like an enema !
    I really wish Christ to be reborn.

    Comments: 29   Votes:


    The Brainwashing of Western Society

    Posted by Trevor at February 23, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   Philosophical   Society

    What is the point of doing good in high school? Everyone wants the exact same thing for their kid, for them to get better grades than everyone else, to have more money than everyone else. I'm just expected to go to college and get a CAREER not even a job, a lifelong career. Careers aren't natural our ancestors performed a variety of unpaid tasks necessary to their survival and spiritual health It's disgusting how quality of life is measured by money and material goods. I could honestly hunt and forage for my food. I know everyone thinks "Oh that's bullshit you NEED money to survive" no you fucking don't money is a human creation, Just like "private property" i have NO respect whatsoever for "private property" what makes you think you have the right to own land? There's honestly too many people on earth. People need to stop having children. If the population was smaller everyone could live and have whatever they wanted (not that material goods matter)

    There is no absolute objective purpose to life, only YOUR PERSONAL subjective purpose. Mine is emotion and spirituality, i am going to do everything that makes me happy, makes me experience the beauty of the world. Hedonism is just as stupid as materialism, they both leave you sad and empty. The only thing that will ever come close to fulfilling you is emotion.

    Telling children to "grow up" is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard in my life. Why do you think you have the right to destroy a child? Chi...

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    My life is going downhill

    Posted by sad at February 22, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 February   Society

    I am the mother of two, a girl who is almost 11 and a boy that will be 8. I have been married for 11 years to my childrens father and highschool sweetheart. To others my life sounds's not. I don't have any family that is there for me. When I got married I thought that I would gain a family, turned out that would be the opposite..actually gained enemies. I am a people pleaser, hard worker, and I think that poeple take advantage of me because of those things. I quit my job last week because I felt unappreciated and now I am having trouble finding a new one. I had a group of friends from high school who used to call me their best friend, but turns out I'm only their friend when they need something or an an entourage when they go to the club. They never make an effort for me, but as soon as they call me to invite me somewhere or need something. My husband is a good person, but is not someone who understands why I feel this way. I am so depressed and feel so hated...I don't know what to do.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    a different life

    Posted by anonymous at February 21, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   Juvenile problems   Society

    alright i know ur probably here to read a sad story so here goes... i'm adopted into a gay family, i love my dads very much, and i constantly get bullied at school because of that fact, it would be alright if i were a girl but i'm not. any ways... i've had enough of this worlds bullshit. i won't fight back because i know for a fact i would severly hurt someone, i'm 6' 3" an weigh 220lbs, and living in the ghetto really hardens you. i just will not fight to save my life

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    interpreter for US army

    Posted by anonymous at February 17, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   Society

    dear people
    my name is Mr Hamza i currently work and lives in fucking Iraq , I have a background working with US army as an interpreter for over 4 years . i have faced many death threats and i submitted my paper work all over the place ,no one helped me to get emigrated to the states, my life is so fucked up because i been one of LN who work with Americans................
    please help me .................
    who ever run this web
    please share this
    for the ppl who can help
    send me an email via
    please help me i can't stop drinking every fucking night
    and i got married and the woman family when they know i been working with Americans they got divorce what a fucking life.....................................................................

    thank you

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    feel like a ghost

    Posted by moo at February 16, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   Relationship   Society

    it all started when i met my ex partner he has destroyed every bit of me all my life just been tossed aside when my mother pissed on that stick and it turned blue i didnt stand a chance from there i suffer from eupd and severe depression my ex didnt help with that he was a fuking violent animal who took pleasure in hurting me when i was carrying his children i have four beautiful babies from him and hes took it away my kids have gone into care because i has enough of his games he pushed to beating him and smashing a hall way mirror over his head social services took my children said they were at risk of emotional neglect my world has been ripped apart he has lost me my babies just to break me he wasnt allowed unsupervised contact he lost his babies after he masterbated under bridges at women now hes killed me all my children have is me i have no family there dads family doesnt care im shutting down ive been in hospital twice now because of my so called mental health i love my babies so much my heart is brocken ever heard the expression he died from a brocken heart well its true

    Comments: 6   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at February 10, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   Philosophical   Society

    Life sucks, the main stream is fucked up. I'm tired of watching the fucking MILLIONARES on tv talk about BULLSHIT while people in Africa starve. Greedy basterds. I don't understand how people can be such liers and cheats. I don't understand how people can believe in fairytales such as religion. The rich people use it to make you think that theres a fucking after life so you'll be good and let them have all the fun with their fucking money. People are disgusting! The rich are always pitting people against each other and waging wars on helpless countries. The worst thing is that PEOPLE are stupid enough to follow today's "leaders" and are unwilling to fight for what they deserve.
    About me, I have been screwed over by girls quite a few times, they end up apologizing and want to remain friends but I would never talk to someone who's screwed me over. I'm very cold and get annoyed by all of the stupid things people do.I spend most of my time on the computer and I feel like I live life only because I have to. I can't find a job, seems like no one is willing to hire + I don't want to work for $9 an hour while the fucking company makes tons of money off me. It's comparable to slave labor.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    I have lost my faith in humanity

    Posted by ian at February 8, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 February   Society

    I have lost all faith in humanity. As I look back upon my life so far, it occurs to me that people have treated me like dogshit all my life, and I still don't really know why. I am actually very good to the people around me. I am one of those people who never minds to help others, and I am an absolute fanatic about keeping my word. Most people don't even know what that means anymore.
    Everything that I have ever tried to accomplish in life has been sabotaged by the laziness or malice of someone else. I was kicked out of college for political activities. Of course, I had a miserable time there anyway, as I did not make a single friend. And yes, I tried.
    I tried to start unions at several restaurants where I worked, because we were all being fucked out of entire days of pay and most people didnt even realize it (NEVER WORK FOR WAL-MART!!!) I did everything according to the law, and the law was supposed to protect our right to unionize, as outlined in the national labor relations act. THEY DIDN'T. Although the law says they can't even ask me if I'm in a union, I have been fired three times for union membership.
    When I was 12, I was thrown in the nuthouse because my parents broke up and they THOUGHT I was depressed. I wasn't. While there, I was subjected to electric tortures, attempts at brainwashing, and forced to take drugs. Mentally, I was fine until I stepped in there.

    When I was 22, I was thrown in jail for a crime I did not commit. I was only in t...

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    Comments: 38   Votes:


    Tom Corbett is a Demon

    Posted by anonymous at February 6, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   Society

    If you are a Pennsylvania resident, you are very familiar with the cold, harsh nature of the Corbett Administration. This man's intent is to grind the working class under a thick-soled boot in favor of the natural gas industry.

    Corbett's latest attempt is to attack the intellectually disabled who MUST rely on government support. Corbett wants to take that support away. Corbett ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to tax the natural gas industry.

    Pennsylvania is the new Saudi Arabia of natural gas, yet Corbett REFUSES to use that resource to help Pennsylvanians. My vote is going toward the Liberal ticket in the 2012 elections!

    Comment   Votes:


    i'm OVER all these fake muthafuckas that i know....

    Posted by someone who just dont give a fuc at February 4, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 February   Society

    hey im a 31 year old female. Who in all actuality has everything going for her...I deal with fake peole all day long. It's crazy! I'm wondering if real people even exist anymore. I know they do somewhere, but not in Indiana. I thought that i had a good perception about the people i choose to let close to me or the ones that i choose to be friends with, but it seems like every time shit hits the fan no one is the "real" person they "claim" to be. I mean shit, I am old enough to know fake personalities from real personalities but I guess not. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? It's like I have a sign on my forehead saying "Please come and fuck with my head"....when clearly I don't. Any advice?

    Comments: 8   Votes:


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