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LIFE SUCKS : 2011 May

Stories submitted by real people.

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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)


    Posted by JR at May 27, 2011
    Tags: 2011 May   Money   Unemployment

    Let me start off with Bio 34 college grad worked as assistant manager at bank. During banking crisis left industry(was about to get another promotion)becuase I thought our bank was going to be one of those that got shutdown/consolidated.

    Went to a recession proof job as meat market manager in grocery store. Left becuase wanted to get back into banking.

    In the mean time loaned sister 20k to buy home husband cop. Loaned other family members 16k. Parents ill move into home.

    Moved back to hometown.

    Now the fun.

    Interview #1 after trying for 6 months and using temp agency and other hook ups. Police County pass physical pass written. Take poly he says i failed never did anything bad in my life. Drug question made me nervous i smoked pot 2/3 times in college. he says that he thinks i was trained to beat lie detector because i was trying to control my heart rate which i was trying to controll heart rate b/c i was nervous mom budhist so maybe better than others at it. wtf. and my friends state trooper and he thinks he showed me. He knows him and is not on the best of terms with him.

    Interview #2 enterprise rent a car....i know i am desperate at this point. pass all interviews drive out of state they say they love me and want me. background check ....i have 3 tickets in 3 years total of x pts ...i ran a stop sign on military base but really did not but instead of fighting it becuase it was halfway across the US i paid. If one...

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    Im not suicidal, I just hate my life

    Posted by Austin at May 27, 2011
    Tags: Family   Juvenile problems   2011 May

    Even now, I should be studying for some big ass test, but I guess I "lack motivation". NOthing goes right, I have Long moments where I am happy, I have people who are kind of my friends, but then they just stab me in the back. I dont know why I hang out with them. Maybe cause theres no one else. I have shitty 10 year old video games, everyone except my family hates me, but my dad does heroin and I haven't lived with him since aI was three, my brother does drugs, god knows what, and every girl I like is either with someone, or doesn't like me. Im sixteen, I dont even care. I have all f's sept in drama, which is hella gay class. im stressed all the time. I like this girl a lot. but she doesn't like me, plus she cant be wwith anyone till shes on year older. 16. so that sucks. I never have money and i always borrow. so thats pretty much it in a nutshell. Fuck my life

    Comments: 9   Votes:


    The Society

    Posted by ME at May 27, 2011
    Tags: 2011 May   Society

    On a day in day out basis so far I have came to the conclusion that the once known intelligent society has quickly disappeared. A sort of aggressive DUMB DOWN system has taken affect among the population where ignorance and stupidity has became a desired quality in almost all phase, jobs, friends, relationships in general. Once again this is why I ask, "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?!?!?!!"

    Comments: 12   Votes:


    I want to die

    Posted by Mamta at May 27, 2011
    Tags: Family   2011 May   Relationship

    3 years ago i met a guy he proposed me but i refused than he tried again and again to hear yes from me.i also started attracted towards him and i thought this man love me so much he will be with me 4ever.than i got marry to him without my parents approval.when i got marry things were going right but soon the true was different he started using me to fulfill his n his family needs the money which i was earning he used to give his parents he is not bother of my requirements my needs.The big wap is my mother in law its shame to say her mother she treats me as an servant in the house. i have to earn to run the house i have to work at home. and his son not bother about anything he just sit at home whenever he wants.... I cant say any thing to my parents bcoz i have done the big mistake of my life n now i am pregnant i dont know whether my child will change my life or i will be in mess.............

    Comments: 15   Votes:


    I hate Living

    Posted by Rosie at May 26, 2011
    Tags: 2011 May   Relationship

    I am a sole support parent, 2 years ago I letr a long term boyfriend move in with me and my daughter. He said he loved her and we were a family and all that crap I secretly wanted to hear. And now he has left me for another women who is amazing looking and has no kids and if sounds like they have so much fun together. He hasn;t seen my daughter, in months adn she is crushed she is five. It's like everything I worked for over 5 years of being cheated on and lied to and after a couple months they live together and are having a kid. I just hate my life. I feel imprisoned by own bad decisions, I want to die and I just hate myself for never being enough. I fail at everything and I hate my life.

    Comments: 17   Votes:


    Why Me!

    Posted by White Bored at May 26, 2011
    Tags: Juvenile problems   2011 May   Philosophical

    I'm 11 yrs. old. You're probally wondering how a 11 year old found this site. Well, I was on the computer and bored to death so I wrote My Life Sucks... I didn't Actually think it would work. The human race is disgusting. We have ruined animals, plants, nature, the true meaning of beauty, and the UNIVERSE! How did I get get mixed up in all of this? You see I lived poor my whole life. I fight with my parents a lot. I live in a broken down house. I don't have any electronics either than this computer and the no-cable tv. I have no friends-AT ALL! I never have been to the movies! I only love animals. I have to deal with parents, bullies, and mean girls who say I'm ugly every day. I have been taking depression pills for two years! I'm tired of being known as the good, smart, boring girl. My dad doesn't even let me walk on the sidewalk- if he knew I was doing this he would break my arm again! Whoa, it feels good doing this. And that's how my life sucks!

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    can anything get worst?

    Posted by living dead at May 26, 2011
    Tags: Abuse   Drugs   Family   2011 May

    when I was in grade 6 or 7 my step brother (who is 4 or 5 years older then me) would come into my room almost every night and just do really horrible things to me. I would hit him and hurt him, but I was to afraid to scream because I thought I would get in trouble or something.... i donno? all I can say was I was 2 afraid to sleep at night because the computer room was on the other side of the wall by my bed. and everytime he'd leave the room I'd act like i was asleep under the blankets.... a few times he had kicked my younger brother out ofhis room in the day time if no one was home. But my younger brother was only 3 or 4 so he didnt realize y I didnt want him to leave.....
    That all stopped eventualy but I can not forgive my stepbrother still and I can not talk to him.
    In grade 9 me and my brothers were all taken away because my step mom and my dad were heavy crack addicts. (once I walked in to find dad unconscious and my step mom asleep in the car ) and I didnt see my brothers for a while until the 2 of them came back from rehab .

    So Grade 10 I started smoking weed.... one day dad was snooping around my room and finds my weed and smokes. He comes out Freaking out at me So I flipped out right back at him. and left the next morning I am on plane to live with mom...

    Were i moved to was a Very small community with only 500 people there. So drugs and drinking became my "thing". I only smoked weed 24 7 and did a couple of pills. not many. But anyway...

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    Comments: 9   Votes:


    my boyf loves sricking me

    Posted by jenifer at May 26, 2011
    Tags: 2011 May   Relationship

    my boyfriend hits me, he just likes to beat me up , i donno what to do , he just likes to boss me around and he wants me to listen to every shit he says and if i say know he grabs and he strarts beating, up, he slaps me, he bitss me. my life realy sucks i feel dumb because of him , i don wana leave him because i love him, i have never been in love before, i lost my fucking virginity to him , he means the world to me but he is killing me , all those bruises i have , i cant take anymore, i wish i could die or something,i cut myself because of this dude. what realy sucks that am only 16 BTW he is 16 too.
    last time that i remeber him stricking was three days ago, i went to a fiend house that he had a fight with and i ddnt tell him, I HAD A FUCKING ENGLISH THINGIE to do and he was my partner, what is wrong with that , i have nothing to do with this fuckin fight!!!!anywz i wana die so bad,everyone thinks my life is perfect they sy somthin like i have a lvly house and car , am skinny and beautiful and my boyfriend is cute and shit, it is true that many girls in my class would die to go out with hime at lst one day, but if they aculy kno who he rly is ...... anyways they think my life is the best also i am like i have popular frindz and good grades and all that fucing shit, but i feel terribl inside and fucked up,imagine the empyness and the pain that you feel stuck jst inside!!!!! the worst and funniest shit ever is that he iz actuly planing on our futur togther and all that crap!!! i feel so deepressed , my boyfreind (the 16 yrs old bastard gy) wont stop stricking me until he kills me! no one knws bt this so far i feel broken and a bit embassed!!!! jst wana kill myself!!

    Comments: 12   Votes:


    Loser and nothing more

    Posted by letranger at May 26, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 May   Poverty   Unemployment

    I am not pretty, not very intelligent, my family is not rich. i am the definition of ordinary. I have no ambitions in life, no interesting qualities. and yes i read all the shit about"oh every" is interesting and unique etc." not me. I finished college a year and a half ago and i still dont have a job, i am not looking for one either. i live with my dad, who is practically unemployed too. i am amazed how we afford to survive. we couldnt pay our bills so we dont have phone or internet at home anymore. Our house is like shit too. I never clean or tidy up, trying to make it even more depressing than it already is. We barely speak with my dad too. We didn't speak about my mom since she died 5 years ago. when i am outside, i play careless and happy like anyone cares, but actually i am all about worries and sadness.

    Comments: 4   Votes:



    Posted by mindy at May 25, 2011
    Tags: 2011 May   Money   Unemployment

    i have three kids i just lost my unemployment cant find job about to lose everything. my husband tore his shoulder at work and got layed-off. so now he cant work ethier. i have been tring to find work but cant find any. mcdonalds is not doing anything. thats bad if you cant get a job in a fastfood place. im on food stamps but that dont pay the bills. im tired of struggleing to get buy. im tired of always worrying about how im going to to pay for my kids stuff they need. i want into the er thinking i was haveing a hart attack. they told me it was stress. they also said to take it easy and i said yea right. i just wish it would get better thats all. i hope the future for are kids is better then it is now or they are in trouble and so are we. thanks for reading this i know alot of people are in the same boat i hope it gets better for all of us really soon. god bless everyone.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    My Life

    Posted by Robert M. at May 25, 2011
    Tags: Anxiety   Attitude   2011 May   Relationship

    I'll tell you why my life sucks and wished I were dead. The whole time growing up, my family (every single one) did not want to have anything to do with me. I have found not one picture of me with my family maybe except for one. I never had anything go my way (not once) and if and when I shed a smile or laugh well, something comes along and screws it up. I've attempted suicide a couple of times (like who would care) right. I've been on my own for pretty much my whole life and no one had taught me nothing, I had to learn for myself. Got married and for only one maybe two weeks it went great, the rest of the 8 years, well I was treated like a dog and stabbed in the back. I have been mentally abused by my what is now my ex and been taken advantage of by my ex and others. No body wants me around ecept for what I can do for them. No one helps me at all no matter what but, they expect me to help them. I have felt all these years as a loser and a nobody,worthless. I feel as if everything and everbody would be happier if I were dead. I feel as though I'm ugly and stupid. I've been diagnosed as a phycotic person,social phobia,sleep problems,anxiety disorder,and some others along with some autism. I want to die so bad and get it over with so my miserable life would go away. I feel everyone would be happy.

    Comments: 19   Votes:


    Life sucks, 22 years counting

    Posted by anonymous at May 25, 2011
    Tags: Anxiety   Job   2011 May   Poverty

    Well im not sure why the fuck im writing this, but here it goes anyway.

    i was brought up being told not what i can achieve, but what will happen with my life if i dont, i was always made clear we were poor and could'nt afford what others can, there's nothing wrong with being told that but it got driven into me so much so that ive become mentally scared of life, i have extreme anxiety, cant talk propely and have been miserable all my life. This has obviously meant very little in terms of friends and no girlfriends.

    ive managed to push myself through, im now 21 (22 tomorrow)and lifes been sucking for almost 22 years. It got worse 2 weeks ago, i got fired!!! from my first real job for making a stupid stupid mistake(very schoolboy), was getting paid about £375 a week (before tax), it was a great job and the company was one i could secured my future with.

    Anyway, Iím not sat at home on my ass and so depressed that that my hairs falling out, Iím breaking out in acne and Iím getting liver pains (yes all are symptoms of depression)

    I come from a poor background, my parents are getting old, theyíve looked after me growing up and they themselves have had a hard life and coming from poverty. It SHOULD NOW be my turn to look after them, so much pressure on my shoulders and ive known it my whole life, i frankly donít care about my welfare, but i feel like Iíve let my parents down.

    The jobs market is so shit, it will be a long time before i find a job that pays anywhere near that and it will almost defiantly be a much harder job. Im just praying for any job right now.

    God (i still have faith in you), guide me through these hard times.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    yeah my life sucks too

    Posted by whats in name at May 25, 2011
    Tags: Loneliness   2011 May

    I am very depressed and when i googled life sucks... i came across this page!
    I believe there is nothing devastating than being deprived of love and affection... I came all the way to a different continent leaving my family trusting someone would take care of me... but i now feel very depressed and devastated... I am not being loved... why does it feel like i am no more wanted in the house... should i leave the house or this world? if iam sick, i get told off! if i say something i get told off... well i just think its time to realise i am a human being with some bloody emotions attached. I am sure atleast when I die it will be realised and then I wont get told off and i dont have to take anyone's swears.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    Am I doing that right thing

    Posted by Sister on oxycoton at May 24, 2011
    Tags: Family   2011 May

    I'm 36yrs old live with my sister and her 2 kids. 8yrs ago my sister hurt her back and given oxycontin. As years went on the meds did to always having to take more. Now she can barely walk never attends her kids events because she never has a good day anymore sleeps alot from the She divorced and last year their dad shot himself. Was going to adopt her kids. Some people tell me I'm crazy to do all of this but I feel this is what my journey in life has in store. It's tough because my on life is put on hold. Im I Doing The Right Thing?

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Tired of being stuck

    Posted by F.I.A. at May 24, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 May

    Every single day I wake up....and immediately feel nothing but overwhelming depression. If there is a one in a million chance something will go completely fucked, it will happen. hard work does not always pay off. sometimes youre just fucking stuck.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    when will i be free of the past?

    Posted by anonymous at May 24, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 May

    i know that there are so many people who can relate to our stories.. and i want to thank people in advance for reading this, and for making me feel less alone. there's turmoil in everybody's life.. this is just one of those times for me where you feel like a tornado ran through and you're just so empty inside that there's nothing but pain...

    i'm twenty five years old now. my parents almost divorced when i was little. a lot of the time i wish they had. unlike other families, my sibling and i weren't protected from their battles. as an eleven year old child, i had no idea how to deal with anything, and emotionally, i was a wreck. i felt that no one loved me, that the fighting was all my fault. its where all my insecurities started, and where they stem from today. i had no friends in school or high school. i went to the library because i had nobody to sit with during lunch. i had nothing and nobody, either at home or at school. i struggled with atypical depression: i put on tons of weight, my grades started to drop, and i was suicidal. somehow, i was able to pull things together, at least on the outside. i believed in a brigher tomorrow. my family came back together, and i applied for and was accepted into some very competitive colleges because of the changes i made.

    but i never really got over anything. i felt unworthy in college, and without a support system, i felt myself sink down into depression again. my grades fell, and i flunked out of the program i...

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    Comments: 3   Votes:


    10 reason i hate my life.

    Posted by mISSY! at May 24, 2011
    Tags: General   2011 May

    1. I'm ugly.
    I'm never happy with the way i look, no matter what i do to my hair or to my fashion for clothes.
    2. I'm a girl.
    Dont get me wrong, I love the make-up, the hair, the clothes and i dont wish to be a guy either but chicks go through a lot more personal issues then dudes.
    3.No one cares.
    I have a family and friends and i'm semi-popular but when your family is abusive and your friends are back-stabbing and popularity only cames from what you bring to skool or your protection against others it tends to get stressing.
    4. I went through... issues.
    Not as in Mental hospital but......... rape.
    5. Everyone expects things from me.
    I'm supposed to be the good child. Top of the line grades, marrying and getting pregnant the right way. But if i were to ruin that. Where would that leave me?
    6. Cant keep bad thoughts away.
    There is no way possible to not reapeat everything on this list over and over again.
    7. I can do better.
    I know i can do better in life, acedemics, attidude but theres no ability in me to do that.
    8. Parents are divorced
    Ever since i heard my parents getting divorced i have been slightly depressed.
    9. Have a small Anxiety Disorder.
    Recently learned that i am suffering with a minor Anxiety Disorder caused from the slight depression.
    10. I feel people lie.
    Lieing to my face is the worst thing anyone can do to me. And it seems to me that everyone does that every single day! They say i'm pretty and i should be a model when i know that it's not true. I get that i'm being a little paranoid and that i'm thinking really stupid but that just how i feel.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    Just not worth it

    Posted by Peppa at May 23, 2011
    Tags: 2011 May   Meaninglessness

    I struggle to get in the morning because I just have to ask myself "will it be worth it today?" And although i do get up and go to college there is never even a glimmer of hope that things will get better and instead things sink lower into the ground and I'm left more and more alone. And in this selfsih world nobody wants to help you. My mother just yells at me to get over it and that's all people say to me "just deal with it". Maybe at first I could 'deal' with it but not anymore not for much longer there's simply too much to deal with.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    why the hell do i continue to live

    Posted by anonymous at May 22, 2011
    Tags: Juvenile problems   2011 May

    I'm 20 years old, i should be in college having a frickin great time meeting new people and living the years my parents and everyone told me i would live when i got to college. Well i havent gone to college yet and im seriously considering not going because of my social awkwardness. im generally a quiet guy and dont say a whole lot that in turn makes me repulsive to girls. im not bad looking but im not fuckin brad pitt either. everyone in my piece of shit town cant look past what a complete douche i was in high school and still view me as a douche even after i got out of the military. no girl wants to be around me and i dont understand why im actually a pretty decent guy. it just gets me wondering why the fuck do i continue to live like seriously whats the point? i only have a few friends and everyone else is either a stuck up prude or a complete tool that i have been around

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    This Sh*t Sucks

    Posted by anonymous at May 22, 2011
    Tags: 2011 May   Meaninglessness

    Everyday takes SO much work. Working my a$$ off to just barely make the bills. Always dieting to never lose the weight. Everything takes effort and then it's hardly satisfying. I know life is hard, but does it have to be this hard. Sometimes I just feel like I need a break. I can't find a nice person to date. My kids are fantastic, but they're growing up and needing less and less of me. All my friends are moving upward and onward and I'm stuck in this pathetic mess of a life... This sh*t sucks.

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