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LIFE SUCKS : 2011 July

Stories submitted by real people.

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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    fucking love

    Posted by anonymous at July 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 July   Relationship

    I have never suffer with my family, the opposite I always have a great time with them.... but i have a problem... i get in love.. wich is an imposible love... because the man I love.. dont even know me... and it can sound silly and stupid but Im really in love with him... and it pretty hurts the far I am from him.. and the worst part is that I have no money so... I cant go to the place he is.. my opportunity is 0 in a million wich it really fucking sucks! im preety tired and i dont know what to do.! have you been in love with someone..? even you know that person or not.. yeah I know that some people may ask how can someone be in love with another person if they dont now him..? but it can happen and its my case so if you are in love with someone and you have no opportunnity and you cant forget him even you know its imposible... I can do nothing else than give up and love wins again.. and that makes my life once again a fucking piece of damn shit!

    Comments: 4   Votes:



    Posted by eola at July 29, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 July   Loneliness

    i 'm 24 ,still in the university,no true friend,no sex history and no boyfriend.the bottom line is am lonely. I know my story is not as sucking as most of the stories here but sometimes i just get really depress and i will start making myself unhappy.i'm suppose to have a boyfriend but he doesn't like me because i wont let him sleep with me.sometimes i get really lonely i just want to date anyone,most times i 'm broke and cant afford to ask my mum for cash cos my dad just got fired.i cant tell anyone what am going through because i;m afraid they will make fun of it.i really want to fall inlove, love someone and be sure the person loves me too but sometimes it seem like love is never going to happen for me.

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    i been tryin for 4 years

    Posted by Lala at July 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 July   Juvenile problems

    hello i dont know where to start i'm a girl who finished high school but i didnt have my diploma so i went online school to get my diploma. i went to sign for college did all my paper all my financial aid so after i went to the office they said my transcrip is not enough i dont know what to do i called my previous school. they said it is a high school diploma so my previous school start argue with me so i cant go to school no more i been try for 4 years now i quit i dont see anything in life no more i cnt go to school i have no education the only thing i do just pray God and go to church. i have no body!!!!!

    Comments: 2   Votes:


    Life sucks

    Posted by Yacko at July 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 July   Money   Relationship

    Im gonna try to go straight to the point, Im 23 years old, I had everything I wanted, a pretty wife a beautiful 4 years old son, beautiful house in a nice neighborhood, great job, going to vollege to get a better career, and then all of a sudden everything went downhill, i helped my wife to get a good job and after a month and a have she left me to go live with some other guy from work, she left me with the jouse payment and the other bills, she didnt care about our family, then i got depressed bog time, lost my job and now idk how im gonna pay the house payment or the child support, my life its ruined now, my future sucks, now im gonna have to work in dome random job making the minimum wage living in misery paying child support, i dont even have a place where to live, my brothers dont have space for me in their houses. I wish i could go back in time and never meet this girl, she ruined my life, just as her mom and grandma did to their husbands, i should've seen the pattern.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    sugar to shit

    Posted by tia at July 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 July   Money   Relationship

    I am 35 years old,I have two kids,did have a husband & a house. Cheated ,mistreated & divorced the husband,broke my young sons heart & sold the house.Met another guy & in jus two years I've gone from sugar to shit,I'm living with my mother in a very old house,he is the reason for two of my car break downs,now I'n driving a bucket that I'm too broke to pay insurance for.He has cheated on me numerous of times,manipulated & used me. I 've been charged with a felony & had to go to jail hundreds of miles away from home b/c of him. I had to sell everything in my apartment & live with my mom b/c I can't find a job & I'm so broke. To top everything off this sorry excuse for a man not only fucked up my life but he abandoned me & is now on the run in another state & left me to deal with all this shit but sometimes calls me to tell me he loves me,I feel so stupid,I wish i could physically hurt him. I allowed him to bring me down to his low life level,now I need antidepressants jus to make it through another day.

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Life is just really bad!!!

    Posted by John at July 28, 2011
    Tags: Family   2011 July   Juvenile problems

    I hate life. It sucks, I had to repeat 9th grade because I didn't do any HW cuz I was depressed. I finaly got over that when I told my ma my secret which was making me depressed. So, here I am sitting here in house 18 year's old and still going to school. Living in a house with my mother who I am very close with and my bro and grandma and grandpaw and my cousin. Short story, my cuz is a dope addict and argues with everyone every day, my grandparents fight all the time about parenting issues. Since my grandpaw won't put his foot down and say no. He lets my cuz do what he want do drugs and bring girls in the house and sit on his lazy butt and do nothing and he 21 year old. They also argue about money. We allways run out of food and need money which we have, but my grandpaw is working with the banks to keep it away from us. Life sucks. I would be living in a apartment with just me ma and bro, but some spanish gang stole my mom's ID and when we repoted it they came after us to kill us. All so the year before that our house burned down in a fire. Now the economy sucks and I can't find a job. We out of food again. We looking for food assistince, but can't find any. Just too much has happened for me to be able to type. But I agree life sucks

    Comments: 2   Votes:



    Posted by angell at July 28, 2011
    Tags: Job   2011 July

    I have a job that I HATE! I can't find employment anywhere else! The company Air Serv sucks ass big time! I HATE working for them! They are unprofessional and unorganized! It's like one big joke! Then most of all the employees are ugly, ghetto, have no manners, stupid, and I just overall don't like them! (I'm black btw). My life sucks so bad right now it's ridiculous! Then I can't do the Air Force like I want because of weight requirements, (i'm pretty lazy and greedy! lol) and the ASVAB test is not easy! Like WTF?! Nothing is working out for me! Sometimes I feel like taking my life... but I'm not that depressed... and I know things will change and get better soon. But for now, FML!!

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    Check this one out...

    Posted by Censored at July 28, 2011
    Tags: 2011 July   Justice

    I had the perfect life, I had a nice car a loving home, a good job and again I'm only 25 but it all chaged the morning if Feb 9,2009 i was 23 years of age, it went down like this. I remember sitting in my bed asking my girl for a quikie because I needed to report my self to INS, well here i was going to INS
    when i got there we waited for like an hour then, guess the fucking detained me. me detained me a person who has never commited a crime never even killed a damn fly. So got trown in some detention facility surrounded by stinking mexicans i aint no racist but GODDAMN. It took them almost a year to deport me. So Now here I am in country with with any family and friends and no one to talk to the country i will not say but its still in a America. To top it off my parents slit up my wife thinks I'm cheating there many beautiful women here
    and the truth is i dont know if i'am ever going back home. Talk about injustice huh. My fucking life sucks now

    Comments: 2   Votes:


    ..............Who Cares

    Posted by who cares at July 28, 2011
    Tags: 2011 July   Meaninglessness   Philosophical

    When you are young, the world seems like a cool place. There are objectives and mile markers you have yet to see. It all seems very exciting. Then you get out of high school and you start working. You work really fucking hard and you finally get a girl friend and get laid. Then you start fighting about 4 or 5 months in for some unknown reason. Then you realize that every relationship you will ever have after that is subject to the same mechanically driven process that nobody can take a step back from and realize it could be stopped. Once you realize that relationships are doomed to repeat the same nasty cycles of infatuation, complacency, bickering, full on fighting and then the eventual break up then life REALLY starts to suck. It comes down to predictability. Once you start predicting with accuracy what is likely to happen in future situations, all you want to do is stare at the wall and smoke weed until you die with the same nagging, shitty questions that have never and will never be answered all alone choking on vomit and cursing your own blatant human ignorance....

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    Stay at Home Mom/Loser

    Posted by anonymous at July 28, 2011
    Tags: 2011 July   Money   Relationship

    I am 43 married w/kids. I am now 100 lbs overweight. MY marriage sucks and I cant find a nightime job to save my life. People always tell me how lucky I am that I get to stay home. However we are living from check to check with just my husband working.

    Comments: 19   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at July 28, 2011
    Tags: 2011 July   Juvenile problems

    My grandma is a bastard. She yells at me for no reason and since I was a child I wanted to commit suicide. One time she caught me with rope around my neck and didn`t do anything but say,"Get ready for dinner" because of her and my mother I want to kill myself. My mother was a single parent and she didn`t do a dang on thing she slept in her room while I am choking myself. I am 14 years old and she doesn`t care that I am alive. For some reason my grandma acting like a bastard again because I am not my summer packet. I really took a small break and then she comes in saying Its not my grade. What the Heck. I f its not her grade why does she care

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    How to deal with cyclic vomiting syndrome

    Posted by CVS at July 28, 2011
    Tags: Health   2011 July   Juvenile problems

    OK... I am 17. That might seem like i have my life ahead of me, but my life doesn't really look like it will get any better.
    I have a host of diseases that are always plaguing me. I can randomly have fits of cyclic vomiting syndrome, in which i will vomit with no end in sight anywhere from 5-100 hours. I have severe asthma, and i also have Swachmann Diamond Syndrome. So i am plagued by vomiting, asthma attacks,hip displasia (for which i have had 5 surgeries) and a screwed up digestion and immune system because of SDS.
    Despite missing over 65 days of school last year, i was still able to complete grade 11, even getting honors with distinction. But when i miss a day, i get stressed. In the end my day is like this:
    Go to school. Have to catch up on chem,have to do math test at lunch, but also need to practice violin for concert tomorrow.
    I am involved in far too many things, yet my parents (who are nice and well off) wont let me drop anything (two orchestras(clarinet and violin), grade 10 piano lessons, two choirs, Martial arts,skiing,sailing,two types of dance classes (tap and ballet) and on top of this my homework from all my advanced level course, AP Geo,AP Bio,AP Chem, AP English Lit, AP Calculus, AP Physics.
    I feel like i am drowning in a sea of assignments and activities. I feel stressed.
    I feel dead.

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    Bad timing - sucks big time

    Posted by Nick at July 28, 2011
    Tags: Disappointment   Health   2011 July

    I have retired and hoped to finally be able to accomplish a few things but
    diabetes has struck after a sudden need for surgery to clsoe an aneurism last year. Never sick in the last 30 years and now this! My friends are all loosers (I basically have none). Im on a fixed income which gets me by but now am sick and cant do much. So I had hoped to make real progress with my astronomy interests only to have our whole club be taken over by a bunch of total assholes - the club is dead, members quit, and this bunch of greedy assholes luiterally wont let me now touch (their!) equipment and they siphoned off everything usable for themselves! What a bunch of fucking pricks! I would join another club but the closet is hours away so I am stuck and cant do anything. I have waited five years for these assholes to let me in and now way are they going to. Iam literally screwed and they love it! Then they asked me to give a public presentation (I used to teach at a university). I told these assholes I wanted nothing to do with their programs - it was my last genuine gesture in defense of myself and all the good people they have run out of the club. I live at Cedar Rapids Iowa. 1+1 = 2 and now you can find the rest if you chose. I am so sick at heart over all of this. No place to turn. Stuck. Screwed.
    I know my story is typical. THATS THE WHOLE PRTOBLEM! How did things turn so bad for so many. We are all paying a huge price for the few who screw up life for millions of the rest of us.

    Comments: 39   Votes:


    Pissed at the world and the choices I make

    Posted by sure you betcha at July 28, 2011
    Tags: 2011 July   Relationship

    Ok so my life is golden compared to many. However, I am about out of coping skills.Most of the crap I went through as a pre teen/kid my own fault. I made poor decisions which in turn left me in crappy situations. I have handled most of that. A couple of them stay with me regardless and I am in my mid30s. I thought I was over the abuse (NOT my Family)The rapes, the abortions (which I was not given a choice in)And occasionally the drug addiction rears its ugly head. I do not give in to at least my DOC but will use pain killers to dope me up enough to tone down the edge and make it tolerable. Lately the abuse issue kicks in because in my martial arts classes they have decided we need to learn to defend against choking. While they will let me work with my husband it still is not enough. I can handle most things physical pain is nothing. One of my friends says I am tough as nails and should be able to handle this. The other states my fear seems unrealistic since I love horror shows. Come on guys Horror shows are scripted.... Not real~ A choke hold is real and have had repeated instances of being on the recieving end of one. Almost ran out of class in a melt down trying to do what was asked of me.
    I have been married for 14 years. And do not believe I have been in love with him for most of that time. We have spent 14 years working on a facade to fool those who know us how our relationship really is. I have been falling for a guy I have no business falling for. Even if he di...

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    Posted by chirs G at July 28, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 July   Juvenile problems

    my life fucking sucks. its not that simple thought my life sucks for mutiple reasons one i have a disease two im a loner three im ugly and have braces
    i have a skin disease which leaves red marks all over my face and i ahve arthithsts which leaves me in chronic pain all day which forces me to take a copious amount of pain killers which is bad for my liver and my liver hurts every day and im only 20 my teeth buck out and i have a weak chin and the only kiss ive ever gotten was from a girl at tennis practice and it was on the cheek and i think my testicles dont produce enough testosorone because i do not look very manly which is probaily why women stay away from me and i cut myself to feel better my family picks on me i have no confidence and i fail at college so im fucking worthless and i fucking hate you and i fucking hate myself and i mother fucking fucking fuck hate the world!

    Comments: 1   Votes:


    It's all down hill.

    Posted by Whoamomma at July 28, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 July   Relationship

    I have no right to feel the way I do right now. Everything seems awful. Even the good things ( two wonderful kids, a home, a job) I keep flipping the coin, seeing the tarnish. I can't really afford my home. The payment is a struggle every month. My kids are great, but soon comes the "I hate mom" years followed by the empty nest. My life is never, ever going to get better. I'm going to get old. I'm never going to be my ideal weight. I'm never going to have any money. I can't be with the man I love, and I'm going to die alone like my mother did, and get eaten by my pets like my mother did. My family ignores me, my ex husband is gay, and I haven't had sex in nearly a year, and don't have any desire to have sex with anyone except the man I love that I can't be with. Why should I keep pushing? Why should I work myself to a thread? It's never going to get any better.

    Comments: 1   Votes:



    Posted by family is a joke at July 27, 2011
    Tags: Childhood   Family   2011 July   Life Story   Relationship

    Growing up my dad never worked, treated my mom, mentally retarded sister, and I like crap. Our house was full of roaches and mice even in the refrigerator. Even as a young child I knew my parents didn't know how to care for my sister. Social services was around all the time, but they never took us. When I was 5 my dad left me alone with one of his friends who stayed the night and he molested me. I can remember my parents not watching my sister well, she went missing several times being found once inside an old man's apartment, he had molested her, another time she was found at our city's homeless shelter, another time I can remember both my sister and I in this man's apartment, he exposed his genitals to us. When I was 8 my older cousin came to stay with us because he was kicked out of the trailer park where he live for inappropriate behavior with young girls, eventually he became a youth pastor and I became his victim. When I was twelve my mom tried to commit suicide, my dad blamed me.I went to live with my best friend's family where her dad was a drug addict, alcoholic pervert, and the life skills i learned there was how to scam a popular retail chain helping support their family. Things got a little better after meeting my husband, however we have struggled. We had our first baby young, our relationship, our family has dealt with domestic violence, drug addiction, extended family drama... Both of us have grown alot, kids are 10 and 14 now and so far have done well. I d...

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    I fucking hate my life

    Posted by anonymous at July 27, 2011
    Tags:   2011 July

    So much about my life sucks that it does not bear worth repeating. Just know that shit sucks and probably won't get better because it hasn't thus far. Fuck my life. I fucking hate my life. I would kill myself but I'm too much of a pussy to do it. Thanks for your time. Go fuck yourselves.

    Comments: 2   Votes:


    yep, it sucks.

    Posted by kay at July 27, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   Family   Health   Job   2011 July   Money

    I wont spill my whole life story but I will say, I've made a lot of mistakes. And, I am now 26 living with my mother- we're pretty much homeless, we're staying in her ex husbands house (ex because when I was 12 mom caught him watching me after I'd get out of the shower and dry off in my room) pretty sad when that's the only place you have left to go to. My mom has an 8th grade education and extremely low confidence, so she's been at the same minimum wage job for 3 years- they also have no insurance. She also slipped outside of work and broke 6 ribs this february and had numerous over night hospital stays due to fluid filling her left lung- but of course we found out that we lost the case so no money is coming.

    Then there's me married at 18 husband went to jail when I was 20, got out when I was 25, by that time I had a decent enough job as an EMT/Security guard for Mitsubishi in IL. I left him and my car that his mother co signed on (because I had to file bankruptcy at 21 due to his accident and all the money HE (we) owed) and my decent job. Came back home and it's basically been **** since. No money, no jobs, because I moved so much when he'd change prisons so obviously it looks bad. And I recently got a WONDERFUL job part time at Walmart being a cashier (no offense to anyone who does it, I am). But, it will not pay the bills. And not only do I have to get myself on track. but my mother is co dependent and depending on me to get us out of her, get me a car, get u...

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    life sucks

    Posted by anonymous at July 27, 2011
    Tags: Family   2011 July

    i have been raped twice. my father is an alchoholic who beats me every night. my mother is an angel but cant seem to leave my father. i have three siblings who are doing fabulous and im the punching bag.. ive tried to kill myself twice and both times failed miserably. i know i will die alone because what kind of person would ever want to put up with this mess.

    Comments: 2   Votes:


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