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Posted by Lerato at May 15, 2012
Tags: 2012 May  Philosophical

I have tears in my eyes.... God Loves us all and I pray that people realize that spiritual warfare exists in our lives..... Ofcourse the devil wants us to belive that God doesn't love us (Big Lie).... We must be smarter than that and stronger and fight the good fight with Jesus on our side.

I want to go to heaven and will make it a point to save as many souls as I can. (hahahahaha, the devil is shivering as I say this- he hates it)

- Life doesn't suck (God created us to have a good life) It's the enermy who makes life seem so difficult and painful.

In the name of Jesus, we shall have power and defeat the enermy!!


P.S : Remember that God Loves us so much that he gave his only son Jesus to save us and give us power - (Yes, we have the power... all of us)

I love you guys.


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New Comment

By RealityOverHope at 16,May,12 21:54

Yeah, ur life sucks cause you believe in fairy tales!
By anonymous at 17,May,12 09:57

right on
By l'i'l teen 13 at 20,May,12 12:03

but u never know it can cum true theres this quote which is so me 'To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it'♥ i always smile and laugh people love me cze ofg that ok this might sound abite random but i am like that and thats what people find funny bout me i ALWAYS smile laugh live my life no matyter what obstacles cum in the way!! hey i know what obstacles means!:D

By anonymous at 16,May,12 21:54

God does not care about you or I or anybody for that matter. He is copasetic towards all of us that's why if you believe in the text that is the bible he gave man free will. I'm not to sure if there is even a heaven or a hell and you can't say that there is one if you cannot scientifically prove it either way. That's why ultimately we cannot say what is good or bad. About Jesus his powers were greatly exaggerated by the catholic church to convince pagans in pre roman empire and early mid evil Europe to convert.

By anonymous at 17,May,12 05:02

God is only relevant to people who need that spiritual parental figure. There is nothing realistic in it. "We" have to be that parental figure towards ourselves so we are able to control our lives. Enough with all this religion already.

By anonymous at 17,May,12 10:00

Stop trying to shove your religion down people's throats. Just shut up. If your religion was SO loving and happy it wouldn't have put my people in the fire, and then take their celebrations and holidays away and turn them into something cheesy (pretending it was your holiday all along). That is all.

By at 18,May,12 07:35

So wait, who's the enemy??? Please don't say niggers, jews , mexicans and arabs... white trash bastards...
I mean you really believe everyone is out to get you?
And you really believe that jesus - a guy born in jeruselum (a.k.a. the middle east)- is white and is the son of god??? I think little red riding hood makes more sense than your religion....
And da fuck you write this post for??? Your life ddoesn't suck... you just suck my friend, you suck big black hairy sweaty vinigary smelly balls.
The End
By at 18,May,12 07:36

P.s. I hate you, so does every other non-white race who thinks you guys are lunatics. Peace
By anonymous at 21,May,12 07:29

You're just full of anger.... Let it go.... Forgive and forget and enjoy life.
By anonymous at 19,May,12 20:38 Fold Up

And who the hell brought up the racial bs?? totally unrelated to this post.. No one is trying to shove religion down anyone's throats... If God didn't exist there wouldn't be such beauty in this world to behold.. ignorant RETARDS...

By anonymous at 18,May,12 11:48

Yeah, and the tooth fairy says I'm his best friend.

Try living in reality for a change, then you'll see things as they really are.

By Cursed at 18,May,12 12:16

Dear Friend-
GOD created WEED. In the name of God and his son JESUS I want what you're smoking! Yes DOOD- Jesus was a JEW and lived in the Middle East. Actually, GOD told me the other day that WEED ought to be legal. So, I am waiting too. Waiting for the day when I can legally smoke a joint with out getting hand-cuffs slapped on my writs. THANK GOD!
By at 18,May,12 12:29

God bless u indeed ... at least your fighting a war with a cause.
By Cursed at 18,May,12 12:53

Amen Dood!

By anonymous at 19,May,12 20:31

I'm going to laugh when all of you haters are burning in hell... Seriously it's people like you that make life suck. God is the only saving grace mankind has, He doesn't judge and loves me for all my faults.
By anonymous at 01,Apr,13 21:49

Youre a Fucking brainwashed moron. That's what the high-ups want you to think, Christian scum.

By anonymous at 01,Apr,13 21:48

Fuck religion, its all just a huge brainwashing scam created by the American government. The world is ran by selfish pigs and you're dumb enough to believe it. I guess that's how they keep idiots in control, and I could give a fuck less what any of you losers think. I have my own problems.

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