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LIFE SUCKS : 2010 June

Stories submitted by real people.


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Saddest stories:

  • i really fucking hate my life
  • I Hate My Family
  • f.a.b.
  • Horrible life.
  • My life is meaningless
  • is this it?
  • "women don't lie"
  • who am I ?
  • trusting homeless people
  • 43 and i live in a van.
  • Taken and raped
  • Why did this happen to me?
  • I am shit
  • On a site like this, do I even need a title?
  • Wow. Life is so crappy.
  • Trying to conceive sucks
  • My abusive father
  • long list of bad decisions, life suks mainly because i fucked my chance
  • hopes and dreams, gone
  • when this will finish ??
  • My life is pathetic
  • I HATE HIM!!!!
  • Nothing Seems to Make Me Happy anymore
  • Kid napped and rped on my way home
  • shitty life
  • i'm at the end
  • My parents make me feel like my life sucks
  • Everything Long sad and never ending
  • I probably deserve all this
  • Here I go again on my own.........
  • This.. Is my life.
  • Why my life SUCKS!
  • I hate my life
  • Life before the real world I guess
  • life does suck
  • Well, Life doesn't suck, but it sure has been a ride.
  • My Life is the worst, of all..
  • The campus was not safe
  • My Wifes A Psycho
  • life sucks
  • I hate life
  • Alone for too long
  • More crappy stories
  • Helpless & Pointless makes me feel like shit
  • Worst luck in da world
  • suck.fuck
  • The Life Is Like A Stop Motion!!!
  • Some food for thought...
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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    Some food for thought...

    Posted by nicholas at July 1, 2010
    Tags: 2010 June   Philosophical   Relationship

    I think I finally understand the meaning of love. Love isn't what people say it is. "Two people who care about eachother more than themselves." That is what I usually hear. But they are wrong. I think it is just a disguise of mankinds primitive nature...

    Love for a child? Well your parents would protect you just like any mammal would... very similar.

    Love for a wife? Identical to how any mammal would mate...

    Cheating? It's human nature to cheat on your spouse. People tend to not give into temptation but the temptation is there... another common traight among mammals.

    What else is there... oh ya the female pretty much chooses the male, most people have multiple partners, and the idea of sex itself is common amongst our counterparts.

    People use love to seperate us with everything else... but it's the same thing... Kinda gives you a sense that love has no meaning really...

    In short no pair of people could truely love eachother. The whole idea with love is perfect, meaningful, destined for all... it's just bullshit.

    I guess the only benefit of finding a mate is to get financial benefits. The wife could help double income i suppose...

    Comments: 14   Votes:


    I am shit

    Posted by Sorryass at June 30, 2010
    Tags: Family   2010 June   Poverty   Unemployment

    I look and feel like shit all the time. My moms an alchoholic and my pops pops pills. I am soon to turn 24 and still live at home. I cannot find a damn job and unemployment ran out. Life sucks and there is no emotional support from my parents. Oh my brother is 6 years older than me and lives about 2,000 miles away and doesnt care about the parents cause they alienated him looong ago. Anyway thanks for listening to me bitch. asta

    Comments: 114   Votes:


    Taken and raped

    Posted by Kate at June 30, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 June   Violence

    I live in samll twon and raped oesn't happen an large ctities it also can happen in small towns. My car need some work on the brakes and there was a palce not far from whaere I live. The area was well light The place Ileft the car was a across the rail road tacks from the street I live on. I crossed all three sets of tracks the ain line and side track 1 and 2 where pick and leve rail road cars. As cross betwwen two cars a man that I did see hit me form the side. He must have been waiting becuase I never heard the grvel move when he hit me. I know no one hear if I screamed. He had and took me at knife point up the tracks to an open rail road box car. Some cars are left there open. it was only open on one side and none would see us becuase there were other railroad cars parked there. He ordered me in to the car. He told me to strip. When I rused he cut off my sweater pants T-shirt bra pantie socks and he pulled off my shoes. Then he rpaed at knife point. He rped for a long time the he took my jewelery and he left me my watch. He tied me up with my shoe laces. He took another lacation and threw mw into a deep ditch and left me for dead. I was there for awhile and some railroad workers heard my cries for help. They wrapped me up in a blanket and got their radio for the police. I was trated for a broken arm fromthe 5 feet drop in the ditch. Luckley there was no water in the ditch or I would have drown there. The man ha never been cuaght. when I was interveiwed by the news I sked them not showmy face becuase the man is stil out there. I can't with reliving what I wen thtrough that night. I will never do that again I wil wait until the next to get my car fixed the next time.

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Life is good and bad.

    Posted by TJ at June 30, 2010
    Tags: 2010 June   Philosophical

    Life is great for me but bad for a lot of people on this site... I think maybe telling everyone my advantages would make people feel better. I am a sophomore in college. I entered with 40 credits so im way ahead in my major...actually im almost done. Time to go for my masters! This summer i got a seasonal job position that pays 15$ per hour. But you know what the best part is? I do nothing. I get paid 15$ per hour to do nothing/ near nothing. The work they have me do (i work full time) takes up about 3 hours of the week. So for about 37 hours at work im doing the following: Minesweeper, facebook, aim/skype, sudoku, enjoying my own office with air conditioning, looking up stuff on wiki, listening to the radio (which is all classic rock), I once had an assignment to do that involved driving somewhere 40 miles out (this is the only time it happened) and I finished in like half the time... so i went to the beach for about an hour and came back on time. Also showing up late for work is what everyone does. I'm actually the first / second person there and i show up 30 mins late and leave 15 mins early.

    I consider myself lucky and I'm not going to complain about the misfortunes I have 9mainly becasue I understand their roots), but ill list them and explain them:

    1. No girlfriend ever, not even a first kiss. But meh it's probably because I have that loner personality. I have a few friends but they don't really talk to girls either. Lol actually ...

    Read Entire Entry >>>

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    who am I ?

    Posted by ms2re at June 29, 2010
    Tags: Abuse   Bad Luck   2010 June   Juvenile problems   Racial   Society

    I was taken from my biological parents at the age of three. The courts took me because someone in my family was abusing me. The year my country took me from my family, they adopted a flag. For two years I was sent from home to home, before the children's aid society noticed this was effecting me mentaly and decided to place me quickly and without care. I was put with a family, who molested/raped/sexually assaulted,humiliated, physically abused and racially descriminated me, on a regular basis. I was moved around from school to school, this family owned a lot of land up North as well as in West Ontario, they moved me from town to city on a regular basis, the adoptive mother, was a school teacher, and would teach me when we traveled to different countries. I was raped over seas shortly after I turned thirteen, on one of the boat cruses these parents took me on, when we came back to Canada, my parents gave me back to the system, and I was locked up till I was fifteen, for being raped over seas. The system gave me back to them just before my fifteenth birthday, these parents had moved to the city and sold there property up north, shortly after getting out of training school I was druged and raped again. These parents apparently baught the negatives from my abuser but never pressed charges against him. As soon as I was sixteen, they divorced and I have lived independantly ever since. I am older now and find it near impossable to contain my pain any longer, I know now, I was never cared for by my country, because brown skined people didn't matter then and they don't matter now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comments: 15   Votes:


    Tale of a middle child

    Posted by Drey at June 28, 2010
    Tags: Family   2010 June

    Iím very frustrated with my life right now. Every since I was a child I was treated like an after though. My older brother received all the privileges because he was born first and my younger brother gets all the love because heís the baby. Youíd think that being the only daughter would get me attention and love, but I was mostly ignored growing up. The only time my parents really speak to me is to assign me chores the my 12 year old brother isnít ďcapableĒ of doing, telling me Iím fat, or yelling at me for not getting the grades they expect. Which is complete bullshit considering the older bro graduated high school with a 2.0 and I just finished sophomore year with a 3.9. I just feel like Iím never good enough for my parents no matter what I do. Iíve turned into this angry, volatile, mean-spirited person and that is exactly the opposite of who I want to be. I just feel very lost in life right now.

    Comments: 12   Votes:


    People suck, all of them

    Posted by Yuck at June 28, 2010
    Tags: 2010 June   Juvenile problems   Philosophical

    I wish I met someone I can actually talk to and enjoy. When I was little I always had fun talking with people, now I can't even talk to my parents, all they want to know is what I'm doing, they don't give a shit about what I think/feel, they never did, they want to protect their investment

    People at school only care about satisfying their needs, they drop you in a minute for someone who's louder, they can't really bond with anyone, actually bonding is way too much to ask, just communicating without it being totally meaningless would be nice, for a change

    I had a friend for a while, then she started work and won't talk to me anymore

    I found this other girl who was very friendly and could really talk to, but she is so weak she has virtually no opinions or views of her own, she liked me a lot but I didn't want to date her so now she's dating some random psycho from school, good thing I didn't start dating her, I spared myself a lot of pain

    I wish I could find an internship or some company that could train me, I have a degree but every employer wants work experience... FROM WHERE?? ...

    My grandmother told me life was hard, before she died, but I didn't think it would be hard because I can't find any people to trust

    Is it possible those shit years from my childhood were the best years of my life?

    What a goddamn mess life is I'm gonna drink something so I don't feel anything

    goddamn it

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    shitty life

    Posted by cant tell you my name at June 28, 2010
    Tags: Friendship   2010 June   Loneliness   Poverty

    I am bored to death with my life. I hate it. I never have money, always fucking broke. People tell me well you can always change that by getting another job. well they don't know my situation, its easy to say but not easy to do. i have friends but not friends that will help you in times of need.Just drinking friends. friends who will back stab you. Recently ive been doing stuff i shouldn't be doing but fuck it i don't care anymore, i will only live once.
    I believe i am a nice person who cares for others but whats the point no one else cares for me.
    I will always be on my own i have got used to that.

    Life! what the fuck is that even mean?

    Comments: 15   Votes:


    The campus was not safe

    Posted by Leslie at June 27, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 June   Violence

    Ajy who college ampuses are safe is not keeping her guard up. This happend my sophmore year I mma snior now. I was walking between classes andI had to got another building for my next class. The side has woods and it no fence. A man came out the bushes and not to scream or turn around or he would kill me. As tried to run he grabed me and droagge me in the woods. he blindfolded me and told to take of all my clothes and my shoes and he raped me. he tied mylegs with my shoes laces and tied my hands with my silk scarf and left me nude. i got my hands free and untied my legs and found a camps police officer and reparted being raped. My clothes were found near by the spot I was raped in. He has never been caught. things like this should never happen to girls. Being raped is worse thing any girl can go through. It ruins their life. I am going let ruinmy life I willl get my degree and make somthing of myself.

    Comments: 26   Votes:


    End of the road

    Posted by Otto at June 27, 2010
    Tags: 2010 June   Justice   Money

    After reading all the other sad stories, mine does not seem to bad but it is for me.

    I am 38 years old, a college grad that hold two four year degrees.

    My parents are wonderful people, my sister is self-centered and my brother is supportive but lives a world away it seems.

    I will start here with the sucky part: I was approched with a court order several years ago, I was told that I had a child and they where getting ready to turn seven. Now, I owe a ton of money for arrearages for a child I missed out on. Can't find a job to save my life, lost my house, my car, and several other things. My only friend used me for his own finacial gain, so he is no longer a friend. To make a long story short Life Sucks.

    Why is the world such a cruiel and unbarrable place to have an existance?

    Comments: 9   Votes:


    a glass of red wine, a rant here, a sleep and i will be better

    Posted by anonymous at June 27, 2010
    Tags: 2010 June   Philosophical

    you know what, life is absolutely shit sometimes.
    everything could still be the same, but because of the way you feel due to somebody's else comment, or somebody's behaviour towards you, or just a bad feeling due to anything, can turn everything upside down and make you feel absolutely horrible about the same things that you were so happy about the day before!
    i am a young woman with not much solid guidance in life. i feel so confused sometimes about things, especially with advice, or the way other people treat me. I don't know if I should accept things that people say, or speak up and let them know when I think that they are wrong. the problem is, sometimes, i think they are absolutely totally wrong and i want to speak up but i know that will put me into trouble so i try to shut up. :/

    another thing i am upset about? i am tactless. i can have conversations or interactions with people where i am so tactless that they conceive me wrongly making me feel bad and wondering if i should bother explaining anything to them or if i should just shut up and hope that they forget :/ :/

    oh wait, one more thing!!! i am a terrible listener. i do not find other people's stories interesting... unless it is something that is unusual or simply terribly interesting. this has made it quite difficult for me when i try to socialise, as i often find myself drifting away mid-conversation. and it is very embarassing when i don't remember some details that someone has ju...

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    Comments: 9   Votes:


    i really fucking hate my life

    Posted by nonarky at June 27, 2010
    Tags: Job   2010 June   Money   Poverty   Society   Unemployment

    im 21, all the jobs i ever had, was fired from all of them, i recently worked at mcdonalds as a maintnance person for 3 years, got fired fort false claims of sexual harrassment from a fat ugly chick that wanted to fuck me and i refused and thats how she retaliated against me.

    after that it was very difficult for me gettin another job because of bad references from my previous employers.

    then i land a job at a mexican restaurant, worked there for a month and end up getting fired for not working fast enough.

    so then again im jobless, i cant get into college because im not elgible for finacial aid, so there goes my life right there cant get funding for school so im going to be a nobody for the rest of my life,

    i try getting into the army, i couldnt pass the asvab test because i lack math skills, 32 is minimum to pass, most people get 50% or better on the asvab test and the best i only can get is a 25% on the test, i took the test 7 times and couldnt get better than 25, so now i feel worthless and fucking dumb.

    right now i applied at 10 different job places, speedway, little ceasers, menards, hope depot, walmart, meijer, right aide, wallgreens, carpet to go,
    demmers, and job agencies,

    i had interviews at all of them, but every single fucking time, i been refused job offers and it just keeps happening.

    here is the worst, i got 2 no proof of insurance tickets and 13 parking tickets ,

    i havent figured ou...

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    Comments: 341   Votes:


    This.. Is my life.

    Posted by anonymous at June 26, 2010
    Tags: Abuse   2010 June   Juvenile problems

    I'm 15 years old, and I have never experienced freedom. When I was 8 years old, My grandfather raped me. He bruised what bliss I had. And this continued for years.. Or till I turned 12. He'd get my other grandfather and even my uncle to join in. I still remember ir all vividly. I was about 10. I thought it would be over, because both of my grandfathers died, And my uncle had a son with his new wife. But everytime he comes over,or visits, I think about it all over again. How I never got to this age with my innocence. I felt dirty, And helpless. I hate seeing him to this very day, Always. How he smiles like it never happened, and pretends to care if I'm okay or not. My mother ad father conceived me when my mom was 14, and my dad was 16. She gave birth to me at 15, And my Dad left me then. Not 3 years later, she had my brother, Whom I had to take care of while she struggled to keep her job. Then she had my sister, and my brother, and my brother, and my sister. I learned to change a diaper at 5 years old. I learned how to clean a house at 6. My mother is almost never around, because once se gets her check she flees to escape this dreadful life. I take care of my siblings almost every day. School is a struggle for me, But It's the only escape I have left. I met my dad 10 years after I was born, but he never visits. All he does is complain that he has to pay child support. My mother falsely sent me to an Asylum, and so I have a record there. With actual criminally insane peop...

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    Comments: 20   Votes:


    mr D

    Posted by D at June 26, 2010
    Tags: Bad Luck   General   Health   2010 June

    I found out the name of my grandparents when I was 52,never met them on that side,never saw the rockie mountains ,yosemite,the grand canyon,mowed grass for the first time when I was 18,never had any before then,lost both eyes to heavy metal exposure at work,after 4 surguries and using 140 sick days got one eye back ,partially,company gave me a 33% pay cut ,took my vacation ,holidays and pension,(not just me everone) (but management,they got more pay more holidays ,more sick time bonus etc)every day I come to work they tell me to be happy,I should be glad I got a job,I gained 50 lbs because of ruptured discs,petty sure I have a kid ,never met him/her,my other last living grandparent died in 1963,I dont know if my mother is alive,havent heard from my brother in 10 years,I havent seen or heard fom any relative in 15 years (other than brother 10 years ago),and its not cause I havent tried.I was on the board of directors for a well known organization that builds low cost housing around the world and was construction supervisor for them also,but left when I exposed fraud in the local chapter.I could go on but I wont ,I do have a lot to be thankful for,I just cant remember what it is.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    My life is meaningless

    Posted by anonymous at June 26, 2010
    Tags: Attitude   2010 June   Meaninglessness

    At first glance, you'd think my life wouldn't suck at all. I've had a good childhood, I've been to great schools and I'm one year away from finishing my university degree. I'm not at all unattractive. I'm also healthy and fit. I'm currently 24 years old and will turn 25 in a month.

    I, however, absolutely hate my life. It has no meaning at all. The very thought of working in a boring job for no worthwhile reason until retirement deeply depresses me. Every time I wake up, I wish I could just go back to sleep forever. I have nothing to wake up for, I have nothing to live for. I feel so empty all the time. Even my hobbies don't bring me any joy anymore. On top of that, I've been single all my life and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Everywhere I look, people seem to be happy or optimistic, which only makes me feel worse. People tell me to wait and to look forward to the future. Never know what could happen, right? Well, what future do I have to look forward to? None that I can see, other than boredom and emptiness. I don't want to wait, I'm sick of waiting.

    I wish some car could hit me and end it all. My life is unhappy, hollow and without meaning.

    Comments: 61   Votes:


    My Wifes A Psycho

    Posted by anonymous at June 25, 2010
    Tags: 2010 June   Relationship

    Im 26yrs old I have a girlfriend of 7yrs who hates my guts and we have a beautiful 4.5month old son. Though ive changed before he was born I fucked my life up by being addicted to heroin for ten years(Im clean for 1.5yrs. now) and being in and out of jail alot of the time. Ive grown up since but that isnt the issue. Things were going good for a while this last year or so I had a good job I liked, was doing everything right with my parole, me and her loved each other and Feb. 1st we had the most beautiful baby boy in the world. Her and I have had a rocky relationship in the past but we were doing good since I cleaned up. But ever since she had the baby more and more every day she tells me what a worthless peice of shit i am, how I do nothing for the family, how I dont care about my family, and other untrue, unfair bullshit. It started out as little disputes here and there and is now to the point that we cant be together anymore, much less do we still sleep in the same bed or show each other any kind of warmth or affection. Ive tried to make it work but she cant stop arguing long enough to try. on top of all that about 2mos. ago I all of a sudden got bouts of barely being able to breath for days at a time due to a type of asthma brought on by the BP oil spill(I live right on the gulf coast), Which caused me to lose my job a few days ago, and when my parole officer finds out im unemployed shell probably take me away from my son for the next 5 years or so, which would kill me as hes my reason for living. I dont know what to do anymore. Im not looking for a shoulder to cry on I just really need some advice. Anyone who wants to tell me that im a drug addict loser or that im whining dont bother, fuck you in advance, you know your only tough on the internet anyway. Thank you to anyone with some good feedback.

    Comments: 26   Votes:


    Life Sucks

    Posted by anonymous at June 25, 2010
    Tags: Attitude   2010 June

    I consider myself as one of those 'disney' witches . I have a long deviated nose, small eyes, a messy hairline with thin frizzy hair.. and an assymetrical face... I am skinny with a pear shaped body .. (yeah flat breasts and huge thighs).. I have no confidence that is obvious from the way i walk .. i look nothing like my sisters who are as pretty as celebrities ..

    I live in a country where appearance is the most dominant power .. where girls are soo competitive with their looks.. I isolate myself and spend most of my time in my room to aviod the look-criticizing society i live in..

    I live in a country where most people are rich living in lovely large houses while i live in a small appartment ..

    Along with my appearance I have a crappy personality that repels people away .. I am a stubborn selfish jelous thing .. Even though people do not notice that . because I work on keeping those feelings to myself ...

    I am bad communicator .. I prefer to remain silent for most of the time ..
    Conversations put me in an awkward situation ... I avoid direct contact because i dont want people noticing my facial defects ..

    I am a stupid nerd who has nothing in life other than studying which i barely pass..

    I spend my vacations on the internet searching for solutions to help me accept my life ...

    My youth is fading ... why on earth I was born with a bad luck?

    Comments: 6   Votes:



    Posted by jackyu at June 24, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 June   Mistakes

    juys i am 28 iam tall and white .......once i had been to be a party wid ma new frnds....they drank to the max and raped a local girl near the ground....for whch i was too taken care of nears cops.....i was kickd out of home....and i workd harder and harder as a chef i saved every penny i could honestly....i worked for 3 years in an hotel which showed utter rented home was burgled and broken......i lost all d money i saved.....the owner of the home but a case on me reporting i was resp for breakdown of his health turned bad....nd i came to know that i had blood cancer......i wanted to commit suicide and climbed a building but the guards took down and bruised me to hell i was bleeding and i started to beg for food but as they say every cloud has a silver lining i was taken as a servant in ma masers home where i exist to date nd were i am writing dis....i frequently vomit blood every 1 dislikes me here ...xcept my master who is not against me..,,,i still live wid d hope dat god bless and protect me as he was doing all life doesnt suck but telling ma life is an attempt to convey that hold hope like u r breath and ull see lite in life

    Comments: 6   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at June 24, 2010
    Tags: Family   2010 June

    I am 25 yrs old. I have a perfect boyfie- handsome, caring, faithful etc etc. we've known each other since high school. its 7 yrs now and still counting. (in relationship with him about 4months ago) but my parents go against us. dad checked every phone call i made, every sms i received, every steps that i made. he also took my phone during the night. if im on the phone with my boyfie, he would misscall me so that he knew whether im on the phone or not. (we are in the same house). even if he dont, my sisters would report to my parents that i was on the phone with my bf during the night. suck. isnt it?
    my parents do not allow me to watch movie. cant listen to music. cant play games. cant eat more. cant sleep more than normal (if i do, hot water will be splashed on me]. cant have vacation with friends [they're too busy to bring us to a vacation]. cant have boyfriend. have to read religious books. have to wear religious clothes. im doing my internship now so i practically stay at home. i have another one semester to complete my degree. parents ask to continue study off hostel means i cant stay in a hostel because they afraid i would go out. maybe they want me to live in a shell that they want to carry everywhere. they even go against my bro's relationship with the stupid fucking reason - distance (but still in the same country,stupido). make any sense?
    im finishing my internship soon. i feel like destroying myself. they are irrelevant! i dont ask them for money. i live with my own loan money. i have to pay $15k after i complete my deg. and my house dont have TV.

    anyway, i want to write more. but this is the only thing for now. i cant think more. i miss him. i cant even hangout with anyone. im not a high school kid anymore. im not a breastfeeding baby. im a 25-year-old women already, for God's sake. suck. fuck.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    sucky life

    Posted by anonymous at June 24, 2010
    Tags: 2010 June   Relationship

    My life was good untill march,5,2010 and everything went downhill once i sarted dateing a red head she started controlling my life im scared 2 open up 2 her and she thinks she is always right i love her alot and im still dating her my moms boyfriend bob smith or robert smith kicked us out of his house because i ran away 2 my step dads because he was talkin shit about my gf and my real dad i dont see anymore what an asshole u think so the girl i love i am still with her i am still at my step dads life here is great but from ow on i hate life so mch i rather die and m girfriend said she will be nicer but so far she hasnt been i feel like a peice of trash out of a dumpster i dont think she loves me anymore LIFE FUCKEN SUCKS HELLA!!!!!!!

    Comments: 2   Votes:


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