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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    I Need Advice..

    Posted by anonymous at June 6, 2012
    Tags: Crime   2012 June

    Im Into Thug life, And So Im arrested and Kicked out of the house alot. My mom And I Fight Constently, I Live with my grandma with her six other kids, before it was eight kids but to ranaway. Exactly A year ago I lived in The streets of a city called portland Then Moved, to this town That Is contry A'f. No one here I can relate Because i come from a Poor family having nothing but a pair of pants and three shirts while being "Ghetto" and Not being a hick So I dont exactly fit in. I m forced to work 8-12 hours a day not being paid. Im always Trying to get money for clothes and For Food Because I have to take care of my self. My dad Left my Mom Because he was Tired of her family trying to control everything(they are control Freaks). On top of all this. I dated This amazing girl sence i was 8 im currently 16 and she moved to Newyork, So Life isnt so amazing, Im always Thinking of suicide but My little sister, And Bro Wouldnt last long on there Own... I did drugs for six months this year but i realized that it was just making everything Worst. I was Caught with drugs At school because There Were dogs At the school and they sniffed me out... Im Waiting for my court date But More then likly im going to jail.. I hate my Life and Is Always Looking for help and reaching out.. I dont know where else to turn... If I didnt have my sister and Brother to look out forr I would Of Took the cowardly way out of life along time ago.. Im completly on my own and Have no one to turn to sence All My homies Are back in the hood, so this is My life and Problems so there u go.. Please Comment and give advice I would be more then grateful, you will be forever in my doubt!

    Comments: 23   Votes:


    Me against the world

    Posted by Blacc Mamba at March 27, 2012
    Tags: Crime   Health   2012 March

    Nobody's story could be worse than mine. I have read alot of peoples stories but I think mine is the worst. First, I'm a 35 year old blacc male who recently got released from prison in Ohio. BOOOO!! I really don't even know how to tell everybody how I feel so I'll just "keep it real" with whomever reads this. I have been diagnosed with all types of shit from bi-polar to manic depressant with schizophrenic effects, impulsive control disorder- been on all types of meds since 1993. Been hospitalized a few times for beeing suicidal...blah,blah,blah. I have very low self esteem...very self conscoiuos about my height etc...I'm very materialistic....Oh yeah I exaggerate ALOT. I never had any real friends my whole entire life. I have no problem getting a girlfriend as I have had many and children to follow behind... I would like to think of myself as a good father but my kids have become materialistic like me! Or is the fact that this bling-bling era/video vixen shit got everybody discombobulated? i live at home with my mother and I had another child while incarcerated and Im still with the mother but she complains that we don't have sex enough or that I don't take her out...yada,yada,yada. I hate the world and what it has become. I hate myself for feeling like this. I love my kids but they seem to want only be happy when I take them shopping at Holister or some shit. While I was away my oldest daughter got pregnant and had the baby right before I was released from prison. So now...

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    Comments: 46   Votes:


    Pregnant and broke

    Posted by jac jac at March 8, 2012
    Tags: Crime   2012 March   Money

    All this bothers me every day so I just want to say it and try to get some advice or kind words.

    I am 19 and moved to a new city over 7 months ago with my mother and have been going downhill since. I have not had a job and have spent all my credit card money on alcohol and weed because I was depressed and figured it wouldn't be a problem because I was going to kill myself when I was out of money.

    I got arrested one night and woke up with more problems than just being unable to adapt to a new city - I was hurting my mother emotionally with the drinking and I just got arrested! I still felt depressed but knew I had to go to court and fix the problem. It took about 4 months of going to meetings and court (and since I was broke I had to walk 30mins- over an hour to these places).

    Now I need to get money. So I became a prostitute for a while and it was a terrible experience. I did it first for about a week and the "men" I was working for robbed me and I only got $300 dollars which I had already promised my mother. So then I worked for another person, a girl, and it was going fine. I did start to feel incredibly sick though and felt like I was dying. One client came to me for an outcall and we started to talk and become acquainted. He told me I was being ripped off by the girl and he could take me home or help me make money by other means. So I took a chance and went with him.

    This next situation was just plain stupid on my part - he told me ...

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    Comments: 74   Votes:


    Convicted Felon

    Posted by Mike at January 25, 2012
    Tags: Crime   2012 January

    I'm 19. Just got caught with 3 pounds of weed. Dropped out of my first semester at college. All I wanted to do with my life was travel the world. Now with a felony 2 conviction, I'm under house arrest except for work until May. After that, I'm not allowed to leave the country for seven years. Dreams are gone. I got nothing left.

    Comments: 12   Votes:


    You think you have it bad...

    Posted by anonymous at January 21, 2012
    Tags: Crime   2012 January

    Try being a homeless sex offender. That's right, a sex offender. One of THOSE people. You think your life's so bad? Consider how miserable it is to know that the whole world hates you and that there is no such thing as redemption. Fuck you and your pathetic first-world troubles.

    Comments: 26   Votes:


    my life the worst

    Posted by Ice at December 24, 2011
    Tags: Childhood   Crime   2011 December   Relationship

    my life always was bad i grew up in the slums poor my mom is a junkie and i have no dad my whole life i sold drugs my mom abandon me when i was 9 and started a new family so i grew up in the streets by the time i was 12 i started selling drugs this acttullay gave me hope because i thought i can be rich and move out the slums all that happend was i became a thousandnaire and started getting in trouble with the police when i was 16 i made it out from the slums and moved away but the following year i got arrested by the F.B.I . they gave me 3years in prison and when i was about to be released they re-arrestd me and i had to do an extra year and a half they had me in the hoe for 6 moths and i caught a stomch disease i almost died in jail i did an extra year and a half for something i didnt do they never even said sorry they just realesd me when they found out they had the wrong guy now im back in the slums and i cant get a job because i have an illness that limts me and they aint give me dissibilaty yet so im stuck selling drugs for a living i had girlfriend that i thought loved me but as soon as i got sick again and ended up in the hospital she started seeing another guy and broke up with me a week after i got out the hospital then 2 moths later she wanted to get back with me. she also gave me herpis and never told me now i feel like killing somebody or my self i dont want to go back to jail but the anger is building up i dont no what to do no more she says she loves me and ...

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    Comments: 6   Votes:


    My story

    Posted by eric at December 6, 2011
    Tags: Crime   2011 December   Relationship

    Well I read all the other stories I guess I'll tell mines..My name eric Bennett borning and rised poor growing up I always known as the ugly dude and I didnt have no money so I was dusty.. So Ive been rejected by almost every girl in my life that I like except for one and that was around when I was 16.. And it happen at the park I seen this beautiful girl way out of my league but I was dress nice so I went up and talk to her and give her my number and 2weeks later she called me but to make a long story short she was my first and I hers and we where together 1 and a half years and she got pregnant she didn't know what to do so I went and made some Money and went to jail and she left me got abortion then had a baby by somebody else while I was in jail when I got out no where to be find my heart is shatter I tired to love again but it's joyless never going get one as beautiful or does the lil things she do I lost my soul mate and best friend life is boring and lonely now..Just don't no how long I could keep this up thanks for reading

    Comments: 13   Votes:


    i didn't kill anyone

    Posted by dave at November 25, 2011
    Tags: Crime   Justice   2011 November   Relationship

    i was with this girl since eight years but stuff happened and i started to cheat on her. once she caught me with her friend. before i could say anything she shot her friend with her fathers gun and then killed herself. the cops framed me with a double killing case and i am on a run. i tried killing myself but someone saved me and handed me to the asylum. i needed money so i robbed the asylum and ran away. i had stolen a car, and at the toll booth the officials frisked the car. the car had heroine in the boot.
    i am almost dead now.i have four serious cases against me and i am sure they'll kill me. this all happened without any mistake of mine. thus sucks. i hate it. fuck.

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    My own bad luck

    Posted by Steven at October 18, 2011
    Tags: Crime   Family   2011 October

    I am only 23 years old, I had a shitty childhood with an abusive father and both parents were addicted to cocaine. I got my ass kicked by my dad, for no reason except his own self-hate, from 1 until I was 10. My mother cleaned up her life and we moved on, i graduated high school, neither of parents did, and i had a great girlfriend. My girlfriend's brother got me a great job at a bank right out of high school making more money then my mom was making. I was there about 2 years and those 2 years were not easy but not terrible, my best friend shot himself. Couple nights later I got a dui and then violated my probabtion by driving with suspended license. Now i am living on my own at this point and after court fees and lawyer fees and all that, i was past due on everything and for God knows what reason i decided to take money from my job at the bank, i did it twice to the total amount of 7500 dollars. I was arrested, and sentenced to 2 years probation and had to pay it off. Needless to say my girlfriend's family hated me but she stuck by my side and supported me though the whole thing. But 1 year in I got arrested for marijuana and that is a violation of probation, so I had a warrant out for my arrest and the only reason i didnt turn myself is was because my girlfriend ended up getting pregnant. I end up turning myself in and she still stuck by my side, and even helped me pay some money back with her student loans for my original charge. Now i am free man and have the most be...

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    Comments: 3   Votes:



    Posted by josh at September 14, 2011
    Tags: Crime   Health   2011 September

    ok my parents have bee in and out of prizon my whole life iv had drug dealers comes and break into our house and police raids multiple times ect i moved out when i was 16 and started to go to school again ect i ended up getting a gf for 17 months she started cheating on me with my best friend and stole my money so we broke up i got fired from my job because this fat pig wouldnt move out of the way when i asked him to politly and it started a fight

    so i moved back in with my parents....i turn 18 in 2 weeks and i took my peirceings out cut my hair off that id been growing since i was 14 and tryed to get another job but no one well hire me idk why i tryed to go back to school to graduate but because i only have softmore credits i have to get a GED recently i got a bad synis infection and iv been 95% deaf in my right ear and my parents dont have the money to take me to the doctors... and i found out i cant get my licence for 6 months becuz i never had a permit cuz my dads licence is suspended and if i cant get a job within a month theres no way im going to be able to put a down payment on my college fund that starts in january
    i have nothing in my life i hate it im so depressed idk what to even do with myself im nothing..

    Comments: 2   Votes:


    I lost ten years of my life.

    Posted by Emily at September 9, 2011
    Tags: Crime   Justice   Mistakes   2011 September

    I am now 31. when i was 20 I conviced of a crime. I was charged with theftby receiving. they gave ten years in prision. I was put in custidy as soon as the judge gav my sentence. I was put on the bus with serval other women and the all were wearing street clothes and i had ona pretty floral dress balck heels nude stockings white slip white bra and white panties with butterflies and flower print. We taken off the bus and put in to holding cell at the prsion. The took to anther area where there was stalls with no doors. The officer said that it was time for body cavity search and she alos said when the basket is full give to the guard. While I was getting undressed I saw other women undressing. I strip down to my bra and panties and the guard I had take off everything. As soon as i put my bra and panties in the basket I gave the it to the guard. After the search they made us take shower and we only got 30 seconds. they gave uniforms and we had to sign in. One night I got raped. 3 women took to another part of the jail and ripped of my uniform and lingerie and and fondold me and committed sexual acts on me. Then they beat me. I was in the imfirmery for a week to recover. That still plays over and over in my mind. Ten years lock up raped and lost my veginity. I served the entire sentence. I got 6 monthes ago. No to help me no freinds. No one to love me. I was pretty when i went in to prisoin and came out rough looking. My life sucks becuase of on stupid thing I did. I am lost with the ten ten years of my life gone. I wish i could find a man to love me. My parents wil not help me and I can get job becuae there is no job to get. My life sucks.

    Comments: 22   Votes:


    Am I a bad apple?

    Posted by Monica at September 4, 2011
    Tags: Crime   2011 September

    I have in and out of JV for theift and and other offenses. I am in court ans sometimes it ends being strike 3 then back to JV ,I go. I given a chance to straghten up but it is one crime after another and I fear one dy I will end up in prision and I have what goes on there. I sound very scarey. I need to break away from a life of crime or it wil kill me before I get out of jail or I wil being leaving in a body bag. Am I a bsad apple or do I have choice to break the habit of crime? I must stop or I will never have a life.

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    Fucked over since birth

    Posted by Skorpion at August 7, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 August   Crime   Health   Money

    Reading the stuff here I wish I had your life. I was born dead because of a lack of oxygen getting to my brain. to this day im more aggressive and less empathetic and i believe its due to brain damage. The doctors operated and I got back to life. I had a tiny scar when I was an infant from that and it grew with me. now it looks like i got cut in half and stitched back together when i take off my shirt. ive been to jail 7 times. for drugs. my parents were in a tiny deranged branch of the christian religion called plymouth brethern. that shit was insane. I got molested when i was 11 by some neighborhood kids in their basement. i went to a college that turned out to be a fraud. theres lawsuits across the country on them. cost me 83,000 at 18. you think its bad you dont have savings? try starting your life with 83k in debt at a ballooning interest rate.

    bought a nice car turns out everything on it is fucked. 6500 to buy it 1800 in one week to repair it and 7000 in total repairs still needed. oh and i was lead to believe these huge money issues were over by some dirtbag fucks that told me id get a better job if i moved. i moved. bought a house. they never came through. as far as relationships go i have none. i gotta get this money dude. 6 days a week 15-16 hours a day i work. i cant declare bankruptcy because of how this loan is structured.

    yea. i work 16 hours a day and i gain nothing and thats my reality. or at least i did. because after years of this i just collapsed. i walked out of my jobs and effectively ended my life. now im here with a bottle of vodka and a 45 because i cant do it anymore. i wish they never operated on me and let me die at birth. but dont worry people. jesus fucking loves you.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    Stripped and robbed at work.

    Posted by Malinda at May 9, 2011
    Tags: Crime   2011 May

    My and my sister rose are partnersin our clothing store. We have 3 emplyeesthat work for us. I was a friday morning we were getting ready to open. who came in last did not bother to lock the door. Aman with semi autmatic wepon came I think it was an AKA 47. He tok us all the the dressing roms he told to take off our shoes and kick them out. The he told us to take our blouses skirts and/or dresses and hang over the door. Next he made take off our slips and camsioles. The he made take off our stockings. Then he told us to take off our bras. Lastly he mad us take off our panties. He wante the combination to the safe. I fear for including my sister's and emplyee's lives I gave him the combination. I know there was5 of us but only one of him but he had a powerful gun. He kill one us is second after thethe person attacks him then he would kill the rest of us. he never sho the gun the entire he made strip and rob us. he also took our purses looking for money. He took our jewelery and he took aour cothes when he left and we were nude in the store we got into robes and called the police. He did not rape us thankfully. My sister want out and the employees wanted to quit. my sister rose staied o bu the employees quit but we have hired some folks to replace them I told when they quit that they always have job here. I make sure the door is locked before we open and me and my sister have nightmares from this but the nightmares worse becuase we get killed in them nd we wakeup screming. That's what sucks about our lives.

    Comments: 19   Votes:


    40 an no friends

    Posted by Loser at April 16, 2011
    Tags: Alcohol   2011 April   Crime   Drugs

    i did some bad things growing up.hung with losers,drug addicts an alcoholics(i am all these things too).could see my name in the paper at least 3x a yr. from 18-22.if i got caught for all the law breaking,id still be in the slam.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    Life of crime is not good

    Posted by Sara at December 26, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 December   Justice

    I am Sara. I stole cars I would joy ride i taken car like Mercades Lexus BMW and sevral oher high end luxury cars I recked the Lexus. that how I was cuaght I hit a cop car. I was arested and chrged with reckles driving and grand auot theft and i was alo linked to 21 other car thefts and destruction of personal property. Before they put me in jail I was strip searched. the woman gaurd after she closes the door I would half to strip and put my clothes and ligerie in he brown bag. I was then searched and given clothes and I was I would need to wear all three pairs panties socks and bras. they told to take shower and wet my hair then They took on a long walk. to a cell to make sure i di have have sesdease of some kind and you are there for two weeks. I never wen to JV. i soent 10 years in prsion. That was on of the scarey places to be for that many years. The fear of being raped pu tin the hole solitary confinment. I got beat up once by 2 women for no reason. guess who they said sarted i did solitary confinment i was told to strip tom my socks bra and panties before I was in a room by myself. I was cold in there I was for 2 days. Strip searched again a couple becuae of a shake down. do ever got to a life if crime it si ot worth it. Nothing ever comes of it so don't do it.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    A man takes me and rapes me.

    Posted by Deanna at September 13, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 September   Violence

    I was night and i was in the city and I was on my way home becuase I worked late becuase of deadline. I stopped a the light and while iwa wait to change to green a man jumped in my car. he had kinfe at my abdemom anf he told me not to scream and do what ever he says and I would not be harmed. When the light chnged he told to drive he told pul into a deserted parking lot and he told to turn offhte car and get on his side so I knew I would be able to escape. He put in the trunk of my car. My was a Cadillac Deville. Before he closed the trunk he took my heels off and bindfolded me. He dove around for long time with me in the trunk. When stopped he opened and took off the bind fold and we in cemertary. He took behind a mosilem and told take off y clothes I took off my dress shoes slip panty hose bra and underwear. He hand cuffed me and forced to and told to spread my legs. He rpaed me for long time and he took my jwelery clothes and my car. I was still nude. I made to the road and woman stopped and took me to the hospital. They found my car burned along with my clothes purse and the contents m of my and wallet on the ground but my money and ATM card were gone. i stope froze my account and but my check bok was left with all my check left in it. I got a newcar a Honda Cicic. I drive around with my doos locked so this never happens again. He took my sense of safty my peice of mind and my virginity. I was violated and humiliated as ahsamred of what has happened to me. I wonder when i was taken form the trunk should i have ran or fight back and I f did would he have killed me. He has never been cuaght and they have his DNA the they got fromand from my clothes.

    Comments: 31   Votes:


    Parole of my rapist

    Posted by Paige at July 6, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 July

    I any of you remmber i posted on May 29 about my rape I have the he will be parolled. Now I am very afraid. I don't if he come here to rape me again or if he is reformeed or not. If iwas on that baord he still be in prision.

    Comments: 19   Votes:


    Taken and raped

    Posted by Kate at June 30, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 June   Violence

    I live in samll twon and raped oesn't happen an large ctities it also can happen in small towns. My car need some work on the brakes and there was a palce not far from whaere I live. The area was well light The place Ileft the car was a across the rail road tacks from the street I live on. I crossed all three sets of tracks the ain line and side track 1 and 2 where pick and leve rail road cars. As cross betwwen two cars a man that I did see hit me form the side. He must have been waiting becuase I never heard the grvel move when he hit me. I know no one hear if I screamed. He had and took me at knife point up the tracks to an open rail road box car. Some cars are left there open. it was only open on one side and none would see us becuase there were other railroad cars parked there. He ordered me in to the car. He told me to strip. When I rused he cut off my sweater pants T-shirt bra pantie socks and he pulled off my shoes. Then he rpaed at knife point. He rped for a long time the he took my jewelery and he left me my watch. He tied me up with my shoe laces. He took another lacation and threw mw into a deep ditch and left me for dead. I was there for awhile and some railroad workers heard my cries for help. They wrapped me up in a blanket and got their radio for the police. I was trated for a broken arm fromthe 5 feet drop in the ditch. Luckley there was no water in the ditch or I would have drown there. The man ha never been cuaght. when I was interveiwed by the news I sked them not showmy face becuase the man is stil out there. I can't with reliving what I wen thtrough that night. I will never do that again I wil wait until the next to get my car fixed the next time.

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    The campus was not safe

    Posted by Leslie at June 27, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 June   Violence

    Ajy who college ampuses are safe is not keeping her guard up. This happend my sophmore year I mma snior now. I was walking between classes andI had to got another building for my next class. The side has woods and it no fence. A man came out the bushes and not to scream or turn around or he would kill me. As tried to run he grabed me and droagge me in the woods. he blindfolded me and told to take of all my clothes and my shoes and he raped me. he tied mylegs with my shoes laces and tied my hands with my silk scarf and left me nude. i got my hands free and untied my legs and found a camps police officer and reparted being raped. My clothes were found near by the spot I was raped in. He has never been caught. things like this should never happen to girls. Being raped is worse thing any girl can go through. It ruins their life. I am going let ruinmy life I willl get my degree and make somthing of myself.

    Comments: 26   Votes:


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