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LIFE SUCKS : General

Stories submitted by real people.


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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    UNHAPPY !!

    Posted by anonymous at April 27, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   General

    Basically my life . .

    - Broke: I don't have a penny to my name

    - No hair: I have a hair-loss condition

    - Gaining weight: Rapidly

    - Stupid: I have no qualifications

    - Single: No guy wants me because I have no hair

    - Ugly

    - Feeling low and insecure: I got brutally bullied at school

    - Depressed

    - No confidence

    - No self esteem

    - Fed up

    And the cherry on the cake . . I don't have any friends !! :/

    Comments: 21   Votes:


    Reasons Why My Life Sucks

    Posted by Roy at April 1, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   General

    01. I hate the fact that people have a car and I don't
    02. I hate the fact that people have a loving family and I don't
    03. I hate the fact that people have there own website, and I don't
    04. I hate the fact that my Dad took the $10k from my savings account when I was younger.
    05. I hate the fact that my father went and had a 3rd kid, and didn't finish taking care of the 2 he had. Gives the kid everything he needs, wants.
    06. I hate the fact that my mother put me on SSI and can't get a job now because I've been on it for too long, no references, no proof of work history even though I did work in the past.
    07. I hate the fact that my mother took the settlement check from SSI and spent it on herself and her new husband.
    08. I hate the fact that I used to get picked on at the bus stop for having a design on my shirt, or stripes on my shit.
    09. I hate the fact that most people get to go to College, but I can't because I wasn't very smart in school. I'd never make it in College.
    10. I hate the fact that people drive by me, and saw me walking to work, and never offered to give me a ride.
    11. I hate the fact that kids get to live with mommy & daddy until they are ready to go out on there own, have saved up enough money to get a good grip on the real world.
    12. I hate the fact that women cheat on men, because they need to fill the hole they have. From what I've seen, women cheat on men more.
    13. I hate the fact that a woman would...

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    Comments: 130   Votes:


    My life is the worst

    Posted by lightspeed at March 17, 2012
    Tags: General   2012 March

    So the people i love most in the world die, are taken from me.
    I have a physical condition that has ruined the last 28 years of my life.
    I have had the worst company in the whole world to live alongside leaving me with very nasty physicl and mental scars for life.
    I am unhappy , dying and the closest people in my life all take advantage of the disability I am dying from.

    My whole life sucks if I were to recount it properly it reads worse than anyone else's I have read here.

    If there is a god he really does'nt give a shit about our happiness or well being.
    I find myself dreaming that I had someone else's life like a well loved american kid from a middle class home in phoenix with a normal healthy family, a healthy body, college then a job.
    Why does'nt god just give everyone happy lives wtf is wrong with this place?

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    I am ugly with face skin body

    Posted by anonymous at March 5, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   General   2012 March

    I'm a male, 22. And this is my problem. 

    Face. I'm asian so my face is really bad and out of proportion. What facial feature should be big or small, I have the opposite of it. I have small heavy and drooping eyes. It makes me so lazy, I'm not talking about monolids. My eyes just always look tired and lazy or angry. My nose has wide alar and a bulbous tip, it makes me look like a pig with my 2 nostrils somewhat upward. And My lips are so thick. It looks like they are swollen and they are not shaped perfectly. And since I'm an Asian, my face has no prominent facial bones so I am left with a big round face with fat cheeks and double chin. No cheek bones, no jaw line, no chin, no eye bone. I feel like with this face, I'm destined to be alone with life. And it's true, I'm only 22, I have twitter Facebook and cellphone and no one mentions to me and no one texts to me. I'm neglected and forgotten or simply irrelevant. It's as if I don't exist. 

    Skin. (acne) Aside that I'm ugly, god really made my life hell with acne. I have some pimple since I was 6, a few small ones, but when I reached 13, its a full blown acne. Every inch of my face and body is acne prone. I can get acne anywhere. I have severe cystic acne on my face, chest, neck, nape, scalp, back arms, back, and legs. I've tried every medication but it didn't do anything. I tried oral and topical antibiotics, salysilic acid, benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin, and accutane. I tried diet and exercise but none is ...

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    Comments: 19   Votes:


    life sucks

    Posted by anonymous at March 3, 2012
    Tags: General   2012 March

    first of all every donkey thinks that its load is the heaviest which is true when it comes when to people and there lot in life. I just feel like I am at the end of mine. I am 27 old living with depression who lives in a run down home which i cant afford even to fix enough to sell it, with a newborn baby of 2 months and with the dad who is a alcholic and drug additic. Life has always been a struggle and i feel that only dying will solve the dissapointment and sadness.
    i grew up with a mom who was chronically depressed and an alcholoic who mentally and phyically abused me. Ontop of that we were so poor that i only got new clothing maybe once a year which i was never allowed to pick out myself. I had loving grandparents which are dead now but they didnt want to interfer with my mothers parenting skills (what a joke) after all she was the MOM.
    i was never able to have friends since we lived in such a small community and the police were always at my home so kids werent allowed to hang out with me. not only that; my mother was the town whore so people didnt want kids over at the home to play with me and i wasnt allowed to go anywhere really. my mom used to get drunk for days and sometimes not know who i was she would call me her dead sisters name and sometimes look through me. she would say things like i am going to kill myself i want you to take my bank card and take all my money and go and live with your aunt just so i would cry and say mommy please dont do that i l...

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    Comments: 4   Votes:


    just wanna blow my fucking brains out and end all problems

    Posted by FW at February 19, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   General

    moeny gone fuck friends.
    love of my life cheated on me.
    I ''stood up for myself'' and kicked some asshole who tried to rob me.
    2 days later 8 persons came and breaked my jaw.
    i'm used for money. i don't have any fucking moeny.
    fighting at home.
    all i have left is weed.
    the only thing that matters to me.
    i wanna kill myself but then i've achived nothing. AND my will of living is to strong.
    all i want is peace with everyone.
    and money...

    god bless all you other depressed low life thugs.

    Comments: 186   Votes:


    Life sucks

    Posted by rock at February 15, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   General   Loneliness

    I hate my life
    Im broke, poor,unemployed, in debt, bad record, divorsed, seperated from my son, on probation, have to pay fines, they take money from my checks, they lied to me, charged me for a huge doc. bill, Lawer didnt defend me, 2nd wife left me for another man, got kicked out of the Navy, live in a storage room with my roomates pissy blankets piled up in the corner, lost my w-2 tax form, lost my u.s. saveings bond, lost my school funding for couress I no longer can take because my wife got me in trouble for takeing my son out of her boyfriends house on the day we scheduled me to have him. Yah I hate my life Im lonely every night, I think of dieing alot and how it would be a sweet release to this missery frustration and pain. Maybe someday I might go through with it. Smile Jesus loves you this much.

    Comments: 16   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by 22 yrs old and miserable at February 14, 2012
    Static LinkTags: 2012 February   General   Money

    So I just need to vent a little..... My life fucking sucks I am 22 yrs old I have two kids and a piece of shit boyfriend. I have tried to leave him several times but it never works because for some reason I love him... dont know why. HE wont work and when he does he cant keep a job so now we are living in one room of his sister's basement. Yeah thats right me, him, our two kids and our dog, all sharing one room. I dont think I am hard to please at least not since I started taking depression meds. before that I would get pissed off about every little thing but now that Im on meds I am pretty laid back and happy all the time. Except for today... Its valentines day and do you think that my boyfriend got me anything? of course not.... I get to see all these girls posting pictures of all the flowers, candy and jewlery that their boyfriends got them for V day! He'll go out and buy weed with the money that I worked for but he cant even pick up and Card at the dollar store to give me, and then he comes up with some miserable excuse about how he doesnt have any money or else he would have gotten me something oh and how was he supposed to get me something when Im the only one with a vehicle? well lets see You took my car to the store last night to get cigeretts! maybe you could have picked something up then??? Lets see what else? oh yeah I dont have any friends, Im broke! cant get hired at any good paying job. I was on food stamps but lost that too so I dont have any food for my kids. I was in college but they took me out of my classes because they said I owe them money and of course I dont have any to make payments. My life sucks!

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    i never really had a chance

    Posted by anonymous at February 8, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   General

    OK so I'm not going to go into much detail, but I will hit the major points of how I've been tortured and made to feel less than by virtually everyone I've ever known.

    1) My family doesnt know anything about my taste in food or drink, thinks my taste in tv and movies is "crap" and mostly speaks to me to tell me that I have to do something with my life because I "used to be so smart and had so much potential". Some of them also take every opportunity to crack jokes and belittle me for my sexuality.

    2) As for friends my first and best (my mother) is dead and I had to kill her because she asked me to. In actuality all I did was sign a DNR order. But it felt like killing to me. As for the other friends I've had there were a few until my 12th year when I allowed myself to be sexually assaulted by one of them to spare my 6 year old brother from it, and was beaten by my father for it. While he was beating me he told me that if I wanted to be a faggot that he would have nothing to do with me ever again. He denies it to this day. I shut myself down emotionally to be able to deal with the betrayal from my friend and my father. I didn't have a friend again until high school when I got the lead in the play in my first year(Dracula). I saw a few psychologists that didn't understand me and kept trying to tell me what I was feeling and always got it wrong. Then I made some bad choices trying to be "one of the guys and landed in prison, where I met my current best frie...

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    Comments: 4   Votes:


    fuck this!

    Posted by anonomous at January 14, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   General   2012 January

    I am at an all time low. I feel lost and that no one is willing to help. I'm not even 30 and have filed for bankruptcy, still have 60k in student loan debt, can't find a job, moved cross country for my long time boyfriend and am stuck by myself all day every day. No one will hire me because everyone else needs work too, I rely on the BF for everything, am super depressed, want kids but don't want to take that risk being so far in the hole. My neighbors are losers and never shut the fuck up, are always drunk and screaming at each other at all hours of the night. I blame my parents for making me go to college because honestly it was not worth it, I blame the BF for making me quit my job that I actually really liked to emotionally support him, but he's not willing to do the same and always talks down to me. I'm jealous of him for getting to do what he wants, and don't see any future where I am given the same chance, which makes me bitter and resentful. I'm overweight and can't seem to loose any of it, have health problems I can't take care of because I'm uninsured and I feel like I need to start drinking on a daily basis to make this pain go away, even temporarily. Life sucks when you are never given a break, or even a chance; I have hopes and dreams that I will never get to see happen and think, on a daily basis, that I should just kill myself to stop being a burden on everyone that I care for.

    Comments: 9   Votes:


    when will it get better?

    Posted by trinkystar at December 18, 2011
    Tags: 2011 December   General   Money

    My life has never been amazing; I have moved over 30 times in my 28 years of life and have a hard time finding friends. I graduated from college to "follow my dreams" which has never happened and I blame my parents for pressuring me into college. Now, I have filed for bankruptcy, still owe 60k in school loans and am unemployed. I moved cross country for my boyfriend's job (he was unemployed for 2 years) and am starting to get very aggravated with him and often think of leaving, but have no way to do so. He is always picking on me because of my weight which doesn't help with my depression from leaving my job I actually liked and the friends I managed to find, finding a job out here seems non-existant and now my student loans are due and they will not defer anymore.

    Had an interview (my first in a year) and I don't think I will get the job because I have been out of school for to long. Grandparents are dying, parents don't want anything to do with me, friends are going through just as tough times and don't have time to listen to my problems and boyfriend thinks I should get over it and like that he is supporting me. I want children, but have to control my weight - hard to do when you are a stress eater and don't want to do shit because it's exhausting to get out of bed or even take a shower. Life sucks and all I want to do is cry. My cat is even depressed and never wants to play. Fuckin A.

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    Feeling like a failure

    Posted by TJ at December 5, 2011
    Tags: 2011 December   General

    My life stinks for lots of reason. I had a son when I was young and found out that my boyfriend cheated on me. Now the fact that my bf cheated is the part that stinks not that I had a child. I tried for the sake of my son to make things work out but I couldn't do it anymore. I left my ex-fiance. He was controlling and beat me when I got home because my car broke down and I had to wait for AAA to come by. I went to community college and worked part-time while living at home with my mom. My mom who is bi-polar/anger problems was just intolerable to live with. I knew I had to leave home. I didn't want to raise my son in an environment where my mother was always screaming and yelling. She would carry on for hours just screaming...even if she stubbed her would be the reason why and she would go on and on to where I could not take it anymore. She would even come to my work screaming and yelling, embarressing me. I knew I had to move out. I quit college and moved in with my boyfriend who I loved more than anything. The relationship was a little rocky sometimes. We eventually decided that we would get married, and we bought a house. I got pregant and gave birth to my lovely daughter. Things went downhill shortly after. Over the years the nice man that I loved turn to this evil, unloving, only caring about himself person. I tried to do things with him, I even signed a loan for a car that he was going to make into a racing car. I tried to do nice things for him. Nothing ...

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    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Thanks again

    Posted by Chesty at November 27, 2011
    Tags: General   2011 November

    God definitely hates me. Without getting into to much detail, lost job, lost family, lost house, lost all savings. And the kicker is, all within a couple years. So now I turn to booze. I totally realize it's just to numb the pain, but since God won't help (even though I continue to pray every day), I have to turn to something. Keep thinking to myself something good will eventually happen, but it never does. In fact, things get worse almost every day. I just don't give shit any more. Suicidal thoughts occur daily, but the only thing keeping me from offing myself is my two beautiful girls. Oh well, thanks again God for giving a shit.

    Comments: 20   Votes:


    Sad and depressed

    Posted by suckstobelife at November 11, 2011
    Tags: General   2011 November

    I have a very demanding job which requires me to work beyond the usual mondays to fridays 9-5. I only have 1 friend that I frequently hang out with and no one else. I don't hang out with my coleagues and if I do it's only during lunch time. I'm 31. still single. My family is miles and miles away but that doesn't make a difference cause we hardly talk to one another even when we were living under the same roof. Long story short...I'm sad, depressed and lonely...and life to me couldn't get any suckier than this...

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    loosing it ...

    Posted by anonymous at October 22, 2011
    Tags: General   2011 October

    Been reading through many stories here so decided to add mine aswell for the heck of it.

    to keep a very long story short...
    I been out work for 4 years now since my father left my mother for another women. My mother went from manic depressed spirit talker to super logic denying holy spirit christian. "holy spirit" talks to her and whatever she says is from "holy spirit" and is the truth. Whatever i say is bollocs
    She does not listen to reason neither can she listen to basic housekeeping rules.

    my older brother after loosing his flat to a bulldoser eager to build a newer, modern flat, is back at my mom's house too. He works and pays my mother rent but expects me to clean up after him too because i don't pay rent so basically i'm doing housework for 2 people that just cannot give a damn about how they mess because houseboy me will clean it up anyway. My brother rewards me with a combination of nothing and a fat lip for the effort.

    My education sucks, comparable to 8th grade in the US educational system. not because i am stupid or a dropout (I have an IQ of 128) but because my father did not do any research on the educational system at my current location when he took me out of school after 8th grade when he decided to leave his debt and dead-end career in search for a refresh in his homeland. Not regarding the fact that i'll end up in the lesser-minded state funded school that only goes untill 9th class (which cannot even compair to t...

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    Comments: 18   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at October 11, 2011
    Tags: General   2011 October

    I weight nearly 320lbs.

    Been unemployed for over a year

    Loss all of my friends.

    Drop out from college.

    Car doesn't work.

    Stuck at home all day.

    When I get a job interview I'm rejected.

    Life is depressing and I'm nearing my wit's end.

    Comments: 15   Votes:


    Murder, raped, robbed, abused as child, almost killed

    Posted by depressed bitch at October 9, 2011
    Tags: General   2011 October

    All of that I experienced since I came into this hellhole of a world. I was abused when I was a kid by an older neighbor who wanted someone to rape, so raped me. Then he brought his buddies over so they could all take turns raping me, I was only 13. Then at 16 someone raped me and left me for dead, I was in a coma for months. He beat me so bad I almost died. I was robbed on the street as well as on public transportation coming home from work at leasr 8 or 9 times. The worst thing that ever happened to me though was when my son was murdered. The grief never ends and has changed my life forever.

    Comments: 128   Votes:


    fucking hate my life

    Posted by fuckin hate my life at September 29, 2011
    Tags: General   2011 September

    my stupid ass car is broke for million time. my dad is a fuckin loser and never supported me my entire life not financially or emotionally, my mom is crazy. my siblings act like snakes who only want to do or help me if they get somethin in return. i cnt drive my car to get to fucking work and its been so fuckin stressful tryin to get to work and to top it off i cnat be late or absent again to work. i fuckin in school so that complicates my lfie too. im tired and so fuckin done. to top it off my ex or was its complicated friend is now not talkin to me so i dnt have anyone to help me and i pay all my bills on my own i sick and fuckin tired.

    Comments: 9   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at September 26, 2011
    Tags: General   Life Story   2011 September

    Ok, speaking of shell-shocked, how do I put this in a nutshell (sorry its so long, you dont have to read it, I just needed to vent): as a child was isolated by intelligence (which has served me no real purpose now); molested, apparently, and emotionally abused/controlled/manipulated; put in the position of being caregiver in a dire situation, etc.

    When I was young, within a matter of three months, my aunt died a needless horrible death by cancer due to doctors indifference (i.e. oh, you must be faking it) and my mom almost died, the place where I worked was bombed by terrorists, and my father was gunned down and killed at a wedding. During the period after this, I met and married a man, had three children with him then after 15 years of marriage (and more emotional abuse for both myself and kids) he left us for another woman.

    At the time, I felt I was doing all right getting us all under the same roof (he basically left us in the street when he left and then didnt want to pay child support) and felt like things would be ok. I was working five jobs, glad for the chance to have my children (and my elderly mother, whom I was still caring for) with me.

    Then my son, who had a lot of anger about the way his dad had treated him/us, made some very, extremely bad decisions, which resulted in criminal charges that precluded him being around the younger children. My ex wouldnt take him, and nobody else would, so I was forced to take the ...

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    Comments: 1   Votes:


    why my life sucks

    Posted by dallaskid at August 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   General

    I guess the word natural is not a known word to me. I do not know what natural is. I have never known anything natural.
    Nothing comes natural to me.
    I do everything I can to get into a tier one fraternity. Somehow although I am a part of it, I feel as if I dont belong.
    I work my ass off to make a 4.0. I was in the library almost every weeknight. No one congratulates me on my grades.
    Although I show up to all functions and social gatherings in my fraternity not one person has asked me to hangout since pledgeship.
    My ex-girlfriend drank so much she blacked out and slammed the freezer door in my face while I was getting meat out of the fridge. Why? I dont fucking know. She then called the cops on me and banned me from ever being on her property and told me she never wants to leave me again.
    I cannot act in a social environment in the same manner as normal people.
    I cannot get the positive attention I desire to have from my own parents and piers.
    I cannot have a normal relationship with a girl.
    Having a life is not natural to me.

    Hit me with the fridge
    Told me I never want to see you again
    When I told Katie that I would be okay just talking to my brothers, she says, What? Its not like theyre your friends.
    -That was literally the same day as when I confessed to her earlier that I was having trouble fitting in with them. Lowest. Blow. Ever.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


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