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LIFE SUCKS : 2011 June

Stories submitted by real people.


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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    Why me?

    Posted by anonymous at June 30, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   Job   2011 June   Society

    I know there are people who lives are way worst than me but when you are surrounded by people who have it all good and practically got everything good given to them. You can not stop asking yourself, why me? I'm a recent graduate from college. Applied to many jobs and had four interviews, two which I got nailed so bad by the managers and the other two I thought I did good because the managers said I was a good candidate. BUT..I never got called back. And I'm stuck working at retail which I have been for almost four years. I'm so discouraged because I feel like I can never get pass the interview stage. I have a sister that is two years older than me that makes triple what I make and she recently got promoted. I have friends that have rich bfs or suger daddies i would call it, who spoiled them with Chanel, Hermes and LV purses. I can afford it if I really save up and work more but if you see the people around you who don't have to do anything and get these luxury items, it's just so depressing. I have a good boyfriend but he's been away of the country which I rather not say why. So when I see all these girls having everything so good makes me so mad. I guess you can say I'm jealous but I'm jealous not because I'm greedy and want the same materialistic items but I'm just jealous because these people don't have to work at all and receive all these good stuff. While I'm here just wishing that I can have a good paying job so I can support myself. But yet no one wants to hire me, no one wants to give me a chance! Why me?? Btw, I'm 24 but I often feel like I'm still 18. I guess you can say I have low self esteem because I get nervous all the time and I get red like a tomato when I'm the center of attention. Life doesn't suck, it's just me. I suck!!

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    Its over

    Posted by Alone at June 30, 2011
    Tags: Family   2011 June   Money

    lets see where to begin. My dad held my family at gun point. My mom passed away. My childrens father beat me. Lived on the streets . 4 mouths to feed. Lost my job, lost my home, lost my car, eventually lost everyone in my life.

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    life sucks

    Posted by anonymous at June 30, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 June

    well let see im 21 years old barely making my way through college. still live at home and it doesnt looks like thats gonna change anytime soon. never jn my life have i had any true friends and i came ti find this out too late. just people hangig out not with but rather next to me to make themselves look better and they did when standing next to me. never invited to one party or even out to the movies. dint have a car because i just cant seem to find or keep a job long enough to save a little money, hell dont even have a license yet because i just feel like tyeres no point in trying anymore. never been talked to by any guys in anyway shape or form and neer been kissed forthat matter. feel like im just stuck in a hole and cant get out and everyone is moving on but me. i just feel like my life is over before it really began, like my heart is broken but it was never really all there you know so how could it. no one to talk to because they dont understand everybody has their own unique pain in the ass problems and i just dont know ehat to do anymore. cry myself to sleep every night i just might run out and finally just shut down and feel nothing anymore. its gotten so bad that i avoid mirrors and lights as much as i can im so disgusting to look at. live life like an emotionless robot just going through the motions to keep up apperiences. and thats the worst part, nobody even seems to notice somethings wrong. and the fact that there are people homeless and starvig in the world who are far worst off than me just depresses me more because atleast i know where my next meal is coming from and i know i have a bed to go cry myself to sleep on every night and they dont so what gives me the right to even complain right? anyways, just gotta wake up in the morning put on the mask and plaster on the fakest smile and keep burrying it all down until one day i just explode all together or just cave in on myself. Thanks for reading .

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    Life continues...

    Posted by Agent5 at June 30, 2011
    Tags: 2011 June   Philosophical

    Well, where i can start ?
    I am just another teenager, just another brick in the wall, i know that there are "stories" more important and serious than mine, but my thought is just like just want to throw it out

    Since kindergarten School, i always felt that i was inferior to everybody, but it didn't stopped me to make friends.
    In middle school, teachers literally lost their patience with me, i always made errors in the homeworks and tests, once a teacher wrote "*insert my name here* is tired than ever", they suggested to my mother that i should took some pills called "Ritalin", but thankfully, my mother thought that it was not a good idea.

    As the time goes on, i got better in school, but all my "friends" made fun of me, because i am too "nerdy", i changed school and the situation got actually worse, since then, i had no real friends.

    I ended middle high school and my mom had the idea to change country and study there, i moved from country A to country B (not going to give names), from here my life sucks, my dad stayed in Country A and my mom stayed with me and brothers in country B.

    My grades sucked so much that i stopped going school in the middle of the year, my case was "hopeless", i hated that school, we had tests like every damn week.

    I also discovered wanted to move here because of an ex-boyfriend, she says that this "ex-boyfriend" is better than my dad, my dad doesn't know nothing about this and he h...

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    Comments: 3   Votes:


    Why bother

    Posted by P2 at June 30, 2011
    Tags: Bad Luck   Friendship   2011 June   Money

    So let's go in order. The girl I liked and who I thought liked me turned me down for a guy she had admitted to not liking.

    No big deal really, happens to us all. Then the community college I was taking classes at tells me I'm not allowed to take anymore classes due to a bill for a class I didn't take.

    Fine, I'll sort that out, even though it'll cost me a year of my life. Then I get in a wreck. Not my fault and the damage is minor, but it still takes my car out for a month.

    Then my house gets robbed. They took everything I had of value; TV, computer, video games, you name it. This is 3 days before Christmas.

    Then some "friends" come over and one of them gets into an argument with me. He is drunk and takes a swing at me, misses, and I hit back. Now none of my friends want to talk to me because they think I hit first. None of them are willing to listen. Fine, I'll make new friends.

    Then I get laid off. I now have no job, no friends, and little self-esteem. I still have my roommate and my car and some prospects though.

    I decide to join the Air Force. I am on my way to meet the recruiter when a 90 year old lady in a boat of an Olds turns left without a signal and totals my car as I am going through an intersection. So now I'm injured, have no car, and can no longer join the AF.

    I am depressed at this point. Nothing is going right. I figure I can't get much lower than this.


    My roommate l...

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    Comments: 8   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at June 30, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   Family   2011 June

    Trouble is always finding me! I was BORN into trouble. As a child, I remember sitting in the dentist's office, being poked and drilled due to an issue in my dental structure. Although those days are over, I still have two hideous fangs by my front teeth that kill my pictures. I suffer from constant acne that ruins my image. I have visited a doctor yet the issue always returns. Worst of all, I am gay! My family HATES gays and I know that I can't tell them. My closest friend is loneliness. Last year, I became friends with the new guy at school. He was absolutely the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen! Well, by the end of the year, he had totally rejected me and became friends with all the popular people. He has dated every single slut in the school, and everytime ge gets a new girlfriend, my heart brakes. I know he's straight but I love him more than anything in the world, even though he now pays no attention to me. Okay, beyond these shallow misfortunes, my dad and I have never gotten along. He has always treated me like trash! No one can fully understand me, as I cannot understand myself! I have no technical
    skills, therefore, getting a 'real world,' job is impossible. Currently, I enjoy art. However, my interests and proffesions are constantly changing, so as for what my future will be, I am oblivious. I am a wretch!!

    Comments: 1   Votes:


    i need help

    Posted by fckng sht at June 30, 2011
    Tags: Family   2011 June

    maybe its just me and i need some drugs. i always wondered what made people snap and if i had a breaking point.... i think im close. never thought my life would come to this point. i was happy once... now im not and im stuck. (right now im trying to type and my wife is bugging me). retired after 20 years in the navy and working for a government contractor. married with two step girls (not step daughters). theyre 16 and 20, 4 and 9 when i first met them. use to play and joke around with them and tried to be a good parent. that was then, now i dont want anything to do with them. never use to swear in front of them, that was a big deal to me. now its fck this fck that i really dont give a sht anymore. i just want them out of my life. the older one moved out awhile ago and now she wants to move in. im thinking about leaving if she does. im to the point where things that would never have pissed me off send me into a fckng rage. ive thought of suicide before and have seen doctors before, took some meds but i dont anymore. could never do it, too scared, maybe someday. i think when my parents and older brother pass away i will definitely end it. love my family but theyre back in michigan and my wife fckd up that relationship. id like to just visit with them without her. bought this house in 2006, it was built in 2003, looks like it was built in 1803. between the kids and animals this place is a sht pit. now my wife is questioning what im doing.... leave me alone. i think i could just ramble on and on but i just want to vent. if people read this they will probably think im psycho but ive been dealing stupid shit for the past several years..................fck, im done

    Comments: 1   Votes:


    33 years and going down

    Posted by Alex at June 29, 2011
    Tags: Childhood   Family   2011 June

    Born from parents with depression issues. Pops left when I was about 5 or so. I used to find liquor bottles "hidden" all over the house. Been beat up a few times no one was there to help me ( I'm an only child) a loner. Never got to really bond with anybody my age as such because I was always moving around. So here I am with a beautiful wife 2 children. No job, no prospects of getting a job (economy),
    Wife is not working, shes on unemployment. Seems like all the desisions I make are the wrong ones. I had a job that was paying the bills while tuning me into a pint( most times more) a day alcoholic. It was killing me to work at that place. I stuck it out for 2 or so years because I had to feed my family. But it got to the point where I had to send myself home due to intoxication and not remembering how I got home a few nights. Nobody understood what I was/am going through. They say stick it out, what will there be left of me by the time something else rolls along? a drunk? So I quit. No money, I'm "Happy" cause Im not at that miserable place, but now everybody else is looking at me like I'm a crazy selfish fool.

    suicide has crossed my mind, but I have to much love for my family to put them through that. I also thought about taking a loooong walk to where ever and just waiting for my day. I left out a lot of stuff, but this is where I am today.....

    LIFE REALLY SUCKS. Only thing I see is tragedy day after day after day. If all I have to look forward to is more struggle and very brief glimpses of happiness, I really am read to give up on this.

    Whats the point?

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    Can't wait to die

    Posted by anonymous at June 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 June   Money   Relationship

    I'm 50 with two kids aged 12 - twins. My partner for the last 16 years recently told me to leave and so I am doing things by myself which I hate and having to compete with my ex-partner for the affections of my kids. Tell me - wouldn't it have been better for us to actually try to talk to each other before we (she) said "right that's it". And please tell me how all of this is better? Who benefits? My ex-partner obviously, because there is something so very wrong with me. And, can anyone please tell me what there is to look forward to as a single parent when you're 50, barely able to make ends meet at the end of the month. I am constantly living in fear of birthdays, holidays and Christmas because that is when I have to dig into the savings. The one thing that I'm hoping is that death isn't too far away. bring it on. The sooner the better so that I don't have to continue with this tedious existance

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    life sucks

    Posted by sctiger88 at June 29, 2011
    Tags: Anxiety   Family   2011 June   Juvenile problems

    1. Mom died of cancer when I was 10 and I saw her scream out in pain as she died.
    2. My dad started dating the day after she died.
    3. proposed to his girlfriend 2 weeks later.
    4. when I was 11 I found my dad in his car trying to kill himself. He took 60 pills that my mom had from having cancer. If i hadnt found him then he would have died.. but to this day my step mom takes credit for finding him.
    5. I live in the house that my mom designed to be her dream house only to die months before moving in and so now i live here with my dad and stepmom and by halfbrother who is a spoiled bratt.
    6. I am popular at school because I'm funny but my best friends are way prettier and always have boyfriends.
    7. I always stayed at my aunts house when I was mad at my parents but she moved 8 hours away 2 years ago.
    8. I suck at school and its hard to make good grades.
    9. I have add and ahdh and have severe panic attacks....

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at June 29, 2011
    Static LinkTags: Attitude   Family   2011 June

    life started to fall apart one by one. My father kicked my sister out of the house, so she now lives with my aunt. I wanted to provide shelter but my salary is not that much. I have 1 sister who lives with me but she seems like a stranger, sometimes I feel like she just remembers me when she needed something like clothes or money. I do have brother who only thinks of himself. My father only thinks about himself and his wife. My depression kicks in on a regular basis and its killing me. I'm under pressure by my friends by not having a boyfriend. I'm fat. Sometimes its hard to get out of bed and go to work but i have to work. My sister went out with her friends instead of staying for mom's b-day. Im starting too really hate her. I hate my coworkers coz they just don't know how to mind their own business. No one wants to listen. I still misses my ex-bf even though its been 7 years and he has a kid. My life is getting darker and darker......

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    The over achiever

    Posted by anonymous at June 29, 2011
    Tags: Family   2011 June   Money   Poverty

    Where do I start. Today, I realized that my life is ruined. I dropped out of college (university) after completing one year because I can't afford it. I am poor, I live in a one bedroom apartment with my 3 siblings and parents. We are so broke, we have been living here since I was four, I am now 18. My parents think that it is really difficult to move out, it is merely impossible for them to even think about it. They both claim to be unemployed because there is no work out there, yet they never go and apply anywhere! (so how do they want to get hired) and they will rather live off $300 unemployment checks. My older sister is the only one working. My downstairs neighbors are assholes and they always bitch when my 3 year old nephew comes and visits us because he likes to jump around. I am about $7,000 in debt with school loans and a credit card that I can't even pay off because I am unemployed. My goal this summer was to get my driver license but I haven't even practiced driving and every time I do practice my dad bitches at me because I am such a horrible driver. I feel like I am knee deep into a horrible situation that I can't get out of. I need help. I hope I see the brighter side soon.

    Comments: 122   Votes:


    Cursed Potential

    Posted by josh at June 29, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 June   Relationship

    I feel like my life is one of wasted potential. If I hadn't tried so hard it wouldn't be so bad. I finished my bachelors in two years. Worked as a programmer for a few years and quickly worked my way up to a lead role until the recession hit and the company I worked for tanked. I spent a year looking for a job before eventually giving up and joining the military. Now I'm just your run of the mill soldier struggling to make ends meet with a sixty thousand dollar student loan. I've poured thousands of hours into projects that I hoped would make me rich; They all failed because of the most unpredictable causes, resulting in zero profit. I'm trying to perfect the complex mathematics behind my next attempt to thwart my doomed fate. I've read so many god damn self help books and have dreams so large and vivid that I can't stop trying but I feel like I wasting away my life in pursuit of the impossible. I've witnessed death and great tragedy but I don't wish to go into that here. All I'll say; They call me a hero but I'm filled with regret for not acting quicker.

    Then there's my love life- or lack of. I've always wanted to be in love. I ruined a potentially great friendship with a wonderful girl by telling her I liked her. That Sting of that catapulted me into a world of self improvement...

    I've read literally everything on 'pick up' out there. I even taught my self to speed read so I could read faster/more. I joined a 'lair' (group of guys that s...

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    Comments: 23   Votes:



    Posted by karthika at June 28, 2011
    Tags: Anxiety   2011 June

    i just dont life seems perfect at times...i have a loving husband who earns well and take care of mee..a cute little angel daughter...but i feel incompleat without a CAREER ..i could't complete my degree...b"COZ i had an affair..which my parents never approved of... i did not want to let them down and decided to get married to the person they choose..i thought of compleating my degree after my marriage but got i am 23 and find most of my friends having jobs and enjoying their life as they like....i feel financialy insecure...what if somethin unfortunate happens and i am left alone in do i survive....what to doooooooooooo//??????

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    Suicidals go to Hell

    Posted by Madeline at June 28, 2011
    Tags: 2011 June   Philosophical

    venting about my life isn't going to do shit for me. It doesn't even make me feel better. I have very complex problems. I've never been molested or raped like half the people on here, it seems.... I don't have such a definable problem like that! my parents split. Oh let's blame all the voices in my heads on my parents getting a divorce, right? WELL it's not like that. I must have just been born this way, and therefore, the only sollution would be to reverse being born. Which is dying. To correct behavioral problems you have to figure out what caused them and then undo it all. So my problem was being born and I have to undo it. I am not going to hell. Assuming there is one. No suicidals are going to hell except maybe the suicide bombers because they kill other people. And you know what? Suicide isn't selfish, but you'd only realize that if you were contemplating suicide yourself! I hate how much "information" about suicide there is. It's mostly made by people who don't know what it's like to believe their only CHOICE is to KILL THEMSELVES! It's not true! There are always other options, of course. I know it in the back of my mind. I would like to kill myself because there is just so much shit in it! I need drain-O for my life! To clear all of the shit out. No one knows me. Well one person does, but he rejected me after he realized how much was wrong with me. I'm a defect. No one wants me. I'm not asking anyone to want me anymore. I would simply appreciate it if people didn'...

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    I'm a very unhappy person

    Posted by Lucy at June 27, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 June   Loneliness

    First of all, I would like to apologize before hand for my english, since it's not my native language.
    My life might not be as bad as many of the stories posted here. Yet, I consider myself as a very unhappy person. Ever since I was a child, Ive been criticized my many people around me, like my family or the rest of the people. I was bullied for most of my years as a scholar, since I was a child until university. My parents have never expected much from me and it's obvious for me that they've never really believed in me. Now I'm 25, and although and don't care so much about my parents opinion anymore, I do admit that sometimes it still hurts. Like for example, the other day mom told me that she thinks i'll never get married. I'm not an atractive woman, so i've suffered years of loneliness and crappy relationships. It's hard for me to find someone who I love and loves me back. Some guys only want to use me for different reasons and end up harming me without me deserving such crap. I do admit this is my fault, but sometimes I feel so sick and tired of being lonely that I end up with those type of guys. There have also been guys that like me despite my physical appearence, however I don`t feel the same way no matter how much I try and how I'm not the type of women that is entitled to choose the men I want (like atractive women). I have given some guys that like me a chance, but it has never worked and I just end up hurting them. Why I don`t like them? Because most of ...

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    lonely 28 years old female

    Posted by msladyj28 at June 27, 2011
    Tags: 2011 June   Loneliness

    all my life i have always feelt lonely i feelt like i was always the girl getting used for my geniusity or helping or being nice. From since i was at school i never really fitted in anywhere as i was bulled cause i didnt follow a crowd or looked different and never got looks from boys i was always bulled more on a verbal then physical. i feelt lovely within my family like the uglest and dumpest one. which i took my life a couple of times i sometimes dont know why im still here. what left me more lonely was when my dad left was when i was 15 years old as their was abuse and violence in my mum and dad'd relationship i used to think it was my fault. when i left school i meet new people but still didnt fit in and was used cause i feelt that i was the uglest out of the group i was around and the girls only took me out so they cud say that there the prettest and not get pick. where i never been looked at by a man i had a first taster of when i went to the club but they only wanted me to get into bed with them and not be their girlfriend to be honest it made me feel wanted which i nver feelt that before but after a while i feel like cramp. so in my life i see friends come and go and didnt really have any tru friends most of my time i spend time by myself as i feelt that im not pretty or exciting enough anyway today i feel more lonely then ever even though i have a boyfriend which is my first proper relationship but its a long distance and i feel more lonely and i dont have a group of friends i can say that we do things together like girly things and except me for me and not use and abuse me i sometimes woulder will that ever happen i sometimes wish i was someone else as i wish had people that expect me for me and not take my kindness for granted the trouble with me im just to nice that probably the way my life is this way i woulder sometimes why am i still here

    Comments: 20   Votes:


    My life sucks

    Posted by shiity life at June 27, 2011
    Tags: Anxiety   Attitude   Job   2011 June

    I konw that my life probably shouldn't suck but it does. I was not abused or raped as a kid. I grew up pretty ok.

    In the last few years things have just gotten real bad. I lost my job twice because both companies closed. I now work a shitty overnight job for minimum wage. I have applied for hundreds of jobs in the last couple of months only to be overqualified or not even to be answered. I can't even get an interview.

    I now live vicariously through my 11 year old son and just make him unhappy. I scream at him over a bad baseball or football game. The poor kid can't win because I am highly depressed.

    My wife wants nothing to do with me due to my state of mind. She goes out several times a week and I am sure she is cheating on me. I can't really blame her.

    I have a 2 year old daughter who is just a sweetheart but I just don't care some days.

    I'm broke, lonely and miserable. Life sucks real bad right now.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    my life is so fucking horrible

    Posted by anonymous at June 27, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 June

    My life is just utterly pointless and of no worth. I'm such a nice, accepting person and I get treated like shit. I like to think I'm good looking, but its clear from other peoples reactions I am ugly. I am 19, and the most i've done with a girl is small kiss. I have no motivation to do anything. All my friends get women with such little effort, and I try hard to get any sexual pleasure and get nothing out of it. I feel I'm never going to get a girlfriend or get to bang a girl ever.. I started doing MDMA recently and its the only thing that makes me feel happy and more social then when I'm sober. I have never had any self-confidence from being bullied my whole life and being shy at a young age. I just don't wanna do anything anymore, and nothing will cure this. Everyone thinks I act like a total weirdo which makes me more self conscious. I walk with my head down and always have. I am not talkative at all unless another person sparks a conversation, which ends up being vague and me being uncomfortable [ unless the person is a good friend of mine ]. One time , this girl told my friends she wanted to sleep with me and I came to this party so stoked, and she showed no interest in me the whole party. Life just gets shittier and shittier and I know nothings gonna make it better unless I get laid with no effort at all, and magically my self-respect dramatically increases rapidly...

    Comments: 26   Votes:


    I'm running out of Hope!

    Posted by Sad in Buffalo at June 27, 2011
    Tags: 2011 June   Loneliness   Meaninglessness   Relationship

    I'm 53, divorced now for 5 years after being married to the woman I loved for 27 years. I am having trouble dating now because of trust issues and finding a good woman because I have gained weight and often get rejected. I find I have to settle for women that aren't right for me just so I can go out on a date. I am also dealing with insulin dependent diabetes. I come home from work so tired but yet can't sleep at night.

    As a kid I was physically and emotionally abused by my parents, boys in school tried to beat me up everyday so I had to run home and hope they wouldn't catch me.

    I don't have many friends, I live alone, I feel isolated, I feel unwanted. This has led to feelings of depression and sadness.

    Now that my kids are married, they have their own lives. My daughter is too busy for her father.

    I have always been a good man and have tried to help others when I could. My ex has remarried and her life has moved on and she is happy. I still miss her. I know I should be angry that she cheated on me. I just want her to be happy. I only wish her the best. She left me because my diabetes has caused me to be impotent and unable to get an erection or have sex.

    I have no joy in my life, no purpose, no direction. I still live in the same house that my ex and I shared when we were married. I know I should sell the house and move. The divorce has also caused financial problems and I am nearing backruptcy because of my debt. I also know...

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