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LIFE SUCKS : Stepmom

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Saddest stories:

  • My dads an asshole
  • Following the trail of my mother
  • My dad left me alone for a bitch.
  • Wolf in sheep clothing
  • Too much to give
  • Bitch
  • sucks to be me
  • Daddys girlfriend
  • Steps
  • Lives suck for different reasons.
  • I hated my step mother
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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    Wolf in sheep clothing

    Posted by Weak at March 26, 2012
    Tags: Family   Juvenile problems   2012 March   Stepmom

    My stepmother I didn't hate at first. I'm not one to hate, even. My own mother is too busy to spend time with me, so from elementary till highschool I've lived with my father and stepmom. They're both psychotic! They've both physically abused me, and not these little slaps you get but bruises and cuts. She's bullied me from elem till now, and the only way I've gotten through were my friends. I had to stop telling them the truth about my family after they said they would call the cops to get my dad and her arrested, because it really was bad. I'm not strong enough to just ignore them and everything jer amd her stupid sisters say (my stepaunts) hurt me, I'm bullied but why!!! , and I literally have no social life because she monitors everything, don't you have your own life! I was banned from school by my father once after I refused to listen to them any longer, and go to my mom! I should be able with her damnit! mom divorced him and I know it was because he's batshit crazy, but I can't trouble her with this because she's already working so hard! He's got some sort of thing where he believes he owns my life, and here at 18 im struggling to escape. He says he'll hunt me down if I try to leave, and my crazy stepmom agrees with him! I hope to leave soon, im always locked in my room like a prisoner. My stepmom has been saying too lately that I'm a nuisence and won't amount to anything. I'm too afraid to date because my father and stepmom will drive him away with their monitoring and spying! I don't know what to do.

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    Posted by Drone at March 15, 2012
    Tags: Juvenile problems   2012 March   Stepmom

    Okay.... This is how it goes... My mom died when I was 4.... And I lived with my loving dad and grandma. Untill 3 years ago when my dad married this b**ch that had a kid with her. She seemed nice before the marriage.. But after the marriage she ruined our family.. Before my family was the one ppl said had the cleanest house ever seen. And now you can see the dust everywhere. She HATES ME.. She favors her kid completely!! They eat out foods like pigs.. When her lid does something wrong... She screams at me more than him. I talk to my dad about this, but I know he can't do anything because she troubles him too. She threatens him that she will divorce him. And in Canada. Women get a lot of power. If she divorces him.. She gets half my dads current money.. His house... And a percent of his salary every month.. I hate her son too.. Although he's younger then me.. He gets away with things.. And he screams at me and is very rude to me..

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    Following the trail of my mother

    Posted by Skim916boarder at May 9, 2011
    Tags: Childhood   Death   2011 May   Stepmom   Tragic Events

    When I was born, my mom, from what i hear now from my older cousin, started rocking back and forth and became autistic after she had me. My brother was born 7 years before me. When I was three, apparently my mom had lost it, and divorced my dad. She moved away, and by away I mean more than halfway across the country. She landed in Illinois, where she met my soon to be stepfather, named Dennis. I went to see her every summer until I was ten, and that's when she ended her own life in Florida, while I was here in California with my dad. She stabbed herself in the heart while her mom was in the bathroom. My grandma came out, and there was my mother, bleeding and eventually passing away on the kitchen floor. I remember vividly, my dad propping up on his knees in a rocking chair, and telling me my mother was dead. I went into my brothers room, crying, and looked upon his face to see him crying. What a weird moment. i was ten, and did not understand. See, nobody had ever told me that she tried to kill herself 4 times before. That she was Bipolar and Manic-depressive. These details were kept hidden from me, to spare my young heart. A year later, my dad married a woman. This woman had two kids, they went to see their dad often, because he lived close, unlike my mother where contact was pretty much severed except for the summer when I went to see her those 7 years. This woman and I got into a little argument, which is when she told my "your mother was a stupid bitc...

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    Posted by anonymous at March 27, 2011
    Tags: Family   Juvenile problems   2011 March   Stepmom

    When I was 11 my parents got divorced and a few years later he started seeing this one women he worked with. She has 2 kids of her own (a boy and a girl) and the girl is the worst child in the world. She hits, pinches, and bites me several times a day and if I try to defend myself, the bitch just yells at me saying that she is only a kid. To make matters worse my dad then knocked her up so he felt he should marry her. Since we started living together I have received all the chores because the others are "too little" (the oldest is 8, I'm pretty sure that's old enough). And one night I had too much homework so I couldn't finish all my chores and my father was working late. And she yelled up to my room (I locked it for my own protection) that I "was a lazy fat fuck who never does shit and who just sits on my fat ass doing nothing all fucking day!" Also another night I was doing an English project and she came downstairs to the basement to scream at me saying I "better fucking clean my room before I do anything else!" I would go and live with my mother, but my father has full custody of me and he refuses to get in the middle of the relationship between my step mom and me. My mother can not take me in either because she has financial issues and can not support me. So I pretty much just lock myself up in my room while I'm at my dads and occasionally cry myself to sleep.

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    My dads an asshole

    Posted by Steven at February 5, 2011
    Tags: Family   2011 February   Stepmom

    Ok, for starters my parents got a divorce because my dad is such an ass. Back when they were together they would always fight about some shit he did, all he would ever do is sit on his ass or go out in the garage and get high with his friends.

    Now his with this horrible lady who is a complete whore to start out with, she has had 3 husbands my dad is her 4th, she already cheated on him but hes such a pussy that he married her. Shes one of my good friends moms, and hes a great guy other than being suicidal because shes such a bitch.

    Now my dad is a huge hipocritic fuck and whenever im around him he has to be a dick. For example everytime I see him he makes fun of me and tells me whats wrong with me, i cant remember the last time he complimented me, on ocation the prick will actually hit me, oh and btw his wife threatened to stab me in my sleep because i didnt let our dogs out, she said this to his face. This all got so bad that I contimplated suicide and killing them, but I decided to run away from home one day, my step mom ran outside to yell at me but i gave her the finger and just walked off to my moms house. Now i live with her and shes a really nice person but ever weekend i have to go to my dads and listen to his racist comments, have him degrade me, and hear him and his wife point out flaws in everything they see.

    I know most of you out there have worse stories than me but i just thought i should write this to encourage people to keep pushing on until you find a way out of what ever kind of bad relationship your in and to keep your head up.

    Comments: 21   Votes:


    sucks to be me

    Posted by anonymous at November 16, 2010
    Tags: 2010 November   Stepmom

    my mom died when i was 12. my dad remarried a year later to a bitch with 5 kids. who all hate me because i dont know how to lie as good as they do, and be a manipulative conniving bitch. not only does my dad not stick up for me, but he also doesn't care that it makes me miserable. he prefers to stay out of it. my step mom talks shit about me and barely goes to work so she can take care of her un married daughters baby, while shes pregnant with the next one. she complains we have no money, but my dad makes close to 6 figure salary and could support my old family just fine. i have no home, and no one in the world can empathize.

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    Daddys girlfriend

    Posted by anonymous at July 4, 2010
    Tags: 2010 July   Juvenile problems   Stepmom

    Life was great until my dad started dating a girl when I was 8. This girl is taking my father away from me! She acts like my mother but she will never be her! She screams at me and blames me for every little thing!Most days I lock myself in my bedroom and cry myself to sleep. She knows my dad will stick up for her so she now screams at me for fun! I love my daddy with ALL my heart, his girlfriend I hate with ALL my heart! I cant wait till im 18, Ill run away and NEVER come back! These days I sit and just think about how I WISH my life was, then I realize this is reality not Lala Land. My status on Facebook and stutas is always the same: "Life sux these days =[" I love my daddy and nothing will ever take that away! His girlfriend tells me shes not commpetting with me but she acts like she'll win my dad over! And if you think thats bad, SHES NOSEY!!! Everytime I talk to my dad there she is listing to our conversation! I wish I could either die or run away =[ My life sucks bigtime !!!!!!!!

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    I hated my step mother

    Posted by Thomas at June 5, 2010
    Tags: 2010 June   Stepmom

    My parents got devorce and a few years later my father married another woman. In one of his best chices but he never had good judgement. I hated stayinf at my fater house on the weekends. She had two children of her own. They lived on farm not easy for me I endeddoing most of the work. I quit going and If didn't show she be at my place in a hearet the next time I called to police He told her becuase I live here don't need to leave unless leave willingly. My asked why and ask her and then you see why I never want go back it ook 3 years but he finally devorced her. I never had to see her againIf she wants something she should have made her children do it not me.

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    Too much to give

    Posted by anonymous at May 30, 2010
    Tags: Family   2010 May   Stepmom

    When I was 4 my mother died from a coronary embolism. We, the kids were split between relatives. At about 7, my father remarried and brought us along. She was abussive and the relationship ended in a divorce. As a family, we moved away from the area. A few years later my father married again. Three plus years later he was killed by a drunk driver. After the last child graduated from high school, my step mother sold or gave away everything of his and moved across country. I used to believe there was a god. Later I developed an ethos to guide my actions. Those ethics lead to my commitment to stay in an unhappy marriage. I have felt alone and hopeless for years and years. The only thing that has kept me from ending it, is the thought of the impact it would have on my kids. My ethos to do no harm has kept me here.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Lives suck for different reasons.

    Posted by Truth at February 19, 2010
    Tags: Family   2010 February   Juvenile problems   Stepmom

    Wow...after reading these I wish I could say I feel better but not really. I've never been molested or abused. I'm a white middle class male born in the U.S. My father is a good man who has worked hard his whole life to give his children the life he didn't have. He worked so hard in college that he turned down dates. Decided at 25 that it was time to get married and to go wife hunting. Married the first woman he asked out. She's a manic depressive who couldn't have kids. She get a surgery 10 years later and can have kids. Having kids after 35 is a bad idea..much higher rates of complications. Lo and behold the first born is a manic-depressive schizophrenic with a learning disability who's prone to violence and is totally dependant. She never was meant to have kids, physically or mentally. She couldn't handle the responsibility and it made her even crazier. The result is that I grew up with a batshit crazy mother who I resent like hell. If she and my brother were to die I would feel only relief. I feel that way about two people who are mentally ill. What does that say about me? I think it says that I'm not a very good person. I don't see the point of life. I used to love it, but ignorance is surely bliss and the more I learn the less I feel. I'm depressed all the time now. I really don't see the point. I think suicide can be rational, I really do. But not for all these teenagers on this site. You guys need to press on. Everyone feels odd at that age. If you entered your late twenties and still feel that way, then perhaps you can consider it again. But, until then, you owe it to yourselves to stick around. Who knows what life might offer you?

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    My dad left me alone for a bitch.

    Posted by Nicole at August 30, 2009
    Tags: August 2009   Family   Stepmom

    To start hi everyone,
    I would like to tell my story about what happend to me with my stepmom and my dad
    So when i saw that whore for the first time she was so sweet.
    But all that became lesser,lesser and lesser. a little anorexia slut
    We started fighting when she was drunk she used to call me a anorexia slut(yes i have anorexia)
    but i'm telling you that woman is sick in her head really she dyed here hair black just like my mom and she started liking chihuahua's like i do.
    She fixed it that i couldn't go to a concert,talking behind my back.
    oh yeah and she's suck a bitch she cheats on my dad and then needs like i don't now 200 from him to go shopping and she's so fat she also thinks she's actually pretty while she's totally not i only go there in the weekend but still she keeps bullying me like that and i do nothing to her!! she's also jealous of every girl she shees and of my because i have a boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!
    but one day it was fatal she hitted me on my face and kicked out her apartment when she was drunk and she always have porn dvd's and condoms lying under her bed, when i told my mother about this she wated to beat her up and she still wants to do that she won't give up, i also sleep in a seat in that stinky apartment. my dad even think that's normal how she reacts against me.
    Now my dad tells to people, he doesn't want me anymore she can have all my expensive perfume and rings that i forgot there.
    and my dad also says that he ...

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