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LIFE SUCKS : December 2009

Stories submitted by real people.


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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    After college

    Posted by anonymous at January 1, 2010
    Tags: Bad Luck   December 2009   Family   Society

    I grew up with a mean stepmother that didnt treat me the same as her other children. I was really stressed all the time and unhappy waiting for college so i could escape. I did make it out to college and it was great. I had freedom I made lots of friends and had a girlfriend for the first time but she broke up with me after a year because of my insecurities I was always complaining etc, my past had something to do with that. After she broke up with me i was in europe studying abroad, and I found out she started dating another guy so soon. I was devastated and this is when everything went downhill. I feel like I ruined such a great opportunity while studying abroad just because of a girl cuz i was so upset while i was there I didnt make the most of it. THen I came back and all my friends sided with her and people started spreading rumors about me and my social reputation was falling apart. THen I graduated college and moved back home and that college life that I had was gone. So i had gone from being miserable before college to finally experiencing happiness for four years and then now Im back to being where I was before college. This sucks

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    nothing left

    Posted by anonymous at January 1, 2010
    Tags: Anger   Independent circumstances   December 2009   Juvenile problems

    what do you have to lose when you have nothing left? thats what i need to know. i hate life, it hates me. my dads in prison, mom hates Me have 2 loves and both of them i cant have. 1 belongs to my bestfriend, and the other doesnt want to "be involved with 7th graders" yeah im in 7th grade, 13 and already been through more crap than most of you adults. i have nothing sure i have a few friends, but they can get new ones, and most of my family hates me so what do i have to live for? all of you kids talk about how it is with your parents, try living with me i live with my grandma, aunt, uncle,2 littles cousins, my aunts husband, and my uncles aunt, and not all of them like me. you say that your parents are rough, ok, but try mine. you say your life sucks,ok i believe you, but try mine then tell me about it i cut to get rid of the pain, but it doesnt help anymore, so i stop. its this simple

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Family and life sucks big time

    Posted by what ever!! at December 30, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Juvenile problems   Loneliness

    We i used to be a christian i did everything right at the time of 7 i was in a suicide hospital and at nine my pastor grandfather died and i was still in the hospitial until the first ear of highschool i did not know how to talk to people i was so isolated before that life sucked because i didnt know anything i finally met a really cute boy he was funny and sweet and when i tried to flirt i almost died from humiliation because i had never flirted before oh and i also had sleep apnea and urge syndrome which is where you pee automaticly and dont know when its comming and you cannot stop it at all so anyways i got so nervous i wet my self!!!! I then found my parents were divorcing so i moved with my mom who pushed me down the stairs and i ended up on crutches and the new school sucked the place was filled with idiots and stotty girls but anyways finally i found out my school was selling candels so for no reason i bought one and then when my mom saw the order form she told me that the woman selling it was my aunt and of course then she freaked out so rode on my bike to meet her and she lived in a F-ing mansion with 7 bathrooms and 9 bedrooms i was so pissed off and she diidnt know me and though that my mother never had kids after my brother, who i found out was living with her and he had a wife and 3 kids so i asked if i had grandparents or if they died like my mom siad of course i did and my grandmother was so mad at my mother and hated me too because of it and my grandfather was dead and the other grandparents, the "preachers" werent my real grandparents AAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
    SOOOOO I then found i had a greatgrandmother well life still sucks especially now im 15 and my F-ing mother is dating a guy who is 600 pound yep i hate this suckish life

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    my life is shit

    Posted by anonymous at December 30, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Family   Juvenile problems

    my life just sucks, i thought i could draw and write and stuff but every time i do something i like theres ppl just say its no good and i started cutting myself on my left wrist and i cuoldnt stop and every day i need to cut deeper to feel more pain. And i deserve the pain and 2 days ago i broke my ankle and my dad said i deserved it and that i was ruining his vacation. he doesn't even have to go to work, he works from a computer. and when i go to school everyone just shuts uyp and ignores me when im there..and i feel like such a shit because i can't do anything, just use a knife and if anyone ever found out that would be the end.

    I get Bs and acouple of Cs but no my parents expect me to get straight As, and everytime i get a bad mark on somethiing they tell me i can't keep going to that school. My dad especially threatens me and he used to have a temper and hit me, I mean when i was little he used to spank me if anything bad happened, if he had the slightest excuse that I had done anything wrong.even complai that i was hungry when i was 5. and now I feel like i'm going nowhere and my dreamto be an artist is never going to happen. whatever i do i dont want to turn out like my dad. though i am a girl.

    And no one wants to talk to me because i am all "quiet" though i really cant talk, because then they'd know. whats going on.and i broke my ankle and i have to find a way to get to school in a week when it starts again and they wont help me my parents ju...

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    Comments: 167   Votes:


    Poverty sucks

    Posted by Susan J. at December 29, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Society

    I live in America and what is supposed to be a great country, it has fallen pray to all kinds of things, drugs and senseless alcoholics, job loss, more and more crime, broken families, the economy has gone down and it would seem as well that there is a break down in Social Services. You can't get through to unemployment after you lose a job, the unemployment is at an all-time sky high which you experience a high call volume always telling you to try again later. Every call you make is a machine giving you instructions which is so frustrating when you really need a person to talk to... and not to mention, you wait at least three years to get Social Security Disability if you become disabled and can't work and that's if they're not denying you a claim which they do everyone unless you're dying, even if you're a Veteran... but just as well, to try and get Welfare is next to impossible and when you do get it, they've put you through all kinds of hell while treating you like you're a piece of low-life crap just because you turn to them for help... and above all, we always seem to be at war with some other Foreign Legion, country if you will. We are under the threat of terrorist attacks daily, afraid to fly on air-planes also because more and more of em are crashing. Yet still, there's the threat of Global Warming which affects us all on the planet and not to forget, the threat of Yellowstone Erupting. We have so many problems, it would take an Eternity to fix em if we ever do....

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    Comments: 6   Votes:


    I Can't Remember My Happenss

    Posted by anonymous at December 29, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Family   Juvenile problems

    My life is complicity worthless...I just turd 16 6days ago and i don't even feel my age. my family act as if I'm not even a live and if i charge to act happy its a lie. when i was small my brother touched me with my second older sister in the same bed sleeping. i didn't even know that was a bad thing what my brother did to me. Until i got older I knew in that moment what he done to me was wrong so I began to get the memories out of my head. I still think about it and when i see my brother i look at him difficultly. Asking myself why did you do this to me? I'll never be the same...never see you the same. Well to make it much more difficult my parents got into really bad fight all the time. until one day it went to far my dad was going to hit my mom.MY mom ran to room locked her self in called the police as my dad began to broke the door open. the cops take him to jail. I was really small like 7 or 8 years old. My dad out out the next day. That day i knew my life would change forever. All the things i went throw i got myself into a depression that no one knew about.You could say i eat my feelings a way. I felt like dieing not wanting to live anymore.The song "Asleep By the the smiths" felt like it was meant for me.I got bigger everyday fatter and fatter.My family began to call me fat ugly, not so pretty."If your were much more skinny you would look MUCH more pretty"and"If you want a boyfriend you should start working out your to fat. no boyfriend wants a fat girlfriend"My...

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    My shitty life

    Posted by Miserable in MA at December 28, 2009
    Tags: Abuse   Appearance   December 2009   Family   Health

    Im 30 years old. My father was an alcoholic and my mother was a huge bitch. She hired some whore babysitter who locked me in the bedroom so she could molest my brother. Or so he tells me because I blocked it out, he then molested me and never explained or talked about the situation later in life. I doubt hes any better. hes the sucessfull one, ironically. After dad left. I had to babysit my little sister and brother who are like 12 years younger than me, so they were babies, litterally. We lived in a slum, my mom was working 3-11 no parents kids dragged my baby brother and sister on the ground cuz they were the only white people, had rocks thrown at outr windows lead poisioned wated and roaches and rats no hot water or heat, no nice clothes. i didnt get paid or even appreciated.
    My mom spent her life putting me down trying to hit me, telling me im going to hell. i broke down couldnt take all the neighbors picks on the kids and no parents, kids would fuck things up and balime it on my brother. now my brother is always getting fucking beat up on but he fights back so hes going to prison, for spraying mace in a guys face who attacked him cuz mace isnt legal in my state. Yes I fucking know. Its not fair.
    At fucking all. Kids in the upperclass can get away with driving without paying thier insurance my bro was working at tacobell and not getting jack. he couldnt afford rent and auto insurance. he went to jail for it, not a ticket.
    some kid threw his dog in the tra...

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    I am a klutz

    Posted by Cat at December 28, 2009
    Tags: Bad Luck   December 2009   Health

    My life sucks. I lost a very special present. I was cleaning my room and I put my necklace on one table. Then I put some gloves on the other. I came back ( the two tables are only two feet away from each other )
    and my locket heart is gone. Only the chain that holds it is there. I am desperate to get some sleep. But the nonstop mexican party is going on. They party every week.

    I am a total klutz. My toes are aching with pain. They hurt because I always accidentally stub them. I turn to god. " Please god, help me, you know how Dad got his surgery? He is grumpier than ever. He told us to shovel snow. I am tired. Kill me now in happiness for final rest or let me slowly die in pain and sorrow." But, as normal, I live. No, thats not a good thing. I don't know what I did wrong. I don't know if I am not loved by god, or if it is fate. But one thing I do know is I need help.

    Comments: 1   Votes:



    Posted by shoot14 at December 28, 2009
    Tags: Attitude   December 2009

    my life is wierd.i never feel lik i fit not popular at all& ma friendz are suckish.when i try to tell them wats goin on they just stare at me and not say ma home my mom is carzy and sometimes beats the hell outa me,my dad is a drunk who got no job for lik a year.many of the peolpe who hav everything r the ones who are emo.they cut themselves and i think is juzt so adsurd cuz they hav everything.i do it left wrist is so mesed up by now.i dont think about killing myself cuz....i dont noe.ido a reading freak cuz i just wanna get away from wat is goin on in my life.i just hate it.the guy i wanna b with is goin out w/someone else and problably wont evar lik me cuz im ugly as sucks.

    Comments: 2   Votes:


    Waiting to leave this world.

    Posted by anonymous at December 27, 2009
    Tags: Attitude   December 2009   Philosophical

    I've realized life sucks, a lot. I would have ended it already, but I have people who still likes me, even if I haven't done much in my life (I'm not in school anymore and I don't have a job...). I just don't want them to have the pain I go trough. But I don't feel any motivation of living, I'm just waiting and waiting... Maybe for an accidental death, that way it wouldn't be my fault.

    I've lost interest in almost anything. There's a few things I still like to do, but that's not much.Life is still boring with all these things. I'm sure I'll never meet love, but I don't really care. I would have to change to do so and lie about things I like and hate. Because I doubt I will meet a girl who shares the sames interests as I do.

    There's nothing else in this world for me. I've seen everyting I wanted to and most of times it's just "more of the same". I'm 20, I hope I won't reach 25, even 21 for that matter.

    I could go on and on and say many other things, I have a text saved on my computer with over 6000 words telling how my life sucks but I won't paste it here, since it's in french and way too personnal. But sometimes I hope someone in my family find it randomly.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    Read my story

    Posted by lifesucks at December 27, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Philosophical

    I don't kno why but I like my life)It Rocks) I came from my country to USA as an exchange student for a year to graduate in there and for real it was hard to adjust and to do all the stuff in the way americans do) and I rock!)
    I was also depreesed at the beginning and I thought life sucked !
    But I found friends and have a really good buddy now
    All wishes of ending life come from fear of life. Don't be afraid of it)That's stupid) If you dont wanna change urselves for the better it's ur freakin fault!
    I also have a big dick

    Comments: 14   Votes:


    my hopeless life...

    Posted by ........................... at December 25, 2009
    Tags: Independent circumstances   December 2009   Juvenile problems

    im a 14 year old girl...
    im always depressed , even though there are so many reasons that could be root of my so called depression , i feel like im depressed without a reason...
    when i was 7,8 years old my parents decided to move , so we moved from denamrk to iran , and as a child it was hard for me to leave my friends and school behind and start over... the first 5 years in denmark i couldnt stop begging my parents to move back to denmark but my words didnt mean anything to them... the last year in denmark i finally found the way to get friends and have fun in a country like iran... so my parents didnt hear me say anything about denmark the last year in iran... the year before my sister sended an application to denmarks university to study dentistry ,so she got it, and just like always she was in the spot light of the whole family... but me eventhough i was the third best student in school i was never in the spotlight becouse my sister always succeded in something waaaaaay better... but whatever i have to admit she is better than me (in everything) and i love her no matter what... so my parents didnt want her to be alone in denmark, so me and my brother and parents had to move too... eventhough i begged 5 years but i really didnt want to move becouse i found friends and happiness after 5 years... i tryed to stop them but i think they didnt count me as a person in the family. so now im sitting here its december 25th and its day 96... i left my friends my school m...

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    Comments: 5   Votes:


    I Want to Live

    Posted by anonymous at December 25, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Philosophical

    As I prepared to write my story out, I came to the realization that my situation is not half as dire as some of yours. Instead of complaining (this is not meant as a slight to anyone here), I decided to instead offer some advice and perspective based on my own experiences.

    I live in an wealthy, unctuous, uptight country in a town with similar characteristics with a family of similar demeanor. There are some things I can't stand about my family-their inanity, ignorance, lack of moral courage...

    In school, my life was dull and lonely (though I was never pushed around) and I feel as though I missed out on a lot, at least until my final year. College is better, mostly because nobody juts their head into what isn't their business. And I will admit that I have a good, albeit small, group of friends who understand me. But I still feel that something is lacking.

    My girlfriend of many months is a sweet girl, but is a straightedge to put matters delicately.

    Naturally, I am a little concerned about the direction in which my life is going.

    I am 19 years old. You say I am young, but I am really not. A third of my useful life is over.

    Think about that, young people. Life is truly short. That is why suicide is a poorly-considered action. You are already on your way to the grave, and you can't walk the other way. Think of life as the people-mover at the airport. Live as if you are going to die tomorrow, because one "to...

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    well i feel like giving up

    Posted by anonymous at December 25, 2009
    Tags: Bad Luck   December 2009   Family   Poverty

    i feel like ending my life i a 1 and half yr old but i feel he would be much better with outa depressed mother.I lost my baby brother 9 yrs ago then my grandparents and now i have no where to live basically and i have no job money nothing jsut my little man.2 wks to having my baby my boyfriend decided to cheat on me i have no real friends and none of my family really gives a crap about trying so hard not to give up but i keep thinking what the hell else should i stay here for i have nothing but my little guy and if not for him then i would have killed myself already i feel like i cheated myself with life im 21 and feel 40 i dont know y i even write this cuz i knw there r people with WAY bigger problems then me well good luck to those and maybe ill stick around then again y not leave and take me where ever the wind will take me get my drift .....

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Yeah, I know, your life sucks as big as mine!

    Posted by Gabby-Abby at December 25, 2009
    Tags: Attitude   December 2009

    I hate this! Yes, I've written before. Now I have something else to complain about:


    She will be modelling in a magazine for Locks of Love. She may have donated hair, but the Locks of Love people didn't think about that; they saw her in the street WALKING, tracked her down, and then sent mail to her mom asking if she would model for them. Have you ever had a friend who you thought was better than you? I know this is nothing to complain about, but if you had a friend who was going to be a model for a hair magazine, who could become a famous modeller because of this, wouldn't you have butterflies in your stomach that make you nervous and even more angry all the time?
    Aren't I good enough for this? I wish... :(

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    To love or not

    Posted by sharkey1314 at December 24, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Philosophical

    HI guys, sharkey1314 is back. I didn't think i will be coming back here. I mean everyone life should be a happy and successful life one. Isn't it ? My mind is in a whirl now and I couldn't figured out what to do will be right. I also wondered is it okay to share so much about my life but i think i need a medium to vent it out or i might not be able to take it. Nobody to talk to and not a fan of diary/blogs had me coming back here. A place where i think similar people will be viewing. So it should be quite safe. LOl.

    Okay, back to my story... This time round its about love. What a complicated subject. I am quite confused now about what i should do. Life seems to have take its toll on me. Just a past story of mine. My name was derived in two parts. Sharkey : the name of a top magician who inspired me in magic with his entertaining chit-chatting with him and 1314 : the first three letters of the girl whom i " like "

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    Why you should not be complaining.

    Posted by Ryan at December 24, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Family   Health

    My son was Diagnosed with Leukemia when he was 5 months old and went through all the chemo and pain for 6 months. Then he had a bone marrow transplant to get rid of the canner , now he is canner free. He is now 4 months out of the transplant and has just come out of a 2 week ICU stay for septic shock. Reef is now 15 months old has nearly died 3 or 4 times but he never gives up and keeps on fighting, with God buy his side he has pulled through every time. He is now going to spend his 2nd xmas in hospital with and infection. So if my Little boy can keep on fighting and never give up then neither should you. Stay strong , life is never as bad as it seems and there is always someone worse of than you !!!

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    I don't know how to go on any longer

    Posted by anonymous at December 24, 2009
    Tags: Bad Luck   December 2009   Relationship

    I feel so alone that I don't know how to go on any longer. Unlike some of the people on this site, I had a normal childhood and went to university, got an education and have worked my way to a good job. But life has become extremely challenging since graduation. It is not what I expected in my wildest dreams. I come from an extremely conservative Sikh family and I am in love with a Muslim, which is worse than anything else in the world for a Sikh girl to be with a Muslim man. I have gone through years of heartbreak, not finding the right person, no matter if they were Sikh or not. Now I am with someone I think I have a real chance and my once tight-knit family has been torn apart at the seams. I am no longer close to my family, a family that means more to me than anything else in the world. I am being told that they will not be at my wedding and they will not be a part of my future if "he" is in it.

    When things couldn't get any worse, my father lost job two years ago and my parents have been struggles at such an age when they should be retiring. Oh an it turns out that my brother is a pathological liar and faked all the "facts" of his life for the past 5 years. He is also a drug addict. And he spent 5 years in university without getting a degree, wasting 100,000's of dollars of my parents' hard earned living. Now they are trying to bring him back to normal, while dealing with financial stress and dealing with my relationship.

    My relationship has been ful...

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    Comments: 9   Votes:



    Posted by tink at December 24, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Family   Health   Loneliness

    I am over 40 and I have a hard job working construction. I have arthritist really bad but not bad enough for disability. I am alone with my 2 cats and in debt to the teeth because of ex husbands. I have one son. He is 27 and says he will never have children. I was brought up by an alcholic father and a mother that was and will always be depressed. Every day I go to work I come home and die in pain. Worked with men all my life and have only 1 girlfriend. Can not talk to family because most of them are drunks. I have been abused buy exes and by my father and dont care to be around people anymore. I keep myself in solitude and dont know how to stop it.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    Trapped. Help.

    Posted by anonymous at December 22, 2009
    Tags: Anger   December 2009   Family   Loneliness

    I am sure my problems are not as bad as the next persons and I say sorry in advance for this self-indulgence. Im not a teenager either - I'm a lonely 30 something. Female. No partner. No kids. Studied a profession at university for 8 years, worked for several years and then got made redundant last year. Since then, to keep my home I have started working for my parents in their family business. I know I am lucky to have what I do, but I am really struggling here. It was my parents who basically pushed me several years ago to buy a house. Now the mortgage is so hard to manage by myself. My family don't understand. They all have money and they have each other. They would consider me a failure if I walked away from it (the mortgage). To cut a long story short, I hold a lot of anger toward my family. Years ago I was raped and I was also molested as a kid and I still harbour this deep resentment at them all for never having to go through what I did. In honesty, they were never there for me when I needed them and it is clear I have grown up as an after-thought. To top it all my mother told the rest of the extended family what had happened to me so it is so awkward and embarassing every Xmas to see your aunts and uncles and to hear that tone of judgement in their voice about my past. Whats worse, my family get angry with me if I ever bring it up and ask why they told everyone. They tell me I should 'get over it'. Am I crazy or is that ridiculous? My brother is the star. He ea...

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