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LIFE SUCKS : Loneliness

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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    Murphy's Law ?

    Posted by Georgie at July 12, 2012
    Tags: July 2012   Loneliness

    Hello fellow life dwellers of the moment

    Well first of all how i stumbled across this website ? I was actually googleing the definition of shit sucks because at the time that is how I was seeing things.
    This year i moved from my home town of 18 years to venture to a new bigger place. In order for me to move I had to have direction in order for this i enrolled to do a course I was unsure if it was even what I wanted to do. Its ended up being really hard but I need to stick it out and I was very lucky to have got a casual job as a Pizza Cook as-well however the job is also very fast paced and I seem to make mistakes left right and center. I've had one sickness after another since moving here. Every time i leave the house clouds come out of nowhere and it starts raining. I seem to loose all items of importance and manage to somehow miss out on important events for instance my course orientation. I've yet to make one friend so far and between putting myself out there constantly, going to work and my course i'm beginning to wonder if it's even possible to make friends once you graduate from school. None seems to miss me and upon my new found loneliness i foolishly went back to my cheating ex to only be ditched after a week for him finding another girl. My finacial situation is that I live from pay check to pay check money going on food/rent and medical things from getting sick. On top of these things I have no sellfasteem left and constantly feel like a failure. Can someone please out there help me to put things into perspective or share wisdom from their experiences.

    Comments: 224   Votes:


    no job no lfriends no life

    Posted by lizliz at July 12, 2012
    Tags: July 2012   Loneliness

    I am 22 i got married a couple of months ago but we werent living together, now he doesnt even want to talk to me and he is talking to other girls, all my friends are gone, i live at home with my parents i have no car and no job, i feel like all i need is someone to talk to cuz i never leave my house and i still love him but he doesnt love me back. i feel like i wish i had a friend and i feel so lonely all i do is sleep. i try to text him and call him but he ignores me.hat should i do? im gonna end up something stupid if i dont get help because i cant take it anymore i have no life and no one wants me around

    Comments: 329   Votes:


    way am i here

    Posted by Livi at July 11, 2012
    Tags: July 2012   Loneliness

    Im only 16 but im always lonely my family cant see my pain and wont understand i hate all my friends all of them are liars and every day i spend my time alone and every day i wish i had someone to talk to and every day i wish someone would hold me and kiss me like the mean it like they love me i hate falling asleep alone i dont even have dreams my mind is numb my life is numb i am alone and every day i pray for it to end and every day starts and ends the same every day i am alone

    Comments: 214   Votes:


    I am bored with my life

    Posted by anonymous at June 19, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Loneliness

    I am single, and bored. I am 28 years old and tired of being single living with my parents. I don't get along with my mom. I can't believe that I'm 28 and still living with parents! If I was married, I could move out, but I'm only attracted to White men but not a lot of white men are open to dating Black men. So maybe I should just force myself to date Black men because apparently it's not "normal" to be in an interracial relationship. I don't like my family, and wish I could be someone else. I'm not sure when God will open the door to blessings but at least I am still alive, right?

    Comments: 33   Votes:


    Is this it?

    Posted by anonymous at June 18, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Loneliness

    I'm basically am so lonely, all my other siblings leave me out and i feel like the odd one out always have. They don't speak to me only when they want something they do. I'm sick of being second best, i fell in love with some boy i knew but he never loved me like everyone else. My mum gave up on me when i was 7, she suffers with depression and says she doesn't want to see me anymore. I wish i could speak to someone but i'm scared of what they think and why i get upset. It's weird but i get scared if people forget me, i try not to fuck up things and my dad thinks i'm a right failer. Everyone gets sick of me and forgets me. I'm tired of being lonely and i'm only 16. I think i don't know how to love and care for people but how can i when nobody can be asked with me. I started drinking a lot just to make myself happy for an hour or two but then i break down all my so called friends call me an emotional drunk but i'm simply just lacking happiness, they don't care. I tried killing myself but it didn't work, i've been this for too long now
    I'm not sure why i can't just do it and work

    Comments: 29   Votes:


    Life sucks, and you can do nothing about it.

    Posted by anonymous at June 18, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Juvenile problems   Loneliness

    So i am 20 now. 2 parents, 2 sis, 1 brother. Let's start back then in school. Bad choice of friends. I only had one, and was manipulative. I was weak and simply wanted to have someone to rely on, you know, an actual friend, but he simply wouldn't care about me, and i would cry about that. The hell i passed was not a thing a kid should suffer. Psychologists, having no friends, being laughted upon every day. Imagine having to sit alone during brakes because no one likes you. Praying that the teacher wouldn't ask to get in pairs for a work, all this for years and years. It may sound not that bad, but i would come home and lock myself in the bathroom to cry for hours.
    Fast forward to highschool. I went to a different school, so new faces, new teachers. I REALLY tryed to get friends, i really did. It's not i'm ugly or dumb or whatever. I just don't like the same stuff others do. So i would shut up during conversations about football or tv stuff, as i didn't have a tv.
    So actually, 6 more years of solitude. Day and night. No friends, just me. Parents worked till night, brothers and sisters were with their friends. I just played by myself. At least there was no mocking this time.
    Now i graduated, got to college. No friends, bad marks, all alone again. After 2 years i still haven't passed my first semester...
    I know there are worse stories than this one, but being all alone. Oh god, it's a battle everyday. I don't kill myself for the pain my family would feel. But shit, someday i'm gonna lose it, i know it's close, and i am crying while i write this. If you have a nice life or friends, cherish them. I would give anything to have at least one.

    Comments: 28   Votes:


    Pathetic 35 year old

    Posted by anonymous at June 18, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Loneliness

    I have been feeling extremely depressed the last couple of months. I am mid 30's now. Single and havent had a real date in a few years. My odds of finding a decent man and getting married are pretty much gone. I have a lame job. Its ridiculous, I bust my butt everyday, I went to college and yet, I never get ahead. All the a-holes and back stabbers around me do instead. Really? Is this fair? I have a studio apartment. Yep, I'm not even grown up enough to have a real place. No one I know ever comes here. Cant blame them. Place is ridiculously small and no where really to sit. If I actually go out, its a miracle. Most of the time, I am either sitting alone in my place, or going to places all alone. Yes I am that weird lady one sees at a restaurant or movie sitting alone in the back. Pathetic huh? But I have a cat, yep I will be that crazy cat lady soon everyone see's on the news.
    I dont really have any friends. I just have my parents. Who are of course getting older and having more medical issues. And I think they have given up on me. Who could blame them really? All there friends kids (doctors, lawyers, married, with kids, etc). All they can tell people is that I work. Oh joy. No grandkids to spoil, no special talents or successes to brag about.
    Why am I here? Seriously. Its ridiculous. And I cant see any light at the end of the tunnel. I just see me getting older and soon being the creapy old lady that you see talking to herself.

    Comments: 64   Votes:


    always alone

    Posted by lonley73 at June 16, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Loneliness

    Im 39 years old i have no friends i hate my job well i will say i like what i do just dont like the people i work with ive had low self esteem my whole life im overweight the only time i ever see anyone is when i go to work I spend the rest of my time in my bedroom watching tv and eating im so tired of being alone my girlfriend broke up with me 3 months ago she was really ther only other person i talked to outside of work and now thats over sometimes i just wish i could die then i wouldnt have to feel this way i havent been outside the house since thursday and today is saturday i feel like such a loser ive spent my entire life unhappy and im tired of it

    Comments: 82   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at June 15, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Loneliness

    I can certainly relate to being lonely. I am a 28 year old male and have only been in a couple relationships. I'm an extremely nice guy, which seems to be my downfall as girls want to b friends more than anything else. I give all of myself to girls, and I think this is a huge mistake at least in the beginning. I have enough friends that are girls, and while that's great to have girl friends; I'm tired of not having a companion. I know I can't force it to happen; it has to happen organically as anything worthwhile does, but it's just really difficult at times. I know I've got a lot to offer but what good is it if no one notices or appreciates it. The girls that I have been with have ended up leaving but not for being abusive in anyway (mentally, emotionally, physically) or being a jerk in general. I have always been supportive and there for the girls in my life, but it's as if they like it momentarily then get bored and move on. It hurts a lot! Any advice or comments would b appreciated.

    Comments: 33   Votes:



    Posted by Not important at June 14, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Loneliness

    First off, I'm 19 years old, a male. I do way too many drugs which only make my depression and anxiety worse. I suffer from panic disorder and have nightmares almost every night. Every single day is a struggle to get beyond my insecurities and loneliness. Constantly, I think of getting a gun and blowing my brains accross my room as I cannot stand these feelings anymore. My family is dying and my friends are committing suicide. Of course, I have absolutely no one to turn to or love. Shrinks will never understand me and neither will anyone else. FUCK GOD. "He" is nothing but something for humans to use as a security blanket. I've always chosen to be a realist, but GIRLS have never liked that since all they want is some pretend prince charming which I am not. What hurts the most is my loneliness and perpetual despair it creates. Ever since I was 15 I've cut myself and longed for death which my horrific scars can prove. I'm mentally ill, plus missed my chances to find good girls who I later discovered wanted me at a young age (14 or so). Anger overwhelms me, pissed at myself for my mistakes and dream for a better day. I'm not a virgin, but it's been since I was 18 when I last had intercourse. Self satisfaction and escorts aren't for me, but this loneliness kills my heart and mind. Please, someone save me... I need REAL advice, thank you.

    Comments: 24   Votes:



    Posted by whatthehell at June 13, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Loneliness

    Fell in love in high school. Rejected and told "You'll meet someone and be happy." Over the next 14 years, I have three or four relationships that last no more than 6 months each. Finally I meet someone at 32, to whom I get married. 2 years in she rejects me, threatens violence and kicks me out. Divorce.

    Now I'm 37, I haven't had sex in two years. I can't talk to my family and haven't seen them in 3 years. I have no friends. Money is very tight.

    I'm not sure what to do now. I trusted 20 years ago that when people told me "you'll meet someone and be happy", they were telling the truth. But it's really a big lie. I've been nothing but miserable for as long as I can remember, except for the two years that I was married. Now I can't stop thinking about my failed marriage and I don't really want to do the next 20 years. I think I might throw in the towel.

    Comments: 26   Votes:


    just so lonely

    Posted by Raven'dHairLady at June 11, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Loneliness

    Where do I begin? When I was a week old my mother tried tokill me. She beat me so badly that I almost died. So she was forced to give me up for adoption which she didn't care because she didn't want me. My father was never around because my mom was a slut and had a one night stand with some loser. I was adopted but my grandparents who beat the crap out of me all the time. I was molested and raped since 5 years old by multiple family members and family friends. My parents/grandparents said it was my fault because I was a slut like my mother. I grew up to marry a guy who was an alocoholic and drug addict. Had children with him, but lost my kids because they were unsafe in a home where their father pounded my face in every day in front of them. So I reluctantly signed away my rights to my 4 beautiful babies, because I thought I didn't deserve them and probably wouldn't survive their father. Then I met a man who "rescued" me from my abusive husband. He tookme 500 miles away. And just when I thought I was finally happy he turned out to be just as abusive as my ex. He is just more emotionally abusive. So now I am 500 miles away from all that I knew, I have absolutely no friends at all and I endure relentless misery everyday. My life is truly pathetic.

    Comments: 12   Votes:



    Posted by Cursed at June 11, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Loneliness

    nothing good has happened to me in 15 years.. i suffer in loneliness...i have no friends, people have tortured me put me through hell/suffering indescribable. I have no one to talk to and not a soul to hang out with. I exist alone im always alone...its really hard and worse people abuse me anywhere i a gorgeous woman but i get treated like a leper or osmething...everyone hates me.. men HATE mother destroyed my life, people make sure to oppress me every chance they get-- make sure they stop me from succeeding and they awlays win. I cant go anywhere or do anyhting fun i have no one to do it with. my absuers all have friends and decent lives while they continue to oppress me....if people had a chance to they'd be hurling things at me-- im oppressed and abused but im hotter than most celebrities out there...i cant change my life.. i cant meet a guy-- i cant make any friends..women hate me cuz im so hot and men hate me cuz im hot and they think they can't have me so they make fun of me-- everyone makes fun of me or abuses me. I live day to day life has been destryoed by MANY people who aer jealous and want to ruin me...i cant get ONE boyfriend in life...people living around me have harassed me mob bully a tortured soul...i should have a life like angelina jolie...but i cant even meet ONE guy in life.. all i meet are psychos and losers and freaks...who try to ues or abuse a only boyfriend never had sex with me and mental...

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    Comments: 32   Votes:


    My life...

    Posted by Toxic at June 10, 2012
    Tags: Health   2012 June   Loneliness

    Sometimes I wonder why treats me in this way. I get a TB, a severe TB, and it is anti every drug, except the five left that can save my life. The life of a TB patient is like hell. You will not have any hurt in you body, but the pain in your soul can get bigger and bigger every single day.

    As an international students, I need to stay here for curing it, I couldn't go back home to meet my parents, my family, and I live here alone, have no friend, get nothing to do except from wishing passing by as quickly as possible. Every day seems really long to me. I couldn't find any job. My school work gets stuck right now. I lost my credit card, and I miss my ex so bad. I don't know what to do. I don't know why God gives me this life.

    I need friends. I need family. I need my ex...

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Nothing to live for

    Posted by anonymous at June 7, 2012
    Tags: Death   2012 June   Loneliness

    My brother was killed in a traffic accident, then my parents died within three weeks of each other. I found my dad stiff and cold in a puddle of blood with a gun in his hand. My career has totally crapped out on me and I'm too old to start over again. My wife has many interests, none of which happen to be me. Every friend I have ever had has betrayed or dumped me. I have no family, no friends, and nobody to talk to. I haven't had a conversation with anyone in so long that I don't know how any more and I'm becoming afraid of dealing with people. I truly have nothing left to live for.

    Comments: 43   Votes:


    i feel very sad

    Posted by Lucas at June 5, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Loneliness

    I am in my late 20s and for the past months have been very depressed and hopeless. I am tired of being alone. I feel that when I was younger girls were more into me, but now it's been failure after failure. I don't know what a relationship is, the only time I had a girlfriend was when I was 19 years old and it lasted 2 months. I am embarrassed to keep getting older and not having a girl by my side. I am not ugly, I dont know what is wrong with me. I am new to the city where I live right now so most of my friends and family are far away. I am grateful to have a job, but I am starting to hate it.
    I miss my mom. She killed herself two years ago. I miss 10 years ago. I dont know how to come out of the hole that i am in. i started drinking and doing drugs and then i really got worried, so i stopped. i am not drinking or doing any drugs right now, but i dont feel ANY better. I just feel so much more in touch with my pain and my loneliness.
    I put on such a good front. Nobody suspect the way I feel. I dont want them to feel pitty for me, that is why i am writing this post here under an anonymous name. this is how i really feel.

    Comments: 17   Votes:



    Posted by Traz at June 3, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Loneliness

    So.. it has come, I have fell into complete insanity..I do not even know what to say, My mind has fallen into a deep despondent mental abyss. words just cannot explain. HAha I cant help but to laugh, If I didnt learn to laugh at my pain how could I survive? but who am I? or who are we? Is this a dream? I cant say I know anymore.. I have been hit. not by financial things or "what could've been" situations but by loneliness in the mind. if you "think" you can understand, or "largehearted" to try...Know this you cant. The way I see world is on another level only because of this mental sadness that has been with me for so many years. sorry to say but, Our minds are worlds apart. and no matter how hard you try, you lose yourself within your own thoughts and suffer because of that that futile attempt. I will watch you die inside, tryin to save me? someone who has is already gone. Gahh, The pain is tremendous. I cut myself to try to get my off of these thoughts but I feel nothing.. The Agony that lies inside my mind just seems to overwhelm my physical pain. then my emotions? these feelings? are only fed to my mind which only make it worst. Killing me slowly. I smoke cigarettes in hope of cancer. let me die breathless, then watch my mind melt into a puddle that can fall into the drain of madness...and thats where I'll rest. with nothing to look forward to but despair and emptiness...Im 17 with a dying soul. Ha I even Have gray hair! but through all this I continue to live. fearing to seems my mind takes over then... I only can stand for so long without my legs fallen asleep, then how can I stand?

    Comments: 41   Votes:


    story of my life

    Posted by fmlahh at June 1, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Loneliness

    so let me just start off by saying im 21 years old and i have NOOOOOOOOOOO friends absolutely not one. All of my friends are either too cool or stopped talking to me. My family is falling apart at the seams because my dad decided to become a drug addict a few years ago, now were losing everything the home i rent from my father (and the house i grew up in) is now being forclosed on. I get calls at all hours of the night, drug dealers calling for my dad. I cant find anywhere else to live because i have a pitbull and everyone thinks because of his bread he is going to tear there faces off. my boyfriend argues with me EVERYDAY always breaking up or just looking to fight. Apparently now i am suppose to give him 2000 because i "owe" it to him because he wants to buy a motorcycle, i have no car because i have to sell it to pay my boyfriend. I have no one to talk to know where to go the only thing i have going for me is my job which i am verrrrry thankful to have but i dont know how much longer i will have it since its 45 minutes away from where i live and i now will not have a car or any money to get another car, i havent eaten in days because i cant even bare the thought of food, i just wish this was all over with i think about it everyday it would be so much easier not to live then to go through this daily stuffering!

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    Feeling Sad

    Posted by ....... at June 1, 2012
    Tags: Loneliness   2012 May

    I look back and all I see is me sitting alone somewhere feeling sad and alone.
    I listen to normal people and their stories and it's painfully obvious that somewhere...somehome I got misplaced. No friends or a genuine relationship. I just never developed. Sure..I had crazy parents and sure I had to move to a foreign country, but plenty of other people did and are just fine now. I can only blame this on my own cowardice.
    I can't reach out even now..when everything is so easy for me. It's too late. I am not brave enough. I am not even sure I care.

    Comments: 25   Votes:


    I'm condemned to endless loneliness

    Posted by mr.screwup at May 31, 2012
    Tags: Loneliness   2012 May

    I'm a 43 year old male who is physically ugly,has o.c.d., depression, mental illness, and nightmares(for 21 years and still counting.) I'm stuck in a crappy job at a supermarket bagging groceries and cleaning filth and trash. Its a shithole. Girls and women ignore me and shun me, and I am forever lonely,day in, day out, year in, year out. What makes this situation especially gut wrenching and tragic is that I am partly to blame for this sad situation. As a teenager in grade school(from 1982 to 1987,) there were a few friendly, pretty girls who asked to date me or tried to be friends with me, but I stupidly refused, and these golden opportunities are gone forever. I'm angry at myself, to say the least. I refused and ignored these golden opportunities because I was 1) immature and mentally stunted. And 2) by the time I got to high school, mental illness, depression, hatred, anger, bitterness, and alienation developed within me, and I developed a hatred for girls, schoolmates, and teachers(I have had a prior and continuing history of being mistreated and ignored by so many of them since 8 years old,2nd grade,1977. So by the time I'm in high school, I am mentally wounded and mentally screwed up, and alienated, so full of hate that I couldn't think straight at the time. Because of the evil,nasty girls, I failed to connect with the good ones. Too fucking late for me now. In the last 25 years after leaving grade school in 1987, there has not been a single opportunity for me to ...

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    Comments: 136   Votes:


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