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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)


    Posted by bark at the moon dingo at June 18, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Money

    every day it just gets worse... rent was overdue because money order didnt arrive in time and landlord charges payment was late because i dropped it off only 2 days earlier, so insurance lapsed/..first crash in 20 years occurs next day.before insurance kicks no coverage for that other car..which so happened to me a new 2012 camry..only minutes off the new car lot...and now the fine is way more than the original insurance payment was... company wont pay coverage is in full effect but for 24 hours it wasnt...thatwindow of-gee i shoulda stayed my butt home !!! my car is totaled and i have no way of going..and i have full coverage/which by the way... wasnt in effect for that same 24 hours...i still owe 5700 dollars on the note...job cut hours increased workload..and the guy i was carpooling with just quit to start another is 15 miles away...stupid boss doesnt want to hear it...gotta find a way back and forth...bicycle? perhaps...but mine was stolen 2 weeks ago...someone cut the chain on my 200 dollar cruizer. im sitting here online and i should be at work this minute...boss is on the phone and im not answering..landlord is mad..and is outside pulling up in his truck..looks like he's holding some sort of papers and..well... i feel like im trapped here...i cant let him know in home..or there will be some drama..he is kinda snappy, and i dont know if i will remain civil if he calls me a deadbeat like he does every other ten...

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    Comments: 7   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by Struggling mom at June 6, 2012
    Static LinkTags: Attitude   Family   2012 June   Money

    I hate my fucking life. I work really hard trying to run my own business taking care of other fucking peoples snotty nose ass children cause there parents are sorry and can't there fucking kids healthy. I never have any money cause fucking gas prices are so fucking high i can only afford to pick up these ugly ass kids i hate seeing everyday but i have to cause it pays the stupid bills that keep piling up. Everytime I think i am about to get ahead something allways happens to set me back. I know i am good person so why doesn't good things ever happen for me. My fucking boyfriend can't get a job so he just gave up looking. He expects me to take care of him and his mom and our kids and all he does is complain.

    Comments: 34   Votes:


    everyone has a story

    Posted by at June 4, 2012
    Tags: Health   2012 June   Money   Relationship

    As I said, everyone has a story. I haven't always had the best of luck period, and it irritates me that I have to work harder then some for everything. I am now 32 years old and still renting, I have never been married or have any kids. I have yet to have any dream come true. I feel like life forgot about me. For the last 5 years I spent my life with a man who had money but who was a junkie, alcoholic and who had a gambling problem and who only cared about himself. He put me down a lot. I also had a good income but was laid off for months in the end. When I was with him I lived 2800 miles from any family and friends, then a couple of years ago he moves me back "home" which was his intent on getting rid of me, which I didn't know at the time. However, he up and left me to pay for everything. I then had to file for bankruptcy. Which was ok but I couldn't even pay for living expenses and most times had to sell things to pay the bills. Forget trying to find a better job, my province has one of the highest unemployment rates in Canada.

    Then my best friend who I was in love with ended up dying in his sleep from heart failure at 39 years of age. I was devastated and dealt with the pain and grief on my own for months. I started drinking to self medicate. Eventually I ended up on antidepressants, which wouldn't be my first time. Because of the antidepressants I then gained 25 lbs in a year!

    Oh I also used my RRSP to live on and upgrade some courses because I ha...

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    Comments: 56   Votes:



    Posted by insane corpse at June 3, 2012
    Tags: Health   2012 June   Money

    I have all the same feelings. No motivation no desire no strength no will. I have worked all my life. The last job i worked at until three yrs ago when i had to quit to become a fulltime caregiver for my mom. At first she was just ill with copd,osteoprosis, and hepetitis c. Seven months later she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer which had spread outside the lungs to her liver and bones. So now had I not only had grief from no longer having my job, my independence, no cash flow, and my social circle deminished entirely. I was now preparing my mother and myself for her to die. Did I mention I had done the same with my father who died in 2000 of colon cancer. My only child was being sent to Iraq during the holidays after my mothers passing. both my mother and father had children from previous marriges. I being the youngest by 11 yrs was left to take care of them individually by myself. My child is the only family I have at all. No grandparents,aunts,uncles,cousins, to ask for help from. And I cant burden my child with my problems. Now with no income, transportation, and my illness Im slipping further into this darkness deeper and deeper. All the people that say they are my friends have done nothing but take advantage of me and break me even more. I sit in my room alone and dont leave the house. I just want to board up my house with me in it and go to sleep until I never wake up..

    Comments: 16   Votes:


    work sucks

    Posted by Just a number at May 30, 2012
    Tags: Job   2012 May   Money

    I live in an area of the U.S. that has a very poor job market. I have to stay here to mind for my elderly mother. I am broke and getting more so everyday. I graduated college 12 years ago and I'm yet to find a job that pays ok and is enjoyable at the same time. My current job pays ok but the job itself sucks monkey balls. This situation has cost me friendships and relationships. I am sad every single day and its because of my job.

    Comments: 9   Votes:



    Posted by ConfusedOne at May 25, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Money

    Guys I have so many problems in my life.
    I am in big debts, i am studying and i had to come back home to live with my mom because i dont have money to pay the college nor the room... I dont have the job but I can find some, like working something for about 10 hours a day 6 days a week.. I mean come on ?? If i take the job i cant study, i have only one day off, not enough to visit my friends who are way to far away from me, in the town where I am now i have no friends, i am so lonely, depressed, i suffer for my old friends, i cant see them now due my crisis period.. I must work, but if I work, I will not have the time for my life, i'm afraid... I cant overcome that pressure, also if I work I cant finish my college because I have to study too much, its hard.. And if I work i will have some money to pay the debts but even if I had a ot of money I would have the time to spend it with my friends or family.

    How can I overcome the feeling of the pressure of working and being afraid of work ?? I'm afraid because if I work alot i will not be able to see my friends ever again, I will become lonely forever and I might end up with some illness...
    I had a dificult life, so i made my good friends very very hard and I am so afraid to lose them. To get far away.. What can do ? what would be the right way of thinking ? Thank you in advance

    Comments: 4   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at May 23, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Money   Unemployment

    I am 25. My life started getting worst exactly 10 years ago. 10 years ago when I passed my 10th grade (In india), I took admission for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and planned to go for Aeronautical Engineering after my diploma. in 3rd year (last year of diploma) of diploma the college got shut because it was scam college. Every god damned thing they showed us to prove it was genuine institute was forged document. Since they had political contacts they escaped and left me and 1000's of others to rot. Loads of money wasted and the precious years. In between I had girlfriend who died because of cancer. My own relatives were in competition to tell the world "How i got screwed".
    I stood back again with new determination. I took admission again for diploma course and completed it with very nice grades. and then took admission for degree on age of 22. Now I am stuck in it for 3 years, with education loan on my head, no job and living on money of my dad. I have very good technical skill but no one is hiring me because I am not graduate. I am losing my patience now. I feel like killing myself or going on killing spree by killing every involved person in college scam and relatives who enjoyed my situation rather than supporting me.

    I don't know what to do. I am feeling like useless junk thrown in shit yard. :-(.

    Comments: 16   Votes:


    not again

    Posted by jeff at May 21, 2012
    Tags: Family   2012 May   Money

    Marriage came early in life to my college sweetheart. At 22 we bought a starter home and embarked on our life together. We treated people well and lived a virtuous life. At 28 we decided to take a leap of faith and move to NC knowing that we had worked hard and paid our NH house off in 4 years. What ensued was a 6 year cluster fuck of errors resulting in a $50,000 loss on the house. Fast forward to 2006 and we bought a property and built our dream house which we occupied in March 2007. Although the real estate market had weakened we priced our former house accordingly but had to put $20k into it and sold it for a loss. Then in March 2010, 1 month before our 25th wedding anniversary God killed my wife with a brain hemmorhage. He then chose to introduce me to a woman who stole $23k from me and a crazy bitch that made me sick. I've now met a wonderful woman that I want to make a life with. For the 3rd time I've put my house on the market, knowing this time that I would lose money. In the first month I've had 1 showing. I'm so angry at God for never coming to my aid and fucking me time after time. I'm tired of starting over. I'm afraid to be happy.

    This is after a childhood that involved moving 7 times in 16 years. Every time I was happy with where we lived my father transferred. Spent my 16th birthday as a first day at a new school. I'm a self employed successful financial manager that trusts no one and always expects the worst. I continue to fight forward and try to...

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    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Still young and already hopeless

    Posted by Dustin at May 18, 2012
    Tags: Health   Job   2012 May   Money

    I'm 26, and still working a shitty entry-level job as a security guard. I did one year of college, under a 'general studies' program, thinking I'd take a bit of everything and find something to interest me, but nothing did... so I left and figured I'd work a job for a year or so, then come back when I figured out my direction. This would keep me from building up more student loans to go absolutely nowhere. I took a job in security that paid pretty well, so I took out a lease on a car and life was sweet. Then the recession hit... I missed a bunch of car payments, and the car got reposessed, I missed so many student loans it went into collections and now the Canadian equivilent of the IRS is on my ass. I'm over $20,000 in debt, but in todays job market I had to take a position that barely pays enough to cover my monthly bills, let alone dig myself out of debt.

    To make matters worse, I'm already afflicted with high blood pressure and a possible heart condition I can't seem to nail down, but I can't even find an ongoing family doctor, which means I have to keep using walk-in clinics that don't even want to do the tests to figure out what's wrong with me, they just want to write a prescription for a blood pressure medication and kick me out the door.

    I also have next to no real friends, no love life to speak of at all, and the only two real friends I DO have work on the oil rigs, so they're only in town one week out of 5, during which time they have to catch ...

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    Comments: 6   Votes:


    How much worst?

    Posted by anonymous at May 17, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Money

    Try to beat this! Just back from hospital not too long ago from heart attack with a 300,000 bill and I have no insurance. I am 56 years olds, unemployed, got a wife with heavy tax debt and don't own anything besides two 14 years old cars. Can bearly pay for electric bill and rent each month. I am regretting day by day why did my wife pleaded the doctors to save me? It would've been better if I just died and let her find someone that can love and take care of her. I am so eagerly to leave this world in a heartbeat. It was so peaceful and so clean when I was in a coma. I may be selfish but my life really sucks and it's not getting any better! It's won't be long before I or we will be homeless and my health will get worse where I cannot die if I wanted to. Try to beat this lowlife torture of mine if you can!

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Nobody knows

    Posted by anonymous at May 11, 2012
    Tags: Job   Loneliness   2012 May   Money   Relationship

    Everyone thinks I have lots of friends. I'm sure more people care about me than I realize. But God I feel so alone.

    I am declaring Chp 7 bankruptcy next month. Went through a tax audit that left me due money and then lost my job last year. No one knows my situation except a few people. Everyone thinks I have a near-perfect life, in some ways. But I don't.

    I have often just felt so different than others. I know I couldn't be. But sometimes I feel intellectually on a plane that maybe isolates me from others. Also my experiences have led to that--I have chosen to pursue careers in foreign countries, to do things that simply lead to having to make new friends and go through lonely times.

    People seem to want to use me a lot. Men for attention, people in my social group (church, mostly) I feel like just want gossip. I read once "I make love on the stage to millions, then I go home alone.". I identified. I have done speaking and sales work where that feels like my story.

    The man I love is a pathological liar. It's very sad to accept that he will never be who I thought he was. And when he has realized I've found out about his lies, rather than want to fix them or apologize, he runs away scared to death that someone saw through him. So it's even been me often who has to coax him back. He agreed to therapy. But during it he was again lying to the therapist and me. Women contacted me through Facebook, basically, telling me what else he had goi...

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    Comments: 9   Votes:


    pulling the trigger

    Posted by bobsantos at May 8, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Money

    Im 24 yo. I have a kid who i never get to see. I pay child support that takes half my check. I lost my second job because i have 2 cars and none of them work and i cant afford to fix any of them and no one will buy them. i live with my mom that constantly tells me im a mistake. i have anger problems and tend to break stuff. my only job now is dealing with people all day the same people who r mean, selfish, and only think of materialistic things. I tired killing myself before and the gun jammed. time for another try tonight. no one misses poor people when they die, they just talk about it when they read the paper to be social, no morn or loss.

    Comments: 17   Votes:



    Posted by Frank at May 8, 2012
    Tags: Family   2012 May   Money

    when i was 10 my dad killed himself my mom sold absolutely everything all my dads tools and what not. he was a master mechanic and had everything. we lost the house and everything. thrown on the street moved about 8 times i switch about 15 schools i kept getting bullied and beat up and my mom used my college fund then pulled me out of high school at 15 and i never got to finish school. i was thrown out at 17 yrs old house hopped for a while. finally found my dream job working for "brookdale senior living" after 19 months i was laid off and cant get unemployment cuz my manager is a polish cheap 2 faced bastard. lost my house and everything now im with my girl living in an abandoned foreclosed house and we both have no money she works but barely makes anything. my mom doesnt care. i need help and i have none. it seems fake but every bit of this messed up life is real.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    broke car

    Posted by poor worthless ass at May 8, 2012
    Tags: Bad Luck   2012 May   Money

    I am 27 years old and my car just broke down I am a current college student who cant afford mac and cheese My car engine has taken a dump on me and I only have 2,000 dollars to my name. who can buy a car with that. I have to drive quite a bit to school. I have no children and it seem like the system is screwing me. I have never been married. Why can't I just get a break! I feel so hopeless. I have to have a car by Friday. I am just so tired of struggling! Sorry if it sounds like I am having a pitty party for myself. i know that there are others who have it worse than I do, but man it is so hard right now. I also work when I am not in school so its not like I am not trying. ShIT.

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    Life is so unfair

    Posted by K dog at May 7, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Money

    I hate my f ing life. I live in a small ass house with my family and mom and dad. We only have one bathroom and I have to hear shit from my wife about it. I was living in fl happy making money till my dad wanted to come back to Chicago for his roofing business but he's going broke now. I only have 20k to my name and I don't have any residuals. I can live in Ruskin on a waterfront house for 100 more per month but I'm stuck in this shit town. And we have to go to a church where we get sick every week.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Money s God

    Posted by anonymous at May 6, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Money

    In my childhood days I used to think friends & family s everything..After I grew up and started my own personal choices and choose my own love everyone left me ..they mocked me(nope i am not a queer or a gay,it's something else lil bit lesser hell than those two) gossiped abt me,made my parents life a living hell and my parents hate me as well and they keep telling me that I will be pretty messed up someday.. Now more than to support myself and the one I chose I feel I need to be rich to show them I am happier than them.
    Money is everything in this world it's the only measurement of happiness in this much ever I try to prove that I am happy with this man no one seems to notice beyond this.I am in need of lotto win :(
    I am earning good but it's not enough for me,I would like to go to my hometown buy a big house infront of my relatives and show them I am bigger than them.. I am desperate to own a business except my husband isn't earning and I am the only bread winner of the family so can't make a huge investment right now..he is an aspiring (atleast I think so) pool player and want to become a pro, I wan to support him so my dreams are matter how much I try to act rich I am the same old,normal,middle class woman and marrying him has proven nothing to anyone. I am happy with him,our life is cool if I don't have to prove anything to anyone..I don't like to have children but again if I don't have a kid everyone thinks I am a ...

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    Comments: 8   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at May 2, 2012
    Tags: Health   2012 May   Money

    I am a 37 year old mother of 2 dying alone from lupus. I am married to an evil man. My entire family deserted me when I was diagnosed with lupus 2 years ago. My mom, sister, dad and even cousins aunts and uncles called me a liar. They all said that because I looked fine I must be suffering from munchausens syndrome. My own mother said to me that the only illness I suffered from was mental.she said I should stop crying about having lupus and the pain I'm in cause the children of st. Jude have it worse. I should look into their tiny faces and tell them my problems. My own mom even said I should learn that everyone dies. Wow. I hurt everyday from the abandonment. If that wasnt bad enough, then my husbands family turned on me. Same thing, because lupus is invisible, no one believed me. I am on chemo that I can't afford at $12,000.00 per month. I can not get anyone to throw me a fundraiser to help with the cost. Not even my husband. Without some financial help I will have to quit chemo next month as the hospital says no more without payment on the $30,000.00 I owe so far. The lupus will attack my organs and kill me without chemo. I am sick and in pain everyday. Lupus is a horrific disease. My husband and kids could care less about me. Nothing at home has changed. I still do all the chores myself. No one calls or comes by. The only time I leave the house is to go to the many doctor appointments and hospital visits I have, alone. I am so depressed and just wish the lupus would hurry and kill me quickly.

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by life stinks at May 2, 2012
    Static LinkTags: 2012 May   Money   Relationship

    Ok, so I just wanted to addmy shitty life story because I really have nothing better to do. I have 4 kids . They are great, yes but a pain in the ass, too. I am 28 years old and had my first at 16. I had another child who died 7 years ago as an infant. I have held many different jobs but am currently working making 8 fantastic bucks an hour cleaning up after people. I cant afford cable or actually anything. I am married to a guy who happens to just begun doing coke again and has these angry outbursts. Now if I left him I would be even broker as to he does not have to pay child support because he is onj ssi but he does have a cash job and makes good money. Wouldnt hold up in court cause there is no evidence and he would not pay anyway. I dont make enough to pay my rent let alone anything else. My car just broke down so 3 hours of bus travel for my 60 bucks a day before taxes. This shit sucks contiplating becoming a escort because thats the only way to have money if I am not with him as I am attractive and fit. Feel like the only way to get by is doing something dirty. I hate being poor. My kids dont have anything and they deserve alot. They somehow manages to be honor roll students who have great personalities so I must have done something right

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    Lost my job, house, and love!

    Posted by Cant Take Much More! at May 2, 2012
    Tags: Family   Job   2012 May   Money

    I was not doing very well 15 years ago and decided to leave the USA for a new start. I managed to land a job in Saudi Arabia and spent 15 years there working and saving. During my time away I didnt come home for 8 years even for a visit. My first trip home I purchased a home and let my mother stay there and went back to Saudi. I spent another 6 years working to pay off school loans child support and other items and came back to the USA. I managed to land a job and was happy to be back. I now had a wife and 2 children a good home and a giod dog. A few months later I lost my job as our company was hurting as all companies were. I slowly went broke and lost everything and moved to another state to work in a family business that soon after started hurting also. Now I am jobless homeless and 48. My wife hates me and my children say i have destroyed their life. My wife tells me directly she hates me but stays for the children. This is just my story outlined the details make me cry just thinking so I will expand later. As for today I think I am ready to go on to heaven as I cant take anymore.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    Life and Money

    Posted by Jake Mittens at April 30, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Money   Philosophical

    I used tho think money is not important and happiness can be easy to get without it. I was wrong this world is a big social facebook social business world. money is the language to be part of this world. Or you be homeless and end up in homeless shelters, streets, or in jail. Money is only way to get food, water, shelter, clothing,etc. Money is power. Money is power over goods and services of this world. It is our lifeline in this world. Without it we be scrambling around to get it for our survival for air. Many governments, polititians, boards, military, businesses, actors/actresses, athletes, hospitals, doctors, police, construction store baggers, maintence workers, everyone including u and me need money or we be nowhere in life. Some have so much and many have average and most are dirt poor and will try in desperation to get it anyway possible. By lottery or casino, go to college, go pan handle, go start a new business, find job openings, or sell drugs or prostitute or other items, or scamming people or rob or even kill people etc. Money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is the TRUE illumanti of life.... people ignore the power or don't see it.. like I Do... it was given power ancient times when bartering became hard with just items and so government/kings/nobles gave power to paper and money is created... if u had lot of it u are wealthy and happy.... and other side if u have too little to nothing u are stressed and u will be short lived and try to find ways to get more to re...

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