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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    God Hates Me.

    Posted by anonymous at February 23, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   Childhood   2012 February   Health   Relationship   School

    My life has always been a living hell, my childhood was horrible, and I can't remember one happy memory from it at all, I was always chubby so in school I was bullied and traumatized, every, single, day. School was HELL, pure hell.
    Until I dropped out at the age of 14 because I couldn't handle it anymore. At home I had 3 older brothers who always bullied me growing up, a father who didn't think girls should go fishing with him and my brothers every night, I was suppossed to stay home and do chores. I had no friends, not one. At age 14 my oldest brother produced a child, then went to prison for drugs, and his flake of a gf left the child with my parents. Well, my mom had to work, and my father had more "important" stuff to do than to raise another child, so guess who got to be the "babysitter"?. More like a mother, I had to take care of her every single day, and play the role of a mother, and housekeeper, at age 14, until I was 21 and finally moved out, My teenage years waisted raising my brothers kid, playing mom and housekeeper, and chatting on the internet with my "only friends". In which one hellacious online dating relationship with a married man scarred me for life. So there I was, an emotionaly fucked up, 300lb teenager, diagnosed with depression and bi-polar, and social anxiety disorder, alone, no friends, parents didn't want me, raising someone elses kid, God hated me, I was sure of it. fast forward a few years and now I am married to a man who is 20yrs older t...

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    I guess I'm a slut.

    Posted by Music_Lover at August 12, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Juvenile problems   Reputation   School

    I hate my life...Everyone calls me a slut! Even though I'm not like that! I've kissed one boy and I've only dated 3 boys my whole life and I have never cheated...But everyone calls me it...Girls from my school...Boys from other schools...My family...I'm sick of it...:'/

    Comments: 28   Votes:



    Posted by Sam56 at August 8, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Family   Juvenile problems   School

    This world sucks. For the most part things seem okay in my life until recently. My boyfriend lives with me and has switched to 3rd shift. Not only does it suck not having him around hardly at all, but when he is around me he nearly avoids me. My family is so dysfunctional it is just falling apart at the seams. I work two jobs at about 50-55 hours a week. I also go to college.

    Did I mention I am only 18. I lost all friends in high school to some stupid rumors. I try to make friends all the time. There is not a single decent person in the world I swear. Everyone has turned on me and put me down so much.
    I feel so ignorant when I talk. I feel like I'm always being annoying and that no one wants to be around me. My self-esteem is so low anymore. I have built up this barrier to block everyone out basically because I feel everyone will just hurt me somehow.

    I haven't spoken to my father in months. He didn't come to graduation or call me on my birthday or contact me for any reason for that matter. My mom and I used to be best friends but she has gotten kinda depressed so she brings me down sometimes.

    I don't feel happy nor do I even belong anymore. I am already mostly invisible, I just wish I could fully disappear.

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    this sucks man.

    Posted by anonymous at August 3, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Juvenile problems   School

    I am a teen black dude back to high school im shy timid and dont talk much easily embarrsed.well i have this constanly get ridiculed. majority being other black people mostly girls.this is how if sit near go around some of the other black girls they will say somthing like hey she want go out with you or she likes you when they really dont then the whole group will start.i see some pointing at me or gossipng about me.they usauly get in my face and do that.i just get embassresd and walk away.its not just girls im scared of people in general.when i walk where there is alot of people i dont know i walk stiff sweat and other stuff.also with the girls ethir they of even some dudes will call me scary as in scardy cat or a bitch witch mean the same thing.i dont want to chang myself but i am getting tired of this stuff.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    my happy life

    Posted by jimmy at July 31, 2011
    Tags: 2011 July   School

    Well ever since I was in about 2nd grade I have had thoughts of suicide because of not being socially accepted. Im a nice kid and do my best but i just dont see why no one likes me, the up to my life is that i have a good family. When I was in about 4th or 5th grade I took a bowling pin and started smashing it into my face after being told over and over at school that i was worthless and that i didnt belong on this earth. I was never emotionally depressed into all the wrist cutting and crap in middle school because i believe those people just want attention. all ive ever wanted are friends. Since I dont hang around kids i am the target for all bigger kids. i am like the main school punching bag, ive even broken bones to beatings at school. now its a week until high school and from what ive heard it keeps going downhill from here, i SINCERELY do not expect myself to be able to make it through all 4 years of highschool, i am one of the top 5 smartest kids in my class of 350, but i wont make it through highschool because i sincerely do not think that i can survive. i seriously barely survived middle school. i was about 2 beatings or 5 days more rejection away from hanging myself. at this point in the summer i am around my family all the time because any friends that i had in the past have moved on or out of town. well thats all i am complaining about for today, i might check back on this site in 4 years if im still alive to post again, wish me luck please

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    Posted by Zach at April 18, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Childhood   Drugs   Family   Philosophical   School

    I was born addicted to crack. Was sexually molested and constantly told how I was worthless. I wasted my parents money and was quite often beat. I have always been socially awkward and it has / will never change. I moved around a lot and every single school I went too I was constantly harassed by the "cool" kids / jocks. I ate dirt daily was swirlied etc all the good stuff. Ya laugh it up and fuck you too. I have never fit in with anyone not even the "weird" kids because I couldn't hold a conversation without people just staring at me blankly at the first thing i said. I found drugs andd often did them alone. I couldn't talk to anyone all I could do was stare at the ground silently. Just hoping, hoping one day I might fit in somewhere. There was always crazy thoughts racing through my head. 90% of the time about ways to kill myself. My mom was constantly beaten and would take it out on me physically. One day my step dad decided to take it out on me instead leaving me a bloody mess. Oh and I forgot to mention I never had the chance to meat my crack addicted father. Not that it matters. So I lived on the streets for a while, just alone, cold nights were the worste. I am 18 now and on depression medication which is bullshit because it does not work. I often burst into tears for no apparent reason and have manic freak outs. Everything is pointless. This whole message of useless rambling is idiotic but who fucking cares. Atleast maybe some people will understand. I know there ...

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    I don't think it gets better

    Posted by marshalt at April 12, 2011
    Tags: Anxiety   2011 April   Job   Life Story   Money   School

    I know I don't have it as bad as some of you. Growing up, my family was poor, but never in poverty. When I graduated high school, I thought I would escape from that little town and go off and see the world. I went to college about 3 hours away from my hometown and I was so excited about learning new things, making new friends, and discovering who I was. I ended up on academic probation at the end of my freshman year. I couldn't handle the stress of being a full time student and trying to support myself at the same time. I had trouble finding a job that would pay enough and give me time to get my school work done. I have social anxiety and the idea of going in and looking for a job was just overwhelming. I ended up just dropping out after 2 years, with nothing really accomplished. Maybe if I had some goals to work for, (I never could decide on a major) I would have worked harder in school. Maybe if I could have just found a decent job, I wouldn't have been so stressed about money. Either way, I was done there.

    I decided to enroll at a tech school. I found something I enjoyed doing and thought maybe I could make a career out of it. But the same old problems came back. I couldn't find a job to work with my schedule and depression and anxiety got so bad my parents checked me into a mental hospital. I was there for 4 months. I was kind of excited about being there. I thought it would give me some great life experience while I healed. But I never di...

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    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at April 11, 2011
    Static LinkTags: Anxiety   2011 April   Juvenile problems   School

    First of all i'm 16 years old which to most readers might seem ridiculous,the fact that someone my age can cry how her life sucks b when she hadn't really lived much but please read the rest and you might understand the way i feel.
    I was born in a war-infected country and survived stuff like bombing and so on at the age of 3,i lived in building basements,attics and so on most of my earliest childhood which led me to have pneumonia and some other infective diseases which led me to have a very weak immune system to this day.But this honestly was the happiest time of my life, if that makes any sence,it was the only time in my life when i had at least some attention from my parents and was acutally carefree.My mother is mentaly sick and was treated a few times though unsuccesfully,she never wanted me born nor the rest of my family,which they keep telling me every single time i do anything wrong,FOr an example when i was about 4 years old i accidentally tripped over a stone on the street and hurt my self badly,my mother as soon as she had seen me started kicking me on the floor,yelling and insulting me.After that they had to take me to the hospital 'cause i couldnt get up from the pain.She constatnly criticised the way I look and called me ugly and fat since i have the ability to remember.My father was never around and when he was never did pay much attention to me neither.I have an elder broter which my parents love and adore and would always buy him everything and give hi...

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    Friend issues HELP

    Posted by Confuzzled at April 4, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Juvenile problems   School

    I'm not an over-dramatiser,my life isn't utter shit(although i submit to the irony of writing on this site). There are a lot of people much more worse off than me, i conceede this is true. But, my life has been very difficult at the moment, in terms of social status. When I came to my new school, people at my old school (which is 2 miles away from my old one)told my new friends that i was a "loner" and a "nerd". And that labeling has really stuck with me in a bad sense. Now (2 yrs later) I have 20 so-so friends, and 10 real friends at school alone. One of my best friends, lets call her, Connie* ditched me for the more "popular" people at my school. I sat with their group once, and 2 weeks later i go a threatening and utterly unprovoked rude message from one of her new friends *lara about how i was sitting with her group and how i should just leave and "stop texting".We used to call each other every night and we had fun together, but i'm not a pushy person and it was obvious that we were great friends mutually. Now, I'm not the most popular, i'd be about a 7 out of 10 on the popularity scale but we had such great convos and stuff that i really feel bad. Not everyone at school hates me, just i'm really academic and i'm guessing people feel intimidated by my presence. Although, I am a real entertainer socially, and am known in my peer group as a laugh .Obviously, i'm not a freak or socially inept, i go to parties and get tipsy but the loss of a friend (we have only been friends for 3 months)is pretty depressing. I was wondering, who is at fault here? and Have I done much wrong? I honestly need some help and it would be much appreciated.

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    Life is a b8tch...

    Posted by HDM at March 11, 2011
    Tags: Juvenile problems   2011 March   Poverty   School

    MY LIFE SUCKS FORREAL!!! I'm 15 and I have lived in poverty for 5 years.5 YEARS!! We left Cincy in 2006 and moved to tha asshole capitol of tha world, Alabama. Everybody at my school hated me and thought that I was a retarded dumbass. What buncha lame ass niggaz. I couldn't stand getting up in tha morning, just tha thought of it made me sick. We lived in an old, run- down apt. with no furniture and couldn't afford any clothes of food. We slept on airbeds. There were roaches everywhere. I was sick.But we finally left that terrible lifestyle in 2009. We had no idea what was in store fo us back in our hometown of Cincinnati. So we arrived in Cincy in early 2010 and I was in the 8th grade. I hated my new school. Everybody thought I was lame and dumb,nobody cared. There were many times during tha school year that I wished that I could die or shoot or stab myself in tha heart. But things go better at school, not a whole lot tho, and graduation was sweet. But tha whole summer was spent driving around places that put you in a run- down apt. somewhere badd. I couldn't stp thinkin about tha 8th grade graduation and how awesome it was, nor could I stop thinkin about tha school I wanted to go to in August. August came and I got to go to my school that I thought that I would like...for 5 days. Then we had to move to Kentucky across tha river and I had to go to a terrible prep school. I was still poor, we were living in a run- d0wn hotel with 22-year-old matresses to sleep on. My famil...

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    My life fucking sucks.

    Posted by anonymous at January 26, 2011
    Tags: 2011 January   Juvenile problems   School

    I'm a freshmen in High School.Nobody loves me. The one person who ever actually cared left me because I'm too much to deal with. I've loved only one other person for years and he doesn't even care about me. He hates me. My whole family says I'm an asshole who will never get anywhere in life. My family wouldn't care if I didn't wake up tomorrow morning, and I wouldn't care if they died either. Nobody has told me I love you in years. My friends don't care about me. I don't even have one best friend I can talk to. I don't trust people and nobody trusts me. I'm so lonely and sad. I cry every night because I'm so pathetic. I'm absolutely all alone. I hate being 15. I hate life. I wish the whole world would just explode so I could die. My life fucking sucks.

    Comments: 29   Votes:


    I hate everything around me

    Posted by Ivana at January 25, 2011
    Tags: 2011 January   Juvenile problems   School posting this just cause i have nobody to talk 16 and i can honestly say LIFE SUCKS!! I HATE MY FUCKING LIFE! im a girl(im emo) and im so lonely, i have a lot of problems with the people in school they are humiliating me and offending me all the time. i come home crying everyday. my parents know that i have problems and they dont do anything about that..that really hurts my feelings...and i dont know what to write anymore goodbye haters...

    Comments: 12   Votes:


    true story, no BS

    Posted by useless at January 23, 2011
    Tags: 2011 January   Job   Poverty   Relationship   School

    Life sucks.

    Shipped off to boarding schools and summer camps so the elite little jerks could use me as a patsy for all the meanest pranks ever.

    Grade school had 2 teachers FIRED for being abusive to boys in class.

    High school, failed, sent to high end prep school on a dish-washing scholorship. Love the abuse thrown at me by the little turds. The dean would send me to detention for walking on the grass.

    Barely passed high school, had to earn last english credit the summer after I graduated. I was handed a blank diploma and not allowed to stand with my class.

    Married right out of high school to a cheating bitch. 13 months of marriage and 22 months of divorce. Lost everything. Literally walked out of laywer's office because car was reposessed.

    Worked a long string of dead end jobs for crappy pay for empty headed morons who would boast how much salary they made. Then send me to go clean the dumpster. I kid you not.

    2nd wife, even worst than the 1st. I made the mistake of having children with this demon-bitch-cast-out-of-hell. 2 beutifull babies turned against me by that thundercunt. Divorce lasted 3 3/4 years. Lost everything again. Lived in a box made of pallets under a shipping dock (in secret) where I worked for a year. Fired by a surfer-boy idiot who makes over 100k annually because I wasn't dressed they way he thought I should be.

    Demon-bitch worked for department of human services and spent the rema...

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    New school blues

    Posted by Steven at January 19, 2011
    Tags: 2011 January   Juvenile problems   School

    BasicLy I went to the best school in the world... In San Diego the best place in the world. But now fate has brought me into private school life in central Florida. I fucking hate everyone at my new school. I cannot stand anyone. I pretend that I'm happy so know one can tell how depressed I really am, not even my little brother who is my best friend in the world to me right now. Me and this super sweet girl had a fling going on and I liked her alot. She dumped me right after I got her a $80 purse for her sweet 16 with my own money... I have no job. Then I started talking to this freshly single girl. For whatever reason this girl meant the world to me. She is now dumping me because she doesn't wanna ha a bf... And niw I can't get her out of my head. I miss my real fucking friends.

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    I can't move on

    Posted by Loser at January 10, 2011
    Tags: Abuse   Anxiety   Family   Health   2011 January   Loneliness   Relationship   School

    Ok, my story is quite long, I have had bad luck for all my life. When I was small my father came home usually drunk and angry. He couldn't find a proper job so he put all his frustration on me - he beat me alot, with things he just found all around and it was anytime - at night, in the evening, in the morning, he punished me for each single thing I did wrong. Finally when I was around 8 my mother got divorced and things in my family went better. But I had problem at school. I look a little exotic so people aorund me didn't like me - they didn't talk to me, they called me a gypsy and an ugly monster and they told me they will talk to me only if I have a blond hair (or light) hair. It continued - in the beginning it was only verbal then it turned into physical bullying so I had to change a school. One year was good but then I had to go to a high school. I choosed quite hard high school.....I was again an outsider, people didn't talk to me and they called me ugly and stupid. I was able to hold this verbal insults by them but I felt very insecure outside too - people just so called me ugly (in the trolleybus, at the bus stop) and had fun, one time they even attacked me in the public (I was 12 they were around 15)they had fun because of my look, then they put me down and they spat on me (alot of adult people was around and they didn't do a thing to help me!!). I turned 14 and things went worse, I was failing at school. I learned alot but I wasn't intelligent enough. One day tea...

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    im scaredd....

    Posted by bobbyy at January 7, 2011
    Tags: 2011 January   Juvenile problems   School   Sexuality

    i have quite alot of friends, all girls that is. no guys want to be my friend because they think im gay (witch im not.) im just starting high school and its hard and stressfull. i get called gay, faggot, queer, and alot of things. ive thought of suecide. if i owned a gun i sure as hell would have already killed myself... so i cut myself. and everyday i go to school with a smile on my face and act like im fine, but im not. ive tried talking to close friends about this && they dont really care, or they think im being stupid and overreacting. idk what to do... my life sucks. :/

    Comments: 16   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at December 31, 2010
    Static LinkTags: Appearance   2010 December   Health   School

    my life sucks i weight about the same amount as the hatread i have on the world and thats about 370 pounds worth of it just so u knbow me beter. and im only 17 years and still in the hell hole call high school. people always call me twinkie god at first i thought it was a complament but then my best freind told me they were making fun of me then she started whiping twinkes at me i was glad it was twinkes but not because they were full of hate and healthy shit. and they also call me burger whore. i also have dreams of molesting jenny craighs and killing her the reason i raped her is for the sickass thrills.i play cod 1 because were to poor to aford cod 2 my dog poops on my chest but it turns me on so bad i eat alot of chicken cause they make my fart hurts and thats the only pain i will ever feel that is the same as my heart teriing to pices

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    My Stupidity

    Posted by Mr. enthusiamic at December 27, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Poverty   Racial   School

    I am a sophmore in college and I may have just failed out of Umich. It sucks because this is a really good ass school and my parents will be greatly dissapointed. In school the only friends I made were asian even though I am a black guy. I even ended up joining an asian frat.... I told everyone I was gonna become an aerospace engineer but I have just been teh suck at the physics and calc classes. Its not even like I cant do the work, its just I have no motivation to do it. My family is poor and i live in Detroit. Some times I even starve at home, and my dad is taking out loans just for me to go to school. How am I going to explain this to my family and friends. Without college I am nothing but another black guy in Detroit. I dont feel anything but disappointment; I try to drown it out but it only works so long. I probably lost the best girl that has ever happend to me and I have to live in the shitty house that is falling apart. for another year before I can come back to university. I'm so FUCKED. I'm just waiting for the mail to come saying i failed.....shit. seppuku

    My parents dont love each other anymore, my dad almost died of a heart attack recently, I never have any feelings, and when I do it is short lived, I suck at school.... GAHHH I cant end up like other worse stories on this site.

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    My Story

    Posted by anonymous at December 27, 2010
    Tags: Appearance   2010 December   Family   Loneliness   School   Society

    My story...Well, I would say some people are much worse off than I am but, my situation is mentally draining, I suppose I should be happy with my life but I'm not...It's depressing.

    The day I was born I was skinny as sh*t, I grew up skinny as sh*t, I grew up with my mother, very bad mother...No money, Job, Drunk all the time...Yells, Doesn't take responsibility for anything...Her boyfriends always tried to beat me, when I was around five I should even get up and take a piss in the middle of the night without getting slapped the hell out of, She would burn my hand on the stove whenever I'd do something "wrong" , I'd walk to school everyday happy I was leaving home, until I saw my grandmother out there looking at me crying...I stood at one corner of the street looking at her and she would look at me and I would whisper I can't talk to you, and that was because my mother wouldn't let me,I'd go to school, walk home and lock myself in my room for the rest of the day. that happened every day, I was fairly popular in school, everyone was to much of a wuss to stand against me, but of course, that was elementary. Couple years pass, same old routine...Walk to school, See my grandmother, Lie about the bruises to teachers, go home...No food, Starve. Another couple years pass, My mother dates a cop. Sounds like it'd be good right? I thanked god. He caught her with a knife to my neck one night pinned against the wall. Ahh, the relief I got. She was sent to jail for a couple we...

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    my life is hell and is falling faster everyday.

    Posted by cantthinkofone at December 15, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Juvenile problems   School

    I cant imagine what it would be like to live in a 3rd world country but i can imagine what it would be like to live in this world.
    im 16 im fat,ugly,failing school im grade 11 in grade 9 classes,i suck at everything and anything (school,games,making friends,ect.), i havent had a relationship in over 5 years,i have no friends, im so poor we rarely have food and sometimes go a day without, im not involved in any sports anymore, im patheticly weak (only being able to bench 60), im short, i stink even after showers, im fogetful, and i am constantly sick with puking/flu, my parents constantly fight and have physical fights in which i try to break up, my 3 sibbling hate me. i hate my life i am constantly being looked down upon and made fun of or people tell me that im useless stupid fat pathetic worthless not going to get through life ect. and i feel like there telling the truth, my teachers even tell me im going to be expelled because i miss so much school. i wanted to blow up the world at one point and at a next i wanted to kill people but i know that wouldnt help, i have nothing i am nothing and i dont know what to do.

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