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LIFE SUCKS : Friendship

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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    common denominator

    Posted by Helper at April 12, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Friendship

    It is easy to see here that all these people have things in common - they are kind and help others. I have seen over recent years that there are friends who just take all the time, and only want you to tell you their problems. The second you have a real and genuine problem eg health, they are nowhere to be seen. Some months later, when they think the coast is clear, they reappear, give a cursory allusion to your problem then launch into theirs ad infinitum, even trying to make you feel guilty. I have also found that those people have no other friends and do not have the skills or attributes that you have. Jealousy is at the root of swo many problems these days. It is not worth taking time to analyse what is wrong with you that people don't want to spend time with you - believe me, it's usually jealousy, and it's unlikely there's something wrong with you.Look at them and their lives. May it be easier for you from now on!!!!

    Comments: 8   Votes:



    Posted by lonely at April 2, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Drugs   Friendship

    I'm 18 years old and am completely alone, I'm a really nice person but no one gives
    A shit about niceness anymore. People want fake
    Friendships. I never thought someone could be to nice. I fucked up when I was 16 made the wrong friends who then introduced me to drinking weed and lsd. Then got diagnosed with drug induced psychosis, bi polar and OCD. I turned into a recluse isolated myself because I was unable to even string a sentence together. I'm a failure and the scars on my wrists prove that. I will never be the same . I hate this damned life

    Comments: 12   Votes:


    Im so hopeless

    Posted by Anonymous girl at March 15, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   Family   Friendship   Loneliness   2012 March

    Since I was little all I've ever seen is my dad hit my mom and my family treat eachother like crap. My dad is an alcoholic' drug addict and my mom is an obsessed crazy depressed christian. I've never had love from my family. I have low self esteem because of this. I can't help but to feel like i'm not worthy of anything. I can't talk to my friends about problems because they will never understand. I've never truly been happy. Sure I've been happy for little moments becaue of a guy or something but at the end of the day i'm always sad. Im a senior in high school and I feel like I have just wasted the best years of my life. I don't think I will go to college because I have bad grades and money problems. My mom doesnt buy me anything, she just gives all the money away to church. I've had a job but I got fired for being stupid. Now I had a chance of getting another job but I have no one to take me. All i eveer want to do is drink or get high but I cant drink anymore because I have gastritis because of too much drinking. I have no friends just some, and I can't stand them, I think they are stupid and annoying at times. Im really shy around everyone. Everytime a guy likes me, I feel like they don't truly like me like they just want to use me. I feel like everyone is fake like my family because thats all im used to seeing. Sometimes I want to kill myself but i'm too afraid to actually do it. Im just so sad and life is out of order. I have no one to support me. I feel like theres nothing worth living for and Im sad because I think Im never going to be happy. I can't even keep a relationship with anyone.

    Comments: 10   Votes:



    Posted by Valerie at March 12, 2012
    Tags: Friendship   Loneliness   2012 March

    i lost my bestfriend and i dont even know why she just stopped talking to me i dont know who to go to anymore she was one of the most important people in my life and shes gone.

    i tried apologzing but she wouldnt listen even though shes done tons of s*** to me and ive never really done anything about it because i care too much about our friendship. shes never apologized to me for anything thhat shes done even though i do constantly and even if we became friends again nothing would change coz she replaced me months ago and its been killing me now were not even friends and she doesnt even talk to me.

    now i feel alone. i have a few friends but it just isnt the same. and id try to make new friends but i dont know where to find them. the entire school looks at me like im dirt and i just hate them all.

    i hate myself. i dont want to go through this i just want to give up. our friendship started faltering so long ago i wish i wouldve saved it. i wish she cared enough about it to meet me half way. because she doesnt even care shes happy without me i bet she hasnt even thought twice about dumping me when ive cryed countless times and tried to mend it every way posible.

    Comments: 16   Votes:


    stupid, ugly, lonely, sad

    Posted by stupidguy at March 10, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   Friendship   2012 March   Money


    As I was young, my friends always made fun of my intellect. They often exposed me in public and soon everyone laughed at me. I am not very smart. That pretty much killed me.

    And also I am ugly, very ugly. My skin is very thin and full of acne. At parties I was often called "Pizza face". I went to several doctors about it but every single one of them proposed cremes (or other stuff) which made it much worse. Then I realized that food may cause it. So I stopped eating pretty much everything which contains fat and sugar. It got a little bit better, but not much.

    I am broke. When I wander through the streets I either get looks out of pity or I disgust people. And of course I never had a girlfriend, even so I tried hard by reading books and training "in the fields" (clubs, parties, ...). Never had a chance.

    I guess the thing I mostly hate are my friends. They always try to encourage me. I'm not sure they do this to make me feel better. I rather think they do this to keep their illusion, that their success came from their actions. The truth is: Life is a joke and it doesn't matter how much you try to accomplish something if you are full of sh*t. You will fail all the time.

    I wish someone would someday tell me that I shouldn't try to be loved. That I shouldn't put all effort in finding a girlfriend but just to accept my situation. But since they always tell me not to give up, I blame myself, even though deep down I know better.

    I have no hope. And now I somehow feel tricked, as they told me it would get better. It didn't. I am 25 years old and I pretty much everything went worse. Still stupid, still ugly, still lonely. I don't see how it could possibly turn out good.

    For about one year, I wish for death every day. Often I can't even concentrate on my work. But I cannot kill myself, I'm not selfish enough.

    So I just wait...

    Comments: 33   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at March 4, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   Friendship   2012 March

    I had a best friend. I had someone that I thought I could count on. The one person I felt I could be myself with and truly be happy with. She broke my heart. She has been lying to me since the moment I met her. I think back at all the "happy" memories and I have to think about how all of those moments were lies, how she never cared about me. I have lost my reason to wake up each moment. I find myself looking for, not something happy to replace the pain, but just a different kind of pain, any pain is better than this one. I feel betrayed and no one here to help me get through it. My other best friend chose her side over mine, even though she was the girl to leave me and then two days later date someone else, she chose her over me. I just don't know what to do anymore. Even though I have contemplated killing myself I can't even bring myself to do that.

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    I hope the world ends in 2012

    Posted by stupid loser at February 14, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 February   Friendship   Philosophical

    I have no friends. I have NO friends. I am fed up with facebook and the pretend friends that I had on it, so I started to delete anyone who I haven't had any interaction with in the past year, and it was ALL OF THEM! I cancelled my phone plan because no one calls me and I don't have anyone to call. I feel like such a loser. I applied for PA school but I got shot down. I am back in school as a post bach because I fucked up my undergrad (I have a low GPA, I'm stupid) and now I have to start all over if I want to try again with PA school. I'm surrounded by young college students who are full of life. I am dark inside, I feel like my heart is ebony. I moved over 3500 miles to attend the most gayest school. I moved to have a fresh start, to try make new friends, have new and better experiences but I hate this school, and I just tripled my school loans attending here. I haven't made any new friends. No one wants to talk to me or know who I am. I feel that I am the only asian person at the school! I think everyone here thinks that I don't understand english. Fuck all of them, I was born and raised in America bitches. And the ones who do talk to me can't believe that I'm 26 years old! Is that old?! I didn't feel or look old until they made comments about my age. I'm getting fat because I binge eat my emotions and I stopped exercising because the fucking weather is so damn cold!I go straight from class to the library and study my ass off. I want to get all A's to prove to everyone...

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    Comments: 23   Votes:


    Nice guys finish last

    Posted by SUCKER at February 12, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   Friendship   Money

    One year ago, I was living with my parents and working 2 low age, hour jockey jobs that I hated. But I had about 10,000 saved up, so I was doing pretty good otherwise. My friend and his wife had decided they were going to move to Texas and thought maybe I should go with them. My frined had a job all lined up so it would be no problem for me to live off savings until I could find a job, so I agreed.

    Well, after about three months my friend lost that job and I started working off and on helping another friend of ours install security systems and datalines. We use my car because I'm the one thathas one. Well, after awhile the friend I moved in with starts doing this too, and since he has a wife and kids to take care of I tell him to take the majority of the hours. The majority soon turns into "all"

    I'm paying my bills through savings, and getting more and more depressed as I'm watching my dwindling bank account disappear. My friend and his wife are getting assitance through their church to pay their portion of the rent and bills, i'm paying mine entirely out of pocket. Then my car breaks down and I'm looking at a 2600 bill to fix it. I borrow money from my parents to do so, because i don't have that much anymore.

    Well, a week ago, my friend has informed me that his wife has stated that if I'm not out of the house by the end of the month, she will take the kids and leave him. Understand that my moving down here was her idea. She practically begg...

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    Comments: 8   Votes:


    no friends

    Posted by Naomi at February 10, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   Friendship

    I have always been the social butterfly and have always had friends. However, if they've stabbed me in the back at any point I discard them. I am 27 year old female and I only want to surround myself with positive, REAL, genuine people...because that is what I am. I am to the point where I don't think these people exist...if so very few. I am attractive and in shape and it seems like mulitple girlfriends of mine over the years come on to the guys I happen to be with, they try to be-friend my boyfriends and paint and bad picture of me. People tell me they are jealous of me and my happiness and try to feel better about themselves by meddling in my relationships or trying to.

    I am to the point where I feel I can't even have friends even though I want friends because everyone always betrays me. I have attempted to meet some neighborhood women and if we get together and go out or have them over, the moment they start to act too flirtaeous, act fake, or talk about crazy drama or gossip about others.... they don't hear from me again.

    My fiance and I just joined a think all the women rolled out of bed with their saturday night clubbing attire on to come to church. I'm not conservative by any means but know better then to attend church dressed like a scank looking for my next trick. We have attended every Sunday for 3 months now and no one has greeted us, or said anything to us for that matter. I have been ready to attend a new church because I don't care of the crowd for obvoius reasons, on top of the fact that my fiances ex-wife recently started attending as well. I have continued to attend because my fiance found the church and hasn't been ready to switch, however, after last Sunday's issues we will be trying somethin new this weekend :).

    I miss having friends... genuine, real, honest, good hearted, down to earth people. Where do I find them?

    Comments: 14   Votes:


    It is what it is

    Posted by Spear at February 5, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   Friendship   Health   Relationship

    There is no good and there is only bad. I like those words. I am a 34 yr old man and I have suffered from psoriasis since I was 14. It immediately flared and covered my entire body. It gets dry and it cracks and it bleeds all over my chest, arms and legs and at night I rip away at it because it itches and it never stops. My legs my arms my head and face, even my genitals have all been affected at one time or another. I am flared up now and have been for months.

    I have had people laugh at me and make fun of me pretty much the entire teenage years of my life. I learned to not talk much and to not attract attention to myself and the summers I would still wear winter clothes. I grew up being ashamed of myself and hating myself, hiding myself because of that shame.

    I had about 6 friends. Not really friends but degenerates to smoke weed with and get drunk with and cut school. There was no way I was going back into a school so I could get into endless fights and be made fun of. I was and am no punk. I do fight back. But this world is not like a movie, just because you fight back does not make one the winner. All it did for me was get me in trouble and further make the hate grow inside me.

    However the few friends i did have grew up and there are no friends anymore. From the age of 20 to 27 I lived and was alone and the psoriasis never left me. I have tried so many medications and some have cleared me. Even when I am clear the psoriasis is in my br...

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    Comments: 7   Votes:


    cursed or just bad luck?

    Posted by y.v at January 26, 2012
    Tags: Friendship   2012 January   Money

    my bestfriend who i considered my brother passed away about a month ago. before he has away we got into an argument and didnt talk for almost 2 months. i felt horrible for everything, ive also lost many friendships i recvently lost my job and been having money problems at home. my bestfriend is also going thru a hard time. she also lost her job and car and her relationship with her mother is the down the drain. her mother does not care about her and she gets kicked out of her house everyother day. we believe that we have been cursed. this has all been happening to us at the same time in a short period of time. does anyone know where we can go to see if we have been cursed and how they can cure it ?

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Everyone Leaves

    Posted by Francis Abel (Pseudonym) at January 26, 2012
    Tags: Friendship   2012 January   Loneliness

    Hi, there. Hope you've had a good day, but odds are if you're here, then you haven't. Please don't give up, from the bottom of my heart, I beg of you to keep on going.

    I'm a 20 year old college boy, and I am so sick and tired of just having "pals". I'm not close to anyone, and it's tearing me up. I have no relationship with my dad, whatsoever, who is a very controlling and manipulative person. My mom goes through phases where she is the best mom in the world or she just gets hammered from 9am until she passes out, leaving me to do a lot of extra work ordinarily, but now that I'm in college I feel terrible because it falls onto my little sister, still living at home.

    I grew up with a best friend, Peter. He and I were literally BEST friends. We cared about each other, we looked out for each other (I looked out for him more than he did for me, because I'm a year older), we got in trouble together, we beat the crap out of each other, and we always made it up to each other. Until he got addicted to drugs, stole tons of electronics and money from me and then sold it for more drugs. Now he still isn't straightened up, despite going to rehab maybe 5 times before he was 18. He is in college now, but he won't talk to me, because I asked him why he stopped being a best friend to me.

    I had another best friend in high school, who died Sophomore year. We would ALWAYS hang out during school, and I lost him, and I miss him so much.

    I had a best friend...

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    Comments: 8   Votes:


    Everyone Sucks

    Posted by anonymous at January 23, 2012
    Tags: Friendship   2012 January

    Almost a year ago I had a boy best friend. I'm not gonna lie, we had feelings for each other too but he was still my best friend either way. He was the first person in my life who was always there for me. He took me for exactly who I was. He knew everything about my past and still claimed to be in love with me. I had never experienced anything like my friendship with him before. It was crazy how things were with us. I had a boyfriend back then too which made everything a little weird. My boy best friend and one of my girl best friends started becoming really close and eventually ended up dating even though she knew exactly what it was like between me and him. That crushed me that two people I loved would do that to me. We used to talk about getting married and what it would be like when we had kids. It all seemed so real back then, like a real possibility. But not anymore. Me and him for the most part remained friends. We stopped really talking for awhile and it started getting to the point where I missed him. When we started talking a lot again he told me he missed me too and that he loved me and all that stuff. It was nice having him back in my life, especially with us being just friends and nothing more anymore. But his girlfriend just couldn't seem to grasp that concept so basically it ended up with us not being friends anymore because of their relationship. He told me our best friendship was solely based on us liking each other and that he was holding on to a friends...

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    Comments: 7   Votes:


    Why was I born like this?

    Posted by anonymous at January 16, 2012
    Tags: Friendship   2012 January

    I hate my life so much. At school, I have absolutely no friends. Everyone is so into sports and I'm not. So, they all act as if I'm invisible. The few "friends" I've actually made have all ended up stabbing me in the back. One of my "friends" started telling me how fat I was and how without her, I would be nothing, so I got away from her because she is in less advanced classes then me. Then, my next friend ditched me for the "cool kids." And then my other friend got mad whenever something good happened to me, so she always pointed out how fat I am and told me to grow up and realize that I'm a loser. A couple years back, this creep "liked" me and ended up stalking me, and since then, apparently all other guys who liked me backed off because of that stalker. Then, my ex-"best friend" started helping him get to me and she kept telling me that I'm living life wrong and that I should agree to go out with that guy because no one else will ask me. When I dropped her, she went after all of my friends and any friends I've made, so I really have no one. And I attend this music program at a nearby town so I thought I made some friends there, but they're all fake. And my best friend from there has turned into a bully. The other day, I said that I was upset and she said that her life is worse so I should just get over myself. She talks about me behind my back and thinks I'm a "drama queen." And at home, I can't talk to anyone. My mom has lately just vanished from my life because I ha...

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    Comments: 3   Votes:


    My life is an exercise in futility

    Posted by SomeoneShootMe at January 8, 2012
    Tags: Bad Luck   Friendship   2012 January   Job

    I have spent the last 3 years working 60-90 hrs a week trying to become a chef in grueling, stressful environments with horrible people and mostly horrible food. 6 months ago I finally landed a job in fine dining, but I moved up quickly under odd circumstances, and even though I tried really hard and volunteered every time they needed someone to work a 6th 11-13 hr day, i failed because I just wasn't fast enough to cut the cake. I got into a car accident last week, and since I blew slightly over the limit, it was labeled a DUI. I also got slammed with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. Even though I'm the 6th person from work this year to have gotten one, I got laid off for it and had to move back in with my family. The house is tiny, so I have to live on a couch in our unheated storage room. My brother and sister both hate me and say the most hurtful things they can think of on a daily basis. I went job hunting, but my face is a mess from my car wreck so no one even looks at my resume before telling me they aren't hiring. It's going to heal, but it's humiliating in the meantime. I just went through a horribly drawn out, tragic, messy break up with the guy I've liked and been best friends with for 7 hrs and dated for 3 because we didn't want the same things in life, and the guy I like now lives a thousand miles away and is only interested in friendship with me. My personality sucks I think, but no matter how much I try to fix it, I can only conclude that it is...

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    Comments: 9   Votes:


    I have no friends

    Posted by Kevin at January 5, 2012
    Tags: Friendship   2012 January   Loneliness

    In the last 6 years I have lost both my parents. Both died within a year and a half of each other, both in early 50's and both without any illness or prior warning. My dad passed first and I dealt with this alright. After my Mum passed I was so busy making sure my younger brother was alright as he was the one who found her and still lived with her that I didn't realise myself losing control of my life.
    I've not always had the easiest time in my life. I have always had issues with how I look. However, I have always coped pretty well with humour to not let it show to anyone. One of my earliest memories was a teacher in my school when I was 7 years old, We had an egg decorating competition for Easter and I won. she gave each kid a kiss on the cheek who came 3 rd and 2 nd place. When I had to go stand and collect whatever the prize was she said 'do I have to kiss you?' and from then on I always had a problem with how other people seen me. I had friends at school, mostly girls but I wasn't one of the popular kids.
    I coped pretty well through school, after leaving High School when I was 17, I became friends with a few people who I wish i had never but It's all part of growing up in my eyes. I made some mistakes and I got myself in to some weird situations with people but I have always been a genuinely good person. My strong opinions and honesty has always been difficult for some people to understand but I like that side of me and have never felt that I had to change f...

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    Comments: 11   Votes:


    Nice try... but no.

    Posted by anonymous at January 5, 2012
    Tags: Friendship   2012 January   Loneliness

    From an outside perspective I probably look like a normal person.

    Trust me, I am anything but normal. Whatever goes on inside my head isn't really controlled by me; it takes all of my concentration to even monitor it.

    But anyway, in the interest of appearing like a somewhat normal member of society,I am friendly, talkative, and I seem approachable.

    The problem is people get bored with me very quickly for some reason. I have had friends, but never for more than a few months at a time. For whatever reason they all have stopped calling me, even though I continue to try to make plans. And if by some miracle we do make plans to hang out or socialize, they stand me up at the last minute.

    So I have given up trying to make lasting fiendships with people and have settled with being that person you can call when you need to move your furniture around, but you won't call if there's a party.

    I can't get anybody to be friends with me for over a year. I'm being used by the people who are forced to see me on a regular basis through circumstance. And I've given up; I no longer care what happens to me.

    So I spend my nights alone reading, running errands, or at the gym. I spend my days working with minimal conversation. And the conversations I do have are shallow and easily forgotten.

    I'm just alone with my thoughts, Few of which are happy.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    i have no friends

    Posted by anonymous at January 1, 2012
    Tags: 2011 December   Friendship

    I have a few friends and we rarely hang out and when we do it's just not fun at all and I don't like them.. but it was really hard for me to get them (it took a couple years) and I'm socially awkward so it's hard for me to make friends but i cant help it thats how i am and im doing nothing on new years eve and i spend all my money on cute clothes i like and expensive makeup and i spend time on my hair and eat healthy and go on runs but then i just realized why the fuck should i? theres no one to impress, i just do all this shit and then i sit at home and its so fucking boring and even if i desperately ask people if they want to hang out theres just no one and i have no social life no love life and i feel like no one actually likes me at all and iv cried myself to sleep over my insecurites (body, face, hair) and then just start crying harder when i realize i dont have any friends so why should it matter anyway? i know it seems like it could be worse, but you dont know what its like to just have no one.. just sit at home all day, come home from school and have no one to talk to about anything, no one who will ever want to go see a movie, or go shopping, or just sit around and do nothing with you. everyone has some sort of best friend that will do anything with them, that theyr always doing something with and everyone takes that for granted. they dont know what its like to have no one...

    Comments: 4   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at December 27, 2011
    Tags: Childhood   2011 December   Family   Friendship

    i am 21 years old. i lost my mom when i was 8, and my little sister got taken away when i was 9. we've been seperated the whole time. i grew up in 3 different "stable" homes. i was in alot more foster homes. my father is a piece of shit who molested me and my little sister. but thats not really why my life sucks considering i dont remember it. my life sucks because im now an adult, trying to prove wrong all those who said i will fail. truth is, its harder than it seems. see, im trying to go to school, but they didnt tell me that if i took the pell grant in the summer i wouldnt get it in the spring. so now i have to come up with 675 dollars before i can go to school. and thats bare minimum. i am by myself, no mommy and daddy to ask for help. i got married at 18 to a man i knew for 2 months, and turns out he's a real ass hole. he works, gets tired of work, and quits. i am out of food, gas, and ciggarettes. i dont know if i can go to work in the morning. oh yeah, and because i married a stranger and quit the whole "sort of family" dissowned me. all my old friends stopped talking to me. they think i have like, 9 kids, when in fact i have 2 dogs. thats it. i have no one to talk to. i really just wanna dissapear. glad i found this website to vent on. thats the one thing that doesnt suck.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Life sucks

    Posted by anonymous at December 26, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 December   Drugs   Family   Friendship

    I have lost all if my friends because I have turned to drugs but in the process realized that nobody has ever really been there for me except for one girl. I feel unloved by my family and see my life heading down hill but don't plan on changing it (but really who cares because I have one friend). My whole family is fucked up, and the rumors about me don't stop. I have stopped caring about my morals and have recently lost my virginity to someone who I barely even knew. One of my best friend chooses popularity over me and all my friends like her more, so she decided to steal them all away from me. I cannot see anything in a positive way anymore and worry about losing my one friend and being completely alone. I am also dropping everyone else just to spend time with my one friend so I don't have to deal with people I don't hate. I do drugs and drink to forget you. Life sucks and everybody is a piece of shit. There is no point in life besides dying and friendships and loved ones mean nothing in the end. FUCK LIFE.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


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