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LIFE SUCKS : Unemployment

Stories submitted by real people.


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Saddest stories:

  • i really fucking hate my life
  • who the fuck cares
  • my life is a joke
  • Why is it so wrong to want to end your life?
  • Fuck my life
  • My life sucks big time
  • life is a prison
  • Whats the point?
  • No job, no money, no friends, no future, want to commit suicide everyday
  • graduated to nothing
  • im tired of this life shit
  • My life sucks too
  • Yep it sure does
  • depressed
  • Eternal Void
  • I don't know what to do anymore.
  • This is most likely the end for me
  • I feel so hopeless and dont deserve to live
  • Ivy League Loser
  • Dont know
  • displaced steel worker and husband 52yrs of suck
  • life sucks
  • TIRED of bein TIRED
  • I hopelessly surrender...
  • Try this on for size
  • Why bother?
  • my life sucks elephant d°ck
  • Life is sad.. and I look forward to death
  • life sucks
  • Lost my job for the 4th time in 3 years
  • Can't buy food from the dollar store.
  • Life hates my guts!
  • This is not easy
  • This is wrong
  • depressed
  • Dead Family
  • Empty & Alone
  • fuck my life
  • no reason to continue
  • I've come to the end of the road.
  • Unemployed and Depressed
  • unemployed
  • Loser and nothing more
  • Jobless
  • I am shit
  • I'm pretty much a pathetic waste of space.
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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    aint no rest for the wicked, unfortunate that we grow on trees.

    Posted by lonely looser at June 14, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Unemployment

    I'm 21 years old, I have been employed roughly 3 months out of the last 4 years. Today at 10:27am I was overtaken by fear, and my plan to go job hunting wich hours ago was coupled with enthusiasm and anticipation is now wrought by despair and in serious doubt. This has happened more than a few times before. I make solid plans to look for work but now as always I start worrying about what people will think of me and it's unsettling, discomforting even disturbing. My best guess is that my deep seated fear is a result of being routinely terrorized by my father while still a very young child. I've been in some sort of traumatized stupor for my entire life. Now I just feel like the wax coating on a roll of cheese; a plastic shell D:
    I suppose it's a moral weakness that keeps me in the same old slump. I think that maybe when ones family lets them down they cease to give anyone else the chance. the only deep relationships I'v had are the first ones. I only ever got close to my family, people who have hurt me trumendously. I live a bitter, lonely terribly painful life with no respite. I am nothing in life, I know no one. and worse still, the entire city knows that I'm a nutty fuck-tard. I've made that very clear with a lifetime of odball behavior and five years filled with the crem de la creme of neurotic, narcissitic, depraved ramblings, complaints over the top screams and crazed writings that I've posted on facebook and emailed/fb to people. It's literally a nightmare, It's me sitting here in my tiny room alone for years, dying of sorrow and anguish and regret.

    Comments: 13   Votes:


    Will it get better?

    Posted by Better at June 12, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Unemployment

    I was made redundant now over 7 months ago. Never had it this tough. Have gone to interviews but no luck yet. It is hard to keep picking yourself up after so many rejections. If I can just get a job all will be great:) some days I feel so depressed. Want my kids to be proud of me. I am lucky I have a loving partner, nice home and good kids. My loser ex is thank god out of my life. Please life give me a break...

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    Corporate America should rot in hell

    Posted by KaD at June 12, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Society   Unemployment

    After being unemployed for three years, including one with absolutely NO income, I'm thankful to have a job at all; even if it is a temp position. What I don't appreciate is wasting my time on FIVE interviews after applying for a regular position with the company and then being told by someone else that they never hire the temps. If that's the case why didn't the F***heads just say that up front??? One of their 'corporate values' is integrity; where was the intergrity in how they dealt with me? And why is it I'm good enough to do their god **** grunt work but not good enough for a regular job? I'm so sick of the lies and bullshit from corporations. I'm supposed to have loyalty to them when they have NONE for me. NO more. Piss on corporate america. I hope they all rot in hell. Any company that says they can't find good employees wouldn't know a good employee if one came in and bit them on the ass.

    Comments: 13   Votes:


    my eternally rotting soul

    Posted by anonymous at May 29, 2012
    Tags: Failure   2012 May   Unemployment

    yesterday... i stole my sisters atm card and drew 60 dollars off it. a friend and i went and bought some pump it and did a couple of nice issues, got pretty faded. we invited some girls over to my house to get drunk and i nearly fucked one of them, i would have done it but i couldnt get it up. we had gotten them drunk and high on spice, and they stayed the night while my sister, who is supporting me, stayed the night at work after spending the day in the hospital with her boyfriend who had just been in a bad car accident. this morning i sent the girls home, and cleaned up the house real good just before my sis came home. she had no idea anything had happened.
    i am in my late 20's, unemployed, and a meth addict. i am a father of three kids who were put into foster care while i was in jail. i went to jail for felony resisting arrest, and old misdemeanor drug charges. i spent 4 months in jail, it could have been more. while i was in jail, my girlfriend broke up with me for some dike. then she delved deeper into her addiction, and practically abandoned my kids so she could run amuck and get spun. a month before i get out of jail, she gets arrested at the place she was staying. she had warrants, but the cops were called there on suspicion of burglary. when she went to jail, child welfare services took our kids into custody, and put them in a foster home. i get out of jail a month later, and they want to adopt my kids, and terminate my parental rights. so now i am doing an ...

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    What is my meaning in life?

    Posted by Cupcake_sprinkles at May 26, 2012
    Tags: Loneliness   2012 May   Unemployment

    OK most people may think, Iv'e got my whole life to live... im 21.
    BUT, Iv'e been to college, iv'e got two diploma's in art, and yes, yet again, most people may think that's more than alot of people. Iv'e been UNEMPLOYED for over 3 years.
    I have no friends. I barely speak to anyone, and im really insecure.
    I have a bf who has ADHD, he barely listens to me, neither do his family.
    They seem so volatile.

    I live in an area, where its hard to make friends, i have so called "friends" online, but that's where i spend my days... online. Never out in the real world, with people!
    I feel so empty.
    Noone ever wan't to socialise with me, im quiet, it takes me a while to trust a person, but, surely that's normal? right?
    Most days im stuck at home, alone. Online, just wasting my days away...
    i know that nothing will ever change until i do.
    But how can i!?
    I've got noone to talk to.
    My family barely call, and when they do they barely speak to me much.
    I don't know how to cope anymore
    Help me?

    Comments: 21   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at May 23, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Money   Unemployment

    I am 25. My life started getting worst exactly 10 years ago. 10 years ago when I passed my 10th grade (In india), I took admission for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and planned to go for Aeronautical Engineering after my diploma. in 3rd year (last year of diploma) of diploma the college got shut because it was scam college. Every god damned thing they showed us to prove it was genuine institute was forged document. Since they had political contacts they escaped and left me and 1000's of others to rot. Loads of money wasted and the precious years. In between I had girlfriend who died because of cancer. My own relatives were in competition to tell the world "How i got screwed".
    I stood back again with new determination. I took admission again for diploma course and completed it with very nice grades. and then took admission for degree on age of 22. Now I am stuck in it for 3 years, with education loan on my head, no job and living on money of my dad. I have very good technical skill but no one is hiring me because I am not graduate. I am losing my patience now. I feel like killing myself or going on killing spree by killing every involved person in college scam and relatives who enjoyed my situation rather than supporting me.

    I don't know what to do. I am feeling like useless junk thrown in shit yard. :-(.

    Comments: 16   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at May 21, 2012
    Static LinkTags: 2012 May   Unemployment

    My life sucks. I graduated from college for a year already and I can't find a freaking job!! I've been to eight interviews and no one wants to hire me. I got a shitty retail job that Ive been at for four, almost five years. Still gets pay like four cents above minimum. I'm 25 year old with about a thousand dollar in my account. I feel ashamed and hopeless. Everyday I hope for things to get better and I'll eventually find a good job but seem lik no one wants to hire me. I get too nervous during interviews and now I m just discouraged. Everyone I know are getting marry or married. Have babies and planning their future. I don't even know what to do with mine!!

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    i can never catch a break

    Posted by Ruby at May 20, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Unemployment

    I absolutely hate my life. I am a 21 yr old college student, I've worked my ass off to get a good GPA and yet my friend and other people who hardly do much work get more financial aid. I've applied to hundreds of jobs and yet I still have not had a job, ever. I am generally nice to everyone I encounter, and sometimes I go out of my way to make people feel welcome and comfortable, yet I am always treated like crap. I am constantly told I am attractive, but despite this I have yet to have my first kiss or a first boyfriend. I have no car and some of my best friends ditched me just because they decided I wasn't good enough to be their friend anymore. I've contemplated suicide many times, I don't see better times ahead.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    Life was lame.

    Posted by dave at May 19, 2012
    Tags: Family   Job   2012 May   Unemployment

    I was born into a family that didn't care about people. My father was a strange asshat that mooched off his wealthy father for a living. My mother was always more worried about how others perceived her as a parent, than actually caring about her children. They split up after my father banged some floozy in Colorado, and my father, having plenty of his fathers money to spend, made sure my mother had nothing.

    He would call us up occasionally, saying he wanted to spend time with us. Usually by the time we arrived he had some great project for us to do; be it moving, cleaning, construction... anything to save him a buck. We haven't spoken in about 6 years.

    My extended family is judgmental, stupid, and big-mouthed. They are spiteful, mean-spirited people, who belittle anyone not currently in the room.

    My friends have all either moved away, or have died.

    I was unemployed for so long due to the bad economy I managed to wrack up enough debt to need to file bankruptcy. Mostly buying food, and clothes... although I did pick up smoking at this time as well, so tack that on there.

    I now have a job, but I work so often I can't even go to stores without taking a vacation day. Every night, I go home and sit around, because I hate people so much I stopped going out when I was about 25. I can't have an intelligent conversation with the meatpuppets of this world to save my life.

    Now it's just a blur... Monday may as well be Friday, bec...

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    Comments: 4   Votes:


    Unemployed Fatty

    Posted by anonymous at May 12, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Unemployment

    My life sucks at the moment. Just a year back I was in the best of health, was very motivated and confident about life ahead. Suddenly things seemed to changed and I had no idea how it became this bad. I have put on like 22 pounds and I look fat now. People see me and tell me, how on earth did u manage to put on this weight? Make fun of me and laugh at me. On thee other hand, I have been unemployed for the last 8 months. I get interview calls but never been able to convert it into a job. Places where I thought it was a sure shot yes also put me down. My parents are forcing me to come back home and stay with them and look for a job there. But I left my parents home so that I could make a life outta myself. They are very supportive but I dont want to go back because I know if I do, they will get me married off. I took up further studies to keep me going and it royally backfired. I know, I have to pick myself up and work my way through like I have done in the past but this time, I feel like a hopeless case. Its like everyday a little of me dies within me and I hate that fact.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    No job since last 8 months

    Posted by anonymous at May 10, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Unemployment

    I am in USA since last 8 months. I am into IT, but I do not have work authorization. I have interviewed with so many bluechip companies. But no one is ready to sponsor work authorization.
    I am really lost. I have a loving wife with well paying job and a 1 year old son. But sitting at home is so frustrating. I really should not have come to USA.

    I feel soo miserable.

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    life sucks

    Posted by anonymous at May 2, 2012
    Tags: Family   2012 May   Unemployment

    First of all, before telling everyone my problems, Id like to say that I have read a lot of stories on here. Some are very sad & terrible. I am sorry about what many of you are going through, especially those who have lost just about everything, (are about to be or are homeless) and are contemplating suicide. Those are some of the saddest kind of stories I have read.

    However, some of the posts on this site are ridiculous. I am tired of seeing stories of dumb young teenagers complaining about a girl or a guy at their school that they like not liking them back. Grow the hell up, you dont know what real problems are. That shit isnt even worth reading. Wait until you get older and have real problems. If you like some one, fucking ask them out or shut up about it! If you get rejected move on to some one else. As for everyone with real problems, I wish there was something I could do to help.

    Ok here is what is going on with me, it may not be as bad as some other people's issues but it still sucks. I am a nearly 30 year old man, got laid off last year from a job I had for years, I have struggled with work ever since. I barely make anything, and as a result I had to move back in with my mom in a poor shitty ass apartment. I have no room, forced to sleep in the living room where my privacy & personal space is never respected at all. My mom is very mentally abusive, paranoid and is a hoarder. The place is a filthy mess with piles of useless junk she compulsiv...

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    Comments: 16   Votes:


    right place wrong time

    Posted by Dethklokg at April 21, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Unemployment

    Man i am sick and tired of being unemployed I moved to vegas in 2007 worked my tail off in the traded only to experience the economy nosed dive got laid off no job and moved back to indiana worjed at caterpillar through temp agency assignment ebeded been unemployed for going on 3 months all i do is babysit and get reminded how useless I am daily ffrom my sister in which whom i stay at the moment no gf no job and gas guzzling truck i cant afford to drive sick of it all. I wish someone would change shoes with me just ti see what it is like to not be wanted or confident for once in their exsistence. I feel my ship came and gone and it was the titanic.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    tired of living

    Posted by Cindy at April 21, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Money   Relationship   Unemployment

    My mother used to say, "I'm tired of living." I never fully understood what she meant, but now I believe she meant "I'm tired of living THIS WAY." I'm not living, I'm merely existing. I am now in my second year of looking for a job since graduating from college. Work has always been a drudgery for me, I have never had a fulfilling job. Now my husband is probably going to lose his job, and it puts even more pressure on me. It's taking a toll on our marriage, which I'm shocked is still together. I've become more and more withdrawn, which doesn't help my situation either. The insurance company stopped paying for my therapy, so I don't even have that outlet. I don't like the way life is now. So many processes are impersonal and unfair. People just don't care. There are times when I wish I would die, just so I don't have to contend with it any longer. I have never been suicidal and would never put anyone else at risk either. I feel like an alien. I don't like the world the way it is now and I don't feel I belong in it. But what other choice do I have? Now I understand why mom said, "I'm tired of living."

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    Fuck my life

    Posted by anonymous at April 21, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Unemployment

    I am 20 years old. I graduated from high school 2 years ago and still have no damn job. I took a pharmacy technician course back in high school and am a licensed pharmacy tech and still can't find a job, right after high school I went to college and got my certificate as an EMT. Still no luck finding a job, so I joined the Army, got discharged in Basic Training cause I got hurt. Came back, been home for 5 months already and STILL no job. So decided to go back to school, finish up some college credits to try and get back into the military [marine corps or navy but I need 15 college credits]. I live at my moms house on the weekends and my grandma's house when i go to school. My mom is on unemployment and can't even afford food. I hate asking my grandma for gas money, so I sleep with Marines at the local Marine base for money and to pay my cell phone that I need in case I get a call back for an interview. I had an interview at subway and haven't heard back from them. I can't even get a fucking job at a fucking subway!!!!!! WTF. I just want to give up because I feel like I am never going to go anywhere in life. I have all these certifications and licenses and can't even find a job to hire me to use them.

    Comments: 23   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by Scarlett at April 20, 2012
    Static LinkTags: 2012 April   Money   Relationship   Unemployment

    I met the boy of my dreams the day someone else moved into my apartment. I loved that person, but we were completely wrong for each other. I helped him come out as bi and trans, and we tried an open relationship, but he broke the terms we set repeatedly and didn't care if it hurt me. I lost a lot of friends for dating a boy instead of a girl and because friends didn't like him, so I wanted to try to make it work, and tried for nearly 2 years. I'm stubborn like that.

    I broke up with him and got together with the aforementioned boy of my dreams, only we slept together while I was with the other person.

    If my self esteem didn't hurt enough from being cheated on, around the same time I exhausted 99 weeks of unemployment. I spent 2 months with no income. I sold some things I loved and had sex with some people to make rent. No one knows about the sex part. It is the scariest thing I've ever experienced. I still have nightmares about being evicted from my apartment, my cats dying of starvation, etc. It was made worse because when I went to interviews and then later to a job where they treated me like a retard who should be grateful to get paid $75/week and told me they would give me more than eight hours a week only if I was able to singlehandedly make up for all their poor business choices. When they fired me, I tried to kill myself.

    I have debts I can't pay. They call me on average of 3 times a day. I finally got not only one job but three brie...

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    Don't drink and drive

    Posted by no jobsha at April 16, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Job   Justice   Mistakes   Society   Unemployment

    Three months ago, I was what most would consider a successful person. I worked as a RN case manager in home care. I loved my work and had been doing it for 20 years, 10 years in Michigan.
    I went to college when I was in my late twenties, after my husband left me. I worked and went to school with 2 small children at home. I became a nurse. It was great. I moved to Arizona, lived there for 15 years.
    Came back to Michigan when my daughter had children. My grand children. I worked there as a case manager in home care. Doing what I do best, caring for other people.
    In June my sister was diagnosed with colon cancer, she had surgery in august. I worked every day, then went to the hospital to take care of her. Make sure she gets up and walks, that she is eating right and that she is telling them about any pain.
    When she was released, I worked every day and went to her home every evening to take care of her. She lives 40 miles from me. I did this for two weeks. When she was able to care for her self, get out of bed without assist, make her on food and shower alone, I went home after work on a Friday evening.
    I was sitting at home and decided I would go have a few beers at a bar close to an old apartment that I used to go to. I liked to play keno. Long story short, I was stopped for speeding and arrested for driving while intoxicated. I did what every one does and obtained an lawyer, went to court. Did not get much help from my attorney, I didnít...

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    Comments: 12   Votes:


    My life sucks too

    Posted by anonymous at April 12, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Health   Money   Unemployment

    Both my husband and I are unemployed. Both looking for work,he has a terminal illness and we have no insurance. No money to pay the bills, went to social services for the 1st time, they said sell the house, we don't even own it yet. Will be out on the street soon.Bills keep coming, and no money.

    He was let go after 21 yrs., and his employer gave him NO Severance pay. Said they only have 14 million in the bank, and cannot afford to give him and the other person a severance package.

    Both have education and skills. I have applied at so many jobs, told overqualified or underqualified.

    I feel so defeated. I just want to give up. Friends say it will be ok, yhea, for them, they have jobs, bank accounts, insurnace all the things we used to have.

    The reason we have no money is because he had to pay for his 2 kids from a previous marriage, and we were not able to save as much as we wanted to.

    I hate everything right now.

    A friend of mine on fb had the nerve to complain about her high paying job, and she has a high school diploma! Then she says her worst problem is deciding to cancel Netflix or not.....WTH???

    Glad I found this site. Thank you for lettimg me type, regardless if it gets on the site or not.

    Comments: 4   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at April 12, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Attitude   Unemployment

    Just came back from my seventh interview after graduating in may 2011 with a degree in marketing. I'll probably won't get this job either. I was too nervous that I messed up my wording. Why would a company hire a soft spoken and quiet person like me!! I hate myself so much!! How come I have no confident at all!! Even when I practice and prepare, I still screw up. I hate my current job so much! It's a damn retail job where I've been at for four years and five months. If the pay is better and there is benefits then I wouldn't hate it so much. But no, even if i worked there for so long, I get pay five cents more than minimum. Wow.. right?? I'm 25 and making like maybe 800/month. I still live with my parents and drive the same car as I did five years ago. My life hasn't improve one bit. My bank account has the same amount as five years ago. The only thing that is increasing is my age!! My friends, either married or planning to get marry. Some even have babies already. The other acquaintances that I have on Facebook, working at nice companies and making good money. I hate to compare myself to others but once you see people so much better, you can't help but do that. I'm not anti social or extremely quiet but I just get too self conscious and sometimes say the wrong wordings since English isnt my first language. Im fine making conversation with people but once there is pressure involve, my mind is like blank. I really tried to make myself better by researching and reading articles to better myself. But no matter what, i just cant overcome that.

    Driving back home today, I really just want a car to just hit me and everything would be over with. But I know my parents work so hard for my siblings and I to have a better life in America. I don't want them to be sad and live with a burden of losing a daughter. I also have a bf that I know needs my presence. I know a lot of people care and love me but I really hate myself.

    Comments: 6   Votes:



    Posted by This Can't Be Life at April 9, 2012
    Tags: Alcohol   2012 April   Loneliness   Unemployment

    I'm 29 years old. I've been unemployed for almost two years. I graduated from college in 2009 and can't get a job to save my life. I work for free as an intern creating and maintaing a church website for a local church who treats me like I should be proud to work for fucking free even though my family is struggling. I fill out online applications everyday all day and usually get no response. I have been on several job interviews for jobs in my field only to be met with rejection. I am willing to work anywhere but I can't get a job. Even janitor jobs require at least a year previous experience. The last job I held about a month ago turned out to be a door-to-door vacuum cleaner scam. I have little hope for the future. I live with my mother, my sister and my brother and none of us have jobs. We are living off my father's life insurance money and my mother's retirement fund. I want to help out badly but I need a steady job and that is hard to come by.

    I'm an alcoholic. The only thing I learned how to do was binge-drink in college. I became a huge binge-drinker and party animal just to fit in with my mindless college classmates; none of whom I speak to anymore. Since graduating college, I have racked up two DUI's. I was beaten so badly by a "drinking buddy" on the path last year that I woke up in the hospital getting stitches in my face. I am now an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is my only social life. There are a lot of cute young girls who go to the...

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