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LIFE SUCKS : September 2009

Stories submitted by real people.


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Saddest stories:

  • life sux
  • Lost
  • Life is nothing but a lie
  • Life is so shitty I f*cked up bad.
  • Life sux
  • Some shit!
  • How this...
  • what can I do
  • Hardworking, Honest, Did all the right things... still sucks
  • I hate my controlling wife
  • just wish life would end
  • the long road to hell
  • This place has broken me.
  • life sucks
  • we moved house and now my life sucks
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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    the long road to hell

    Posted by Blacky at October 1, 2009
    Tags: Drugs   Family   School   September 2009

    My life was normal for the first part of it. my family was together we all lived in a nice house and we were all happy. till the day my dick head of a father decided to get transferred from Melbourne to Sydney. Not only did i loose my popularity with my Melbourne friends, a popularity that i have never ever got back, but it is also the decision that destroyed my family. while over there my dad met an other women and when we got back he decided to break it off from my mum to a women who had been divorced 2 times (smart move dick head). I went back to my old school to discover that nearly all my close friends had turned into assholes who only cared about themselves. Then my dickhead father decided to come back and when he did he left 2 weeks after and got that other women pregnant.

    High fucking school, how that fucked me over, i discovered that at high school you need to have more than 1 drug addicted friend go with you, as if you have multiple friends you can hang out with them and your group will grow and grow. as for me i had to spend my first month hanging out with that dickhead and then spent the next two years in the computer rooms. i finally made some friends who only liked me because it would do their work for them till i finally found some real friends who like me were nerds. i then discovered that i was smarter than the majority of the school as they are all retards that think they are better than every one else. And here i am now living with at fat annoying little shit brother who thinks that he is top shit, and a drinking porn addicted older brother who acts like his life sucks (he party's each night with his friends) every second weekend i spend it with a dickhead dad wallowing in self pity. This is only a glimpse to how my life sucks and if i were to tell u all of it this story would go on for pages.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    what can I do

    Posted by givingup at September 30, 2009
    Tags: Money   Poverty   September 2009

    I am behind several months on all my bills. I work everyday and still cannot make ends meet. I am willing to do anything just to survive. what can I do

    Comments: 6   Votes:



    Posted by givingup at September 30, 2009
    Tags: Job   Poverty   September 2009

    I have a shitty minimal wage job that Sucks. I work everyday all day and still cannot make rent. I hate my co workers, I don`t know how I will pay this coming rent. I am scared they will repo my car and I have not paid my lights for 2 mnths. My phone is about to be turned off. I have applied all jobs I can imagine still nothing. Its getting harder to wake up every day. I have no one to turn to for support. I pray for a truck to run me over everyday but I am still here.....

    Comments: 24   Votes:


    we moved house and now my life sucks

    Posted by Z4T at September 29, 2009
    Tags: Loneliness   Relationship   September 2009

    i used to live in a small town and there was a girl i was fucking crazy about and still am, i've tried not thinking about her but i can't it's insane, i used to see her all the time every weekend almost, my mum decided she wanted to move to brisbane and so we did, i never see her anymore i've seen her twice this year and those 2 times have been the happiest i've been all year, but that isn't the only thing, i used to have a shitload of friends where i used to live as well now i sit in a room most days bored as fuck on the computer, when i think about how awesome my life used to be and how fucking shit it is now it makes me feel suicidle i wanted to send this in and see if anyone can give me some advice, thank you

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    How this...

    Posted by anonymous at September 29, 2009
    Tags: Family   Job   Philosophical   September 2009

    Well I was married for 7 years...been with her for 3 years before that...april 7th she decided that the marriage was over...she told me she doesnt love me anymore so after one weeks notice that there was a problem in my marriage she told me to leave...I think I can deal with that but we have 2 I only get to see them 2 times a week and every second weekend...

    I started a business with her dad, he fired me on the 8th of april, I now live with my parents...told that if I fight for the business that they would keep the kids from me...I did everything to grow the business I was making a 100 grand a year, started out just myself and I never slept in order to get it to that point, no help from anyone...

    she got a restraining order and I never did anything, she lied to keep the kids from me and woman are always right...on my kids I never did anything for her to be scared of me like she says she is...its just a tactic...I broke the order and talked to her for fifteen minutes, asked if we could work this out and she said no, I went home and the cops came and put me in jail...

    I have never been in touble with the law, 16 hours in leg irons...just for trying to save my marriage.

    I miss my kids, but they keep me going, not strong but going...I miss them so much, I cry every day, I cry in front of strangers...

    the worst part is that every time I sleep I dream that we are talking and going to work something out, then I wake up and see that it was just a dream. now that sucks...I wish i could just move on, but I miss my kids so much.

    I think in this life we choose our own path...why did I chose this one?

    Comments: 22   Votes:


    Hardworking, Honest, Did all the right things... still sucks

    Posted by Lala at September 25, 2009
    Tags: General   Money   September 2009   Society

    College graduate, Married to a Dr. with tons of student loans and debt to get through school. Parents not rich so had to make our way. Not a druggie or alchy. I've always worked my butt off, never counted on the government or others tax dollars for help. Our business is slow, so not much money, can barely pay bills much less make a dent in the debt. Found out we were pregnant after putting it off for 6 years to get educated. I'm 31 so not old yet. Had to pay the entire things myself... no medicaid for me. Only to have miscarried in week 12. So the silver lining is I don't have to pay the entire $15000. I hate everyone who never works and gets to have the things they want: children, vacations, boats, etc... Sometimes i think i should have just been an idiot dropout with no education and no skills and too lazy to get a job. I'd probably have a hell of a lot more than I do now. LIFE SUCKS!!!

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    Life is so shitty I f*cked up bad.

    Posted by anonymous at September 22, 2009
    Tags: Drinking   Family   Loneliness   Money   Relationship   September 2009

    So I'm 21. I got married when I was 18 because I thought he was the one... turns out he wasn't. Legally I'm still divorced 4 yrs later I don't have the money to divorce him and he wont pay for anything.

    He put me in so much debt I had to file for bankruptcy. Since then I had a year relationship with someone else and it ended with him beating me up.

    I don't know who I am... what I'm doing where to go I'm lost and a lone and I don't want to talk to anyone about it. I get so drunk almost every night I black out. I smoke weed and want to try other things... anything that will let me escape this shitty life.

    I hate my job, I hate all the money I've wasted and nothing to show for it. I only have a few close friends who seem to have worse problems then me so I have no1 to talk to.

    I just recently starting seeing someone new and he is so amazing and treats me so well, it kind of freaks me out. Maybe because I'm not use to having someone treat me good. I'm pushing him away though like I do with everyone.

    I just want to die.

    Comments: 35   Votes:


    just wish life would end

    Posted by anonymous at September 22, 2009
    Tags: Independent circumstances   Philosophical   September 2009   Unemployment

    ok..... so things started turning bad for me like 6 months ago. thought it'd just be a passing phase and that it's end, but it just keeps on gettin worse. i lost my job 6 months ago, didn't mind it that much as i was planning to go to germany for my further studies. at around that time my girlfriend too moved to germany, so it was added motivation for me. anyways, had to learn german to a really high level to get the admission. worked my ass off, didn't sleep at nights and finally managed to clear the exam, got admitted to one of the best engineering universities in germany. applied for visa, but no sign of it.... people who applied much after me are ready to leave while i don't even know what's happening with my application. for all i know it's been flung away in some corner where probably termites are eating it away. perhaps being brown and from a developing country meant that i had the word "refugee" stamped on my forehead for no fault of my own.
    so as things stand now:
    no job despite graduating from one of my country's best universities. n it doesn't look like i'm gonna get one anytime soon.
    no studies, somethin i worked my ass off for
    will probably lose my girlfriend
    n i'm pretty sure that soon enough, even my parents will start detesting my very presence at home

    n yes, i do here lectures of how i should keep workin hard and how GOD takes care of each one of us. i've worked my ass off, sometimes more than 20 hours a day, i don't need a lecture on workin hard. and even if there is a GOD, i guess he happily chooses to ignore my existence.

    right now i'd b much happier if i was diagnosed with some terminal disease like cancer or huntingtons. but then i guess some of us are just meant to be miserable, we're not even lucky enough to be given an earlier death.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    life sucks

    Posted by 3lement at September 18, 2009
    Tags: General   September 2009

    Hii Guyz am life sucks. n i hate my life.. i hav nothing to do in my life i smoke i sumtimes drink.. any thing happend in my life is incomplete i never passed ma exmas..tests..etc.. n am a big burdon on my parents they also hate me cuz in return i have never given them any thing.. i am doing BSC..still sitting at ma place and eating ma dads dad is Sugar Patient...n i cant do any thing for him..

    Comments: 1   Votes:


    Life is nothing but a lie

    Posted by Kat at September 12, 2009
    Tags: Family   Health   Loneliness   Poverty   September 2009   Violence

    I feel so alone...

    When I was a child, maby 4 years old... my older brother used to rape me. My mother then noticed but she didn't tell anybody about it so I had to keep the secret with me.
    I still live with my brother and my mother and the rest of my family, now they all know about what happened but they decided to forgive him and think I'm a happy person because I have a house, and they love me, and they treat me right.
    My brother stopped touching me like 12 years ago... more or less. I'm 17 years old right now.
    But sometimes it's hard to live whit them.

    I have a long-distance relationship, because my boyfriend moved... He told me he would come back like hal-year ago but he never did.
    Sometimes he gets angry and he gets a little rude with me... sometimes he call me "whore" or "stupid ungrateful child" (he's 22)... then he telle me he loves me, but he still keeps hurting me saying he will come back here when he won't.
    He tells me that I'm a sick person and nobody will love me the way I am (I have a neurological disease: headaches, psychosis or being depressed), that any guy who talk to me only wants to play with me or fuck me... but he's the only one who loves me.

    My life sucks so bad... I'm sick, I'm alone, my family doesn't have money, my boyfriend treats me bad (even though I love him), I remember when my broder raped me every goddamn day of my life.

    I'm doom to be unhappy forever.

    Comments: 32   Votes:


    Some shit!

    Posted by anonymous at September 12, 2009
    Tags: Relationship   September 2009

    So I've liked this girl for a while but never really talked to her. One night we were hanging out and I finally had the balls to make a move a get her phone number. Good deal right. Ya but later that night she fucked my friend. Oh ya! Fuck me! Life sucks!!!!

    Comments: 1   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at September 10, 2009
    Tags: Anger   Drinking   Family   September 2009   Society

    I dont know what to do anymore..... My life sucks.
    First off let me say that im currently a 17 year old male, I live with my mother and stepfather(who is actually my uncle) ill come back to that in a minute. Anyways we are being evacuted come next week, third time this FUCKING YEAR!!! The reason for this is both my mother and step father/uncle are alcoholics. Every pay check my, " STEP DAD", gets they both go straight to the bar that same day. They drink all night long, which eventually ends with my mom getting into a fight with my step dad and getting her ass beat. She still has bruises from the last time.
    My Step Father is a ex con who is in turn my uncle from my dads side. So my mother left my dad for my uncle. Sounds pretty white trashy dont it? Anyways i have moved from four different high schools in the last three years. Theres a reason for this, at my original school i was beaten to a pulp by four of my class mates on the football team. Look it up its true. I had a broomstick snapped over my side and fractured three of my ribs. But thats just were my problems start after being in the hospital for three weeks i comeback and the school says i received the injurys from football!!! i know right? Then i rumor gets started that i was sadomized by the broomstick. That leads to me fighting a lot more and being kicked out. Which before i was scared of fighting but i was so angry and deppressed i dont give a shit. So i move to another school. Same story, ev...

    Read Entire Entry >>>

    Comments: 45   Votes:


    I hate my controlling wife

    Posted by Empty Glass in Sydney at September 10, 2009
    Tags: Philosophical   Relationship   Religion   September 2009

    I hate her to the point that, i think i would prefer to be with a man and be gay. But my catholic morals stop me from doing that. So fuck it, i will just end it all, i feel like the human race, including myself are just termites and maggots slowly destroying this planet... thousands and thousands of years of eating, pissing, shitting, sleeping, cheating be greedy, fucking, blah blah blah... im sick of this shit

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    This place has broken me.

    Posted by GaijinAndNotAllowedToForgetIt at September 10, 2009
    Tags: Independent circumstances   Environment   September 2009

    I am living and working in a foreign country. Coming from a culture that was very open and laidback to a country ruled by stupid pieces of paper and needing 'permission' to do any fucking thing was a major shock. Who needs permission to make phone calls? FUCK!

    Last night I got a call form the Post Office the just made me feel as shit as I did when my 6-year relationship broke up. I am broken by this fucking place.

    I am trying to send things home, back to my home country. I have paid over $800 (twice what I would have paid at home to mail stuff here) and have now phoned the Post Ofice on 6 seperate occasions (every call costing 20 cents per 20 seconds) and visited there for over a hour. They STILL cant get it through their fucking thick heads that I WANT TO SEND SOME PARCELS HOME. How hard is that? They are a fucking POST OFFICE.

    I know it sounds like fuck-all to 99% of people but I have spent the last 2 years struggling against shit like this and it just drives you mental and makes you want to cry. I am typing this at work with bruises all over my hand from where I have been pinching myself all morning to make myself not cry.

    As far as I am concerned I hope this whole country burns, with or without me in it. I honestly don't care anymore.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    life sux

    Posted by anonymous at September 4, 2009
    Tags: Reputation   School   September 2009   Sexuality

    last year i got caught in school giving my boyfriend head
    and a student caught us
    and now EVERY ONE knows and everyone thinks im a slut
    i dont like showing my face in school. and i dont know how to deal with this.
    i want to get over it but i cant. i know when people see me they turn and talk about me. and i know i shouldnt worry bout what everyone thinks but i just
    dont want that reputation.

    Comments: 47   Votes:


    Life sux

    Posted by anonymous at September 4, 2009
    Tags: Family   Friendship   Loneliness   September 2009

    I hate my life. My parents hate me, I only have two friends (one of which hates me), AND I have been abused mentally and physically. My own father has called me retarded and stupid, then he got mad at me because I cried. You don't say that to a thirteen year old girl.i heard them talking and they said that "they didn't know what they were going to do with me and that they were tired of me." They wouldn't care if I killed myself and they would be better off without me anyway. Your thinking "Whatever, thats not so bad." Bull crap. I'm so freaking pissed right now its not even funny. I have been hurt in so many ways and I can't do a thing about it! I cry myself to sleep hoping the next day I won't fight with my parents. I can't vent to ANYONE because nobody CARES and because I only have two friends. My heart has been broken so many times and I don't know what to do about it. I swear, sometimes I feel like just letting go and giving up on everything. I really do. Everyone thinks I just want attention, but I don't. I just want to be loved and have friends. Nobody understands my hurt or my pain.

    Comments: 23   Votes: