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Posted by sam at May 21, 2012
Tags: Attitude  2012 May

Ive spent my whole life just being quiet. Mentally ive had 100s of freinds realky ive probably had one. One real one at least. Today was my birthday. I got alot of happy birthdays. But they just seem so plastic. I mean if you have to tell people its your birth day then im sorry because I know how it feels to tell someone you thought was your freind that its your birthday they cant be a real freind.
This isnt the only thing that makes me sucidal. Stuff like this has been happening all my life and im fucken done with it.

Its selfish that I want to kill myself. I read these other stories and think my life isnt as bad as some of these peoples are. But im gonna do it I dont know when but im gonna hang myself


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New Comment

By anonymous at 22,May,12 09:08

Don't kill yourself you are going to die one day anyway so why not go crazy and have some fun till that day comes. It will be here before you know it.
By lol at 23,May,12 06:04

exactly - good answer

By anonymous at 22,May,12 16:02

I can tell you're a teenager with all the typical angst, even without any evidence in your story. Suicide is never the answer, because all problems are temporary. I know this cannot possibly make sense to you, because your unhappiness is all-consuming and un-ending. This is typical of teenagers. When you kill youself, there is nothing left. You are throwing away everything given to you, and everything that could be given to you in the future- because you'll have no future. Suicide is the end, not a beginning. You're unhappy because you say you have no friends. This again is typical, because all teenagers are prone to self-doubt which keeps them from making true connections with other teenagers. You suffer from low self-esteem, as does every single person you come into contact with-thus the horible reality of the bullshit that is High School. Once you experience life, you'll find that you will make lots of friends-people who are like you and like you, because you will like yourself. Of course, that only happens if you're around to see it.

By anonymous at 23,May,12 06:50

please dont suidcide, its not the answer, if you did do that i reckon there is alot more people that care about you more than you think, i wish i could make you happier, feeling like shit all the time and that nobody cares about you fuking sucks

By anonymous at 16,Sep,12 12:42

its funny but i was just like u. but now i dont lie myself, i have no friends and know what i like it

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