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Posted by nobody at May 23, 2012
Tags: Juvenile problems  2012 May

I'm have had a very hard life since the get go. I'm barely 19 but I haven't had the will to live since what feels like forever. I was supposed to have died at birth but by some miracle (which I sometimes wish didn't occur) I was born okay. However, I was born into a family where I'm seen as an outcast, the black sheep, a nobody. Growing up it seemed like nobody cared about me, most of the time it was like I was invisible, it didn't help if I was at school of at home, I was always ostracized, viewed as a pariah. What little friends I did achieve in getting ended up stabbing me in the back or leaving me behind. I was always picked on or made fun of growing up. Then finally in middle school I started making a lot of friends, they were everything to me, I felt like we were all the same. I thought they felt the same way too. But in high school I was forced to go to a different school then my friends, I'd always go and visit them, call them, and hang out with them still. But no matter what I did, they all just melted away now I only have one of those friends left but even she is slowly drifting away and when she does I'll be alone again.


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By IceWriter at 23,May,12 13:14

I could be your friend. Go to or, and look for a user named IQ. That'll be me. PM me. I understand what you feel like, to an extent.
By anonymous at 23,May,12 17:19

I noticed it growing up too. Life sorta sucks I guess. It's a shame though. After high school, ALL your friends start to disappear. X number get married (aka: no longer can hang with you), X number go to College (aka: no longer available), X number move (aka: can't afford to visit), and you are left with 2 out of 20 friends (aka: the bottom of the barrel). What to do?

Regardless of your circumstances, remember: x number get divorces, x number drop out of College, x number move into your neighborhood for the first time, and VOILA...

You CAN have twice as many friends as when you graduated.... BUT 'you' have to be the aggressor here.

IE: your long time friends will be gone, but you will make LIFELONG friends from here on out.... trust me.

Take care.

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