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life is shit

Posted by JB at June 21, 2012
Tags: 2012 June

hello. Life is shit. I am a 26 yr. old Canadian male. I feel bad for all the people who have written on here about all the shit that happened to them, and is happening. I came here tonight thinking about how I hate my life, well I do. Anyway, life is shit all around the world. I grew up in the middle east where my two older brothers and I were beaten, molested, and tortured for being white kids. My father is a narcissist, who thought it was fun to beat us too, and in the next breath would tell us that he was a messenger of God to a heathen land. When I was 6 was the first time i tried to kill myself. held my head under in a bucket of water, didn't work. I tried riding my bicycle as fast as i could into a concrete wall, resulted in little more then a massive lump on my head. I hated my life. when I was 10 my teacher molested me, she would take me, tell the other kids i had been bad, she would threaten to tell my parents too if i didn't do things with her. When I was 12 my family went back to Canada, and for once i felt free, i wasnt kicked out of bakeries, beaten in the street for being blond. I wanted to stay in Canada, and when my dreams were shattered I hung myself before we could go back when i was thirteen. I didn't die, obviously, not sure how i lived, but i did. For the longest time i thought it was God, and that he had finally been there and saved me, but when i was 16 i realized that if that was the case, God has a sick sense of humor. When I was sixteen my father sent me to cypress by myself, some stupid visa renewal thing. While in cypress I got in a car with three men who offered me a ride into town, instead the drove into the country and raped me, forced me to give oral, and take anal. I havent talked about this till today, not even to my wife of 6 years. but, more now than ever i hate my life and i want a refund. I would rather not have lived at all than have lived this life. I am tierd of bottleing it up inside, I hate every job i ever have, i lose control when i feel i am being taken advantage of or being teated unfairly, and thats all this world is. I used to think i was going to change the world, but i give up, its just too much shit. THank you for reading.


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By Humans suck! at 11,Aug,12 19:56

I just want you to know that none of this is the fault of a higher being. It is the fault of human beings. You've done nothing wrong, and I don't blame you. You just have to understand that human beings are the worst thing to happen to the world, and it's out fault that you're living a shit life.
By at 12,Aug,12 10:19

I wish this life to end in it's natural course soon because I don't want to commit suicide, nor I do have the guts to do it.
By anonymous at 14,Aug,12 00:17

I agree. I really hope the end of the world is really on December. I really want it all to end.
By Wino joe at 22,Aug,12 01:35

I wish the world to end in Dec. as wel l but it's not going to happen cause anything in this life I wished for never turns out. Shit.
By Glockadeth at 16,Aug,12 01:01 Fold Up

Heard that, that's how I feel
By anonymous at 30,Aug,12 01:12 Fold Up

Your such a pussy
By anonymous at 09,Oct,12 22:59 Fold Up

Yes I agree that humans suck. But who or what created us? If there is a loving God why does He allow us to remain in our falleness and depravity? And if were going to blame the Devil and demons for evil and suffering then WHY is God allowing it? And nature also sucks and has an evil cruel side. And we have a God who allows this shit. Its embarrassing.
By anonymous at 25,Nov,12 01:24 Fold Up

SHeres to Humans suck. I agree human beings are cruel and evil. But whose fault is that? Who made us? And who allows us to remain in our fallenness sinfulness and depravity? Its certainly not a loving wise God who allows us to remain evil. And free will does not justify allowing eons of cruelty and misery in the world. The world is a fucking horror movie and hellhole because of free will. Satan the Devil rules this fucked up world and not a loving God. P.S. Nature is also fucked up with its diseases violence killing birth defects etc.

By anonymous at 22,Aug,12 01:44

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By anonymous at 24,Aug,12 17:36

To the above. Your a fucking liar degenerate asshole. And YOU are the one who sucks cocks. Stop bullshitting. Stop your lying. Lying is a sin. Having a despicable asshole such as you is a sin. Your Devilish Satanic scum and evil personified. Get lost.
By Devil at 30,Aug,12 01:35

Hey this is the Devil here. Umm, I just wanted to say that Blow Jobs are not a sin, they actually really good for your prostate. Sexual repression is a terrible sin, if any lol.

God is such a hypocrite. God has fucked so many virgin it's incomprehensible. We used to shoot up on heroin and listen to the grateful dead, before they were alive. Then we would go have massive orgies with other gods such has Bauchhus (Roman wine god). Bauchhus could fucking party. Bauchhus could snort a pile of coke, eat a few pounds of shrooms, and inject countless other mind altering drugs and still be able to get his dick hard, very impressive. We had some good times to say the least. Then one day we invite this crazy bicth to one of our parties, MARY. She was such a crazy uptight whore. Loved to do anal, but her father beat her so she had some issues. One day God calls her up for a late heaven booty call. She comes over and takes off her clothes and with a very swift motion CHOPS OFF GOD'S DICK with a machete !!!!!!!!!!! She demanded that she forever be known as THE VIRGIN MARY, or else she would chop off his head. He obliged.

Shit changed real quick. God stopped partying and at the same time some fucker named Moses came up with some ten commandments. God saw a good opportunity to ensure that everyone experienced his misery, so he got on his high horse and started condemning everyone that disobeyed these commandments, which denied pleasure. God, because of his inability to ever have sex for eternity cursed man with Moses ten commandments!

Long story short. Let the blow jobs flow free!


The Devil ;)
By anonymous at 20,Dec,12 06:31

By timmy at 19,Nov,14 13:12 Fold Up

hahahahahaha!!! GBCS is still a queer sucking off homeless winos for spam behind the grocery mart. Your mothers wheelchair wheels are squeaky, why don't you go shoot a load on the wheel bearings instead of on your crippled moms saggy tittiez! hahahahahahahahaha! GBCS, your the douch e oust person on the internet! You remind me of that ugly dude from the movie "GOONIES" HEY YOOOOOUUUUU GUUUUUYYYSSSSS! GBCS IN DA HOUSE! READY TO SUCK OFF WINOS!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHA!!!!!

By Cursed at 23,Aug,12 01:37

I have been pm'd by many people who asked me to help a poor soul who has quit his good job as a grocery store bagger, but remains there at the store location the alley and wears a bag over his head kneeling in the alley sucking the cocks of lowlife degenerate derelicts who are lining up in droves,I was told this poor man sucks cock for small amounts of money and gives winos free blowjobs. I need to talk to this man, please you are worth more than this, you must dig deep and find dignity in yourself. You are worth more than this. I can't understand what made you do this to yourself. You must first attempt to get your job back......Cursed
By Family values at 23,Aug,12 02:52

He gives the best head this side of Yuba City. I hear he can suck start a Harley
By anonymous at 24,Aug,12 18:01 Fold Up

this bagger your talking about is NOT the 43 to 44 year old bagger and lonely guy who is floating all over this website and talking about God about the Devil about evil and suffering.Get that through your stupid heads. The anonymous lonely 43 to 44 year old lonely mentally tormented and depressed guy who writes on this website and who worls as a bagger is NOT gay; is NOT into blowjobs does NOT hang out in alleys and is NOT homeless and does NOT wear a paper bag over his head.You idiots and trolls are confusing me with someone else. I have no idea who this other bagger is who hangs out with winos. But its NOT me. Its NOT the lonely guy and bagger on this website. The nasty trolls and assholes would like you to believe it is but they are LIARS. Theyve harassed me and wrote horrible lies about me on other threads as well. These degenerates are evil dirtbags who enjoy harassing others and who enjoy watching others suffer and they will lie and bullshit to do it. Dont believe their lies.
By anonymous at 30,Aug,12 01:40

That shit is hilarious
By anonymous at 24,Aug,12 18:16 Fold Up

Miss cursed this bagger with the winos is NOT the same bagger as the 43 to 44 year old lonely guy who writes on this website. Its NOT me. I write about evil and suffering about God and the Devil on this website when Im not working. I read books. I DONT hang out with winos and Im NOT gay and Im NOT into blowjobs and Im NOT homeless. Im NOT into any of that shit. This bagger with the winos is NOT me. I dont know who this person is your talking about.Im tired and disgusted with this stupidity degeneracy misunderstanding lying and confusion and Im tired of being harassed by these fucking trolls and Im tired of the back and forth insults which is why Im permanently leaving this disgusting website. Ive had enough of this shit.
By Family values at 24,Aug,12 21:30

You got cum dripping down your chin
By anonymous at 09,Oct,12 23:14

Youve got shit for a brain Family Values.

By Kody at 25,Aug,12 15:32

i know how you fell i got raped n tried killing myself infront my family
By anonymous at 27,Aug,12 15:27

By Devil at 30,Aug,12 01:47


When will I be expecting you? I love people that are too lazy to deal with their problems in real life so they vent online to dumb sites like this. This laziness is indicative of the pathetic human condition. I have a special place in hell for these people: the online gaming section. You perpetually play diablo 3 and WOW.
By anonymous at 14,Feb,13 11:50

People are sharing their feelings and problems, good on sound like a tool.

By Oh good lord at 27,Aug,12 23:50

This website is fucking hilarious in every respect. Misery can be alleviated, all you need do is see how worse off someone else is. Must be how the upper-class feel when they have to walk somewhere with their exorbitantly priced cars in the shop. Which only mask their own sickening issues. Maybe we'll get lucky and the whole nonsensical doomsday will occur, I'll bring the popcorn and lawn-chairs.
By happily miserable at 28,Aug,12 01:55

Will there be beer too?
By BostonBruinsFan at 30,Aug,12 00:06 Fold Up

Going by your logic, a person's pain can be nullified by finding someone who has it worse. Take two cancer patients; one's mother died but the other had a loving mother. . . so the cancer patient who still has a mother shouldn't feel sad anymore? Sure, some people complain about stupid shit, but did you even read this dude's story? You know what we should do then? We oughta find the person with the WORST life on the planet and broadcast his life story on international television. That will make mankind eternally happy, right? We'll hand down their story from generation to generation and no one will ever be sad again.
By Devil at 30,Aug,12 02:00 Fold Up

You fool. You think you will find vindication in a doomsday for social inequality. Have you ever read the bible? In Heaven and in hell there is still social hierarchy! You dumbass. I'm fucking Donald Trump of hell, where I go around mocking retards like you in hell. I have my other assistants that are second in command: Bernie Maddof, Saddam Hussein, Ryan Seacrest, and Bob O'Riley. They have nice cars in which they soley drive around to a) further mock your ignorance and laziness b) occasionally run over the worthless bums and other degenerates (remember in hell your dead, so when we kill people they just respawn like Halo). Others in the hiearchy are allowed to own multiple types of guns. For pleasure they recreate Nazi Zombies from COD in hell, it's actually quite fun. What we do put a Big Pot of gold under a rainbow and all the dumb ignorant people come flocking like masses of Zombies!!! So they mow them down with different types of guns. We had a few aliens that were killed in the Roswell incidenet so we were able to use their Aliens guns, JUST LIKE COD. It's very rewarding when you get to see someone's head blown to bits by an Alien Semi-conducting Vaporizer.

In Heaven, people who do more good deeds will have bigger homes than others. That is clearly stated in the bible. Hence, people like you will have to sleep in shit holes in heaven and service the "rich people's" cars and cook their food.

Hence, I suggest you stop bitching and being lazy. Because the afterlife is not going to be any different now you fucking idiot. Either start selling drugs or trafficking women, or take a note from the Rockafellas'/Rothchilds'
By anonymous at 09,Oct,12 23:11

Hey Devil. Go take your pitchfork and shove it up your ass. Your God's biggest mistake. The creator made lots of other mistakes too numerous to list here such as tooth decay birth defects deformities a thousand different diseases violence predation overpopulation mass starvation hurricanes tsunamis drought flooding and giving angels and humans free will. He has MISGIVEN His creatures free will. Free will has ruined and fucked the creation. The world is a fucking hellhole and a fucking horror movie because of free will. Free will free ill free shit. This God has chosen to ruin and flush His creation down the toilet and He takes no responsibility in healing it. Fuckups continue with no end in sight and the Devil rules this fucked up world and not a loving God. The disgraceful deplorable condition the world is in is a bloody fucking CRIME. FUCK!!!

By anonymous at 31,Aug,12 11:57

Ha ha ha, you got fucked in the asshole as a kid, ha ha sweet. I bet your ass were sore and every time you took a shit, it burned. I think it was completely your fault to get in the car with 3 strangers. Look what happened, they raped you and make you sucked their lollipops. Ha ha, Yes your life is full of ass getting, lollipop sucking adventure, just end it all. At least you won't have to worry about getting fucked up the ass again.
By anonymous at 31,Aug,12 21:46

Why would you even say that? You must be really bored.
By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 23:39

He's a troll and you just got hooked and landed
By anonymous at 25,Nov,12 01:29 Fold Up

To comment 11:57. Your a piece of maggot infested shit from the lowest level of a sewer.

By anonymous at 04,Dec,12 13:13

This is a sad, sad website. I'm sorry I ever found it and I hope I never meet any people like those who comments I have just read. I strongly suggest you investigate the motto 'YOLO'. You may find some truth to it- plus the song is surprisingly upbeat and catchy.
By anonymous at 16,Dec,12 03:54

To the above. Yes this is a sad website. I hope I dont meet you either. Your no loss to me either. And the reason why this is a sad website is because we have a God who made the mistake of giving humans free will with Adam and Eve. Free will and Adam and Eve has ruined human nature and ruined the creation. This God has abdicated the world to the Devil because of free will and because two ignorant people ate a forbidden apple thousands of years ago. This is the stupidity and insanity were stuck with by our religion. Its not a loving God who allows this. Dont get angry at me. Im not the one who ruined this world. And dont confuse me with these trolls. Dont lump me in with these trolls. Im not one of them. And dont write again.

By anonymous at 28,Dec,12 13:52

Are you people for real? I was looking for funny life quotes and came across this bag of crap! Public postings is not a form of therapy! Seek professional help and move on.
By anonymous at 14,Feb,13 11:51

So piss off and buy a joke book.

By anonymous at 28,Dec,12 13:53

P.S. Seriously, is this website for real???
By anonymous at 14,Feb,13 11:47


By anonymous at 31,Jan,13 14:58


this is a quick message to help you guys. i 4 one could never under stand but i believe that this approach to life can help the smallest problem like being timid or being abused. i had a big problem were i was bullied for being skinny for my age. this is bloody degrading and made me feel like shit. so anyway i was in front of a mirror about make my self bleed for the first time. i was fuck off scared. i plunged the blade into my forearm and then it heart. it heart a lot. then it came to me i still feel things. by this realisation i decided to go on the internet and find a man who from email sent me a workout program. i did it and he sent me harder and harder. then i built my self up and now 3 years of people saying that u couldn't do it i couldn't get there I'm just waisting my time I'm now 210lb this is BIG. i didn't then go on a revenge mission i simply scared the living shit out of them, and now i help others like me.

what I'm trying to say is that you guys should please stop cutting and tearing and feel. then u can get out of drugs and tell dim head boyfriends to fuck off and find a man who will be caring and kind. inform police or friends and get help to get rid of abuseres. now this can't happen just like that . like me u can all be the best of ur potential. you can all change. it will take time it will be painful, grab those demons by the throat and fucking thow it out. and once it is done you will all be so relieved you will lay your head down and sleep better than u have ever ...

please we can all reach r goals and dreams just do what you have to do to save your self and live . come on

By anonymous at 14,Feb,13 11:40

I got done in the anus when I was 9 years caused an anxiety disorder and is unfair and is shit , no matter what twist u.p put on it. also there is no god, that is mythical bullshit for idiots.the only pleasure in life is wacking yourself off and drinking.people get what they deserve cause most people are assholes is just a punishment.the sooner it is over the better. and I have excessive body hair which sucks like hell and ruined my life even more.anyone who loves life is a is cheep and not being born would have been allot better

By anonymous at 02,Mar,13 01:20

By anonymous at 24,Mar,13 20:52

No its not.I wrote it. you sound like one of the people I was talking about.

By Crazy at 30,Mar,13 02:27

Who created us? What for? How can you see when you're born out of your mother's pussy?

By anonymous at 15,Apr,13 11:36

dang this stuff weird

By Gundoszfd at 09,Sep,13 21:00

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By Eliza at 27,Dec,16 12:46

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