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we moved house and now my life sucks

Posted by Z4T at September 29, 2009
Tags: Loneliness  Relationship  September 2009

i used to live in a small town and there was a girl i was fucking crazy about and still am, i've tried not thinking about her but i can't it's insane, i used to see her all the time every weekend almost, my mum decided she wanted to move to brisbane and so we did, i never see her anymore i've seen her twice this year and those 2 times have been the happiest i've been all year, but that isn't the only thing, i used to have a shitload of friends where i used to live as well now i sit in a room most days bored as fuck on the computer, when i think about how awesome my life used to be and how fucking shit it is now it makes me feel suicidle i wanted to send this in and see if anyone can give me some advice, thank you


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New Comment

By anonymous at 29,Sep,09 11:32

I don't know what your situation is (like your age or if you're at school and stuff), but I reckon if you want it that badly, find a way to move back where you came from - maybe you could get a job or something and you'd be able to afford to live away from home. Or if you can't go just yet, make sure you keep in touch with this girl and your other friends, because even talking to them will make you feel better.
You could maybe try and get involved in some group or something that you're interested in, like sport, or art or computers or even church if that's your thing, but whatever you're interested in (there's got to be something!)... these kind of groups are where you can meet friends, and usually if you're friendly, even if you're shy, you'll make at least some friends. (trust me, even if you don't feel like going at the start or you're nervous, once you start having a good time you'll be glad) Obviously, these don't replace old friends, but it can make you feel less lonely and feel like you have a place here too.
And if you're feeling this bad, I know everyone says it and it's like yeah right, but you could talk to a counsellor - seriously, because they really can help you, just to feel like you're not alone.
I assume you're in Brisbane, Australia?
Depending on your age, you can call Kid's Help Line (1800 55 1800) which doesn't show up on your phone bill, or Lifeline (13 11 14) both are available 24 hours/day. Also, you can just google counselling in brisbane - there's tons. And if you're at school, usually they have school counsellors too. I know I've said it before, but these people really can help you, and no problem is too little, or too silly.
I'm actually in brisbane too, so just think, if a complete random out there like me cares enough to try and help you, just imagine how many other people out there would feel the same - so you're definitely not alone.
I hope I've been able to help a little, sorry it's so long! Good luck with everything, I really hope it works out for you :)

By robbie at 30,Sep,09 21:14

I am sorry that you are so sad and miserable. I am there more than I would like to admit. The other person from Brisbane has very good advice and it sounds level headed. Even if it is good advice, it doesn't mean that you will feel better for hearing it, but I hope that it does help you. The advice about trying to get involved is great advice. That is advice that I need to take because I sit home more than is healthy. If you can't think of any groups to join, don't fret completely because I would love to hang out with people but I don't know how to get started (what to get involved with). There needs to be a group for people who are bored out of thier minds. I know that I did not really give any advice, I just wanted to say that I hope things get better.

By anonymous at 21,Oct,09 15:33

Dude i also moved to this city which i hate and i am planning to move back to my old town.

Either that or i will just move elsewhere in the world. Life is too short to stay in a single city. Keep moving.

By baxz crorkzz at 04,Feb,15 19:55

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