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About to give up.

Posted by Ross at July 10, 2012
Tags: July 2012

I'm 18 and a guy, I hate my life more and more everyday. I want to kill myself; but I cant because I am scared of death. (Who isn't).
I will just list some things I have that I like then list why my life sucks.
Good things:
1. Smart
2. I have parents and a brother
3. Kind of attractive, got a good build (without working out)
4. Super nice guy, but this just screws me in this fked up world.

Things I hate, why my life sucks.
1. Growing up in this economy, struggling with finding jobs and enjoying them.
2. I work at shoprite in the deli and I hate some of my co-workers. I recently got in a fight with this guy almost physical fight. Almost lost my job. (HES AN ASSHOLE)
3. 5'1 tall, yep you read that right.
4. Virgin, not by choice, cant find a serious relationship or girl to care about me. Thats really all I need. My latest relationship lasted a week and she broke my heart so bad. Second gf I got cheated on. Been used by plenty of my crushes. First gf there was really nothing there.
5. Lost my bestfriend whos a girl that I love that never loved me back. Friendzoned. I lost her because she chose her crazy ex whos sick in the head over my friendship. I cant be friends with her being with him because like I said hes crazy. I love her so much but she only saw me as a friend and I cannot believe me and her cant be friends anymore.
6. I argue with my dad 80% of the time im next to him.
7. I have no friends that I can count on now. Just a few basketball buddies.
8. I really either get a long with you or I dont at all.
9. Not talented in anything just average at everything.
10. Ive hurt my family a lot and they dont love me like they should.
11. I can barely pay for college that im attending in september, a car and car insurance.
12. I am severely depressed mentally and cannot be positive about anything. I expect a shitty future and I feel like I can become homeless. Even though I live in a nice house right now. I feel I will just end up that way because of my careless depression.
13. Being short sucks ..especially being a short guy.
14. Girls never like me, (im never there type). I think I am just not any girls "type" even though im pretty attractive I just dont fit in any types. So I would have to find a girl who would like me for my personality and heart. My faithfulness and till the end stuff.

Really I am sure I can think of more but I rather stop here because its getting long.

I have nothing, I am nothing, I am a nobody, a loser. My life sucks.


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