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Posted by anonymous at July 10, 2012
Tags: July 2012

I'm a 28, almost 29 year old, guy who has been stuck for what feels like an eternity now. I joined the Air Guard when I was 19, was an honor graduate, but before that had a year of school under my belt plus the 28 credits earned in highschool. I had been in a committed relationship with the girl for a couple years at this point and was not only working full time, going to school full time, but pulling extra man days at the base for some extra cash. I thought i was buidling a life for us.

The Christmas after i turned 21 she broke up with me because she said i wasn't spending enough time with her. A couple months later I moved out with my best friend at the time who was also in the Air Guard and we had some good times working and hangin out. 9 months later my ex came back around and we started hangin out for 6 months. She ripped my guts out a second time and still wanted to be friends. I was 22, ultra depressed and decided to start hitting the bar scene.

A couple months later i saw recruitment poster on campus for Marine Officers, and it said guaranteed flight slot. At the time i was near sited and called the OSO Officer for fun to see what he could tell me. The phone call was in March and by June I had left my Air Guard unit that had become a second family to me and was on my way to Quantico Virginia. I completed OCS ranked #7 in my platoon and 2nd most physically fit. I felt alive again. A couple months later my vision was corrected and with my flight physical done was ready to get it on.

Upon returning to back to my home state I found out that my roomemate had snaked away my courier route for work and so i had to basically start at the bottom again with the garbage routes. It was fine, i was still motivated and just wanted to finish school, get commissioned, and fly! Later I also found out that he had tried hookin up with a girl i had been seeing before leaving to OCS. I moved out and lived alone closer to campus.

Living alone was probably the worst thing I could have done. My first semester back was rough. My job was not paying enough so i had to get a second job as a server but by the second semester I had to move back in with my parents.

The Marines were barely paying me enough to cover tuition and living and so by summer i was working full time and goin to summer school to try and finish and get back to the Corps. I worked for a buddy's dad for a couple months but everyday me and my power hungry boss got into shouting matches so i left and started serving food again.

Later that winter my former roomate stole my identity cause he was addicted to Oxcycontin and had more loans out than i can count. He lied to me and used our friendship to get money. Later that spring when he was caught not only stealing my identity, but his dad's, and his girlfriend's he decided to take my handgun and try and blow his face off. He lived. The detective handling the case had it out for me and was trying to say that i was working with my former roomate and that were de-frauding people together. After getting a lawyer and after bonehead got out of the hospital, had a lisp like no other, he signed an affidavit confessing what he had done to me. He had over 15 charges each with a 1-5yr sentance. My lawyer did part of his job I was never charged by the police, but still had over $18,500 in fraudulent school loans in my name.

With all this happening passing some of my final bussiness courses became damn near impossible, not to mention having to go back working full time didn't help with time management either. A year later i had 12 credits left and was hoping i could weather this storm, graduate and finally commission. I enrolled in 3rd year Army ROTC and was loving life again. Was hangin out with very like minded people and they loved having a jarhead to kick around. That spring while taking an Army buddy to get some gear from his parents house about 60 miles away a kid hopped up on drugs and with no insurance pulled out in front of me. My car was wrecked. Making it to school after that became a joke and I didn't pass 2 of my classes. In court the kid had no remorse. I wanted to rip out his larynx. I would have to go back in the fall because one class was not taught till then.

By this time the bank was all over ass about the loans and even though i had a signed, notarized confession, had filed a fraud report, and had a lawyer they were still trying to collect. My credit was absolutely destroyed at this point.

I finally graduated in spring of 10' and called the Marines and was ready to rock. They said that i had not fufilled my committment and shut me down. Pipe dream gone. I was sent a bill for the $3500 dollars for the semester of school they paid for. I was painting and doing handyman work to make ends meet.

I got a good job with with an ok company late that summer and was trying to move on with my life. The bank was filing a judgement against me but my lawyer was handling it. After 10 months at the company i was working for and after making them alot of money, I was in sales/customer service, i was canned by a girl who started on month before i did. We both had applied for management positions, me for account management and her for the Rep management position. Mind you i was the only male in my position and i was the first to go. Bast'ds.

The week before i had been canned i was driving home from a buddy's house after playing cards all night. I had quit drinking for at least 3 hours cause i knew i needed to drive and didn't want to push it. On the way home at 2:30 in the morning my engine shot a cam rod through what i was told was my oil pan and lit my engine on fire. I was not buzzed or in toxicated during any of this. The idiot officer's fire extinguisher was empty so while i was scrambling to put out the fire with whatever he just stood there and watched me. He then said he smelt vodka on my breath and after passing his stupid test he arrested me. I blew in the breathalyzer with confidence because in knew i wasn't drunk or over the limit. I asked him what i blew again and again and he just whispered in my ear "It doesn't matter. I think you're drunk". 2 weeks earlier me and a hippy girlfriend of mine went to a theme park and had smoked a little weed out of a can cause she had forgotten her pipe. The can got left in my vehicle and when i was being hauled off to jail and they were searching my vehicle they found it and drug tested me in jail. Of course i came up positive.

I lawyered up and he made that cop look stupid in my hearings but I lost my license for 90 days not because of alcohol but because of THC! In fact all the alcohol charges were dropped and they only pursued a DWI for THC. Classes, probation for a year, fines, community service, and a record that is screwed up for at least 2 years.

This is where life has finally gotten difficult. My former friend stealing my ID has wrecked my credit the DWI has wrecked my background. Every good job I apply for turns me down after they do a credit and background check. I have a business degree from a decent university, am a veteren, and am a hardworker not afraid to learn or do what is needed to get the job done. I am usually very positive, being angry or depressed are just wasted emotions at this point. I work extra catoring shifts when i can cause my friend is the manager, I work for another distributing company and have been part time for 3 years now and they won't make me full time. The bank has come back with a judgement and want to garnish all my wages so my lawyer has been dealing with them. They want a $10,000 lump sum to settle everything. I had to ask my parents and grandma to help me out, I felt embarassed and pathetic as a man. I did tell my lawyer though that they will get there lump sum if they fix my credit. That was the only way i would agree to that.

I live in my parents basement, my dad almost resents me, my brother's are to the point where they don't answer my phone calls, some of my extended family have openly called me a failure and a loser, and to top it off i have lost more respect from friends and peers than i care to admit. I was the family poster child and now that there is blood in the water sharks have begun to take nibbles at me whenever they can. I have stopped going to family events. I have grown my hair out with some facial hair and like it when people i used to know don't recognize me so i don't have to play the "lets compare ourselves to eachother game". Suicide is for pussies so I won't ever do that, besides my mom would kick my ass.

My Life sucks.


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