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Hate's self

Posted by aaron at August 2, 2010
Tags: Attitude  2010 August  Family

I Really Loathe myself and i have done for many years. i hate living and everyday just got worse and worse not to mention i have been in depression and havnt worked EVER! i have been suicidal aswell many times but always failed,and i basically think it was becuse of myself i really disliked people alot and thought of them as FUCKING CUNTS! they treated me like shit! which effected my whole life... who gives a crap if it happened in the past? it still effected me really badly to which i kept to myself. I then went around not Caring about anything and DOING AS I PLEASED!,My family never cared about me they just left me as that and i just became worse and now we have all parted sepreate ways becuse of ME! and official reasons. i really dont think i have much to live for anymore i can sence my life is going to get even worse! and double worse! my Dads dead mabey i should join him? im worse than him.... and i even know it i doubt my family would give 2 shits if i were gone they hate me, and i dont blame them! ive been spoiled rotten by other family members which has screwed up my mind... thinking I can do anything i want! when i cant... and now i know that.... i am in the wrong! my preferences in life are all FUCKED UP! and if i didnt exist anymore i think i would be free.. i wish i could understand but i never will everythings a dream to me.


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By anonymous at 16,Aug,10 15:16

You'll probably end up ignoring this because you seem like your young and already know everthing, right? One of my favorite quotes says "whether you think you can, or you think you can't, your right". Think about that on a daily basis and one day you might suprise yourself. I think you place too much blame on yourself..and that comes from your depression..that's the same reason why you dislike people..(some people are easy to hate, I'll give you that) but Mostly, It comes from you hating yourself..I hope you aren't serious about killing yourself...don't be a coward.
COWARDS KILL THEMSELVES...Your life isn't gotta keep on truckin' WHY? because you can. because you owe it to yourself..remember..EVERYONE IS DEPRESSED..EVERYONE HATES LIFE...These people are just good at covering it up. YOUR NOT ALONE FEELING THE WAY YOU DO..Besides, Your still young i'm assuming, You still got your whole life ahead of you..don't waste it hating yourself..don't let yesterday take up too much of today's time.

By anonymous at 20,Aug,10 22:12

You are driving down the road to a better place. You look in the mirror and see the horrible place you just left. You cannot change what is behind you but you can choose to take the right road ahead of you. Make your life what you want it to be.
By anonymous at 15,Sep,10 22:59

Ok Sure give me $50,000 a year and I can do nothing everyday !

By anonymous at 27,Jun,11 18:31

dont kill yourself!!

By at 29,Mar,12 18:04

Killing yourself does not make you free!! It just makes you another soul in Hell who didn't believe Hell existed - but it does - and there is no reverse. Choose life, God gave it to you for free!
By anonymous at 09,Jan,13 18:42

Religion is the biggest heap of shit ever

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