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fathers day in my home

Posted by dumbassdad at June 16, 2013
Tags: Jun2013

Mothers day 2013, get up early, make breakfast for 4 kids and Mom, clean up dishes, load up 4 kids and the wife in the SUV and take them to the Beach / Boardwalk for the day. Dinner for 6 aat a 4 Star ressstaurant and get home at 10 pm. Cost 500.00. Didn't even get laid that night. Fast forward to today, Fathers Day 2013. Woke up early, family slept in until 11 am. No one even made fucking coffee or wished me a Happy Fathers Day after they woke up. At noon I was asked what 8 wanted to do today and I replied I don't know. Hell, the day was half gone. Then I was accused of not wanting to do anything so the wife and younger daughters left at 1 pm for the afternoon leaving me alone at home. Teenage sons disappeared at 12 and haven't heard shit. Here I sit at 4 pm alone in my home with 2 generic cards from the wife and kids and a fucking cheap ass bbq apron from the dollar store left in the kitchen. Fathers Day my ass. I already feel like a fucking door mat and a paycheck, but the blatand disregard and lack of respect for me one fucking day out of the year in unconciounable. I won't be here next fucking Fathers Day I can god damn guarantee you. Plans and implementation for my exodus are in the works.


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