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Antoine's Story

Posted by Antoine at August 14, 2010
Tags: 2010 August  Independent circumstances  Family  Money  Sexuality

My name is Antoine and I am 16. I moved from Vietnam to Detroit with my parents when I was only a baby. Life was pretty okay until my mother lost her job in 2006. And ever since then, my life has been going downhill. I am gay and my parents hate me for it. I've tried being straight but I can't. This is how I am! In late 2008 my Father left me and my mother with no money. I don't know where he is but my mother tells me that he has been cheating on her ever since they married. Now we are desperately poor. My mother occasionally prostitutes to make money and she thinks I don't know. I never asks her where she gets her money from because I don't want her to know that I know. At school almost everyone makes fun of me. I am the only asian kid and everyone else is black. Everyone knows that I am gay also. But what they don't know is that I have been sucking dick and letting other men have sex with me anally for money since I was 15. The world sucks and this is what I have to do to survive.


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By anonymous at 26,Aug,10 22:25

Get a clue. There is no way anybody knows you are gay unless you prance around like some fairy. So your mom's a whore, so what?
You made your own problems. Deal with it.
The world does not suck, you are the one who sucks (cock).
By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 12:20


By anonymous at 27,Aug,10 16:42

You are a son of God and He loves you more than you can understand. He hears and answers our prayers if we pray with true desire and sincerity and believe that He will answer. Pray to God and ask Him what you should do to help your mom and yourself.
By anonymous at 27,Aug,10 21:07

Again with this bullshit, stop spouting your fucking bullshit he needs real help.
By anonymous at 27,Aug,10 23:15

yup that jesus crap is getting old, im sure that even if there was some kind of sentient life energy behind creation it would not want you to pray and all the BS thats border line slavery, think for yourself ppl, you dont need gods hand to wipe your ass so you dont need it in your life, deal with it.
By anonymous at 01,Oct,10 23:21

god can help
By anonymous at 28,Sep,10 18:14 Fold Up

Read the bible it says any man who shall lay with another shall perish.
By anonymous at 12,Dec,10 00:55

I want you to wipe your ass with the bible! FUCK the bible and FUCK god. Stop believing in fairy tales. Unless you find it cute that some fuck in the sky is watching your every fucking move. While you shit, have sex, masterbate, shower, bathe...yadda fucking yadda.

Grow up, jerk offs!
By anonymous at 27,Jan,12 16:42

why dont you fuck your mom ur just saying that cpz ur too damn busy with sex to notice the normal thing like how god really does help so shove that up ur cock and freeze it!!!!!!!

By anonymous at 28,Aug,10 09:32

Try to find a job if thats possible. Talk to your mom about your problems, I'm sure she also needs somebody to talk to about hers. Learn to love yourself. That's how others will start to respect you. You can talk to me anytime :)
send me an e-mail if you want. Adress:

By anonymous at 02,Sep,10 02:53

kommst du aus Deutschland? Ich werde in 3 wochen in Deutschland kommen und dort arbeiten fuer 2 Jahren. Sag mal, wie teuer ist das Leben dort? Ich werde 2.600 Euro verdienen pro Monat, kann ich mit so viel Geld ein gutes Haus finden und ein normales Leben haben?
Entschuldigung wenn mein Deutsch nich gut genug ist, aber ich komme nicht aus ein deutschsprachiger Land und bin auch gespannt ob es dort gut laeuft.
By anonymous at 04,Sep,10 14:48

mein kampf indeed

By Antoine at 10,Sep,10 11:33

This is fake. I only wrote this to be funny. I regret writing it and I am sorry.
By anonymous at 30,Oct,10 00:18

Hey dude, if you are going to write a joke, at least make it fucking funny. There was no punch-line or anything. You are a disgrace to comedy.
By anonymous at 12,Dec,10 00:56 Fold Up

It IS funny!! In fact, I think you should consider writing short stories.

By anonymous at 11,Sep,10 14:35

if this post was a joke hope you get back shit from karma

this is not funny

By anonymous at 20,Sep,10 21:26

Dude let me tell you some thing people dont really care about any one other then they damn self and i am telling you for god sake found a place where it is you and god and see if you can pray but u dont have to. But also try to see if you can get a job and see also if you mom can get a better job. but u caint then let it be people will talk shit but at the end of the day i say fuck them all

By anonymous at 21,Nov,10 18:48

it ok 2 be gay i no 4 gay people and 2 of them are the nicest people ive eva met im strait but i think SOME strait guys arent worth anything without girls

By anonymous at 10,Aug,11 10:10

this guy was obviously trolling for idiots to respond to this story.

And you know what you morons didnt disappoint. I hadnt even read the comments section yet and I could tell this story was a bunch of nonsense.

And whats with all the religious shit all over this website? All you morons who really believe in heaven and hell are fucking idiots, do you really think all your grandparents are up in heaven waiting for you to arrive, and then you can meet your whole extended family again?? You people are gullible as hell. Get real. God doesnt exist anymore then Satan does. Religion is the oldest business on this planet.

By Arlene at 28,Nov,12 00:42

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By amanda at 28,Nov,12 20:25

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By Kuck at 21,Jul,15 00:55

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