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I'm going to fucking kill my self

Posted by Another waste of sperm at September 16, 2010
Tags: Meaninglessness  Philosophical  2010 September

I'm done. I'm through. This whole 'living' shit can go fuck its self! I live in a shitty apartment, work a shitty job that only pays me enough to where I have to go back to it every day. I have dreams that I know I will never fulfill. Happieness and dreams are a fucking scam that only brainwashes people. We're just a skeleton with a bunch of organs bundled up in a bag of skin. We eat, we drink, we shit, we piss. We're fucking disgusting. We have no purpose. We are amoebas in the grand scheme of things. We live we die. And being alive is fucking over rated. So I'm going to slit my arms open. It won't matter because being alive and being dead are indistinguishable. So fuck live and fuck you.


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By anonymous at 02,Oct,10 19:07

Life is flexible. You create purpose as you go. Some people want to be doctors. So guess what they do, become doctors. I knew a guy that wanted to do everything... so that's what he did... year after year he made it a point to do something different. Some of his more interesting jobs were NASCAR pit crew, UPS truck driver, medical scientist, played in a rock band, managed a rock band, and is now performing testing for computer forensic software (read: catching pedophiles). All those jobs are complete different from each other and yet he managed to do them all and more. The point is... life is what you make it. Do you want to whine all day or go out there and do something really fun? If you want to do something fun, go out there and do it. You might not succeed but keep trying or find something else to do. If you want to whine all day, you're free to do that too. Remember, it's your life. Do what you want with it. Personally, I want to do something kickass. Granted, I might not succeed. Hell, he never became a famous rock star but I bet you he had fun trying! Point is, GO OUT THERE AND GRAB LIFE BY THE FUCKIN' HORNS. No one is going to do it for you!
By anonymous at 04,Oct,10 22:48

"life is flexible" good one bro
By anonymous at 12,Mar,12 01:17

By at 03,Dec,10 14:16 Fold Up

YEA!!! I'm pumped now!!! Thanks?? So now what? Ho! Just remembered something. No not feeling so pumped up again. Year after year,. How is that for flex, Hugh?!! Wanted to do the RIGHT THING, me, myself, and I. Then you get a "LIFE PARTNER", a mate, spouce, gives purpose to your sacrifice and suffering in life. AND I DO FUCKING WANT TO WHINE RIGHT NOW !!! GGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWDDDDDAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIITTTTTTTTTAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life is what you are left with when seeking to do the 'right thing. Life is what you get when you seek to help others. Life and BITTERFUCKINGRESENTMENT, IS THE REWARD OF HOPE!!!! and now a word of that GOD thing, Sun is in the sky, it is the SON-SUN of GOD, thats it! Dumb it out. Try reading the walls that were writen BEFORE THE ROMAN CATHETER formation. I 'SHOULD BE DOING SOMTHING FUN',somthing kickass, but that damm mamal brain of mine works for "REWARDS", and that HIGH I.Q. of mine comes equipped with a rather good memory. Have fun trying??? WTF!? Have a look see at Dr. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, can see that you have not had a 'NEGETIVE', "Reinforcement is a term in operant conditioning and behavior analysis for the process of increasing the rate or probability of a behavior (e.g. pulling a lever more frequently) by the delivery or emergence of a stimulus (e.g. a candy) immediately or shortly after the behavior, called a response, is performed. So! Having grabed both horns now! and postering the 'RIGHT ATTETUDE', GOING FOR THE GUSTO!!here........ NO FUCKING REWARDS???????? ASSHOLE YOU POSITVE TALKING PIECE,no you are the whole turd, As B.F. Skinner discussed, positive reinforcement is superior to punishment in altering behavior. SO! PLEASE RUB SOMEMORE POSITIVE SHIT IN ALL OF OUR FACES YOU TWISTED STUPID GOODIE TWO SHOES. FUCK GOAT. READING YOUR POSITIVE POST LEAVES US ALL FEELING LESS THAN WHEN WE ARIVED YOU FUCKING TROLL!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD TELL YOU TO PULL YOUR HEAD OF YOUR OWN ASSHOLE, but it muffles the stupid thing you say. and you will NEVER SUCCEED.EVER.

By anonymous at 25,Dec,10 22:06

all trolls are going to hell, even if i have to force em. im going to fucking murder every single troll. every single troll. EVERY SINGLE TROLL.
By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 13:48

oh yeh you fucking son of a bitch cocksucker?

Come and get me you motherfucker. I will fucking kill you!


By anonymous at 01,Feb,11 02:11

poor soul, born to be cremated, what the hell are you thinking? your soul will be tormented for eternity, you will beg for a chance like you have right now if you kill yourself. It will be a mistake you will regret forever, if you turn to your creator you will find answers...
By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 13:49

your an idiotic religious nut.
By anonymous at 11,May,12 17:06

i agree totally, he is a religious nut. ive tried to turn to religion, and the more i did, the more flaws i found. so Guess What? im an Atheist!! the only reason God would exist is if he actually LIKED to teabag people, to put them in endless misery. and from the looks of things, that is not how you religion MORONS want to think of it. He is supposed to HELP you, to be there when you pray, to listen and to care. Ive prayed a thousand times, and my prays hav yet to be answered! So FUCKITALLINHELLYOURELIGIOUSBSTERDSIMOUTTAHERE!!!!

By anonymous at 28,Dec,11 10:17


By anonymous at 29,Mar,12 11:15


By anonymous at 04,May,12 00:48

I'm definitely feeling you right now. But life isn't worth quitting, I promise. I don't know your story, but you can't give up your life. It isn't hard to find your purpose. Read a bible. Psalms or Proverbs. You have a purpose an meaning.

By anonymous at 08,May,12 12:10

FUCK YOU ALL! your a bunch of big purple bell-ends! your either banging on about killing yourselves or trying to save them by bible bashing them full of shit, if jesus didnt want to get nailed to the cross he could have just turned one loaf of bread into one thousand baguettes & gave them to his desiples to batter the shit out of the bad guys & run like a mother fucker to safety! he was just a lazy bitch!

By anonymous at 27,May,12 19:11

Look Hun, I'm going through some hard times too and I've thought about killing myself also, but then I realized that it's only the chicken way out. Hang in there and go do something good for yourself. It's gonna get worse before it gets any better. Whether you believe in god or not, say a little prayer. Try to mean it. Read a little bit of the bible. See where you go from there. It won't hurt to try something new. Just give it a shot. With much love(:

By anonymous at 27,May,12 19:14

To all you that keep saying all of these awful things, cut it out. We are here to help others and lift them up!!! NOT bring them down. Y'all need to get a heart and learn some manners. Please and thank you. With much love(:

By anonymous at 22,Jul,12 08:44

people who post shit about how they are going to kill themselves online arent really going to kill themselves. they are just looking for attention. these types of people should be killed.

By anonymous at 11,Sep,12 21:56

fuck you iguess your a rich bastard where life is just peachy

By anonymous at 15,Oct,12 19:05

yall are hella dumb telling them ur gonna kill them no shit thats what they want and all u religious idiots needa fuck off. beside why are yall trolling this page yall are some ass holes

By anonymous at 06,Nov,12 15:34

life is what you make of it i hope you figure things out

By anonymous at 06,Nov,12 15:42

i've had horrible things happen to me i guess that's life try to find something to get you doing something positive join a club /volunteer help a senior.the posts are sad if you put all your energy in changing things positive things will come.wish all you well... a friend

By anonymous at 22,Nov,12 03:56

yeah dude. kill ur fuckin worthless self!!!!!!!!!!!! what use are you any way????????????????????

By Jess at 27,Nov,12 12:41

I just wanted to say that, alutghoh you've only written 3 of these so far, I haven't laughed so hard in ages. That bit about the FB updates could not have been truer. As for the ellipses, I never really thought about it, but once you mentioned how it basically makes people look like indecisive pricks, I understood exactly where you were coming from. As for the mushrooms, hate em too, now I have some ammo whenever I'm visiting home and my mother tries to make me just pick out the mushrooms, I'll lay on the shit analogy and all will be well. Keep up the good work!

By ME at 20,Feb,13 03:33

i wanna go away

By anonymous at 02,Mar,13 22:14

Yeah I am positive ur write dumbass u have a easy ass life so u don't give a fucking shit

By anonymous at 04,Mar,13 21:29

fuck you

By anonymous at 07,Mar,13 13:19

IT's FUCK life not fuck live, and also the skeleton part is true, we are disgusting amoeba barely evolved from ape level, and still a foul smelling hairless monkey.

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