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Life suck

Posted by lost at September 27, 2010
Tags: Attitude  Relationship  2010 September

Hey, I feeling a bit down now, I feel trapped and helpless

I am over 30, my career is not going anyway, to improved on the situation that I took up a part University degree

Work and study is drowning me, my social life is practically zero due to this commitments

Met up with female class mate of mine just now to help out with my assignment submission. She actually rejected on love previous cauase she has a boyfriend a year ago. I told myself that that objective of the meeting is help clear my doubt of my assignment . That feeling of wanting her is there the whole time and it got worst when her boyfriend calls her up wish sweet dreams right in front of me, God, please send an lighting bolt and strike down the boyfriend!!!

In the end my mind was clouded, and couldn't understand any of the facts about assignment that she explained to me but still have to pretend that I am unaffected.

Now I am thinking I should distance myself from her completely, she is bad news to me cause contact with her makes me angry, sad and distracted. For many people, advise for this situation the age old phase "Be her friend it the mature thing to do".Being matured sure sucks a lot. Time sure did not heal anything

All this seems to raked up other disappointment in the faculty of love, here another one I had a year and half ago, this lady I we out with for about a month, everything seems to go well but 2 days after we slept together everything stop abruptly with verbal insults regardless how I tried to talk to her in a amicably way. She had always describe our relationship as 'friend with benefits', after a exhaustive search on the net for this term then I came to the conclusion that she is person that will have sex with you, role play with you as lovers but will never commit.

I do not know how many more of these set back can I take, all want is a career, get married with someone love and have kids, the normal life the rest of the human race is having!!!!!

God!!!! I really need a break in all aspects of life!!!!! If you can't give it to me strike me down now!!! Put me out of this shit called life coz it sucks!!!!!


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By anonymous at 01,Oct,10 16:59

First of all, you don't know anything about God. God does nit strike people down, because he's smart enough to know that our stupid mistakes are what creates our downfalls. We do it to ourselves and we create our failures or we make it into failures when we could have seen it in another way. you have problems with girls because your looking for the wrong thing maybe. It's not about sex. when you look at a girl you want to date, what do you see? Legs, breasts.. Yes that's lust. That will never take you anywhere and they will just leave you when their bored of you or years later you'll stop and think you don't love her anymore when it's the sex you've just got bored to. I also see how guys don't treat women nicely and call them bitches. maybe that's your problem. Here's my advice to you for now, seek out a Psychic and ask her when you will meet a girl. They can help you find out the reasons your having trouble with women. Maybe you don't believe or you think it's stupid. But what do you have to lose? well good luck 

By anonymous at 01,Oct,10 17:00

Get a christian women. They'll never leave you or use you.

By Emrah at 10,Dec,15 16:11

Andres, you touched on anotehr point that i'd like to make: most of these bloggers who write about politics aren't political experts either. with the exception of The View from Taiwan, i find that when reading political commentary from other bloggers i kinda go "who cares what you think about it? you're just some working dude like me, so what do you know?" also, i realize that such commentary does no good, because no one takes those bloggers seriously for the same reason. on the other hand, i enjoy reading about the things that people do, their personal experiences. on the topics of personal experience, everyone is an expert.

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