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bob's story

Posted by anonymous at November 16, 2010
Tags: Attitude  2010 November  Relationship

i like many others in this world have a girl problem mine starts with the first time i asked a girl out I was instantly rejected so i felt bad but i said hey there are other girls out there my second attempt came about a month later diff girl once again i was rejected and it hurt a little more than the last time and i was bummed out (she was hot) for a few days but soon i got over it but when i would think to ask a girl out i would start to get scarred in my head it was like (i know im going to get rejected so why try) but i would always say to my self you can do this you can do this....then get rejected again and again and again so far i am seventeen years old never kissed never held hands never had a date and i still have fear of rejection and cant ask girls out to this day the tally so far is this 10-12 rejections and 1 maybe....later turned into a refection
even all the girls i hang out with wonder why this happens to me


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By anonymous at 16,Nov,10 11:25

geze buddy thats harsh

By anonymous at 01,Dec,10 18:52

That depends on the type of girls you look for. Most guys go for the hottest girls. These type of girls think they deserve the world and even more,so they are picky and mean. On the other hand, girls like me, not hot,but not so ugly, get ignored all of the time. I donīt think Iīm ugly, but Iīm not pretty either, hence, guys hardly ask me out and I donīt have boyfriends that often, at least not like my other friends, and I am 25! I start to believe iīll always be alone. Anyway... I believe people should stop being so superficial and start focising on feelings, because thatīs the most important thing in life, but nobody seems to care anymore. I hope youīll find someone soon!
By anonymous at 01,Dec,10 19:16

Maybe you should take some innitative and ask a guy out. Maybe you're the one that sets your standards too high. My guess is you're uglier than you think you are.
By anonymous at 01,Dec,10 20:53

lol... u donīt even know me.. and plenty of people have told me iīm not ugly.. so, u guess wrong. Anyway, this is a forum to help people, I donīt know if youīre the guy who wrote this post, but I was just trying to help. If you are the guy who wrote this, then by what u responded, I can see u are way more shallow than what i thought, u`ll never get a girl that way.
By anonymous at 02,Dec,10 19:29

Yeah, you're definitely a fatty. Good luck with life!

By anonymous at 01,Dec,10 19:20

That sucks, man. I'm a year younger, but I feel the same way. Except, at least you have girls to hang out with. Most girls in my school don't even acknowledge my existence.

By anonymous at 03,Dec,10 00:41

Don't fret, you will shag many bitches in the future. In the meantime, just masturbate.
By anonymous at 04,Dec,10 08:48

Yes, he is ready to quit because he struck out twice.
I wonder how many chicks he turned down for friendship?

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