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Can't buy food from the dollar store.

Posted by Cervantes at November 26, 2010
Tags: Mistakes  Money  2010 November  Society  Unemployment

My life sucks because I made a mistake of GOING TO COLLEGE!! Would've been better off working at a warehouse for a number of years and get paid more. Studied Media Arts and Animation and got my bachelor's. 2 years have passed since I gruadated and still can't get a job in the field or even get a job as a dishwasher. I'm always updating my demo reel and portfolio and it's just not good enough for "them"!! Sallie Mae is now calling me everyday even on the holidays demanding me to pay them back or else they will be garnishing my wages and take my tax refunds and social security in the future. People tell me to start paying my loans and I'm going "How the FUCK can I pay $1200 a month on a $9/hr job." Make a payment plan? Yeah right!! For what? For them to jack up the interest rate and STILL declare me as delinquent even though we agreed that I'd pay an "affordable" amount on my "budget"(Yeah right, WHAT BUDGET!!! I'm poor PERIOD!!) THEN put me on default and jack a penalty fee of $30,000? Employers will not hire me because of my credit and obviously think that I'm going to steal from them since I'm in debt AND the fact that I'm hispanic. Of course Arizona employers are going to think that way about hispanics. I've been turned down from 7 good paying jobs that could've helped me pay back the loans but no!! My life sucks!! Stuck here eating wheat bread and drinking water everyday. Just got fired from a warehouse job without a good explanation. They didn't even give me a chance to do the actual job that I was supposed to do. All they did was make me do clean up work while they were training other new hires then fired me. That's fantastic!! Getting tired of people telling me to take responsibility about my loans and it just makes me want to punch them!! Oh yeah easier said thatn done. How can I progress when there's absolutely NOTHING that i can do to fix this. Unless I become a homeless/hungry Sallie Mae slave and pay the debt with minimum wage jobs until I die and not be able to enjoy life AT ALL!!

DON'T GO TO COLLEGE PEOPLE!!!! Unless mommy and daddy are paying for it!!


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By anonymous at 11,Dec,10 12:15

I think you should rent an appartement, with a roommate.
That way you'll split the costs.

Then you have to keep looking for a job.
I know it's hard but, keep looking.
You'll find one.

And then you can start paying of.

And while you have this job,
you can also keep looking for a job that suits your diploma.

Just keep going.

By anonymous at 11,Dec,10 16:51

You have already said there is nothing else you can do! Why not try Jesus and pray to him with a sincere humbled heart. Repent and ask him to forgive you for all your sins and ask him to come inside of your heart. Then go to this scripture in his Holy Bible, King James Version. Matthew Chapter 6:25-31 those verses are about worrying and trusting Jesus to provide. Do not stop there, but continue to worship him daily. This is a short prayer that I pray almost daily!

Dear Jesus
I pray & thank you for my family and ask for peace with my husband,parents,uncles,aunts,friends,neighbors and everyone I come in contact with. I pray for no violence, disunity,or arguing. I pray for peace in our home,within are finances, & at work etc.. Talk to God like you would talk to anyone else. Tell him what you want!

Peace be with you!
By anonymous at 12,Dec,10 10:42

Dear Jesus
Gimme some fucking money!
Jesus won't solve anyone's financial troubles

By anonymous at 11,Dec,10 17:23

You have a shitty attitude. I wouldn't hire you either. Quit being such a baby and actually try to make something of yourself. If you put half the effort into getting a good job or improving yourself that you put into crying about how bad off you are you wouldn't be bitching on this site.
By anonymous at 11,Dec,10 18:35

Well lemme ask you this: what the fuck are YOU doing here?

By anonymous at 11,Dec,10 18:46

Yeah that sucks. If I'd known the truth about college (in most cases, it's just another pile of debt for the average person) I don't think I would have ever gone either.
Don't think working in AZ only sucks for Hispanics, though there are a lot of racist rednecks so it probably does suck a little more. I lived out there back in 02 and couldn't find a job the whole year, and I'm about as white as they come. It's a right to work state and if they can find somebody to work for bare minimum (or below), that person gets the job.
Do what you can, you can't afford to give up. Talk to a rep somewhere about working loans out, they may defer it even more if they get how poor you are. I had a tiny loan deferred for 6 years before I finally paid it off. Keep building a portfolio, but stop hanging on to the idea of hitting it big anytime soon, all it's doing is clouding your judgment. Our generation was definitely lied to about college, you get successful because you have a well developed talent, not a degree.

By anonymous at 13,Dec,10 01:50

Dont worry brother I am going through the same situations as you here in melbourne Australia. I have unpaid debts, just struggling to keep paying the rent on time. I am broke as shit and especially in my position I cannot find work. Its pretty hard down here to unless you are rich.
I feel like I am going a downward spiral but I am keeping my hopes up, hope so I can get a job pretty soon and be able to pay my bills off

By anonymous at 14,Dec,10 20:06

Why don't you go back to Mexico. Stupid illegals.

By at 16,Apr,11 09:52

l24XKG Kudos! What a neat way of tihnikng about it.

By anonymous at 20,Aug,11 00:00

Maybe you shouldn't have taken out 30000 to study media arts. I mean seriousy, WTF were you thinking. You seem like a funny guy though, maybe you could do stand up comedy.

By anonymous at 17,Aug,12 14:55


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