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I hate everything

Posted by It doesn't matter at January 2, 2011
Tags: 2011 January  Loneliness  Religion

I am sick of living this life. I've been a Christian all my life but now I'm losing my faith. I don't understand why people who hate God have such great lives, yet I have been trying to live a moral life all this time and my life still sucks. I work so hard, but everything gets taken away from me in the end. People pretend to be my friends, but they're never there for me. Everything living thing on this world dies alone.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 21,Jan,11 20:03

I'm a Christian too or at least I try to be. I know exactly what you are going though I'm going though the same struggle in life. I still believe there is a God, but I can't help to think that God just made everything for his own amusement.

By anonymous at 21,Jan,11 20:16

True God has nothing to do with this life.

By anonymous at 21,Jan,11 22:28

I so agree. People who are bad get ahead while we try to do good and never get anywhere. But, I don't think we know how to be bad...

By anonymous at 22,Jan,11 15:56

wow wow!!
first of all i am in the same situation of you and maybe worse, but my faith in god will never end and i advise u to stay praying and never stop.. i struggled a lot in my life but god always was there for me and he helped me alot, im relying on him in everything and day after day i realise that he did the best for me and he's teaching me alot of things in this life. Trust me all u should have is FAITH and PATIENCE and days are coming and u will know that god did the best for u and never left you
By anonymous at 25,Feb,11 05:45

am angel.evn am a christain gal.i lost many thgs in my life.major prblm is 27yr old but nvr go out coz of health love frm parents.only jesus hs 2 help u ,dere r many ppl who r alone but stil belives on jesus.iam as same as ur id is
mail me if u cn

By Modeeb at 24,Jan,11 15:37

Whether there is or isn't a God isn't really the issue

Believing that God will make your life better (especially in terms of external things like money, life, relationships, happier etc.) is a new phenomenon. New?

If you had been born even a mere 100 years ago, the only expectation you would have been taught to have of God was to receive salvation in the afterlife. Everything you did, every prayer you made was for one thing only, salvation in the after life.

But in our, "I want everything now," mentally, even the religious people have come to believe that God should bring them good things while here on Earth.

God has been converted into a lottery, a magic genie. Rub the bottle a few times and get your wish. When would it end? Today it's, "God, just a little more money. Tomorrow it's, "God I would sure like that Ferrari." It would never end.

I'm not commenting on whether one believes in God is right or wrong, only that the idea that one's life would change in any "visible" way from the outside, is preposterous. It's more than likely that one's belief in God would only change your external circumstance because you yourself, become a better person for believing. Not because some supernatural being is bestowing gifts upon you for telephoning him once a week like some generous old grandfather.
By anonymous at 17,Aug,13 18:14

You're an idot Modeep. There are needs and wants in life. Obviously you've never experienced a serious sickness that makes life miserable. To ask God for help in this situation is not unreasonable.

By jimmy at 28,Jan,11 00:47

ahhh yeah god is a lie to keep the mindless at bay, when we were kids we had Santa now as adults we have god
there are 2 things you can trust in
You will need number 2 to dig number 1 out all the time
but no matter how deep the hole ,you can dig your fucking way out
trust no one and serve yourself cause no one else gives a fuck

By anonymous at 29,Jan,11 08:39

I used to be a christian. But i am not anymore. Life is too simplistic for there to be an existance of a god.

By Venom at 18,Feb,11 03:34

God exists, the proof is, Atheists have being trying to disproove the existance of god since the day they appeared in that world, and still they couldn't
Again another proof, if god didn't exist in that world, Why would atheist try to disaproove his existance Lmao
For me I'm so fucking ghetto, and u know most of BADASS ppl don't believe in god, but for some reason, I do... and If I was to tell u how did that happen it would take like 4 pages, anyway
I just wanted to say that the reason why god chose Bad ppl to lead a good life and good ppl to lead a bad one is because of a test, IMO, u taste a bad life, and see how it tastes, u get a good afterlife and a light at the end of a tunnel, they taste a good life they go to hell for all what they've done.
Well an advice to u, if u don't believe in jesus anymore, believe in god. u probably know what that means !!

By anonymous at 25,Feb,11 05:44

am angel.evn am a christain gal.i lost many thgs in my life.major prblm is 27yr old but nvr go out coz of health love frm parents.only jesus hs 2 help u ,dere r many ppl who r alone but stil belives on jesus.iam as same as ur id is
mail me if u cn

By anonymous at 05,Mar,11 20:51

Do u believe that it's karma making things up?? Google search it

By anonymous at 15,Mar,11 18:56

God is real and exists. He just lets bad things happen in this world because he can do what he wants. Just because God is silent at answering your prayers does not mean that He does not exist. He can do what he pleases as He has all the power. God does not do anything wrong, He just sometimes refuses to act (is neutral). Lucifer is the one doing the evil in the world. Read the book of Job. God and Lucifer bet on people's souls everyday.
By anonymous at 26,Mar,11 23:52

why allow new generations of people after noahs family. we are here to suffer but all the quotes I can still remember from church "i can do all things through christ which strenghthens me." "seek you first the kingdom of God ...and he'll give you the desires of your heart. I have spent countless maybe pointless hours fasting, praying and reading King James (NIV) versions of the bible. If the bible doesn't lie why did my obeying God denying/crucifying my flesh and living celibate for marriage result in single motherhood with a husband in prison for rape? If God is our father in heaven and hallowed be his name why do his children continue to suffer? I have tried so hard not to lean to my own understanding but none of this makes sense. Where is God when you really need him Why are their so many fake pastors robbing folks etc many are called but few are chosen why doesn't GOD remove the blinds from people before these wolves rape, kill, steal and destroy? Where is my ram in the bush

By anonymous at 23,Mar,11 20:58

God is Jesus Christ. He is the only friend I have and I am proud of it because He is God and He is all I need. I struggle daily but that's the Christian life. My life sucks for now but I have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life. I have had dreams and very few visions but they were life changing. God gives us plenty of time to know Him because whether or not you feel like you have put enough time in you are always progressing in a relationship. Your not going to get anywhere without putting forth a real effort at a relationship. Pray because He does here your prayers, not because your told to do so. Repent because theres a reason behind it!

By anonymous at 28,Apr,11 23:09

Life is hard. Faith in God is a gift. If God has blessed you with faith in His only Son you cannot brush it aside because it is the greatest gift. We, as Christians, will be constantly challenged because the world is becoming more evil.
If every decision we made was easy, if we never encountered any strife, we would not be on the right road. The road to heaven requires us to make difficult, yet, rightful and moral decisions. Those who have no belief in God are lost-they live in the pleasures of this world. God will no longer challenge them, or encourage their spiritual growth. God, though His Son, is making you choose Him first. This life is passing.

By anonymous at 31,Jul,11 23:08

Common sense will tell you there is no God. Religion was created by people. Period. It was created by people who lived so long ago they had no explinations for the many things that happened in the world. The Bible writers didn't even know the Earth was a spherical rock hurtling through space, nor did anyone of them know that there were two other continents to the west with people livng on them. (you think maybe God would have mentioned these things if he really wanted us to believe.)
Another example; If there was an earthquake or volcano and people around them seemed "bad" or "immoral" they blame a tempermental God becuase they didn't know about Plate Techtonics or that volcanos erupt due to pressue and magma under ground. It has nothing to do with a divine hand. You build your city near a volcano, someday it's boud to go off. Same with livng on the shore, someday there will be a hurricane or tsunami. It's the Earth working as it's supposed to...not some asshole God who throws the baby out with the bathwater because of a handfull of "sinners".
I mean think about it...if God is so powerful then couldn't he simply kill only those who are bad? With, say, a heart attack or a brain-fart?
There may be a creator, but it's hardly some self-important asshole who say's he love's you, yet will condem you to everlasting torture if you screw up using the very emotions and minds he gave us. It's all bullshit dude. Life sucks sometimes, we either deal with it or we don't. Wising up and realising that religion is made up is nothing to be upset about. Live your life and treat others as you'd like to be treated. Believe in God if you want, but at least give the creator more common-sense and greatness than the world's religions seem to.

By anonymous at 08,Sep,11 02:34

Tr to choose islam and will know the answer
By at 11,Feb,12 05:36

Maybe you're right..only in that case,that you'll have good life because Islam is a pure religion,Islam teaches you how to be pleased with the things you have now...but Islam is not the answer as any other religions.The only thing I want to advise you is:believe in yourself...accept God only as a creator of anything in the world but not as the Lord!!

By anonymous at 20,Feb,12 06:05

you should watch
The arrivals

By at 02,Mar,12 19:10

seriously bro, you gotta free yourself up. I don't know anything about you, but you gotta keep strong. The only way a person in your position can get by like this is if you find some activity that you can do, all by yourself, that helps you work things out in your head. For me, I smoke some weed when I'm feeling terrible, and it really allows you to find your own solutions. I'm not telling you to smoke weed, and I'm not telling you to do anything specific. Go do something right now that JUST MAKES SENSE to you. If you allow yourself to be in a state of calm and happiness, you learn what are the priorities in your life. Just try it.

By anonymous at 14,Mar,12 09:13

allah ahkbar

By anonymous at 18,Mar,12 00:32

Non-Muslims interested to learn about Islam can now dial toll-free


By anonymous at 03,Jul,12 22:43

God has some kind of deficiency as I point out throughout this website. Deficient theism equals a deficient God would explain why the world is full of cruelties and horrors. Satan rules this screwed up world. The end results are a screwed up natural world a screwed up humanity and thousands to millions of years of suffering evil sin and death.

By anonymous at 01,Aug,12 23:28

nice donnie darko reference

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 23:49

My final comment is directed to all those people who harassed me. I say FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By anonymous at 06,Dec,12 09:06

I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same, but I'm Jewish. I see tons of people who only look out for themselves get the life and things they want.
My belief in god is gone. I can't reconcile child rape, child deaths from cancer, Muslim extremism (decapitations of innocent people, murder of innocents, etc.), animal cruelty and more as god just letting us "learn lessons." Really-- if god wants to take an angel, you'd think he could manage another way than having some savage rape and murder a six-year-old. I mean, he's supposed to be god, right?! I find believers to be hypocritical with their views... how can god care about all of his children, yet allow his other children (really sick monsters) commit unspeakable acts unto innocents? That is not a god I want to believe in, especially when there's no proof of him at all! It actually seems strange to me to believe in god when there is no proof-- almost insane.

I am not arrogant enough to believe that just because I can't answer the secrets to the universe (I'm not a genius scientist) right now that that automatically means there's a god who exists. Who knows? Maybe someday we will be able to definitively answer the seemingly impossible questions, but I don't think that because I don't have the answers a supernatural being is the only answer.
I will say this: I am very depressed almost all the time now that I've realized I don't believe in god, and it's not because I need a relationship with a god and my lack of faith is the problem. On the contrary, I realize that we are all just going to die. There is no meaning to any of this. In a way, I kind of wish I could go back and believe in god because at least ignorance is bliss. I feel I'm at the point of no return-- once I've seen the "truth" I can consciously go back to how I used to think. I sort of feel like I saw the man behind the curtain and now I can't "unsee" him... like I've been duped all this time.

I will continue to do the right and kind things because I love my fellow man (most of the time lol), and I don't like to see people suffer. I especially would not want someone to suffer as a result of my actions, so I will still live according to the values of Judaism (really written by man, I've realized) but I no longer fear repercussions from a god; I only fear my guilt and regret.

I find it interesting that I can refuse to believe in god but find my religion and the teachings of the holy men so inspiring.

By anonymous at 21,Jul,13 01:59

I have been a Christian before, and while I was a devoted servant for The Lord life seemed amazing...I missed out on everything fun and changed who I was completely, from the inside out. I had many friends who ruled my life, I was basically brainwashed through my church family. But life seemed great. I met a lovely man and because the main pastor did not think he was a match for me he gave me the third degree....telling me you are either going to turn away from your faith or get your heart broken....I stayed with my man and they threw me out of the church saying I was a horrible role model for young Christian youths. My friends started not inviting me out and contacting me...very Christian of them...I thought Christians try to be more like Christ...apparently loving caring a I went on in turned to shut of husband and I had children he beat me played around etc..I left....I ran into...the same pastor 6 years later. His wife and him had had two children and were pregnant with their third...they had lived on church offering money in Italy for two years..bought a house...a Bach..a a life a million times better then mine. Assholes! Users and scammers!! Furthermore after everything that has happened to the world since my Christian ordeal..I have come to th conclusion that its all hogwash bullshit!! God has powers to heal the sick, I see children dying painful deaths..expel praying...where are you god? What are you doing? That baby who got shot and batman could you let that happen to an innocent child...yes we have free how come you didn't work a bit of your magic and let the gunman trip just as the shot was fired..knocked himself out on the curb...and saved all those lives being lost? What is the point in faith if you aren't doing shit? There are no guarantees you will help any of's like a random don't take a look at the ones..the good people who work hard and are honest and loving .. Who truely deserve it. I've lost five children .. And you go give another child to that drug abusing slapped up the road....another child in a foster home, born with deformities from drug abuse. We are all just ants and this god has a big magnifying glass ..... Half the time when we think god has healed us it is beause through faith we believe so much in the goodness it makes us feel great so our bodies natural reaction is th heal not god but ourselves. He is absent from the world..we just believe so much he's here and create goodness for ourselves.....

By anonymous at 21,Jul,13 02:03

If there is a god he is a cunt! I doubt his existence at times...because he seems to only favour the dickheads who serve him, left right and centre. And I don't belie e it's him dishing out love at all, it's brainwashed bullshit...and then Christian s get all offended when you tell them why you think the way you do....Christians are all hypocrites.

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