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You think you have it bad

Posted by Susan Jacobs at February 23, 2011
Tags: Death  Family  2011 February  Loneliness  Money

In the past two years I:

1. Lost my beloved husband when he died suddenly and tragically at the age of 48. He slipped on an icy patch, struck his head on the ice/pavement and suffered a major subdural hematoma. He was brain dead upon arrival to the emergency room. We buried him six days later.

2. Discovered that he had not written a will, or changed the beneficiary designations on his retirement accounts after his divorce from his first wife, and let a life insurance policy meant to benefit his (grown) children lapse.

3. Had his four daughters turn against me when their mother told them lies about me and even though I helped to raise them for the past ten years and treated them as my own, suddenly I was the “evil stepmother” out to take their inheritance away from them.

4. Had my in-laws turn against me when the aforementioned stepdaughters repeated the lies about me to them.

5. Had a sister in law and her husband turn against me and verbally pummel me with accusations at the dinner table one disastrous weekend.

6. Was removed by court order, at the behest of the same aforementioned stepdaughters, as the administrator of my late husband’s estate – and replaced by a court appointed substitute administrator who subsequently decimated the estate by selling the house for a pittance and pocketing a major portion of the proceeds as his “fee”.

7. Lost my well paying job as a result of all the stress I was under from all of the above events. I was unable to find another job that would allow me to work full time for a decent wage and not be required to answer the phone (I wear hearing aids and using the phone is very hard for me. The job I had and lost was one in which my employers mercifully allowed me to pass that task to another employee in the organization –a very unusual situation.)

8. Was forced out of my house and home by aforementioned substitute administrator. I also had to move away from the community in which I had lived for the past eleven years because I could no longer afford to live there. I had been a very active and involved founding member of our synagogue, along with my beloved husband.

9. Lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in a litigious fight with my late husband’s ex wife and her daughters. The ex claimed all the retirement funds even though she knew he would not have wanted her to have them, and she claimed he’d died owing her a substantial amount of money, all fabricated. The girls claimed that the second life insurance policy to which I was the sole named beneficiary belonged to them and they claimed the estate as theirs in its entirety.

10. Lost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees due to the above mentioned litigation.

11. Fell into a depression that required a psychiatric evaluation, counseling, and medication.

12. Went from having a large family, many familial gatherings, for weekends and holidays, to living all alone with no one else around and having to invite myself to others for meals so I should not be alone. (Sometimes I felt so badly that I could not do that and stayed home alone).

13. I am still alone and very lonely. My only daughter is married and living overseas. The steps and the ex have succeeded in taking away the larger portion of what should have been mine. They have cost me so much money I am now in debt. I am 51 years old, widowed and disabled. The ex is married, owns her own home, and has a job earning 100k per year. She is also not disabled. But she saw fit to take as much away from me as she possibly could. I do not know what I did to deserve this.


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By anonymous at 11,Mar,11 15:56

greed and jealousy. just remember Job. that's where you are right now.

By anonymous at 12,Mar,11 05:33

people love to destroy others, it's sad happens everyday to many, leaving only shattered lives behind.

By Thomas at 12,Mar,11 17:22

I live georgia. Honda is looking for workers for their new transmission plant in Tallapoosa. You would $15.00 an hour and over 5 you then make $17.00 an hour $0 hours a week. No high diplomia or GED required. I am 38 an disabled myself and hen my father told her a life insurence policy and his new the guy that sold in t plocy he told that we would if anything happen to him the next week he died and is no account crook of girl freind eneded up with the money. Im sued them both including and the guy got fired from his after that. I won big.

By anonymous at 12,Mar,11 19:48

dammit people just suck when under influence of greed and jealousy.. Well whatever you choose to do I hope you do it well.

By anonymous at 13,Mar,11 15:52

My father remaried and when he suddenly died there was no will. He payed for all of my grown stepsiblings to go to college I have no college educatation. I was living with my father. My stepmother sold the house and has controll over everthing she never even gave me the photo albums of me and my Dad taht were in the home dating from my clidhood before he met her. She is now living with her daughter. All of her kids have degrees that lead them to a good career. I however am bi-polar with only a highshcool degree and no work experience I am 30 years old and did modeling before but now i am too old for that. My step-mother has my modelig portfolio which cannot be replaced and is mandatory to get a modeling job since I can no longer live in my fathers home I have moved around already six differant places since he died and have attempted working at about eight differant miminum wages jobs lasting only a few months til they fire me. I have resorted to sometimes sleeping with men for money so that I wont wind up on the streets all I ask is to go to beauty school so that i can have a trade my father died and no one fucking cares and worst is everyone assumes that I got some big inheritence and I am just greedy meanwhile I cant afford the medicine I supposed to take to keep level of sanity. Once people see your week and vonureable that is when they most enjoy hurting you.

By anonymous at 17,Mar,11 10:00

Get new, good people in your life since you found out they are bad.

By anonymous at 02,Apr,11 18:08

Stories like this make me believe there is no god.

Honestly, you should murder the person who did this to you. Yes, murder. You'd be doing the world a favor.

By anonymous at 11,Apr,11 08:37

bitches be crazy.

By anonymous at 04,Aug,11 14:54

greed is good

By at 26,Nov,11 05:10

Back in school, I'm doing so much lraennig.

By Raben at 19,Jul,15 13:47

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By Nyvaeh at 20,May,16 10:39

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