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Posted by soldier boy at May 19, 2011
Tags: Attitude  Environment  2011 May

lets see born into a broken home taken away from broken home mom drinks and is crazy, i drink and am crazy thought that the army would teach me to be a man. realize that i have pissed away every opportunity in life away. am only 21 one screw up and i am homeless never got close to people period because of unknown metal issues. likely to be another vet/former foster youth in the never ending cycle of homeless and prison seriously considering giving it all up and drinking myself to death by any way possible. no dreams or aspirations anymore. man it really sucks and i don't care that is the part that scares me.


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By anonymous at 30,May,11 14:13

good thing is your still young so you can turn it around.drinking or drugs wont help it just causes drama and problems.keep looking for something to be invovled in that will make you money doesant matter how little and go from there life sucks for alot of poeple ive moved from maine to florida left my family trying to start a sealcoating and linemarking buisness here in florida have been going door to door and cant produce a single job because of the economy ive spent time looking for a job as well nothing dead state.serviving on 250 unemployment every week. feel like a prisoneer with nothing to do lots of money invested no money coming back truck keeps braking down cant fix it life just sucks for alot of poeple so you need to fix it or give it up oh ya death comes qiuck a 100 yrs will go by fast and youll be dead so dont rush it just make the best of it till then......

By anonymous at 14,Dec,11 18:00

I totally agree! Life sucks and i'm only 15. I am considering drinking myself to death maybe we can find a cliff together and jump off...

By anonymous at 15,Jun,13 01:57

maybe the VA can help with your problems

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