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untitled story

Posted by feelingsick at February 2, 2010
Tags: Independent circumstances  2010 February  Friendship  Loneliness

im 18 and i live in this shitty country sri lanka and to hell who says it's been rated that sri lanka is one of the happiest countries around. im not from this country but live here because of my dad's job. basically, i've grown to hate this country's people. they gave me da opinion that they're suckers who don't know the meaning of friedship, being loyal, not faking every damn thing, and who lie through their teeth. i had a very close best friend, and we used to share everything together. i went for a vacation for one month to my own country, came back and she is no longer my friend at all, god knows why, n i wish her to hell now. other fiends, i have, but not single of them ready to listen to each other's friend. it's lyk nobody around here knows how to be honest with each other and it's making me feel sick and tired of everyone around me. my parents are not with me now and i have nobody to talk to. how much can life look blacker 2 u than not having a person u like around u?? sucks.


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By anonymous at 04,Aug,10 23:09

i agree with ya all but its not the people its the fucking war thats making sri lanka like this and the politicians. actually speaking i am in malaysia right now and u know what malaysians are worse no hospitality at all fuck them, sri lankans are way better as they dont see much foreigners around they treat u like a king i USA by the way
By anonymous at 12,Oct,11 00:30

Fuck you ass hole! Sri lanka is so hard to live in and is a assface country! You ought to be killed for criticising a country like malaysia you motherfucker! Malaysia has everything sri lanka doesn't have! EVERYTHING!!!!
By anonymous at 18,Mar,13 10:56

atleast we have parents. u came of a donkeys ass and fucks the donkeys so hard u get periods
By anonymous at 24,Sep,12 23:10 Fold Up

Fuck you

By anonymous at 01,May,11 17:46

I live in Sri Lanka (born and raised) and I can agree with what the OP is saying. By far one of the worst countries in the world. The people are racists (I'm sure everyone here knows of the genocide of Tamils happening here).

If you're thinking of visiting here, for your own sake, DON'T.

I'm trying to get out of this hell hole ASAP.

Btw, OP, if you wanna talk, hit me back ;).
By anonymous at 12,Oct,11 00:31

Exactly man!! Same here! Can't wait to get the hell outta here! bloody curse country!
By anonymous at 09,Dec,12 05:21 Fold Up


By at 13,Jul,11 09:26

hey feelin sick,
surely you r a person feeling sick. sri Lanka is a paradise unfortunately it was catagarized as developing country still.
please, you do not ever visit my motherland again...
because we are not welcoming ass holes...
we are a proud nation and proud land...
By Duminda Silva at 29,Apr,13 06:16

A politician can kill anyone and live freely, university students kill each other , you call that country a paradise. LMAO

By at 29,Feb,12 18:38

Well, I was born and raised in Sri Lanka and firstly I need to make one thing clear to all of you. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, and although I am in the US at the moment I've been longing to go back ever since I got here.

As for the people of Sri Lanka, well, that's a different story. Growing up I couldn't help but notice that some Sri Lankans are very selfish. Like if you stay in line for a service, you'd see people jumping queue and trying to get ahead before others who were there before them. Then, there is corruption EVERYWHERE. You couldn't get your driver's license without paying the bribe, even if you were Michael Schumacher! There is no freedom of speech with the present government in power. So many journalists who spoke against the government have just disappeared. Educated people are not given the respect they deserve, and uneducated gangsters and drug lords make important decisions in the parliament.

There is no balance in the distribution of knowledge and resources. Most services and resources are found in cities like Colombo, while the common villager is left to yesterday's methods and knowledge.

Sri Lanka has a decent education system that is very much open to the public. Sri Lanka has a superb public transportation system as well. You can get nearly anywhere on the island by bus or train travel, for a reasonably inexpensive cost(although I believe that is changing now). Like someone mentioned here, Sri Lanka's hospitality to foreigners is unrivaled.

Since the government imposed regulations on the display of alcohol and cigarettes on TV, I have not been able to watch a single movie that was screened on TV properly.

So with the good sides and bad, Sri Lanka is an excellent country to have grown up in. Thanks to Sri Lanka I am a highly independent individual who does not hesitate to take on new challenges, travel to new places and meet new people.

As for the OP feelingsick, here's what I think.
You are clearly very immature, and you clearly don't know how to make genuine friends. I imagine you to be of the very showy type, the type that attracts fake friends no matter where they are in the world. The Sri Lankan friends I have would go out of their way to help a friend, anytime and anywhere, in any given situation. So grow up, make genuine friends and stop cursing the country that's supporting your two feet just because you miss your parents and where you're from.
By anonymous at 09,Dec,12 05:23

Thank you. You summarise it PERFECTLY.
By anonymous at 29,Apr,13 06:17

By anonymous at 16,Mar,19 02:18 Fold Up

fucker than come to Sri Lanka y are living in overseas if it's better than US

By anonymous at 15,Apr,12 22:00

Sri Lankans are fucking perverts. I was walking with my aunt down the beech towards the Mount Lavania hotel and there is a stark naked monkey looking at my aunt and masturbating and making sure she saw it. This was back in 1982. You wouldn't think this is the first time that black baboon saw a white woman. Oh talk about anti-white discrimination in that fucking shit hole. Their fellow nationals had to pay $10 to see animals in a third-rate zoo (the fucking idiots even had CATS, as in felis catus, dairy cows on exhibition) whereas "whites" had to pay $100. We should be kicking the shit out of these black nigger baboons when they come over to "white" countries. These bunch of uncivilized fart catchers will trail white people looking for hand-outs. Lots of butt ugly hookers there too (shave the pubes if you are going to flash them Pleeeeese - talk about CRABS) that you should not be touching which even with a 10' pole.
By anonymous at 13,Jul,12 06:20

hahaha but dont you think this a lil bit too much.. cause im an indian stuck in this mofoing shithole and the things you say like black nigger and stuff kinda offend me.
By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 19:04 Fold Up

Fuck off you fucking white trash cunt. Keep your posts to the KKK forums!
By anonymous at 12,Sep,12 05:51 Fold Up

way cleaner than india thats for sure, and for the idiot who keeps using the n word, that word is not really effective in srilanka. Plus we find ur translucent skin colour kinda gross, no offence, but i saw veins through that shit, and when it gets red thats even worse.

By anonymous at 10,Jun,12 10:38

feelingsick im from another country too wanna meet up?
sucks as hell here

By heshan at 20,Jun,12 14:14

im sri lankan living in this mother fucking country... this country looks like hiroshima 2 weeks after wwii... the women look like a mix of baboons and frogs... there is no fucking place to hang out, i wanna rent a helicopter, eat a lot of fiber and shit all over this 3rd world mother fucking shit hole.. FUCK OFF SRI FUCKING LANKA

By anonymous at 13,Jul,12 19:01

Hello all!

Interesting post. I'm american and I was in Sri Lanka on vacation for like a month. When it was time to go all I could think of was extending my stay. Its a beautiful beautiful country with fabulous people. Way cleaner than India. And I think Sinhalees girl are really pretty. I stayed in heritance kandalama and it was heaven. Best place on earth. No dought about it. I'm most certainly looking forward for my next tour there.
By anonymous at 05,Feb,13 00:03

Nice. I see my father's work as an IT Manager in Aitken Spence hotels paid off.

P.S. Thanks for the nice comments on SL
By anonymous at 29,Apr,13 06:18 Fold Up

Be very careful :(

By anonymous at 13,Jul,12 19:09

Sad how Sri lankans tarnish the image of their own country.

By anonymous at 12,Sep,12 05:50

way cleaner than india thats for sure, and for the idiot who keeps using the n word, that word is not really effective in srilanka. Plus we find ur translucent skin colour kinda gross, no offence, but i saw veins through that shit, and when it gets red thats even worse.

By anonymous at 06,Oct,12 16:50


By anonymous at 10,Oct,12 15:22

I completely agree... people are just god damn fake cant have a open conversation without people giving you the look or thinking you are an idiot coz you think differently just go to any wedding, official event or party its just full of hypocrites and people trying to act smart. Everyone just thinks inside the box or have no vision!! when abroad we use to stick together but once i landed here its full these scum bags and cant wait to get the hell out of here

By anonymous at 10,Oct,12 15:26

I am sri lankan and i have to sadly say this is a paradise for stuck up women... its so screwed even a fat chick has high esteem and taste and the guys seriously will go to all levels to get laid here including backstabbing their friends to sleep with a fat chick :).... with a heavy migration of beautiful women from our country due to how retarded it is this is what our country has come down to
By anonymous at 29,Apr,13 06:19

Well Explained

By anonymous at 09,Feb,13 06:31

Iam a Srilankan. Srilanka is an awesome country to live in. Srilanka is way better than India. I feel doleful to see srilankans spoiling the image of their motherland. Shame on them. Srilanka is a developing country and there is a good hospitality too. If u see few bad people in srilanka pz don't complain about the whole nation. We r exceptional that Pakistanis or Indians. If u visit India u will see garbages on the road, no safety for young girls and all obnoxious activities. Iam a Srilankan and i live abroad. I really miss my country. I'm waiting to go and settle there. In 2013's Best destinations u can find SRILANKA in the number one spot. Iam very proud of that. I was dumbfounded to see that. If u don't like Srilanka just get out of the country. We want a peaceful nation we don't want hatred to grow in our country. So people showing hatred towards Srilanka PLEASE GO AWAY! We are not welcoming idiots to SL!

By anonymous at 16,May,13 00:34

I'm Sri Lankan. And I moved to Canada about two years ago. But my fucking dad wants to move back to that shit called Sri Lanka again. When you compare Canada with Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka looks like fucked up shit in my opinion. And by the way kids in Sri Lanka doesn't even know the meaning of nigger or even the meaning of fuck. They know the meaning of shit because there dads say it all the fucking time, they don't even think its inappropriate even if they are 2 years old.
Funny story huh?

By anonymous at 18,Aug,13 10:23

Kill your self

By matz crorkz at 23,Nov,14 14:55

HHZ8TG Fantastic website. Lots of useful information here. I am sending it to several pals ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you to your sweat!

By anonymous at 23,Jun,18 12:46

No offences , but people are suckers.
Lazy and stupid. Lack of knowledge and no value of money and time.

By anonymous at 16,Mar,19 02:15

yeah Sri Lanka is one of the fucked up countrys in the world, im born and current living here and i know what fuck im talking about,

By cbd washington dc at 28,Sep,20 16:18

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