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Posted by AP at July 6, 2011
Tags: Death  2011 July  Tragic Events

For my 18th birthday I was burying a man that was like my second father in the ground due t him killing himself and never understood why. Couple years later I get a call from my uncle and knew something was wrong but no one believed me. I told my family that he was going to hurt himself but still no one believed me and he lived 600 miles awat. Couple days later he put a pistol to his head and killed himself. The feeling I have everyday is horrible and it eats away at your soul. I cry myself to sleep almost everynight. Then the day of my graduating from college I find out that my grandfather who I was extremely close to dies the night before. I just feel like god hates me and doesn't want me to be happy but I still praise his name. I just want to be happy again. I have not felt happy in five years. Why does god like to see my suffer?


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By anonymous at 12,Aug,11 19:41

Keep praising his name. He's got you guys. There will come a day when there will be so much joy that even this great pain will seem like nothing in comparison. God knows how you feel and he's right there with you. Sorry about what happened. It will get better in time. I know, from personal experience, that if you stick with God and faith through the really hard times, he teaches you to have joy no matter what is happening to you. Remember what you already know: He has always been and he will be there forever. You always have that to lean on. You always have that reason to still have hope. And "the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death"

By anonymous at 16,Aug,11 01:02

Praise Allah. Islam Will Save You. Just Study It. It Is The Truth.
By anonymous at 17,Aug,11 21:21

The more I study islam and other religions holy books,the more I hate them! Bet you never even read the whole koran yourself!

By anonymous at 07,Sep,11 13:59

It sounds like there is a lot of sadness in you and you attract other sad people. I don't think that you should subscribe to any one religion, but there are a lot of spiritual books that give meaning to life, or provide insights and inspirations which help you to understand life better. People kill themselves mostly because they feel there is no meaning in life, no point. "In the end, what difference does it make? why suffer for no reason? even if i make others sad, they will die to and go nowhere, so so what?"

By anonymous at 12,Sep,11 06:41

If you get this, its not your fault they died. You must be a good person - you care enough to want it to have been better for them. Its not Gods fault either but its tough cause it feels like He could have stopped it. We all do dumb stuff that we regret later cause we just hurt and dont want to anymore, cant see that being Gods fault either - He didnt make us do it. He does understand though, and wants better days for us.

By anonymous at 02,Oct,11 17:15

God is not real.
By Nathan at 20,Oct,11 05:32

dude god is real and how would u feel if thi s guy killed himself instead u athiast asshole

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