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to pick myself up

Posted by anonymous at July 19, 2011
Tags: 2011 July  Loneliness

All is good, I have nothing to complain about. But I miss, I miss, I miss. I am young and strong and healthy and pretty, and full of energy and fantasy. I have too much life force in me to gulp down by myself, but also too much to settle for anything that is not good for me. I miss people to be close to me. To caress my body, to cherish my soul.

I am incredibly strong, but also, I am tempted to let myself be overcome with weakness and pain. I miss people to be close to me, to caress my body, to cherish my soul. I miss it so much that I long for men that I know are not right for me to violently break my body, and force contact through beating and threatening to cut me so that I need to let them get close. But I need someone to do that AND to love me.

I pray, I pray to God to make me bear this loneliness, to let me make the right choices. Let me be strong, let me be elegant, let me be patient, let me proudly bear this pain, let me do good for myself and for others. Let me live up to my potential. Let me take this like a man now, although I long to be someone's woman.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 31,Aug,11 09:09

The greatest thing a woman can strive for in this world is independance. Any poverty stricken person from China can sell themselves to a man. And you see even rich women doing the same. Never ever ever seek men, seek to support yourself, or you will have a very sad life.

By anonymous at 31,Aug,11 09:56


By anonymous at 04,Sep,11 23:31

gulp gulp gulp

By anonymous at 10,Sep,11 19:59

so why the fuck are yo here where our life sucks if your doing so fucking good? go fucking find something for your life to suck for or shut the fuck up yi stupid dumb cunt! fuck you and your good life bitch! fucking good life bitcher!

By anonymous at 10,Sep,11 20:02

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By anonymous at 10,Sep,11 20:04

you good for fucking in the ass queer now roll ova

By anonymous at 10,Sep,11 20:07

you faggot queer now roll over im fucking you in the ass like it? suck my dick homoape

By anonymous at 11,Sep,11 06:02

Cut her a break trolls.

No matter how sucessful one is, we all crave for something that's missing in our lives.

By anonymous at 24,Sep,11 18:25

Wow. Thank you for your comments. Iīm a girl by the way, but I like anal sex ;-) But seriously, thank you for your advise in the first comment, it is good advise. And thank you for defending me in the last. I do gulp a lot, hey?

Sorry if I put myself in a place where you might feel I am not supposed to be. When I found the site because I was feeling bad the terrible stories of many people touched me, and I contemplated about the incredible strength of these people and wished better things for them.

In my defence also, I do feel deeply sad sometimes and underlining what I do have is something to deal with the difficult parts of life. I have been depressed, some shit happened to me over the years and I have contemplated to kill myself for a period of time when I was younger, so it is not that I totally donīt know what people on this site are talking about.

But the bottom line is that I love love love life and I love people; I can sense the beauty in the smallest details as well as the all-encompassingness of the world. Please donīt be mad at me for that, try to see it with me, even if it is only for a flash of a second. This is not mine but it struck me recently and the thought might be useful: Do you believe in hunger? Do you believe that hunger is a reality in the world? Than why not believe in satisfaction?

By Adobe OEM Software at 07,Mar,12 14:25

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