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I Found Her.

Posted by dontaskdonttell at September 27, 2011
Tags: Death  2011 September  Tragic Events

I'm a lesbian teenager living in Texas, and I had a steady girlfriend for a year and a half.
I was bullied constantly at school for being gay, or being "emo", and basically just for being different.
I began cutting myself at age 10, and contemplating suicide by 12.
My girlfriend had a lot of the same issues as I did.
We would always randomly surprise each other by just showing up at their house, and on this Monday night last July, nothing was different. I knew she was home, I knocked on the door and her step-mom answered. She told me my girlfriend was in her room, so I headed back there and opened the door.
At first I thought she was standing in the closet. Then I noticed the blood on the wall and the shoelace tied around her neck.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 18,Nov,11 19:51

You should move to Seattle, WA. Almost everybody there is like you.

By CynusMom at 22,Nov,11 20:04

I'm so very sorry for your loss and the added trauma of finding your friend like that. Are you thinking about killing yourself? Is there anyone that you can talk to?

By anonymous at 24,Nov,11 12:25

By anonymous at 06,Dec,11 03:45

your a dumb whore.
By anonymous at 12,Dec,11 08:42

fuck you-why on earth would you say something like that to someone who is grieving and has been through a traumatic event!?

By anonymous at 17,Mar,12 20:54

Girl, not to mock you or anything,but who kills themselves with a shoelace?

By Brian at 27,Mar,12 10:13

Wow some of these people commenting are heartless for saying all that shit.. Im a 17 yr old kid teen/whatever and I dont know how it feels to lose people to death but i know how it is to lose the people close to you and how people say "Theres a million girls/guys out there." and how they arent understanding Dont listen to them Do what gives you the Most happiness or close to it.. thats my email I just want to help people that goes through the same things like this and me so yeah anytime..

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