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Who can ever know?

Posted by Echo at March 1, 2010
Tags: Abuse  Juvenile problems  2010 March

My life sucks hardcore. my granma just died and im wresling with the fact that im addicted to alcohol and drugs. i take drugs to forget that my brother sexualy abused me for six years and now is physicaly abusing me. i have to move out in two months, my ex is harrasing me im thinking about dropping out of school because im pregnant. oh did i mention that im only 15? i might just end it all. FFFFFUUUCCCKKK you life and those who broght me into it


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By anonymous at 01,Mar,10 20:23

By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 09:16

By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 22:00 Fold Up

whats so funny ?
By anonymous at 04,Mar,10 22:15 Fold Up

I need help. I wake up in the morning and all I can seem to think about is having anal sex with Steve Wilkos. On my lunch break at work I sneak off to the bathroom to jack off to his chocolate love hole, and every night I lay in bed all i can think about is tossing his salad. How Id love to just get one finger in that hershey highway! What to do?

By at 01,Mar,10 20:59

The first step you must do is lay off the drugs, just STOP it completely. that will be one load of burden off your chest. You are pregnant and this baby does not deserve to suffer from the sideaffects of the drugs you are taking, that is if you decide to keep the baby.

If someone is mistreating you, open up and tell somebody already!! don't let this go on for 6 more years. You are soooo young. you need an adult to step in to guide you and offer protection. If i were in YOUR shoes, I would go to the school counicilor and tell her/him what all you are going through. Schools WILL get invovled and they will contact social services to put you in a more stable environment. Don't just stand there and let people have their way with you. you need to fight and speak up for yourself becuase your brother deserves to be behind bars.

Don't drop out of school! a decent education will get you further in life then a broken one. keep your tail in school and give the baby up for adoption if you cannot take care of yourself or are too emotional to be responsible for a child.
By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 11:09

ill try, ill try.. but now i have nothing to live for, except ma child, what is there out in the world for me? i feel no happiness, no joy. not any more. so why live on i dont have anything
By at 02,Mar,10 17:37

I Know that things RIGHT NOW seem soooooo painful and i must admit, i can't imagine all the things you are going through now. If your life were to end over these sick idiots, that would only mean that THEY were worth your life being thrown away, PLUS you will let them win. I strongly urge you to turn your brother in and even if they don't believe you, at least they have something to hold on to just incase someone else may charge him with sexual. you may never know.

Yes, live for your child. I know that you are young and not ready to be mother, nobody is, but once you see that adorable face, nothing else is going to matter. I would say this baby is the best thing out of your problems. bringing a life into this world is just one of the most miraculous things ever.

If you can't take care of the baby, see if OTHER relatives can help you, or your only option is adoption and when you are able to take care of yourself, getting a college degree or just a very good and stable job, go back and take your baby. None of the things that are happening to you are your fault, you are NOT to blame at all! You just need ALOT of love and support.

And please do not pay attention to empty-hearted people on here. This website is already depressing enough and it really grits my teeth that i can't understand how a human being can say cold things and then take joy out of it. it is not just happening to you, take a look at the other stories on here.

But anyway, keep your head high. Your days right now may be dark, but think of the 70+ years you got left. Look forward to those.

By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 11:31

fuck you and the horse you rode in on!
By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 11:32

what the fuck? whats that supposed to mean you shithead?
By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 17:08

shes a whore.. i didnt even kiss a guy at age 15 no smpathy i am ahole number 1. No sympathy for 15 year old slut drug addicts.
By anonymous at 03,Mar,10 11:04

she got prego becuse her brother raped her...
By anonymous at 03,Mar,10 21:40

no she got prego coz oh her boyfriend.
By anonymous at 04,Mar,10 09:40

i can charge him of stagatory rape. my child is the proof
By anonymous at 05,Mar,10 08:52 Fold Up

let's try to be correct here, do not describe the previous poster as a shithead when he obviously is a fucktard.

By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 21:56

hey look fuck u everyone who laughs about those kind of stuff ! everything is possible in life and i wanna tell this girl that everything is fixable ! the god gave u a child u should be happy and also there is one more thing i wanna tell u dont trust people never think that they are nice people and they wanna help u .i hope u understand ... your Bf is so gay seriously manly guys dont do that . he is the one who has to finish his life u know what i mean... i got in to this page by incident and im not that kind of person to do those kind of stuff but im always happy to help someone so ill be happy if u understand my words i know its easy to say but u have to be happy for your child

By at 02,Mar,10 23:55

Sorry about your grandma :o( That sucks.
Drugs & alcohol sometimes seem like the a way out. For me it was a temporary vacation, an escape. But they don't help you get ahead, they just prolong the misery. I know it might be hard to understand but if you quit that stuff, life will be a little easier. Sound like you got a lot going on and that junk needs to go. If you keep on that stuff, a child will be hurt or you could get arrested for possession, then your life could really suck. At least your not at that point. Stop now.

Get help about the situation with your brother or it will only get worse. Talk to an adult. I realize I don't know your brother and what he will do if he found out you were going to get help. He might hurt you. But if he's hurting you now, all the more reason why to get help asap! Guys who hit girls are wusses. As soon as someone stands up to them, they back down.

Don't end your life now, don't give up. Quitting is not the answer. What your brother did was evil. He needs to pay for it and you're the only person who can stop this. Who else has he hurt? Who will he hurt? Do you want another teen to go through what you did? Talk to someone!

By anonymous at 03,Mar,10 10:10

Don't give up beautiful. I've been in your shoes before and there is a brighter day ahead of you. Don't give up hope. Here's a site that helped me out:

By anonymous at 03,Mar,10 10:34

Pray girl! I know there are people who don't give a s__t about prayer and God but do it. Do it and see what happens. say "Lord take my life, do it today, right now make something happen, I am at wits end, I need hope right now". I'll do the same. you have absolutely nothing to lose. One day you may be able to save someone else in your situation from despairing life! that would be your miracle.

By anonymous at 03,Mar,10 12:20

tell someone! thats what you have to do! dont live like that!

By anonymous at 03,Mar,10 21:29

Your brother abused you? A good chainsaw costs only $129.99, Duh! And you can rent a wood chipper for $19.95 per weekend.
(for those terminally clueless, go rent the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Fargo)
By anonymous at 04,Mar,10 09:39

:P nice. apperently killing someone is against the law... oh well!
By anonymous at 05,Mar,10 08:57

Oh, yeah, my mistake. Invite your brother to an alligator farm and "accidentally" push him over. Whoops! An unfortunate accident!

By mary at 05,Mar,10 04:11

First of all talk to an adult at school or maybe to someone at church. In Europe there are houses where teen mothers can get a place to stay with others with their problems, check it out, no idea what there is in the USA. Get out from there!! Now you have to think about your child and not allow your family to harm it! You can think of giving the child for adoption if you do not manage to take care of it. Do not drop out from school!!!! What will you do once without any diploma?

You have the right to go to the police and report all of this!!! Just be sure to have a place to stay and do not go back home! I had a similar problem I reported my mother and she got into trouble and she never treated me badly again. Actually she did not dare to come anyway near me for a couple of years.

I know you won't listen because drugs really f.. you up, but at least try to do something about your addiction. It's not your fault that you got pregnant, you are too young to judge and everybody just took advantage of you, but you have a responsibility now for your child.

By at 05,Mar,10 19:31

Oh! i didnt know you got pregnant by your brother, i thought it was someone else. I'm really sorry!1

By anonymous at 08,Mar,10 00:28

I agree that ur life sucks... I would give birth to the baby, give him to adoption, thn kill yourself... I wanna die too... My lifes Fucked up, but yours is worse. But please don't take that offensively.
By anonymous at 08,Mar,10 12:13

Thanx great advice. Ill get right on that
By anonymous at 09,Mar,10 09:02

if u really want to end it all, why post it here? Just go to NYC and jump off the empire state building, guaranteed that u will succeed in death, so don't talk about it, just do it. it works.

By anonymous at 09,Mar,10 22:06

the person who posted HAHA on here is an inconsiderate, ignorant, fuckwit with no conscience. Dont listen to IT.Your only 15, stay strong, get away from your degenerate "brother" anyway you can..even though i hate cops..i say go to them or some sort of agency out there for help. I just cant imagine a brother doing that to there own sister..its totally fucked. Im Palestinian so in our culture we have a very strong family oreintated..if a family member was sexually abusing another family member that person would be killed straight out..regardless of the consequences..that sort of thing just isnt done. Stay strong and get help ASAP.
By anonymous at 10,Mar,10 11:25

nah, fuck dat, i like the other persons advice, go to NYC and jump off the empire state building, u will go splat and thats it, finish, dead, no more problems.

By Echo at 24,Mar,10 13:08

my nephew just was killed. he was four, and he was attacked and killed by a small pack of sled dogd... now im more depressed
By anonymous at 28,Mar,10 07:39

what? are you making that up or what? too many misfortunes it's seriously sounding fake..
By Echo at 29,Mar,10 11:35

Check the news... Sabock Akpalialuk was my nephew. all this shit is true, and i have to deal with all of it. it sucks that u think im lying, but im telling the truth

By Kevrel at 15,May,17 01:09

Great artceli, thank you again for writing.

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