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I'm 12 and considered a slut

Posted by Elaina at October 16, 2011
Tags: Juvenile problems  2011 October

I have never has sex ever... I admit I have had 9 boyfriends but the farthest I go is making out every where I go people call me a slut and some days I want to cry... I have thoughtabout starving or cutting myself I really need help. I am dating a guy that I love he is so sweet I have only kissed him on the cheek but when I turn around there are guys telling me how a slut or whore I am I cry myself to sleep I really need help.... Plz comment


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By Taylor at 01,Dec,11 16:28

it doesnt matter what people say about you its how you feel about your self. this boy that your in "love" with could be with you for two reasons.
1. he wants some.
2. he truly loves you for who you are.
if its cuz he just wants to get it in, your screwed.
if he really loves you, be happy, enjoy life while you can, love him.
honestly, 12 year olds dont really "know" what "love" is. im 15. i thought i knew what love was when i was 12, but trust me you dont now what it is.
i have been with the same boy since i was 9.
weve never went any further than kissing.
people also called me names.
you have to stay with someone that you can see yourself being with forever. love isnt what you think it is. you have to stay with someone to find out what it is. you cant explain love with words. trust me i tried.
i hope this helps, atleast a little.

By anonymous at 02,Dec,11 01:10

If you are 12, the last thing you really need to think of are guys. You are dating way too early. Even if you have never had sex, when people see the same girl with a different guy every other week or month they are going to assume things about her, thats just how people are.

Even if you are not a slut, you are definitely setting yourself up to be hurt by guys later in life. You keep looking for love from them. Stay single for a few more years and learn to love yourself first. Thing will be much better for you later in life, rather than the road you are currently on.

By at 02,Dec,11 11:15

I agree with Taylor, honestly you shouldnt even worry about this, dont be so concerned about the "love", you are still too young to fully understand it. Of course people calling you a slut when your nothing even close to a slut is bad, but Im assuming thoes people are also your age and therefore thats how they see things, its their loss really. I know this from personal expierience, I was your age and I thought I was in "love" haha, I wasnt even close and "love" kicked my a$$...
Am 16 now and have learnt A LOT, so just enjoy life as it is and dont be too concerned about this :)

By anonymous at 03,Dec,11 22:46

Why do you let people control your feelings ?
Girl You need to grow some balls and stand up for yourself and stop crying no wonder they make fun of you ..

You know your not a slut so why do you let others effect you .
Just smile and walk away and they will grow tired and move on to someone else who gets up they will see you do not care and leave you alone .

Grow a backbone nt a wish bone

By anonymous at 04,Dec,11 06:02

ur 12? ie dont hav a gf im 13. how are u 12 wit 9 bfs? they dont think ur a slut they make fun of u for havin bfs and they feed off u crying. i would it would b fun to see someone as weak as u cry. i kno im being an a23hole but u need some balls girl. ur not even SUPPOSED to ave sex at 12. Its stupid ppl like u that cant handle being made fun of. take my advice. nxt time someone says ur a slut giv em the finger. if they get pissd and come after u id fight back but assuming ur a weak little 12 year old u shud run like hell.

By anonymous at 06,Dec,11 20:40

ay bitch you need to quit givin that nappy pussy up for free and come make some money wit a real nigga!
By anonymous at 07,Dec,11 21:27

What a brain less jerk! You wana be pimp!!

By anonymous at 02,Jan,12 00:22

Here's what I did when I was in ur situation. I strategically dated a popular guy but acted like a total freeze with him. He then told everyone I was a fridged. Then I stopped dating boys in my area...way better and people aren't all up in ur business. Good luck girl!

By yeah at 25,Jan,12 19:52

hey dont lison to them i was in you postion i had 6 boyfirends in just 1 tream i have lessend the boyfriends ihave like 2 a tream if you kiss them tounge this started when i was 11

By at 01,Feb,12 21:44

You are a slut. A no good, dirty slut. Who, in a non-slutty mindset, at 12 has that many boyfriends? I don't even want to picture how many you'll have had by the time you're 18. You'll be like the school horse(cuz the entire school would have ridden you by then you slut).

By at 01,Mar,12 03:34

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By anonymous at 24,May,12 16:13

It just means the guys want you.

By crorkz jremy at 23,Nov,14 17:25

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