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Unusual Story

Posted by anonymous at January 11, 2012
Tags: Health  2012 January

My story is quite different from everyone else. You see me and I look just like any other normal person...but my problem is quite different,I am a 20 year old person that has a urinary track infection that refuses to go away. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I ABSOLUTELY HATE myself whenever I wake up wet..and the stomach cramps after is horrible.

If anyone has any solution, please help me! I'm soo scared of anyone else finding out...


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By anonymous at 03,Feb,12 20:34

lots of water and some cranberry juice but mostly drink water till you pee clear liquid.. this means you are drinking enough water to clear your urinary tract, once you make this a habit, you infection should get better.Always drink enough water to have clear pee, if your pee is bright yellow you do not have enough water intake.

By anonymous at 03,Feb,12 20:51


By at 03,Feb,12 21:40

Have more fresh produc in your food. Have more tomato, stop smoking, sleep early and getup early. Drink more water everyday, and dont live on tea and coffee.
By anonymous at 04,Feb,12 04:10

Yes, stay away from anything with caffeine, it's a diuretic, meaning it makes you have to urinate more frequently.

By anonymous at 03,Feb,12 23:51

try ba zheng san. a terrific hebal formula that works so well

By anonymous at 04,Feb,12 02:34

You probably don't have a UTI... Judging by your symptoms it is likely a little more serious. I suggest seeking medical help.
By anonymous at 13,Mar,12 10:17

I agree. There has to be deeper issues.

By anonymous at 04,Feb,12 04:20

I strongly suggest going to a doctor if it has gone on for very long. Sometimes you can get UTIs to go away on by themselves by drinking cranberry juice and lots of water and keeping clean. But then can easily be treated with antibiotics most times.
I had my first urinary tract infection not too long ago and went to my student health clinic to get rid of it. After 3 catheters (OUCH! to get a sample b/c they thought my bladder wasn't emptying, but it was, I just went to the bathroom and then got into my appointment early so I had nothing left when they asked for one) and about 2 hours later, they threw some antibiotics my way. Unfortunately it came back because the antibiotics either didn't take effect (or I just happened to get another one right away maybe?). Went to an acute care back home, got a different antibiotic and it went away finally. That was a terrible month that went on.
In the mean time, drink cranberry juice and lots of water. They also have cranberry pills you can take which might help out some to keep urinary tract infections away after you get rid of it. I'm guessing they made those for people who frequently get UTIs.
If you are sexually active, stop until it's gone. When it is gone, if you are still going to be sexually active, be sure to urinate after sex. Sometimes if you don't it can cause one due to sexual activity pushing bacteria into the urethra, urinating clears that bacteria out of the urethra.

By anonymous at 04,Feb,12 14:22

My cousin got the same problem , go and see a pcychoanalisis .

By anonymous at 04,Feb,12 15:07

I dont have a urinary tract infection but I get a recurring yeast infection or maybe it's BV anyways keeps going back and forth between the two. So i kinda know what its like to have something that doesn't seem to go away, although your illness is more serious.

By dusk84 at 06,May,12 23:51

quit fucking dirty bitches and you won't get UTI's

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