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What's The Point?

Posted by anonymous at March 20, 2012
Tags: 2012 March  Philosophical

Admittedly, I have it better than some. I'm not going to waste my time writing about my life or anything, because I think the real question is what is the point of living? After we die, we lost everything, good and bad, only for others to inherit it. Even if our problems get better (whether by hard work or by miracle) other than being happier life is still a complete waste of everything.

Why even worry about anything when we're just going to die anyways. See it's the economy and hiearchy of the world that really ruined everything. Cave men didn't care about money nor did they need it to make them happy. They just did what they needed to do. If it wasn't for our social environment we would all probably realize that everything is just totally pointless.

I really wish I was dead. Life is full of dissapointments. I mean, whats the point of life if you're just going to be let down?


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By anonymous at 21,Mar,12 00:03

I'm guessing you are not as old as me. I've wrestled with those ideas when I was younger. I wanted to know why I was on this world and what I was supposed to do. I'm much older now and still haven't found any real answers, just different levels of satisfaction and content. I'm happy I have a job and don't need to struggle to eat or worry where I'll sleep. I'm happy I have hobbies to fill the days off. I spend time helping others. You know there are no definite answers as to why we're here and you might never find one, but perhaps you could just find out who you are first and then figure out how you can make yourself happy. Discover for yourself how you can be part of this world. Discovering who you are is a journey that takes a lifetime.

By Truth at 21,Mar,12 01:00

Hey I just wrote a play for you! You're welcome!

Players: Emo guy who hates life and wants to die, "Mom" , "Dad", "Sister"

Emo Guy: " Oh gawd I want to die, there's nothing to live for!!!

15 minutes later, scene open with "sister knocking on "emo guy" door.

Sister: Enrico de la Hoopa? Time to wake up!

sister knocks again...three times, then opens door.


Mom: Oh my Vaginia! is it messy?

Dad: " Yes, Vaginia, can we clean it ourselves or is it for the pros?

Sister: " I'm not sure, it seems he has impaled hijmself on his 'lucasarts extendable LightSabre (tm) " so I'm not sure! We need to close the door and talk as a family!

..closes door , but hears sounds from within and opens it again...

"Emo guy: "unnghh ohhh ohhh ohhh...ummMMMM HMMMMMM ahhhhh!!!"

Sister: " EEEEEWWWWWW...It's messy NOW!"

Mom: " Eh wat?"

By Truth at 21,Mar,12 01:03


Dad: " What do you mean, eh?" 'canadian accent'

Sister: seems Enrico was just massaging his prostate with his magic extendible LightSabre(tm), and now it's really messy!

Emo guy: Unngh...ungh....ahhhhhhh. spurt., yeah, kill yourself with the LightSabre (tm), please...

By anonymous at 21,Mar,12 04:44

our suffering caused by society , I wish all of them come down suffer like me ,

By anonymous at 21,Mar,12 04:58

Yes life is full of disappointments. That is true, not going sugar coat it. You are here for a short period of time on this earth. You only get one chance to get it right and you'll probably never way. So why bother?

well there are many reasons why it should matter. don't think about what life has to offer to you but what you can offer to life. I don't know who you are. But you may be a son or daughter. a brother or sister. a friend to someone.

no matter who you are, it does matter. your life is a gift. someone must of cared about you at some point in your life. if everything was easy, that wouldn't be life.

By ChooseLife at 16,Oct,12 10:15

Understand you are not alone with your thoughts.
Learn to enjoy the simple things in life.
Focus on the things you want in your life - make it happen
Scrap the 'why me?' attitude for good - understand you are not alone with your thoughts. Understand that Your going to fail.. sometimes over and over again, everyone does! You're also going to succeed.

Love is my meaning in life. It is so powerful it lives on long after we are gone. To love and to be loved. Life after death in the memories of your loved ones. Being special enough to be fondly remembered by those WE felt were important people in our lives. The people we care about. To be remembered and missed. Family, children, friends.

Now that's worth sticking around for

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