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Wolf in sheep clothing

Posted by Weak at March 26, 2012
Tags: Family  Juvenile problems  2012 March  Stepmom

My stepmother I didn't hate at first. I'm not one to hate, even. My own mother is too busy to spend time with me, so from elementary till highschool I've lived with my father and stepmom. They're both psychotic! They've both physically abused me, and not these little slaps you get but bruises and cuts. She's bullied me from elem till now, and the only way I've gotten through were my friends. I had to stop telling them the truth about my family after they said they would call the cops to get my dad and her arrested, because it really was bad. I'm not strong enough to just ignore them and everything jer amd her stupid sisters say (my stepaunts) hurt me, I'm bullied but why!!! , and I literally have no social life because she monitors everything, don't you have your own life! I was banned from school by my father once after I refused to listen to them any longer, and go to my mom! I should be able with her damnit! mom divorced him and I know it was because he's batshit crazy, but I can't trouble her with this because she's already working so hard! He's got some sort of thing where he believes he owns my life, and here at 18 im struggling to escape. He says he'll hunt me down if I try to leave, and my crazy stepmom agrees with him! I hope to leave soon, im always locked in my room like a prisoner. My stepmom has been saying too lately that I'm a nuisence and won't amount to anything. I'm too afraid to date because my father and stepmom will drive him away with their monitoring and spying! I don't know what to do.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 26,Mar,12 13:52

wow, that's horrible. really, if you are 18. you should leave. why not go to college? go to dorms? get financial aid. talk to your mom and tell her you want to live with her. if it really gets bad, get a restraining order against your dad and stepmom.

By Cursed at 26,Mar,12 17:00

Hello dear-
I believe that at 18 you are legal to do what you wish. They have no legal right to "keep" you under lock and key. So if you wish to leave, they have no power to call the police and have you arrested. Legally- You're an adult! Congratulations. If you are unhappy with your situation- like the poster above recommended, live with your mom. Get into school- get educated in a field that will prepare you for a SKILLED, solid, career. In anycase, if what you claim is true- that they physically hurt you- they could be in some serious hot-water if you were to inform the police. Certainly your choice. But if I were you, I wouldn't put up with one more minute of it!
Be strong-
We're all rootin for yah!
Sister Cursed

By Truth at 26,Mar,12 17:28

Here's what I'd do.

I'd go down to Johnny Quik and get a string of rubbers. The ones called "XXXtra Large", and then when your step mom is not looking I'd leave half the strip hanging out of her purse where you know your dad will find it. Don't say anything at this point though.

Go back to Johnny Quik and get a few of those hair picks that black people use, and leave one in the car, in your dads dresser, behind the toilet in the basement shitter..etc.

About a week later, make up a skillet of mustard greens while your stepmonster and dad are at work, and then put a few scraps on a plate and leave it on the table. Make sure you're not there when they get home.

Now watch out for cuts and bruises and black eyes on your stepmonster. Problem solved there!

As for your dad...I'd tell him that when he's 90 you will be there to take care of him, sounds like a gesture of loyalty and friendship, but in reality you'll be saying, " Oh yeah, when your drooling all over yourself and shitting your bed mightly, I'll be laughing my ass off drinking sloe gin on the couch while you slowly rot away in your own filth."

This should embolden you to go out and get laid for once you goddamn tree pig!
By anonymous b at 06,Jan,13 00:12

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By anonymous at 17,Apr,12 19:27

I fucked my stepmom in the ass.
By anonymous at 16,Mar,13 06:26

I did too.. she was good wasn't she, you stupid little cum-dumpster. By the way... remember the morning you woke up and your ass was a little sore... yep.. I did that. The pics are on Facebook with your real mom holding your ass up for me. Enjoy your new life with HIV, prick!

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