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the ugly bitch i am

Posted by ugly bitch at March 27, 2012
Tags: Appearance  Attitude  2012 March

once u become ugly or once u notice that you are ugly there is no turning back... you cannot convince yourself that you are pretty.. and ugly brings alot to you. it brings never having a boyfriend, all your friends are prettier and it brings depression. I have never been so insecure , i have no idea what got into me.. and the thing is i dont care if im " pretty " or "cute" i want to be fucking beauitufl and gorgeous!! will i ever be that girl that everyone looks at and says "wowww" NO ofcourse not cause i have thiss fucking huge nose , moustache coming, small lips, weird eyes, nasty curly ass hair... im a girl btw and im only 14 but i feel like life is just going so wrong and i always have bad luck and i always cover my face and im just so fucking ugly its fucking disgusting, i am a joke , i feel bad for people that have to look at me beccause i know i would not want to look at someone that looks like me.. my noseee fuckinggg killlssss me you dont understand i wish i had a cute small nose but noooo i have this fucking hugee shitt.. like wtff i cant take pics cuz of my nose nd on top of all my flaws i have yellow teeth which i dont get because i brush my teeth every day twice a day.................... ughhh i hate myself so muchhh, i always think about suicide but thwen i think what if i change?? maybe theres hoppe i doubt it tho.. im so unexperienced (not tht i should be ) but still everyone made out already with boys nd i had one nasty ass tap kiss when iwas in 4th grade. like i will never get kissed again.. sure im funny, and have a nice persoanlity but be honest would u want a ugly ass bitch with a nice personality or a hot girl with an okay personality? life just fucking sucks and everything just needs to suck a dick becauseee thats what everyone deserves how come god brings so many misfortunes to me... like wtf im ugly i have no mom and my ddadddd iss bipolar like wtf god seriouslu he makes beautiful peoples lifes so good so y cant u make mine good
why id u have to curse me with this awful nose and awful face and body and clothes and just everything bout me is soo wrong.. i do not thing its normal to hate myselff so muchhh. im going to explode one day. i cut myself all the time
i deserve it im an ugly bitch and ugly bitches deserve to get pain. i do not want to be called pretty i want to be beautifuyl . pretty isnt good enough for me, i know im sounding really pathetic butt pretty is the lowest of beauitufl and that is an insult to me, well then again i get insulted everyday its not like it makes a difference. i ont understand why everyone has to be so mean and call me names and talk behind my back about how ugly i am , they think i ont hear when i doo, it makes me so upset i try to build my self esteem and i try to better and be strong, but i have collapsed now and i am not strong , i hate myself i deserve to die something horrible always happens so might as well do something to me god.. harm me like u always do.. make me cry like u always do. i love the pain. u have taught me that the only thing life will bring is pain. nd peoople really dont know me, they think im a drama queen for being upset, but i have been so hurt nobody understands i cant go a day without covering my nose and mouth ask anybody i am so upset all the time and i just need to die, i have to everything will be better and everyone will be happy, i have no true friends anyways.. its my time to go .. so this is my goodbye letter for everyone who will somewhat care... dont bother writing back because i will no longer be here,, i hope youu understand what im going thru... bye..


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New Comment

By anonymous at 28,Mar,12 00:10

Dear Self-styled Ugly Bitch, most of your perceived flaws can be fixed with cosmetics, a better hairdo, fashionable clothing, etc. Basically, the glamorous girls look polished, and polish can be bought and/or learned. Of course there are some natural beauties, but men are afraid to try with them, anyway, so why compare yourself to them? No point in yearning to look like a celebrity, since every photo you see of them has been retouched and faked, and most of them have had lots of plastic surgery, too.

Be happier.
By Cursed at 28,Mar,12 15:05

I concur-

By anonymous at 28,Mar,12 00:20

human imagination blows everything out of proportion so i would guess that your a decent looking girl. And you need to build more confidence guys like girls who feel secure and satisfied with who they are. only the rapists and douche-bags go for the insecure ones.

By anonymous at 28,Mar,12 02:54

anyone can be beautiful when you really spend time and take care of yourself. there must be something that you have that are better than others.
i am a girl with a scar on my face and i felt the same way when i was a teenager and cried so many times. i still feel insecure but i tried to overcome it.
you are too young and there is still time to improve.
study hard and get a decent job then you can buy pretty clothes and cosmestic and then find a nice guy 10+ years later.
Spend your time wisely now and improve your inner beauty and make yourself smarter first. once you have the confidence and money, you will become attractive.

By Truth at 28,Mar,12 17:40

They say beauty is only skin deep...which is true enough, but ugly is right down to the bone. It's painful, and that's why this is so vexing for you. At least you're not a liar like most of the sorry vomit flies here. You said it like it is, you screamed it out proclaimed it to the world...

"IT'S TRUE....I AM A CATHOLIC GIRL!!!", you're ugly. Mirrors don't lie. But, there are certain things you can do. Your little moustache you can put some australian bug fuck juice on and peel it away. Oh, you'll scream and it'll leave a new red moustache that's even more noticable, but at least Joey the highschool band manager won't feel like he's kissing 6 grit sand paper when he makes out with you in the dark.

Your nose...well, so assclown is going to walk up to you and say , "hey, I wish I had that nose full of quarters!" , and then you will have already prepared for that by listening to truth, and you'll have a handful of quarters and you'll be like hang on man, and you'll turn around and put them all up your nose and then look at him and say "Dow you could hab be all to yourself ass clown". And it'll be true love!

There's nothing I can say about the yellow teeth except maybe don't wear contrasting clothing, or how about keeping your fucking mouth shut? i dunno...seems logical.

Finally, there isn't anyone out there who is going to give a fuck what you look like when they're taking you from behind and all the see is greasy mound getting pounded. The doggie style position was sent down by god just for people like you! Light switches and paper bags too.
By anonymous at 28,Nov,12 02:03

Wow are u proud man! Cuz ur a bitch ass, heart cold. U know something ur ARE THE UGLY ONE!
By Strange Kid to Truth at 03,Apr,13 22:33 Fold Up

Fuck Truth, does that mean I cam fuck you doggystyle? I need to fuck you badly you know that? I already am pestering Mercy to let me fuck him since no way i hell am i being the damn uke!(bottom)
Soo, how about it Truth? Can i also be your friend? ;)

By anonymous at 08,Apr,12 17:24

Girl, your worries are typical of every freaking 14 year old in the world, unless you think you're the shit. you just need a little more confidence. This is an awkward stage anyway. I felt the same way. Oh, yea dont fucking kill yourself! Your only 14 damn give yourself some time to grow into yourself. If your teeth are yellow then talk to your dentist about getting some crest white strips. and floss after every meal. You'll "grow" into your nose. I put quotes because it's prolly not that big, your just think it is because it seems like everrrryyything is wrong. yea I was 14 before lol. I'm only 22 btw. not like im old trust me i know what im talking about... and as for you having a great personality, that goesss a long way!!!! stop calling yourself a bitch too! That's NOT funny. Youre not a bitch, youre a young lady and you should refer to yourself as one. How do you expect anybody to respect you if you dont resepect yourself. That's like saying "its okay to call me a bitch everybody because that's how I see myself" oh and another thing.. All the "hot" girls which are feeling like you are but are better at covering it up with make up or attention from boys, are not what you want to be like. Real Guys don't want a girl with only looks, gotta have a brain. They might have sex with the "cute girls" but thats it. They like girls who are about somehthing Trust me been there done that and God's not punishing you. youre outlook just needs to be improved a little bit and that only comes with age and experience. Good luck girl! you'll be fine

By anonymous at 13,Apr,12 02:20

If your biggest problem is your nose, work hard in school, go to college, get a job, make money and spend it all on a really great nose job. your problem is solvable, honey. If beauty is all that matters to you, get money and get surgery. Better to work toward some kind of goal then kill yourself.

By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 22:14

soon you will realize that looks arnt everything:)
By anonymous at 02,Aug,12 04:17

sorry to say but in todays world looks are everything.
By :D at 28,Nov,12 02:11

Yeh for ignorant brainwashed people like u :D keep it up it won't last cuz ur going to get old and "ugly" bitch can u see further Than a attractive face and body cuz that shit dosent matter.-_-y bitch

By anonymous at 13,Jul,12 08:34

If your still thinking the same way and in the same situation at 30, then you can complain.

By anonymous at 02,Aug,12 04:15

ok first off youre only 14. at that age plenty of people have a big nose, but then they grow into it. my sister had the same thing at that age so dont worry about your nose. and as for the other girls who have made out with guys? they are lying or they are sluts so either way dont worry about being one of them.

By anonymous at 21,Aug,12 23:16

and I have another comment. I hate girls and women. Most of you are evil scum unfriendly vain selfish money centered heartless amoral assholes. God forgot to give you a heart. I hate all of you. I dont care about any of you. Fuck all of you.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 01:14

and to all of you trolls who harassed me I say FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By Pelajie at 07,Mar,13 12:23

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