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Posted by anonymous at March 30, 2012
Tags: Loneliness  2012 March  Money  Tragic Events

I am in my 30's...I lost my wife and my infant son in a car accident a few years ago. My wife was my college sweetheart and my son's smile lit up a room. They were my entire life.

Shortly afterwards, I lost most of my wealth (over $150k) b/c of the economic collapse.

Because of this and a job loss (basically fired b/c I no longer cared), I foreclosed on my home. I now have an income but it is barely enough to live on, and I live with a relative and his wife, but I NEVER leave my room or the house as I do not have a car any longer. I think about suicide EVERY day.

I am missing most of my front teeth because of a childhood accident and failed dental work, and I have no insurance of any kind. Even if I did have the money I am not sure I would care enough to fix them any longer.

I have no friends at all anymore, no human interaction except a short conversation I may have with my relative and his wife maybe once per week.. They are so nice to let me live here b/c I know I am a burden and depressing to be around.

I am alone in the world and miss my family so much. I wish all of you the best, life should not be this hard.


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By anonymous at 30,Mar,12 15:50

Hey man...that is really sad what happened to your wife and son. My sympathies and prayers are with you. You are still have a lot of time to rebuild your life. I know, it is easier said than done...but you have to try. Think about it...would your wife and kid be happy to see you in this state. You need to remember the good times with your wife and cherish the memories of your son's smile and use them as a motivation to celebrate their lives. And you will only be able to do that once you start treating yourself better. Being stuck in a room all day with negative thoughts is only going to push you further in a "death spiral". Go out, take some courses, meet new people...freshen up your mind. Learn some new skills.

In time once you achieve a certain level of mental peace, you can probably find a decent woman for yourself. Hopefully you can have the joy of fatherhood again. But to get to this happiness, please take steps to get out of the mind set you are in right now. Good luck man and God Bless you.

By anonymous at 31,Mar,12 02:02

The last commenter said it perfectly. I know life can be really hard feeling like a burden and missing your family but let the goodness that your friends have shown you and the love you have for your family be the stepping stone you need to live your life to the fullest you can. Find some local counseling in your area that may have the tools to get you back on track. Your family loves you and would never want to see you give up. Be the best man for them. My prayers are with you. God Bless!

By anonymous at 31,Mar,12 23:42

God bless you. Please stay strong I know its hard

By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 14:08

i am in a condition way pathetic than you.Do not lose hope.can mail me at

I am just recovering from my suicidal attempt.Still feel lonely and frustrated.

By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 22:03

What a fucking loser, man up, you should be glad your family died, you now have FREEDOM!!!! Yaaaaaaay!!!
By anonymous at 02,Apr,12 00:46

sir, i do not appreciate this comment, I know you are just trolling and people get laughter in different ways, but please do not do it here.

i am going through a difficult time as are most on this site, please be respectful.

thank you (i know you do not mean any harm in the grand scheme of things).

By anonymous at 02,Apr,12 20:47

I am sorry about your family. I am sorry that some people like the guy above are assholes. I hope for you to gain the strength to make the changes you need to make to find happiness. Stay strong. You deserve better for yourself. You just have to believe it.

By anonymous at 03,Apr,12 15:46

i feel sad for you, it was not easy to loose a family specially your loveones. when i read your letter i shed tears on it. MOve on, you still have life, just be positive and hold on to HIM. God Bless you and live life to the fullest.

By anonymous at 06,Apr,12 21:36

Stay strong and put yourself together.
I am sure your family are in heaven.
Just imagine they are there every time you look up the sky. They want to see you work hard and enjoy life. They want to see you feel happy again. Imagine if you see them again in heaven 50 years later, what stories can you tell them? Do you want to let them know that you have given up? or would you rather tell them that you have tried your best to stay strong.
I suggest you to find seek for counseling. Good luck!

By anonymous at 29,Jun,12 20:28

hey im 28 years old my husband was murdered last summer i sumwhat know what you are going threw i was with him for 12 years we have a child together too. if you want we can talk i would like to know how you are doing know as i feel about the same as you.

By KILLUMANATI at 30,Jan,13 05:31

sorry for your lost but you have to stay strong life is tough i know...

By at 21,Mar,13 09:26

nothing anyone can say really can take away the loss which you experienced or make you feel better. in time it does get easier. it is really up to you to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and make the best of a really bad situation. i dont think any of us can expect to have the life that you had at one point. for example i mean i've never had a great relationship or a kid or even any large amount of wealth at any point in my life. i lost my front teeth too in an accident and had a bridge put in and had it fall out 10 years later. then someone stole it out of my car when i was homeless and luckily i got some money from my mom and went to the dentist to have another one made so now i have front teeth. i live with extended family and had to quit my job because they moved and i would have no place to stay. so now im here and looking for work and just got turned down for a really basic crappy temp job because i had 4 misdemeanor alcohol related offenses (IS IT ANY REASON WHY I WOULDN'T DRINK????) now i'm here and running out of money fast and not sure what gainful work i will be able to get. i'm alone really and yet i'm not sad anymore. life like this has pretty much been the way it is all my life struggling so it's just been accepted as the way it is. i do the best i can with what i am given to work with which is very little. but that is all any of us can do. your not alone and at least for a point in time you had a life. i never even had that. and you can have it again. just do the best you can. your not alone. shit even some folks are worse off and been through worse than me (i didn't even tell you about half of the shit i've been through either).

By anonymous at 06,Jun,13 16:56


By Easter at 15,May,17 01:47

MaldNinaau se lucreaza deloc in weekend. Bine, daca isi doreste cineva sa vina intr-o ambata in mod special doar pt ca mai are ceva de facut este liber, insa in firma incepe sa bata vantul de vineri pe la 14-15.

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