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Yes He exists hating us

Posted by Rangeen at March 31, 2012
Tags: 2012 March  Philosophical

Though There is a lot to see in my life I find No joy in something exciting. There is no specific reason why i hate my life so much. I have Tasted all - The sweet and the sorrow. I have been loved by my parents and friends in contradiction i have been rejected by people as friend or something else. Love of any kind was something I used to think about when i was 15. But now its like my life is dead. At times I feel so empty that I want to end this life.But I never do So because I am not that strong to kill myself. I just Pray to God to take this life in any way . Its True I want to die. The Reason behind my depression what i infer is - that most of the people around me act in a weird way . This Weird way i cant understand . All I can say is that my faith in God is nothing more than existence.I believe god exists but he wants us to suffer all through. Its like a television show. All I say is That keep your feelings down to yourself . Feelings of Anger hate jealousy are all made by God. where there is love there is jealousy. This is all a vicious circle of God of which we all are part and which is the only depression of this life.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 31,Mar,12 15:39

There is something my wife said to me that might help you because, I believe, it applies to all of us.

"We weren't put here to enjoy life. Life is a test of our metal."

Even if you are smart, beautiful, AND rich, life is generally very, very difficult. Have faith in the One who is infinitely strong and NEVER dies. God gave us a code of conduct to follow...the Bible. We should try our best, every day, to follow it.

Your main problem is probably that you believe nobody else is suffering like you are. This is completely false. Many, many people, right this very moment, are suffering more than you. You just don't know them. Trust me. You're not alone.
By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 03:40

what makes you think that bible is the correct code of conduct that we should follow. Why should we not follow Quran, or , Geeta or, Guru Granth Sahib or any other religion? What's the evidence that Bible is the right thing and every thing else is wrong?
By Rangeen at 01,Apr,12 07:39 Fold Up

The Problem is whatsoever I think the depression doesnt go away, Its like Derz no taste in life.

By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 03:35

you never know what's the will of god. You don't even know for sure if he exists (atleast I don't). But what you can do is make your life exiting. Do somethings that you would otherwise not do, face your fears, its fun. My way of facing fears is talking to unknown women. It takes a lot of courage to approach a stranger women, but its a lot of fun, and if you do it successfully, you are far more confident and happy than you were before. Just find some crazy things to do with your life and I can tell you that your life would be far more exciting. And remember, never be afraid of doing anything, cause the worst that could happen out of anything is death, and that is what you want don't you, so why fear? Just go ahead and do it.
By Rangeen at 01,Apr,12 07:40

I prefer my being alone. I had a best friend once but we broke up because of my mistakes and i dont want to repeat those. I Forbid myself from any new human COntact

By Cursed at 01,Apr,12 13:32

Geeez. Well if you want to be alone, fine. But they've done experiments about touch. On babies and the elderly. And they found that being touched by another human does matter. Loneliness will kill you kid. You don't sound that old, and you've got you're whole life ahead of you-
Are you sure you want to go through life locked up in a room with just your computer? Hmmmm-
To each their own I suppose...

By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 18:14

Dude - sir - I think you've got it all wrong and the solution is not hard ; you are thinking the wrong thing. we can learn from suffering but life is supposed to be happy. Since you seem God oriented, go to youtube and put in Joel Osteen; start applying what he preaches and then get back to us.

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