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brain fucked

Posted by the sobbing bear at June 8, 2010
Tags: Family  2010 June  Juvenile problems

my mom and dad never got along even when they were married. my mom was all fun and he was no fun at all. the asshole expected so much out of me, with school, with friends, with grades, even with girls! he never beat me but he sure as hell didn't have to to make me feel like shit. but my mom was no mother fucking teresa either. one time when me and my brother were alone at my moms place she left us by ourselves for 3 days. and after about a day and a half we ran out of food. then a few months later... we were evicted. had to move in with my asshole-piece of shit- wife cheating-son of a bitch dad. made a few enemies in my dads neborhood. and then after the summer ended i got sent to this classroom for retards. all because i was depressed. because my piece of shit parents made me depressed! I was stuck in that fucking classroom for 2 years filled with nothing but kids who have been to juvie. now i've never been to juvie before but after the first week I felt like it. then after i graduated 7th grade i went to a school filled with "normal" kids who all thought i was fucking insane. and now im going to high school and i'm headed right back to that piece of shit classroom again. all in all... my life FUCKING SUCKS!!!!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 08,Aug,10 10:23

Hey, calm down.
I totally know how you feel.
I'm a girl and I am in the same situiation as you.
My dad is like a CRAZY communist and he doesn't love my mum.
my mum hates my dad, so me and my brother are like the escape to her anger. She beat us up. She drinks and jyust throws things everywhere. My dad is like always concerned about my grades, but after I get good grades, he just keeps on trying to find my mistakes.
MY friends got bored hearing my story.
and yes, they are all lucky cos they have like great parents.
But I never had any friends.
one day, my brother attended a community church.
he started to thank life, he changed.
even better, he changed my mum and me.
God is like watching over. even when you don't see him.
u might be thinking,that this is bullshit because it's just like a fairytale. it's like, life is never fair.
but look on the bright side,
1. It's not your fault
2. I'm sure you got talent
3. You can change a person's life.
4. You CAN reach your dream.
You might not see it, but ther will be and there IS someone watching over you.
and, NOBODY! not even your parents, have the right to control you, or your future, or your feelings and YOUR LIFE. start doing something you like. Right now, my dad's still the same, but he doesn't know that I am running for an a scholarship to the world's greatest art place.
good luck.

By at 18,Jun,11 11:13

Trust me it dosnt get better your dad will rape you yes

By RoyalCBD at 28,Sep,20 12:45

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