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Life sucks, and you can do nothing about it.

Posted by anonymous at June 18, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Juvenile problems  Loneliness

So i am 20 now. 2 parents, 2 sis, 1 brother. Let's start back then in school. Bad choice of friends. I only had one, and was manipulative. I was weak and simply wanted to have someone to rely on, you know, an actual friend, but he simply wouldn't care about me, and i would cry about that. The hell i passed was not a thing a kid should suffer. Psychologists, having no friends, being laughted upon every day. Imagine having to sit alone during brakes because no one likes you. Praying that the teacher wouldn't ask to get in pairs for a work, all this for years and years. It may sound not that bad, but i would come home and lock myself in the bathroom to cry for hours.
Fast forward to highschool. I went to a different school, so new faces, new teachers. I REALLY tryed to get friends, i really did. It's not i'm ugly or dumb or whatever. I just don't like the same stuff others do. So i would shut up during conversations about football or tv stuff, as i didn't have a tv.
So actually, 6 more years of solitude. Day and night. No friends, just me. Parents worked till night, brothers and sisters were with their friends. I just played by myself. At least there was no mocking this time.
Now i graduated, got to college. No friends, bad marks, all alone again. After 2 years i still haven't passed my first semester...
I know there are worse stories than this one, but being all alone. Oh god, it's a battle everyday. I don't kill myself for the pain my family would feel. But shit, someday i'm gonna lose it, i know it's close, and i am crying while i write this. If you have a nice life or friends, cherish them. I would give anything to have at least one.


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By anonymous at 03,Jul,12 10:37

why do you want friends so badly? most people cant be trusted and are manipulative and fake. the only person you can really trust is yourself. That being said, there are still good people in the world you just have to be cautious and seperate them from the rest. if you want someone to write to reply to this thread and ill give you my email. good luck
By anonymous at 03,Jul,12 23:05

I know all that. Not everyone is meant to be happy...
My mail is
Write to me if you feel like talking...

By anonymous at 06,Jul,12 17:46

Hey I'm sorry your suffering with this most people don't know what its like to be lonely its extremely painful and hard to think there's any kind of future if i have to be alone. I only came to understand that this year I was extremely close to my Mother she showed me unconditional love and then she developed
Alzheimer disease and i quit my job and took care of her day Night by myself I had to change her, dress her and feed her and it was my true pleasure to do this for her because she loved me and i loved her she died on April 17 in my arms
i know what lonely can be i have never felt so alone in my life i too think about suicide each every day would just be nice to have someone to go places or travel hang in there friend things take time and will get better you can email me if want just to chat my name is Michael
By anonymous at 09,Aug,12 20:05

ye lonliness is horrible. people have too many expectations to be your friend or boyfriend. they want a nice person in their lives and then when they meet them they dont like this or that. noone is perfect. but appreciate the good people when they come along because there are not too many.

By anonymous at 07,Jul,12 21:47

My life is the same as yours. Your not alone.
By anonymous at 25,Jul,12 03:53

this story is similar to mine, i feel the same way. where im from everybody uses u for everything, if they dont need you they dont call you.
By anonymous at 09,Aug,12 20:09

i agree totally. and thats why so many people are lonely in this world. noone gives them a chance and they expect too much. if someone is nice to you appreciate it. i am lonely . i cant find a date. im in my 50s ive tried all kinds of dating sites. everyone is a scam or they string you alone and then get off the site. its all phony. friends are the same way. they like you only if you have something they like. so thats why there are so many loners nowadays
By anonymous at 23,Nov,12 21:01

I totaly agree about the scams! I am nearly 50 yrs old and have been alone since my family passed recently. It is very hard to get out and about and meet men when you have been mistreated for far to long in marrages. I am very lonely too as my children have moved on with their lives. Not sure what to to tell you but it does hurt alot when your alone all of the time and without a job. They say a prosective employer can see that your lonely and isolated so they don't hire you. And as far as men , well they just want one thing and as I am a christian I don't by into that crap! I would rtther be alone than be used!

By anonymous at 09,Jul,12 02:15

I feel you 100%.
ive been reading alot of posts on here that i can relate too fully.
im glad im not the only one..

By juco4EVR at 11,Jul,12 22:34

I WILL be your friend.

By anonymous at 13,Jul,12 21:32

I’ll gladly be your friend. Just give me some way of contacting you, and I would be happy to!

By Evolved at 14,Jul,12 18:29

Perhaps you'll read this, perhaps not. Perhaps someone else will and it'll help them. I can only hope so.

I can relate to how you feel. I'm 20 and I've been alone in my life for about 18 years.

The main problem persons like you, I and others have, is that we do not fit within the context of this society. We do not live for tv, sports, jobs or any of those. We only live. We exist.

Life will get hard, it'll get harder and harder as long as you choose to let it. As long as you choose to let people control your mood and your happiness, you'll life suck and it'll become even worse once you stagnate. It is for this reason I can only recommend one thing. It's quite simple and it works for me at times.

I usually find some music that doesn't contain a lot of lyrics. Music that speaks to the soul (no Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, ... crap). Listen to it while closing yourself off from everything else (headphones, alone in your room, ...). If you can, try to be around trees or generally somewhere in nature. From that point on, it's a matter of listening to the music, letting yourself go, accepting and trying to relax. Once you feel yourself becoming relaxed and passive, you can try to think about problems. You think about them one at a time, not all at once. With time you'll be able to rationalize them. Put them in perspective. You can find solutions or choose to ignore them for another time. The main idea here is that you accept your situation and by looking through it from a relaxed, passive state, you can find a way out of it or a way to move through it.

I know it's not much, I know it doesn't solve being alone. I only hope it can ease the burden. If you'd like to find people like yourself, or friends in general, it's a matter of hanging on. You're in control of your life, nobody else is. Even when all seems lost or against you, there's still things you can do.

(Sorry for the long comment)
By anonymous at 16,Jul,12 21:24

Thanks, i don't know if you will read this, but i'll try your advice. Thank you, really.

By anonymous at 23,Jul,12 03:04

Try to feel better! My heart goes out to you, friend. Life could be worse, though. You could be bed-ridden, you could be stuck in a terminal psychosis, you could have a 50 IQ. I wish I could meet you, I would be your friend. You sound like a decent, intelligent person, who has been dealt an unfortunate hand at life. But things are just getting started. Try to put yourself out there. Try, you could meet lots of people on there. Chat online, get a phone number, before you know it, you're hanging out/going on a date. Peace be with you, keep your head up.

By anonymous at 27,Jul,12 09:27

Hope your alright mate, I know how you feel and it's the worst

By anonymous at 13,Aug,12 04:13

Theres loneliness because human nature is fucked up. Girls and women are generally cold and UNFRIENDLY. Ive written this so many times its tiring. Im almost 44 and Ive been lonely my whole life. Not in a zillion years will I get a girlfriend. I hate girls and women. The evil in them nauseates me. Fuck them. Vapid scum. God forgot to give them a heart. I dont care about women and I dont want them around me. I dont want them within 50 feet of me. Stay the fuck away from me you heartless sluts. If theyre not going to be friends with me then I dont want to see them. Get out of my sight you fucking sluts. It would have been better if women were never created.
By anonymous at 03,Oct,12 04:26

hey hey HEYYY!! lets not go there!! sigh i see so many people who hate women!! okay i have to admit sometimes women are very VERY manipulative, trust me i have had my share of fake friends and slutty bitches but i wouldnt CURSE THE ENTIRE GENDER!! i feel hurt that u would say that about us women... and u wrote urself they are GENERALLY cold and unfriendly... doesnt mean all of them are!! i dont know what happened to u to make u think like this but i guess i'll apologise for all the women that have hurt u :) and not all women are sluts and please dont say it would have been better if we were never created, can we help that we were born with female parts...?? haha that sounds weird, anyways i hope ur perspective changes and u wont be stuck in a world where everyone has to butt sex each other coz women dont exist :O
By anonymous at 05,Oct,12 06:44

AHAHAHHAAAA ^ nah i dont want women to be gone either
By anonymous at 07,Dec,12 22:48 Fold Up

In the future it might be possible to replace women with androids that look and feel like women just without all the imperfections.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 17:05

and my final comment to all you dirtbags who harassed me I say FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By anonymous at 03,Nov,12 23:15

I am touched with your story.... My email is, if you feel like talking or something I would me mostly glad to help you :) I've been through the same stuff, and I could help you out, consider it

By anonymous at 02,Dec,12 19:16

I understand how you feel. I am 20 years old, had only one friend in high school. My parents don't care; when I left for school they started renting my room out. The girl that took my place started calling my little sister and brother her own. I felt so left out. Going into my junior year in college I decided to make friends, but it didn't work out. The people I talked to drew away after a week or so. Now I sit in my dorm room alone, watching tv, surfing the web or reading; it sucks being alone and depressed. I thought i found a guy who I could be with, but we got into a fight, and the next day his mom called told me he had an 'accident'. I know different. I blame myself every day, wish there was someone I could talk to; to share my hurt, my pain, but people don't understand. I just sink more and more into depression every day.
By anonymous at 19,Feb,13 23:20

^^ I can relate too much. you can talk to me if you want. email is

By anonymous at 08,Mar,14 12:06

pray tgo jesus and you will find the path

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