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Posted by Nat at March 31, 2010
Tags:  2010 March

family sucks! having no money sucks! relationships suck! work sucks! school sucks! LIFE SUCKS!!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 01,Apr,10 04:25

get over it

By anonymous at 01,Apr,10 04:45

do something about it get a job you like and stop thinking things Suck and then they wont suck it all in your head.

By anonymous at 01,Apr,10 17:26

Boo Hoo my life is sooooo bad I wanna cry. Loser

By anonymous at 01,Apr,10 21:00

I agree with you until you say LIFE SUCKS!! Take some time off, away from other people, and find yourself. I go mountain climbing and see a whole new (and wonderful) world in front of me. My sister is an avid gardener and finds fulfillment in growing flowers. Some geeks find fulfillment in going to weblogs and saying "Boo Hoo my life is sooooo bad I wanna cry."
By anonymous at 02,Apr,10 20:38

And some pansy asses want to have a little pity party for everyone because they aren't having the glorious special life they think they deserve. Reality is harsh and learning to deal with life and adapting is more important than having some living Kotex like you soaking up their little tears for them.

By anonymous at 03,Apr,10 17:30

stop being such a wet pussy =| seriously you people depress me, your getting all bent out of shape for no real reason "oh NOES! i brokeded a nail.. life sure is a shitter" wait til you lose all your toes to frostbite, your lover to your sister and your wife to your lover to your sister... yes i know lesbian threeways are awesome, but i fucked them all first!
By anonymous at 03,Apr,10 18:01

You fucked them all and then they became Lesbians? You must be a real stud, NOT! LOL @ Mr. Little Wang
By anonymous at 28,Apr,10 18:08

lucky son of a bitch bi

By anonymous at 04,Apr,10 21:48

If you are looking for sympathy then it’s in the dictionary between shit and syphilis

By anonymous at 28,Apr,10 18:09

life sucks we all day

By anonymous at 29,Apr,10 21:58

You people that know how to handle life like ( grow some balls) or( suck it up stop being a pussy).You guys don't know shit about life and your full of bullshit!Your so good at life thats why you go around and make stupid comments like Fuck you and fuck that and fuck this,Yah you got me convinced your real good at not feeling sorry for yourselves.Grow some balls and start addmitting that you suck at controling life cause you can't and let Jesus give it a try! You proud men of the world ,you sons of the devil himself!

By anonymous at 22,Sep,11 09:01

wow you are so lame
my life is more worse and darker

By anonymous at 29,Sep,12 02:20

Go work out take out all your anger get laid your ready to take on the world

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