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jobless and hopless fuck

Posted by grump at July 5, 2012
Tags: July 2012

Im fucking 24, And i hate this piece of shit life at times i'm stuck in a college program for fucking 5 years which should have been done 2 yrs ago. Life fuking sucks ass when you really can't enjoy what your studying. I wish i could move out but where the fuck can i get the cash if no one wants to give me a job. I can't find a single fucking job and I hate the new idiotic and completely assholic job system which requires you to answer 50 question for a god damn cashier job. Seriously you stupid mother fucking employers when a guy comes into your store and tries to meet you personally to show initiative to work what do you do? This is what you do oh please fill out our stupid fucking application online because you coming from god knows how fucking far away to apply doesn't count. I Hope All You HR Fucks die in the lowest pit hell for your stupid fucking surveys along with your stupid dumbass lackey employers. FUCK you every employer in mississauga Ontario especially the ones at square one, erin mills town center and heartland.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 20,Feb,13 23:42

quit your bitching, maybe, i dont know, practce your interview before you go in, but do me a favor and dont work in customer service, i would hate to go down your checkstand, fucking pussy.

By anonymous at 10,May,13 10:47

I have thought of the same thing with way lessser causing and negative emotion. I just think to my-self, "well, is their lost" and I keep playing my diablo 3 or league of legends.

By joielechong at 23,May,13 09:21

Stop your complaining and try to relax. I know how your feeling. I've been closely in your position before. Finishing my 4 years undergraduate program in 7 years, 2 years without job and without money after graduation. Well, those really suck.
But, does your worry make your problems goes away? I guess no. It suck you more, deeper and deeper.
stay calm and clear your head now. Find your weak point and strong point. Then strengthen your strong point. Keep positive thinking whatever the circumstances. I know you can, stay believing in yourself. ;)

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