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To all the altruistic people out there, start being selfish

Posted by Reality at July 10, 2012
Tags: July 2012

I'm 28 years old, and I've spent the majority of my life being more concerned about the happiness of my friends and family than my own. So here I am, an emasculated husk of a kind man wrung dry of any joy. I hope this serves as a message to any like minded individuals being used as a crutch.

Stop. Stop giving your time away to people that won't or can't give theirs back I'm return. I can't tell you the amount of friends that I've helped move houses, only for them to snub me when I need a favor. Stop helping these leeches.

Start. Start living your life at the expense of others. Take what you want, don't be ashamed of being a dick to people. No one else is ashamed of being a dick to you.

Don't. Don't wind up like me: someone who gave their emotions and generosity to too many people, leaving none for myself. Don't fall back into the same routine of lending a hand to assholes because giving in is easier than hearing them bitch and moan for your help.

Do. Do find someone to love and have all to yourself. If you wait it will be too late. Grab that girl on the street you think is hot and tell her so.

And be a dick about it.


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By anonymous at 30,Aug,13 23:55

what happened to this site? why there are lots of trolls here and there and no actual comments from real people, except this one? The Admins attention please..
By anonymous at 01,Sep,13 16:36

I agree. What the fuck is going on?

By broken at 03,Sep,13 06:45

It would be good if the trash spamming could stop so we could go back to trolling the grocery bag cock sucker

By anonymous at 06,Sep,13 10:58

Reality, do you really believe this? These days after some hard times with friendship I've been more greedy and selfish. I managed to save 1000 dollars and I haven't gotten anywhere on my dreams and goals in life.
By anonymous at 18,Sep,13 05:40

That's sad but don't give up! :) 1000 dollars is more than most people have saved up by themselves, you should be proud!

By anonymous at 16,Sep,13 06:42

I think you're still a nice person. And it's okay to be nice !

By anonymous at 18,Sep,13 05:41

I know you feel this way now, but one day a girl will realize how nice and caring you truly are. She'll be the one to return your love and you shouldn't be a dick... please DO NOT be a douche, we have enough on this planet -_-

By Nike Shox TL at 14,Aug,14 01:58

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